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December 2010 - additions to IBEW

Brass Band Concerts, Contests & Events
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Brass Bands
Barnard Castle Band
Black Country Brass
Brindle Brass Band
Frälsningsarméns Musikkår Lidköping
Frälsningsarméns Musikkår Örebro
Gestrike Brassband
Indian Queens Silver Band
Metropole Brass Band
Pingst Brass
Rockford Temple Band
Royal Agricultural Society of WA Brass
Spennymoor Youth Brass Band
Worcestershire Youth Brass Band
Brass Ensembles
Arizona Brass
Armstrong Brass Quintet
Atlas Brass
Barbican Brass
Black Diamond Brass
Century Brass
Ceremonial Brass
Chamberlain Brass Quintet
CrossWinds Brass Quintet
Del Pueblo Brass Quintet
Doyen Brass Quartet
Eller Brass
Emminence Brass
Epic Brass
Euterpe Brass Quintet
Exit Brass
Falgarwood Brass Quartet
Ferguson Brass Quintet
Foothills Brass Quintet
Freedom Brass
Gaudete Brass
Hampton Brass Quartet
Harmoniemusik Brass Quintet
Heritage Brass Quintet
Lakeland Brass
Lanier Brass
Mediterranean Chamber Brass
Minneapolis Brass Quintet
Mud Key Brass Band
Music on Demand Brass Quintet
Nebula Brass
New Castle Brass
New Dimensions Brass Quintet
North West Brass Quintet
Northern Brass Quintet
Perfect Fifth Brass Quintet
Platinum Brass
Prime Brass
Prince Bishops Brass Ensemble
Princeton Brass Quartet
Prism Brass
Pritsu Brass
Pure Brass Quintet
Purveyors of Sound Brass Quintet
Riverside Brass Quartet
Royal Brass
St Anthony Brass Quintet
Seckford Ensemble
Serena Brass
Shepherd's Brass Quintet
Silver Brass
Sounding Brass
Southern Brass
Sunday Evening Brass Quintet
Thames Fanfare Brass
Thistle Brass
Top Brass Quintet
Urban Brass Quintet
Victorian Brass
Wellington Brass Quintet
Western Brass Quintet
Yorkshire Brass Quintet
Wind, Concert & Marching Bands
Bürgermusik Götzis 1824
Bradford Metropolitan Concert Band
City Wind Orchestra
Directory of Wind Bands in the UK
Eesti Noorte Puhkpilliorkester
Harjumaa Noorte Puhkpilliorkester
Harmoniemusik Balzers
Harmoniemusik Eschen
Harmoniemusik Schaan
Harmoniemusik Triesen
Harmoniemusik Triesenberg
Harmoniemusik Vaduz
Jauniešu pūtēju orķestris "Auseklītis"
Keila Linnaorkester
Lúðrrasveit Hafnarfjarðar
Lúðrrasveit Verkalýðsins
Lambeth Wind Orchestra
Madlienas pūtēju orķestris
Madonas Pūtēju orķestra
Musikverein Cäcilia Schellenberg
Musikverein Konkordia Gamprin
Musikverein Konkordia Mauren
Pūtēju orķestris Balvi
Tallinna Tehnikaülikooli Puhkpilliorkester
Tennessee Valley Ensemble
UK Amateur Orchestras
Väägvere Pasunakoor
World Wind Orchestras
Adios Music
Alliance Products
Arnolds & Sons
BABB Music Publishing
Best Brass
Brass Music
Brass Toff
Brass Works Munich
CCF Trophies & Engraving
Centre Stage Uniforms
Dave TubaKing's Musical Adventure
Harper Music Publications
Heavy Brass
Mr. Equipment
Mystique Brass and Wind Band Music
OffBeat Music Publishing
Second Wind
Soulo Mutes
T&R Direct Insurance Services
Travelbound Tours
Wessex Music
Alberta Band Association
Ayrton Hockaday
Banda Musicale
Bandworld Magazine
Brass In The Bay
Brass Band Conductors Club
British Association of Symphonic Bands and Wind Ensembles
British Columbia Band Association
Canadian Music Centre
Czech Wind Bands
Danish Royal Academy of Music
Darren Walton
Estonian Wind Music Society
Fédération musicale des Bouches du Rhône
Finnish Wind Band Association
Gary Macphee
Graham Cole
Guide to the Brass Quintet
Harmonie Netherlands
Hong Kong Band Directors Association
Horn Central
Horn Matters
Iain Culross
Icelandic School Bands Association
Icelandic Wind Bands Association
Jack Smith
Jannes Drost-Tenfelde
Learning the trombone
Liechtensteiner Blasmusikverband
