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December 2011 - additions to IBEW

Brass Band Concerts, Contests & Events
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Brass Bands
Battisford Free Church Band
Coffs Regional Brass Band
Elmfield Brass (Stockport)
Highworth Silver Band
Lostock Hall Memorial Band
Pentland Brass
Brass Ensembles
Bones Apart Trombone Quartet
Wind, Concert & Marching Bands
Richmond Symphonic Concert Band
Brass Traders
GP Percussion
Milton Keynes Music
Online Music Shop
Score Exchange
Cardiff New Brass Festival
Cornet Players and the Art of Being a Cornetist
Making Music London
Making Music South West
Making Music Wales
Niche - Nationwide Independent College of Higher Education
Nigel Clarke
Books and Publications
- Mouthpieces for Brass Instruments: A Short Treatise by an Eminent Teacher - Boosey & Son, London, 1925
Conn Corporation - The Proper Selection of Cup Mouthpieces - Conn Corporation, Elkhart, Indiana, 1963
Extinct Bands - new/updated entries
Ardwick Green Industrial School Brass Band
Armstrong's Model Brass Band
Banbury Foundry Brass Band
Bebside Temperance Band
Birmingham Model Brass Band
Brighouse Subscription Brass Band
Burnley Subscription Brass Band
Chisworth and Charlesworth Band
Clifton Subscription Brass Band
Cliviger Prize Brass Band
Corporation Cleansing Department Holt Town Brass Band
Corporation Cleansing Department Water Street Brass Band
Cowpen Quay Band
Dresden Victoria Band
Dudley Hill Band
Farington Brass Band
Great Western Foundry Brass Band
Harrison and Sons (Bank Foundry) Brass Band
Haslingden Church Band
Higher Broughton Subscription Brass Band
Holywell Colliery Band
Hull Albion Model Brass Band
Hull United Model Brass Band
Hulme and Chorlton on Medlock Lads Club Brass Band
Jump Subscription Brass Band
Kirkella Subscription Brass Band
Lambert Brothers Brass Band
Laneshawbridge Brass Band
Longford Hall Mission Brass Band
Middlesbrough Model Brass Band
Milburn Model Brass Band
Normanton Model Brass Band
Onward Temperance Band
Oswaldwistle Temperance Band
Padiham Public Band
Parkgate Temperance Brass Band
Preston Model Brass Band
Sandycroft Foundry Brass Band
Scarborough Artillery Volunteer Prize Band
Staindrop Subscription Brass Band
Sutton-in-Ashfield Model Brass Band
Teignmouth Subscription Brass Band
Tow Law Model Brass Band
Whalley and Billington Band
Whitworth Park Band
Wooley Colliery Band
Worsbrough Dale Subscription Brass Band
York City Model Brass Band
York Model Brass Band

November 2011 - additions to IBEW

Brass Band Concerts, Contests & Events
click here for new additions for bands across the UK and overseas