Lithuanian Brass Band Association
Living My Song
MAD4BB - Making A Difference
Manitoba Band Association
Michael Baker
Mid-States Band Association
Music At Our House
Music Library Association
New England Scholastic Band Association
Nova Scotia Band Association
Ontario Band Association
Ophicleide Directory
Phil's "Old and Odd" Brass Musical Instrument Gallery
Quebec Band Association
Rory Cartmell
Saskatchewan Band Association
Trombone History Timeline
Will Kimball
Wind Band Association
Winsham Coronation Band
World Military Bands
Books and Publications
Abel, E. Lawrence - Singing the New Nation: How Music Shaped the Confederacy, 1861-1865 - Stackpole Books, 1999. ISBN: 9780811702287
Guion, David M - A history of the trombone - Scarecrow Press, Lanham, MD, USA, 2010 - ISBN: 9780810874459
Kippin, Mick - Cheltenham's bandstands - Cheltenham Local History Society Journal, 13 (1997)
Kippin, Mick - The Spa Bands of Cheltenham, 1780-1875 - Cheltenham Local History Society Journal, 9 (1993)
Marshall, Peter - A History Of Honley Band - Honley Civic Society, 2010
Wilkinson, Iain - Oldham Rifles Band , in History of Oldham Volunteer Corps 1798-1908, p. 181-184 - Jagi Publishing
Extinct Bands - new/updated entries
Bishop's Castle Town Band
Greenways Brass Band
Kelvedon Hatch Brass Band
Ludlow Town Brass Band
Nyewood Brass Band
St Agnes Mission Band
Spratton Brass Band
Tolleshunt D'Arcy Brass Band
Tytherington Band
Winterbourne Band
November 2010 - additions to IBEW

Brass Band Concerts, Contests & Events
click here for new additions for bands across the UK and overseas
Brass Bands
AEW Brass Band Fricktal
Brass Band Abinchova
Brass Band Allianzmusik Basel
Brass Band Gürbetal
Brass Band Lützelflüh-Goldbach
Brass Band Maur
Brass Band MG Hasle
Brass Band Rhodan
Brass Band Schötz
Brass Band Zuzgen
Celebration Brass
Dorfmusik Mandach
Dublin Cornet Band
Friezland Brass Band
MG Brass Band Wilen
Musikgesellschaft Wittnau
Oberwalliser Brass Band
Shirland Welfare Band
Société de Musique l'Avenir Lignières
Universal Brass Band
Upper Norwood Salvation Army Corps Band
Brass Ensembles
Wind, Concert & Marching Bands
Bangor Band
Sound Classics 4 You
Trumpet Sizzle
A short history of the Windermere, Ambleside and Grasmere bands
BBW Blog
BBW Twitpic
BBW Twitter
Brass Band Tube
CHARM - The AHRC Research Centre for the History and Analysis of Recorded Music
Danish Brass Band Blog
James Gourlay
Books and Publications
Anon - 100 Years of banding in Tanunda : historical souvenir and programme of the Tanunda Town Band Centenary, 1860-1960 - Tanunda Town Band, Tanunda, S. Australia, 1960
Anon - 1880-1980 centenary Nowra Town Band in the city of Shoalhaven - Nowra Town Band, 1980
Anon - Centenary of Latrobe Federal Band: 1872-1972 - Latrobe Federal Band, Latrobe, Tasmania, 1972
Anon - History of the Eta Concert Band: originally the Brisbane Excelsior Band founded 1912 - Cranbrook Press, Brisbane, 1962
Anon - Launceston City Band: 1876-1976 - Launceston City Band, Launceston, Tasmania, 1976
Anon - Looking back on Singleton Town Band's first 100 years - Singleton Argus, Singleton, NSW, 1987
Anon - St. Kilda Municipal Band Diamond jubilee: 60 years of music - Crown Print, Dunedin, 1961
Anon - Brass Band as a Social Factor - Music. A Monthly Magazine. Devoted to the Art, Science, Technic and Literature of Music, 20, September 1901, p.242
Bevan, Clifford - The Brass Teacher's Book - Piccolo Press
Babić, Dragan - Pri&269;a o srpskoj trubi - Beogradska knj., Beograd , 2004. ISBN: 9788675900672
Bacon, Gertrude - Genesis of a Brass Band - Good Words, Volume 42, July 1901, p.471
Ball, Carol - Alan Ball : the man and his music - Victoria, 2000
Beaumont, Joanne - The brass band culture as practised by town brass bands in New South Wales between 1918-1939 - Thesis (B. Mus. (Musicology) (Hons.)), Sydney Conservatorium of Music, 1996
Belcher, Bill, Huckstepp, Ken, and Luzzi, Ken - Band Association of New South Wales: 100 centenary 1896-1996 - Band Association of N.S.W, Sydney, 1996
Bisset, David - The Coromandel Silver Band centennial booklet - New Zealand, 1976
Bourke, C. M. - Singleton Town Band centenary 1878-1978
Brass Band Contests - Magazine of Music, (13), October 1896, p.646
Briggs, Walter - History of the Young Shire Band - 2005
Büttner, Manfred; Pesta, Dagmar and Benz, Werner - Mit Drommeten und Pauken, Hörnern und Posaunen: Festschrift für Werner Benz zum 65 Geburtstag - E. Kuhn, Berlin, 2001. Musicologica Berolinensia; Bd. 8. ISBN: 3928864823
Burgess, Phillipa Edith - An examination of function, venue, and sources in the repertoire of mid-nineteenth-century American brass bands - Thesis (Ph.D.), University of Kentucky, 1997. ISBN: 059167159X
Cadman, S. Parkes - Military Bands of Europe - Chautauquan, (23) April 1896, p.57
Carnes, Phil - Queensland bands before and during the twentieth century - Queensland Band Association, Brisbane, 2000
Déquier, Daniel - En avant la musique!: histoire des fanfares et harmonies de Maurienne - Fontaine de Siloé, Montmélian, 1998. ISBN: 2842060644
Davidson, John W. - A century with the Traralgon Band - Traralgon, Victoria, 1981
Dewe, Denis - What a performance!: the National Band of New Zealand of 1962 - Christchurch, New Zealand, 2000. ISBN: 0473072998
Fowler, Norma - The beat goes on: Muswellbrook band history prepared for the 40th Anniversary of Muswellbrook Shire Concert Band also known as The Muswellbrook Municipal and Shire Band - 1965-2006: including some history of Muswellbrook Brass Band 1874-1950s. - Muswellbrook, N.S.W. , 2006. ISBN: 064646681X
Fredericks, Pam - A history of Corowa Border District Band 1874-1993 - Corowa Border District Band, Corowa, N.S.W., 1993
Harvey, Doug - History of the Albany Band, 1880-1996 - Albany, c. 1997. ISBN: 0646315080
Holz, RW - A history of the hymn tune meditiation and related forms in Salvation Army instrumental music in Great Britain and North America, 1880-1890 - Dissertation, University of Connecticut, 1981
Kajita, Seishichi - Bōchō suisōgakushi : Perī kantai raikō kara daijūhachikai Kokumin Taiiku Taikai made - Kajita Seishichi, Heisei 1, Yamaguchi-shi, 1989
Kernich, Aub - Angaston's brass bands and their community heritage role, 1856-1971 - A. Kernich, Tanunda, S. Australia, 1996
Machray, Robert - The Bands of the British Army - Pearson's Magazine, 2, August 1896, p.201
McCully-Barr, Hannah - 125 years history of the Albury City Band: 1867-1992 - ISBN: 0646108441
Oakleigh City Band - A history of Oakleigh City Band : old bandsmen never die - they just blow away - Oakleigh, Victoria, 1985
Ogisi, AA - The Significance of the Niger Coast Constabulary Band of Calabar in Nigerian Highlife Music: An Historical Perspective - Nigerian Music Review - Vol. 5 (2004)
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Salmon, E. - How Brass Bands are made - Strand, (8), November 1894, p.542
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Springfield, L. - Brass Band Contests - Strand Musical Magazine, (2), November 1895, p.329
Stirling, Arthur - Brass Band histories; Australia, 1892-1976 [manuscript] - Geelong Heritage Centre
Sutherland, H - The Brass Band - Ainslee's Magazine, (9), April 1902, p.265