What was New
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Brass Bands
Bideford Town Band
Black Country Brass
Blackpool Brass
Breakaway Brass
Broxburn & Livingston Band
Burtle Silver Band
City of Bristol Brass Band Training Band
Cromer & Sheringham Brass Band
Cwmbran Brass
Formby Band
London Central Fellowship Band
Oldham Band (Lees)
Rotherham Town Brass Band
Stedfast Shoes Brass Band
Tata Brass Band
Upper Hutt Cosmopolitan Club Brass Band
Winton Bournemouth Salvation Army Band
Brass Ensembles
Wind, Concert & Marching Bands
Alveley Village Band
Bassingbourn Village Band
Blasmusik Texas
Bracknell and Wokingham Community Band
Band Basis Music
Brass Band Bookings
  • Prisma Music
    Vintage and Rare
    Aston Contest, 1860
    Jerome Gatehouse Collection
    Journal of Band Research
    Music in the Air
    Old Sussex Amateur Bands
    Women's Bands
    Books and Publications
    Anon - History of the Eta Concert Band : originally the Brisbane Excelsior Band founded 1912 - 1962
    Anon - Leichhardt Municipal Band - Local History Photographs - Leichhardt, N.S.W., Australia
    Anon - Rozelle - Music and musicians (Rozelle District Brass Band)
    Bendrups, Dan and Hoddinott, Gareth - Brass Bands and Orchestras in New Zealand: Band Participation as Seen by Orchestral Brass Musicians - Journal of Music Research, no.32, 2007, p.73-83. ISSN: 1038-4006
    Branston, Jack - Stocksbridge Old Brass Band, in History of Stocksbridge - c. 1975?
    Busselton Brass Band - Rules of the Busselton Brass Band - 1914
    Cawdell, David - The Village Brass Band: A History of Village Bands in Suffolk - The Author, 2011. Available from d.cawdell@btinternet.com
    Cox, Gordon - The Musical Salvationist: The World of Richard Slater (1854-1939), 'Father of Salvation Army Music' - Music in Britain, 1600-1900, Boydell Press, 2011. ISBN: 9781843836964
    C.S.I.R.O - Brass Bands - in, Miners Welfare in Nottinghamshire - 1958
    Denton, Jean - Rules of the Excelsior Brass Band, 1868 - Ripon Historian - 4(9), January 2001, p242-243
    Groombridge, George - The first 100 years of the Masterton Municipal Silver Band - 1973
    Hailstone, Alf - Ye Anciente Christmasse Waites - British Bandsman, 22 Dec 1984, p5
    Herbert, Trevor - Selling brass instruments: the commercial imaging of brass instruments (1830-1930) and its cultural messages - Music in Art: International Journal for Music Iconography, XXIX (1-2), 2004, pp. 213-226.
    Jalla, Daniel - Une fanfare, un village: histoire d'un procès de dépaysannisation et d'une recherche locale, in Sociétés paysannes et dépaysannisation: Les Usages de l'histoire de vie en anthropologie et en sociologie - Tud ha Bro, Sociétés Bretonnes: Vol, 6, 1981.
    Kapunda Brass Band - Constitution and rules of the Kapunda Brass Band - 1900
    Kearns, Ronald E. - Quick Reference for Band Directors - Rowman & Littlefield Education, 2011. ISBN: 9781610483452
    Murfin, Lyn - Popular Leisure in the Lake Counties 1870-1939 - Manchester University Press, 1990
    Pearson, Ken - Brass Bands of Lincolnshire - Lincolnshire Life, vol. 5(6), Jan/Feb 1966, pp. 61-64
    Rhodes, Stephen L. - A History of the Wind Band - 2007
    Ridsdale, G. M - Blow'im: the Story of the Yarrabah Brass Band - 2005
    Rohr, Deborah - The Careers of British Musicians, 1750-1850: A profession of artisans - Cambridge University Press, 2001. ISBN: 0521580951
    St Kilda Municipal Band - St. Kilda Municipal Band - Diamond jubilee : 60 years of music - 1961
    Spendlove, Dick - Norland Brass Band and Willie Lang, in Nobbut Norland - Norland Local History Group, July 2011, p. 19-22
    Hersey, J. R. & J. M. Sullivan - A history of the Coast Guard SPAR Band during World War II - Journal of Historical Research in Music Education, 30(2), 2009, p.118-146.
    Sullivan, J. M., & D. D. Keck - The Hormel Girls - American Music, 25(3), 2007, p.282-311.
    Sullivan, J. M. - A history of the Marine Corps Women's Reserve Band - Journal of Band Research, 42(1), 2006, p.1-41.
    Sullivan, J. M. - Music for the injured soldier: A contribution of American women's military bands during World War II - Journal of Music Therapy, 44(3), 2007, p.282-305.
    Sullivan, J. M. - Women's military bands in a segregated army: The 400th and 404th WAC bands - Journal of Band Research, 41(2), 2006, p.1-35.
    Twomey, Sean Robert - Music Matters: A City's Band In Three Centuries (Ringgold Band of Reading, Pennsylvania) - Thesis, University of Pittsburgh, 2008
    Tye, Walter - Music in the Village (with mention of Mendlesham Green Brass Band) - Suffolk Local History Society Magazine - June 1959 (Old Series Vol 2 Issue 1)
    Vale, Christine - The Brass Bass Legacy - Rossendale Books, 2011 [fiction]
    Walker, Millie - Memories of the Coxlodge Band - Fawdon and Coxlodge Miscellany - Fawdon and Coxlodge Local History Society, 2007, p.27-31
    Walker, PJ - Sussex Amateur Bands: Will there be a revival? - Sussex County Magazine, XIX, no.3 (March 1945), pp.62-65
    Workers' Music Association - Brass Bands, in Policy for Music in Post War Britain - Workers' Music Association, 1945, p. 17-18