Van Emmerik, Matthew - Controversy and change : the role of recent compositions and repertoire in the brass band movement - MMus (Perf.) Thesis, Sydney Conservatorium of Music, 2006
Volkiene, Caroline - Sweet music: the St Marys Band Club story - St Marys & District Histoical Society Inc., St Marys, N.S.W., 2009
West, M. - Evolution of the Brass Band - Munsey's Magazine, (25), 1901, p.640
Wilkinson, T. W. - Brass Band Contests - Good Words, Volume 42, September 1901, p.593
Extinct Bands - new/updated entries
Amberley Brass Band
Carnoustie Burgh Band
Gardner's Engineering Band
Grasmere Brass Band
Hinkley Town Band
Old Alverstoke Brass Band
St Georges Works Brass Band
Walkers' Brewery Band
Weston Point Salt Union Band
Windermere Brass Band

October 2010
Brass Band Concerts, Contests & Events
click here for new additions for bands across the UK and overseas
Brass Bands
Browse Brass Band
Corby Silver Band
Derwent Brass
Hesketh Bank Silver Band
Llwydcoed Band
Brass Ensembles
Eden Brass
Little Phoebe Brass Quintet
Wind, Concert & Marching Bands
Books and Publications - new/updated entries
Aarons, Sonia - And the band played on: the stout history of the Woodfalls Band, and why it's still going strong - Wiltshire Life, Vol. 8, No. 2 September 2001, pp.26-28
Abbott, Helen - Murton pit and people, 1838-1934 (with facts and reflections of the Murton prize band) - Murton Mining Federation Board, 1984
Ambler, John - The Royal Marines Band Service: To Celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Founding of the Royal Marines Band Service - Royal Marines Historical Society, 2003
Amsel-Arieli, Melody - British Brass Bands - Family Tree Magazine, 26(13) Autumn 2010, pp.42-44
Anon - Carharrack and St. Day Silver Band: 75th Anniversary, April 1987 - Carharrack and St. Day Silver Band, 1987
Anon - Charles Church Camberley Band: 25 years in the life of the community 1960-1985, 1985
Anon - Ifton Band Oswestry - 90 years - 2006
Anon - Introduction to the History of Music in Worthing (Including Brass Bands) - West Sussex County Library Service, 1984
Anon - Long Melford Silver Band, 1890 - 1990, 1990
Anon - Pendeen Silver Band: 100 Years 1892-1992 (Souvenir Programme) - Pendeen Silver Band, 1992
Anon - Salisbury City Band: centenary brochure 1878-1978 - Salvation Army, Salisbury, 1978
Anon - Scarlet and Blue Police Band [Cheshire Police Band] - Cheshire Constabulary, 1992
Anon - The Royal Buckley Town Band, 1822-1986 - Buckley Community Heritage Environmental Local Project, Ed. Tech, 1986
Anon - 21 Years Blowing [Werneth Concert Band celebrates the 21st anniversary of its foundation in April 1983] - Cheshire Life - January 2004, pp.140-141
Anon - Cardiff Post Office Band (later, Cardiff Post Office Military Band) : History and reminiscences of the band, formed in 1897 - South Wales Echo, August 30, 1997, page 8
Anon - Who Put the Ooomph into Foden's Band? - Cheshire Life - February 2005, pp.188-189
Arrowsmith, Richard - Kirkby Stephen Silver Band - Galebars Publishing, 2009. ISBN: 9780956295408
Baker, Fred - A Century of Bands: A History of Bands and Bandsmen in and Around Luton from 1860-1968
Baldwin, Ted - Band of the Wellington Rifle Volunteers Corps, formerly Dawley Green Brass Band - Telford, 1995
Baldwin, Ted - Dawley Green Brass Band (Formed 1856) - Telford, 1992
Baldwin, Ted - Dawley Green Brass Band becomes the Wellington R V Corps Band - Telford, 1994
Boyd, Michael - Having a blast (Goodwick Brass Band) - Pembrokeshire Life, August 2010, pp. 22-23.
Bridges, Anne - Hebden Bridge Junior Band 1971-1996 - Garian Press, 1996
Callister, Ian - Band on the Beat (Cheshire Constabulary brass band) - Cheshire Life, July 1992, pp.28-29.