    Extinct Bands - new/updated entries
    Burslem Co-op Band
    Brayesworth Brass Band
    Chelmondiston Gospel Band
    Clare Brass Band
    Combs Silver Band
    Curbridge Village Band
    Eye and Hartismere Yeomanry Band
    Girton Village Band
    Hadleigh Town Band
    Hampton Hill Brass Band
    Horsham Band
    Hoxne Brass Band
    Kimbolton Comrades Silver Band
    Lakenheath Brass Band
    Maiden Newton Brass Band
    Market Weighton Town Prize Band
    Mendlesham Green Brass Band
    Naunton Brass Band
    Needham Market Band
    Odd Rode Brass Band
    Peasenhall Brass Band
    Poynings Brass Band
    Ricklinghall Brass Band
    St John's Church Army Band
    Sherburn Excelsior Band
    Stedham Brass Band
    Stoke Police Band
    Street Brass Band
    Wenhaston Brass Band

  • October 2011 - additions to IBEW

    Brass Band Concerts, Contests & Events
    click here for new additions for bands across the UK and overseas -
    Brass Bands
    28th Pennsylvania Regimental Band
    British Brass Band of Louisiana
    Brassband Juliana Kollumerzwaag
    City of Greater Bendigo Brass Band
    Co-operative Funeralcare Band North West
    Earby Brass Band
    Faversham Mission Brass
    Five Lakes Silver Band
    Foss Dyke Band
    Gramercy Brass Orchestra
    Heartland Brass Band
    Knottingley Silver Band
    Lambertville Brass
    Michelmersh Silver Band
    Ohio Valley British Brass Band
    Queen City Brass Band
    River City Brass Band
    Scioto Valley Brass & Percussion Company
    Trimdon Concert Brass Band
    Brass Ensembles
    Wind, Concert & Marching Bands
    Fanfares de Jauche
    Barr Lines
    Just Music Production
    Mouthpiece Mart
    R&P Photographic Service
    Brian Harper
    Kildwick Brass Band
    Marching Bands of the Preston District
    Books and Publications
    Anon - History of St Hilda's Band - 1926
    Bourke, Judith AK - Brass Bands in Sussex: Were They a Form of Social Control? - BA History Thesis, University of Sussex, 1999
    Burkhart, Raymond David - Brass Chamber Music in Lyceum and Chautauqua: Histories of 61 brass ensembles performing for audiences between 1877 and 1939 - Claremont Graduate University, 2010
    Burnley Youth Band - Burnley Youth Band 10th Anniversary - March 1983
    SWBBA - South West Brass Band Association 1946-1996 Fifty Years of Service
    Tate, James E. - Newtownards Silver Band: A history in words and pictures - Colourpoint Books, 2011. ISBN: 9781906578985
    Thompson, WB - The CWS (Glasgow) Band - a short history - 2002
    Waters, Fred and Berryman, John - A History of the Virtuosi Brass Band of Great Britain - Kirklees Music, 2004

    Extinct Bands - new/updated entries
    Brentford Industrial School Band
    Burrage Grove Board School Brass Band
    Chipping Brass Band
    Foundling Hospital Band
    Houghton Lane Band
    Inglewhite Brass Band
    Islington Green Youth Club Brass Band
    Littleport Town Band
    Marlborough Place Mission Brass Band
    Morchard Bishop Brass Band
    Purbrook Industrial School Band
    Radnor Street Schools Mission Brass Band
    St Alkmunds Temperance Band
    St Augustine's Brass Band
    St Mark's Evangelistic Brass Band
    Training Ship Exmouth Brass Band

    September 2011 - additions to IBEW

    Brass Band Concerts, Contests & Events
    click here for new additions for bands across the UK and overseas -
    Brass Bands
    Aldbourne Band
    Garforth Jubilee Brass Band
    Heritage Brass
    Tauranga City Silver Band
    Brass Ensembles
    Corus Brass Ensemble
    Wind, Concert & Marching Bands
    Wessex Tubas
    Oliver Browne
    Shepley Brass Band Contest 1896
    Books and Publications
    Brass Band Herinnes - Brass Band Herinnes 1861/1991- l'histoire des fanfares de herinnes, 1991
    Chamberlain, Les - Ten towns when you can listen to the top bands (Whit Friday) - Country Quest, Vol. 24 No. 12, May 1984, pp. 41
    Fansler, Michael James - The history of the Western Illinois University band from 1904--1942, and its evolution from within the Illinois normal school movement
    Frost, Roger - The Arts in Briercliffe - The Brass Bands, in A Lancashire Township - The History Of Briercliffe - 1982
    Goodland, Norman - Proud century for Michelmersh Band - Hampshire - the county magazine Vol. 27 no. 1, November 1986, pp. 40-42, 44
    Rhoden, Myra King - A history of the Tara Winds Community Band, Jonesboro, Georgia, 1988--2008 - BiblioLabsII. ISBN: 9781243525215

    Extinct Bands - new/updated entries
    Braishfield Brass Band
    Ilfracombe Town Band
    St Mary's Church Brass Band
    Stamford Brook Silver Band
    Totton Temperance Band
    Wimbledon Band

    August 2011 - additions to IBEW

    Brass Band Concerts, Contests & Events
    click here for new additions for bands across the UK and overseas -
    Brass Bands
    Austin Brass Band
    Brass Band of Huntsville
    Brass Band of the Tri-State
    Commonwealth Brass Band
    Congress Street Brass Band
    Corpus Christi Brass Band
    C.W.A. Brass
    Diamond Valley Brass Band
    Eastern Iowa Brass Band
    Gosport Solent Brass
    Hamilton Brass
    Kirkby Stephen Silver Band
    Southwark Children's Brass Band
    Wiveliscombe Town Band
    Brass Ensembles
    Brass Roots Brass Quintet
    Wind, Concert & Marching Bands
    Nexus Drum & Bugle Corps
    Larch Music
    John Turnbull
    Books and Publications
    Anon - Silver band still shining (Barnton Band 120th) - Cheshire Life, August 2011
    Bierley, Paul Edmund - The Incredible Band of John Philip Sousa - University of Illinois Press, Baltimore, 2010. ISBN: 0252077814
    Bradley, Arthur - On And Off the Bandstand: A Collection of Essays Related to the Great Bands, the Story of Jazz, And the Years When There Was Non-vocal Popular Music for Adults - iUniverse, 2005
    Duckett, Richard - Brass Band Instruments - Faber Music Ltd, 2005. ISBN: 9780863595387
    Mitroulia, Eugenia - The Distin Family as Instrument Makers and Dealers 1845-1874 - Scottish Music Review - Volume 2, No. 1 2011

    Extinct Bands - new/updated entries
    Andover Temperance Band
    Armitage Brass Band
    Ballymena Brass Band
    Beaconsfield Brass Band
    Beccles Brass Band
    Bees Lane Club Band
    Bluecoat Hospital Band, Liverpool
    Blunsdon St Leonards Brass Band
    Bowhill Brass Band
    Bradford-on-Avon Amateur Band
    Brough Band
    Catteris Brass Band
    Chalfont St Giles Band
    Christ's Hospital Boys School Band
    Cottingham Model Brass Band
    Dorchester Prison Guard Band
    Dove Valley Brass Band
    Dufton Silver Band
    Eastbourne Postmen's Band
    Enfield Volunteer Rifles Band
    Erdington Children's Home Band
    Figheldean & Netheravon Band
    Fulwood Temperance Band
    Gilsland Brass Band
    Harpole Excelsior Brass Band
    Harrow Green Crusaders Brass Band
    High Wycombe Home Defence Band
    High Wycombe Sons of Temperance Band
    Houghton-le-Spring Town Band
    Howden-le-Wear Temperance Model Brass Band
    Hythe National Reserve Band
    Kings Cross Mission Brass Band
    King's Hall Silver Band
    Kirkaldy Trades Band
    Lesmahagow I.O.G.T. Brass Band
    Liverpool North End Brass Band
    Market Drayton Brass Band
    New Shildon Temperance Silver Band
    Newport Civil Defence Band
    Oldham Brass Band
    Percy House School Band
    Preston Corporation Tramways Band
    Purton Congregational Brass Band
    Royal Flying Corps Aircraft Park Band
    Shifnal Band
    Sons of Temperance Silver Band (Glasgow)
    Southampton County Borough Police Band
    St George's Hall Brass Band
    St James Church Mission Band
    St Neots Silver Prize Band
    Stannington Wesleyan Brass Band
    Stokenchurch Temperance Band
    Sudbury Town Band
    Swindon Home Guard Band
    Threlkeld Brass Band
    Trematon Band
    Wisbeck Town Silver Prize Band
    Woodhouse Perseverance Band
    Wymondham Excelsior Brass Band