Carter, David A. - Brass band handbook - Boys' Brigade National Brass Band Association, 1987
Childs, Robert - Cory, Cory, Hallelujah: The History of Cory Band, 125 Years - Cory Band, 2010
Collier, John & Pike, Ken - Paulton Silver Prize Band 1909-1968 - c.2000
Connelly, Owen - Seven score years: Hawick Saxhorn Band 1855-1995 - Hawick News, 1995
Crosby, Andy - Andy's Trombone
Evans, Avril - A life divine The life and times of Parc and Dare Band - Parc and Dare Band, 2005. ISBN: 9780955713507
Fletcher, Keith - The Chesham Town Band: a brief history - 2008
Gluyas, W. R - A short history of the St. Stythians Silver Band - c.1978
Hartley, Elizabeth A. - Brindle Band: a social and cultural history of a Lancashire brass band, 1868-2000
Heppleston, Arthur - A history of the Bradford South scout bands, 2002
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Jones, Geraint - Cywrain wy^r y cyrn arian: hanes Seindorf Trefor ar achlysur penblwydd y Band yn 125 oed (1863-1988) - Pwyllgor Seindorf Trefor, Trefor, 1988
Kennedy, David - Tutbury's variations: a history of wind and brass bands in a Staffordshire village - D. & T.P. Kennedy, Burton upon Trent, 2002
King, Eileen - History of the Irish Transport & General Workers Union Brass Band - ITGWU Liberty Magazine - June 1984
Lamb, Dorothy - Oldest Brass in the World [History of Stalybridge Band] - Cheshire Life, Volume 43, Number 8 (August 1977), pp.28-29
Lincoln, Andrew - History of the Brodsworth Colliery Band 1909-1989
Lomas, M J - The Wiltshire militia band, 1769-c.1831 - WAM, Vol.85, 1992, pp.93-100
Lord, Jeffrey & Crook, Richard & Scholes, Colin - Echoes From the Past: Collected Reminiscences of Cliviger Prize Band - Jeffrey Lord, Cliviger, 1991
McFarlane, Judith - The Sound of Brass in Poynton - Cheshire Life - Volume 48, Number 5, (May 1982), pp.56-57
Mead, Sylvia - Marching out: the 95 years of Bradwell Silver Band - New Bradwell Reprographics, 1996
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Parsonage, Catherine - Music, Maestro, Please [North Cheshire Concert Band] - Cheshire Life, June 2007, pp.226-229
Pendray, Fiona - 120 Years In Cornwall with St. Pinnock Band - Polpentre Printers, Looe, 1986
Powell, Gus - History of Tredegar Town Band - Tredegar History Club
Pugh, David - Silver Band celebrates 125 years: a short history of Newtown Silver Band - Country Quest, December 2005, pp. 24-25
Radcliffe, Leslie N - T'Blow [The brass band of Foden's Motor Works, Sandbach] - Cheshire Life, Volume 20, Number 5 (May 1954), pp.39,41
Redman, James - Pilling Jubilee Silver Band Golden Jubilee, 1935-1985: souvenir brochure - Colin Ross, 1985
Reid, Alan - Some reminiscences of Forfar bands, in Forfar Instrumental Band Bazaar Book - 1912
Roberts, William - Rode Hall Band: A Pictorial Record - c.1995
Roberts, William - Rode Hall Silver Band: a history - 1991
Roberts, William - Rode Hall Silver Band: A History - Congleton, c.1992
Rogerson, Bert - A touch of local brass - Lecture to Eccles and District History Society, 1978
Singleton, Gilbert A. - Music in blue: Uniforms of musicians in the Royal Air Force and its predecessors - A photographic history - Eagle & Lyre Publications, Maidenhead, 2007
Smith, Norman E. - March music notes - Program Note Press, Lake Charles, Louisiana, 1986
Stead, Robert - King of Brass [Profile of Harry Mortimer] - Cheshire Life - Volume 48, Number 9, (September 1982), pp.70-71
Stockley, D.R. - The Lewes Town Band 1840-1963, D.R. Stockley, Tickhill, 1995
Summersgill, Barbara - Bedford Town Band Centenary - 1994. ISBN: 9101276336
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Vale, Peter - One hundred years of brass: a history of Leiston Brass Band - 1983
Vickers, Peter - Popular entertainment in the Longridge area in the 19th and early 20th centuries
Waddington, William - Rossendale bands 1858-1977: notes on their history - edited with additional material by Jon Elliott
Williams, J.B. - Northop Silver Band (Llaneurgain), 1892-1992: 100 years of continuous service to the community - Northop Silver Band, 1992
Wilson, David - Reminiscences - Newtown Silver Band - Newtonian, 6 (Autumn 2001), pp. 7-8.