    July 2011 - additions to IBEW

    Brass Band Concerts, Contests & Events
    click here for new additions for bands across the UK and overseas -
    Brass Bands
    City of Greater Dandenong Band
    Holywell Town Band
    Polysteel Youth Band
    Brass Ensembles
    Wind, Concert & Marching Bands

    Extinct Bands - new/updated entries
    All Saints Brass Band
    Ancient Order of Foresters and Kirkby Thore Band
    Badshot Lea Amateur Brass Band
    Bedminster Brass Band
    Benwick Brass Band
    Bisley Oakridge Brass Band
    Boston Temperance Band
    Brampton Brass Band
    Bredbury and Romiley Band
    Bridgwater King Street Chapel Wesleyan Mission Band
    Briston Brass Band
    Brotherhood Brass Band
    Charmouth Brass Band
    Claverdon Village Band
    Crowland Brass Band
    Cudworth Band
    Dingwall Town Band
    Drakelow Mission Chapel Brass Band
    Ehenside Band
    Epworth Brass Band
    Essex and Suffolk Brotherhood Brass Band
    Fareham Brass Band
    Filton Brass Band
    Fulstow and Thoresby Brass Band
    Gamlingay Brass Band
    Gosport and Fareham Mission Band
    Hall of Freedom Silver Band
    Hornchurch Cottage Homes Band
    Horley Temperance Brass Band
    Liverpool Corporation Passenger Tramways Band
    Lockerley and District Silver Prize Band
    Melton Mowbray Wesleyan Band
    Merstham Baptist Mission Band
    Millom Wesleyan Mission Band
    Mousehill Brass Band
    Molland Brass Band
    Old Caversham Band
    Onward Hall Band
    Papworth Band
    Peoples Mission Church Band
    Romsey Town Band
    Rowledge Brass Band
    St Paul's Home Brass Band
    Southend Seaside Gospel Mission Band
    Stamford Mechanics Brass Band
    Stamp End Brass Band
    Stanton in Peak Public Brass Band
    Tatsfield Brass Band
    Tewkesbury Corporation Band
    Wadebridge Mission Band
    Whitfield Colliery Prize Band
    Wimborne United Band
    Winchelsea Brass Band
    Woldingham Band
    Worcester Municipal Band
    Yate Village Band
    Books and Publications
    • Anon - Seventy-five years old, the band plays on (Henley Town Band) - Henley Standard, 24th November 1978
    • Attwood, Arthur - History of the Basingstoke Silver Band, 1898-1998
    • Baty, F.W. - Village band (Lydbrook silver prize band) - Gloucestershire Countryside, Vol.9, 1955-8, p. 53
    • Theobald, Judy - Band together [City of Lincoln Band] - Lincolnshire Life, vol 42 no. 1, April 2002 p.47
    • Wythe, Shelagh Maureen - Hannington Silver Band: forty years of service, 1924-1964

    June 2011 - additions to IBEW

    Brass Band Concerts, Contests & Events
    click here for new additions for bands across the UK and overseas -
    Brass Bands
    1st Larne Old Boys' Silver Band
    2nd Rossendale Scout Group Band
    ABM Brass Power Freiamt
    Alexander Brass Band
    Amsterdam West Band
    Bangor University Brass Band
    Barnton Silver Band
    Cleveland Police Band
    Edinburgh University Brass Band
    Garforth Brass
    JB Brass Band
    Kent Police Band
    Kincardine Brass Band
    Oxford University Brass Band
    St Boswells Concert Band
    Southampton University Brass Band
    Steeltown Silver Band
    Tingley Brass Band
    Brass Ensembles
    Wind, Concert & Marching Bands
    Metropolitan Wind Symphony
    Musikverein Kaufering e.V.
    Grace Acoustics Drum Screens
    Mayflower Bravura Trombones
    Sonic Hero Drum Screens
    Advice on further research into brass bands
    Bandas Filarmonicas
    Chorlton cum Hardy Brass Band
    Corps and Band
    Harmonie Belgium
    Labour and Love
    Questions & Queries
    St Boswells Band - photographic history
    Tuneful Tubes?
    National Association of Military Marching Bands
    Texas Bandmasters Association
    Association of Texas Small School Bands
    Confederação Nacional de Bandas e Fanfarras

    Extinct Bands - new/updated entries
    Aitkenhead Brass Band
    Alma Road Mission Band
    Bourne Valley Brass Band
    Bushley Brass Band
    Ditton Brass Band
    Greenbank Foundry Brass Band
    Openshaw Temperance Band
    Roade Brass Band
    St Boswells Silver Band
    St Pancras Silver Prize Band
    Shepley Brass Band
    Sutton Temperance Band
    Woodhouse & Woodhouse Eaves Total Abstinence Band
    Books and Publications
    • Abbott, Helen - Murton pit and people 1838-1984 : facts and reflections of the Murton prize band - Murton Mining Federation Board, Murton, Swansea, 1984
    • Aldred, Helen Mary - Ifi palasa : brass bands in Tonga - M. Music Thesis, Victoria University of Wellington, 1997
    • Allen, Jim - The Norwich area cornet bands - Tall Tree Tales, Norwich, Ohio, 1991
    • Anderson, Paul - A Study of the Various Factors Influencing Standard British Brass Band Instrumentation and Their Impact upon Compositional Techniques of the Period 1920-1950 - Master of Music dissertation, Bowling Green State University, August 1981
    • Anon - Balclutha Brass Band (Incorporated) : 75th anniversary 1886-1960 - The Band, Balclutha, New Zealand, 1960
    • Anon - Coromby Brass Band jubilee, 1891-1941 - Coromby, Victoria, 1941
    • Anon - History of the Eta Concert Band : originally the Brisbane Excelsior Band founded 1912. Souvenir - 50th year - Cranbrook Press, Printers, Brisbane, 1962
    • Anon - Looking back on Singleton Town Band's first 100 years - Singleton Argus, Singleton, New South Wales, 1987
    • Anon - Our brass band in France and Germany 1912 and 1913 (covers visits of Castleford Subscription Prize Band) - Alfred Wilson, 1913
    • Anon - The Dunedin Ladies' Brass Band : 21st anniversary, 1940-1961 - Evening Star, Dunedin, New Zealand, 1961
    • Anon - The Roke and Benson Brass Band centenary, 1882-1982 - 1982
      Anon - The Story of Wicken Coronation Band 1911-2011 - Wicken Coronation Band, 2011
    • Anon - Regimental Bands: Their History and Role of Usefulness - The Musical Times, Vol. 54, No. 839 (Jan. 1, 1913), pp. 28-30
    • Arrowsmith, Richard - Kirkby Stephen Silver Band : a history - Galebars Pub., Kirkby Stephen, 2009. ISBN: 0956295401
    • Batt, Allan - Soprano to bass : the highs and lows of the Ellesmere Brass Band, 1902-2002 - A.J. Batt, Christchurch, New Zealand, 2005. ISBN: 0476013062
    • Beaumont, Joanne - The brass band culture as practised by town brass bands in New South Wales between 1918-1939 - B. Mus. (Musicology) (Hons.) Thesis, Sydney Conservatorium of Music, 1996
    • Belvidere Cornet Band Association, Inc. - Historical souvenir booklet, 1870-1964 - Hicks Printing Company, Belvidere and Washington, New Jersey, 1964.
    • Bisset, David - The Coromandel Silver Band centennial booklet - D. Bisset, New Zealand, 1976
    • Blackwood, Rachel - The brass shall be king : a social history of the Bathurst district band 1885-1935 - Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Thesis, School of History, University of New South Wales, 1999
    • Boden, Bev and Lowe, David J - Hamilton Citizens' Band Inc. : a short history, 1935-1985 - D. Lowe, Hamilton, New Zealand, 1985
    • Bough, Erica, R. - The development of the valve mechanism and its influence on the instrumentation of the British brass band - M.M. Research Paper, Southern Illinois University Carbondale, 2003
    • Bowles, Gretchen Renae - The "golden age" of euphonium playing c.1880-1920 - Dissertation, School of Music, University of Southern Mississippi, 2004
    • Brass Band Kirchenmusik Flühli - 1894-1994 Brass Band Kirchenmusik Flühli : Festschrift zum 100-Jahr-Jubiläum - Flühli, 1994
    • Briggs, Walter - History of the Young Shire Band - W. Briggs, South Coast, New South Wales, 2005
    • Brunero, Donna - Celebrating 50 years : the Campbelltown-Camden District Band 1946-1996 - Campbelltown and Airds Historical Society, Campbelltown, New South Wales, 1996
    • Bryant, W.W. - The Old Colony Brass Band: 1853-1864 - Mass., 1916
    • Bunbury City Band - Souvenir brochure : Bunbury City Band, Adelaide, 1967 - Bunbury City Band, Bunbury, Western Australia, 1967
    • Card, Robyn Dewey - Women as classically-trained trumpet players in the United States - D.M.A., West Virginia University, 2009
    • Carnes, Phil - The history of Queensland brass bands before and during the twentieth century - Queensland Band Association, Brisbane, 2000
    • Casey Township Library - History of the Casey City Band - Casey Township Library, Casey, Illinois, 1998
    • Chatwin, Jerry M - Establishing a British brass band in the American college curriculum - M.M. Project, Brigham Young University. Dept. of Music, 1988
    • City Cornet Band - Golden anniversary : City Cornet Band 1874-1924 - City Cornet Band, Saint John, New Brunswick, 1924
    • Clark, L. Gene - Banding Together: A Celebration of Music and Community [videorecording] - Undergraduate Honors Thesis, Franklin and Marshall College Archives, 2006
    • Clevely, JW - Feilding Municipal Band : 100 years, 1883-1983 - Band Centennial Committee, Feilding, New Zealand, 1983
    • Cross, WH - Balclutha Band Inc : 'a century of brass' : 'the people's music' : 1886, 1986 - South Otago Newspapers, Balclutha, New Zealand, 1986
    • Davidson, John W - A century with the Traralgon Band - J.W. Davidson, Traralgon, Victoria, 1981
    • DeGolia, John W - The history, development, and growth of the community band movement in Cattaraugus County, N.Y. - M.M. Paper, James Madison University, 1985
    • DeSamo, Ruth Ethel - An Investigation of British Brass Band Literature and Subsequent Transcriptions for Wind Ensemble. Doctor of Philosophy dissertation, University of Califomia, 1994
    • DeSarno, Ruth Ethel - An investigation of British brass band literature and subsequent transcriptions for wind ensemble - PhD. Thesis - University of California, Los Angeles, 1994
    • Devol, John - Brass music for the church: bibliography of music appropriate for church use - Harold Branch Pub., Plainview, New York, 1974
    • Dewe, Denis - Endeavour : adventures in brass and percussion playing under the aegis of the New Zealand Brass Bands Association 1980-1995 - Brass Bands Association of New Zealand, Wellington, 1997
    • Dubois, Vincent and Meon, Jean-Matthieu and Pierru, Emmanuel - Les mondes de l'harmonie. Enquête sur une pratique musicale amateur (The Sociology of Brass bands. An Amateur Music Between Cultural Domination and Autonomy)- La Dispute, Paris, 2009
    • Dutton, TE - Newport and Williamstown district bands - T. Dutton, Victoria, 1996
    • Elder, William Douglas - Playing in time : a history of Kerang Band - Kerang & District Band, Kerang, Victoria, 2008. ISBN: 0646503715
    • Elliot, J.H. - The Evolution of Music for Brass - The Musical Times, Vol. 77, No. 1124 (Oct., 1936), pp. 885-887
    • Ellis, Katharine - The Fair Sax: Women, Brass-Playing and the Instrument Trade in 1860s Paris - Journal of the Royal Musical Association, Vol. 124, No. 2 (1999), pp. 221-254
    • Fredericks, Pam - A History of Corowa Border District Band 1874-1993 - Corowa Border District Band, Corowa, New South Wales, 1993
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    Anon - On St Ronan's On [celebrating St Ronan's Silver Band Bicentenary] - 2010
    Brenet, Michel - La musique militaire - 1917
    Grebe, Karl - Militarmusik - Munchen, 1958
    Jenkins, Alan and Stirzaker, John - A Decade Beating Time - Nicholas Childs' 10 year diary as Musical Director of Black Dyke - 2010
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    Anon - Flockton United Brass Band, 1838-1938, Centenary Souvenir Booklet. History and successes during the century - 1938
    Stansfield, Robert - A Century of Music (Long Eaton Silver Prize Band), 2006
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    Best, Christopher - The Red Cape Boys, Friends, Heroes and Legends, Warfleet Press, 2008
    Bushby, David - Bands in St Neots and District 1840-1958 - the author, 1997
    Coombes, Joe - A Brief History of the Barnton Silver Band, 1926
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    Twell, Christine - Thrapston Town Band: 150 Glorious Years - Thrapston Band, 2008
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    Air Balloon Hill Brass Band
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    Widdington Brass Band
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    Aberfeldy Brass Band
    Acton Borough Brass Band
    Acton Temperance (Prize) Brass Band
    Acton Town Band
    Aston-on-Trent Brass Band
    Auchenblae Brass Band
    Bamfords Brass Band
    Barwell Brass Band
    Bedwas Brass Band
    Beechburn Brass Band
    Belgrave Brass Band
    Bishampton Brass Band
    Bishops Stortford Union Brass Band
    Bishopthorpe Brass Band
    Blaenau Festiniog Brass Band
    Blockley Brass Band
    Breaston Brass Band
    Breaston Brass Band
    Brentwood Old Comrades Band
    Bulmer Brass Band
    Burbage Brass Band
    Cambuslang Brass Band
    Carnoustie Brass Band
    Castletown Brass Band
    Cerrigydrudion Brass Band
    Cheslyn Hay Victoria Prize Band
    Choppington Brass Band
    Christleton Brass Band
    Church and Oswaldtwistle Subscription Prize Brass Band
    Churton Band
    Clayton West Brass Band
    Cosby Brass Band
    Cossall Brass Band
    Cotgrave Brass Band
    Countesthorpe Brass Band
    Crossley Lads Club Brass Band
    Dale Abbey Brass Band
    Deighton Brass Band
    Derby United Prize Band
    Donnington Wood Institute Band
    Durham Union Brass Band
    Earby Brass Band
    Earl Shilton Brass Band
    Eastmeon Brass Band
    Eastwood and Greasley Brass Band
    Eastwood Temperance Brass Band
    Etwall Brass Band
    Etwall Brass Band
    Farnsfield Brass Band
    Farsley Brass Band
    Fartown Brass Band
    Fovant Band
    Foxdale Brass Band
    Frosterley Brass Band
    Galgate Brass Band
    Garsington Brass Band
    Glasinfryn Brass Band
    Great Bentley Brass Band
    Grundisburgh Brass Band
    Halkyn Brass Band
    Hamsterley Brass Band
    Haxby Brass Band
    Hessle Brass Band
    Heswall Brass Band
    Hinchliff Mill Brass Band
    Honley Brass Band
    Hook Norton Brass Band
    Horringer Brass Band
    Huddersfield Borough Brass Band
    Huddersfield Fire Brigade Brass Band
    Huddersfield Temperance Band
    Husthwaite Brass Band
    Ilkeston Brass Band
    Ilsley United Brass Band
    Ingatestone Open Brotherhood Silver Band
    Kegworth Brass Band
    Kettle Brass Band
    Kilbarchan Brass Band
    Kilnhurst Alliance Brass Band
    Kirkburton Brass Band
    Knightswood Brass Band
    Knowle Brass Band
    Lamington Brass Band
    Langley Mill Brass Band
    Launton Brass Band
    Lazey United Temperance Brass Band
    Longton Brass Band
    Marehay Brass Band
    Market Weighton Reformatory Band
    Mickleover and Radbourne Band
    Milngavie Brass Band
    Milnsbridge Brass Band
    Mugginton Brass Band
    Muthill Brass Band
    New Cambrian Slate Quarry Brass Band
    North Seaton Brass Band
    Outlane Brass Band
    Penryhn Quarries Brass Band
    Preston Borough Brass Band
    Princess Street Mission Brass Band
    Providence Congregational Church Brass Band
    Quarndon Brass Band
    Rillington Brass Band
    Rotherham Temperance Brass Band
    Sanders Independent Band
    Scole Brass Band
    Seaton Delaval Saxhorn Band
    Shelley Brass Band
    Shenfield Band
    Sittingbourne and Milton Temperance Band
    Skegby Brass Band
    Solihull Brass Band
    Southwick Bottleworks Brass Band
    Spondon Brass Band
    Springfield Brass Band
    St George's Brass Band
    St Helens Brass Band
    St Osyth Brass Band
    Stamfordham Brass Band
    Stanton Brass Band
    Staunton Brass Band
    Sticker Brass Band
    Stonehouse Silver Band
    Talbot Brass Band
    Tarbert Brass Band
    Taylor Hill Brass Band
    Thorpe-le-Soken Brass Band
    Thurmaston Brass Band
    Tibshelf Prize Band
    Tideswell Old Band
    Tingewick Brass Band
    Trumpington Brass Band
    Upper Arley Brass Band
    Uxbridge and Hillingdon Band
    Wadsley Bridge Brass Band
    Wembley Town Band
    Wensley Brass Band
    West End Brass Band
    Wickersley Brass Band
    Widdington Brass Band
    Wigginton Brass Band
    Willoughby Waterless Brass Band
    Wirksworth Brass Band
    Wooldale Brass Band