Wilson, Les - Bands, Drums and Music of the Queen's Royal Surrey Regiment its forebears and successors - QRA, 2000
Your Ancestors - new/updated entries
Extinct Bands - new/updated entries
Husthwaite Old Brass Band

September 2010
Brass Band Concerts, Contests & Events
click here for new additions for bands across the UK and overseas
Brass Bands
Box Hill Salvation Army Band
Cape Town Concert Brass
Dearborn Heights Citadel Band
Durham Miners' Association Brass Band
Eastern Michigan Youth Band
Kirkland Lake Brass Band
Lancing Brass of the Royal British Legion
Launceston Town Band
Leicester South Band
National Youth Brass Band of Scotland
Oakland University Brass Band
Port Huron Citadel Band
Regente Feijó Brass Band
Shropshire Youth Brass Band
Trust Porirua City Brass
Brass Ensembles
Premiere Brass Quintet
Wind, Concert & Marching Bands
Glasgow Wind Band
Lake City Stinger Band
Music-House Productions
Musician's Way
Percussion Plus
Southern Ohio Music Company
Wedge Mouthpiece
Bandsman of the Salvation Army
Brass Bands of Michigan
The Butcher Conductor
Irwell Springs (Bacup) Band - Jubilee Souvenir 1864-1914
Kevin Birch
Makkin' Mewsic
Richard Grantham
Item on this siteSlaithwaite & Meltham Bands
Books and Publications - new/updated entries
Anon - Reeth Brass Band, in Reeth & District Gazette, Issue no. 13, August 1996
Chalabala, Mark S. - Playing Favorites: The Musical Fabric of Small Towns (an in-depth view of brass bands in stereoview) - 2010
Etheridge Stephen - Where the Brass Band is Beloved: the Pennine Brass Band and the Working Class, a Study of Cultural and Regional Association c1840-1910 - The Historical Association, Bolton Branch, 13 September 2010
Sawyer, Tim - Rothwell Temperance Band: From Junior Band to Masters Champions (1984-2006) - Tim Sawyer, 2006
Your Ancestors - new/updated entries
Extinct Bands - new/updated entries
Bagshot Institute Band
Beeston Excelsior Band
Broadwell Brass Band
Buxted Brass Band
Charlecote & Hampton Lucy Brass Band
Combroke Brass Band
Doncaster Britannia Silver Prize Band
Ealing Fire Service Band
Highcliffe Brass Band, Dorset
Jarrow British Legion Band
L.M.S. Manchester Band
London, Brighton and South Coast Railway Signalmen's Brass Band
Lofthouse and Middlesmoor Band
Milnsbridge Brass Band
Milnsbridge Brass Band
Moreton-in-the-Marsh Band
North London Railway Brass Band
Norwood Excelsior Brass Band
Portslade Town Band
Reading Wesleyan Band
Rishworth Brass Band
Roffey Mission Band
St Edward's Orphanage Band
Stoke Newington Foresters Brass Band
Streatham Town Band
Taibach & Port Talbot Temperance Band
Thomas Street Silver Band
Todmorden Brass Band
Tunbridge Wells Fire Brigade Band
Ysbyty Ystwyth Brass Band
Zion Brass Band

August 2010
Brass Band Concerts, Contests & Events
click here for new additions for bands across the UK and overseas
Brass Bands
Knighton Town Silver Band
Brass Ensembles
Wind, Concert & Marching Bands
Chappell of Bond Street
Chasons Music
Trumpet Ensemble Music
Brass Band Contest (Poem)
Brass Bands of Stanbury
Genesis of a Brass Band
Books and Publications - new/updated entries
Amis, John - Where there's muck there's brass - Musical Opinion - September/October 2007
Anon - Brass Bands in Colac, 1878-1989 - Colac, Australia, 1989
Bruce, F. - There were bands, bands everywhere: working in the leisure industry 1916-1950 - Scottish Labour History Society Journal 32 (1997) pp.40-60.
Craven, Joseph - The Brass Bands, in A Brontë Moorland Village and its People: A History of Stanbury - Rydal Press, Keighley, 1907
Dunleavy, J. - Brass bands, bagpipes and banners: the Manchester Whit Friday walk - Lancashire Local Historian, 11 (1996) pp.27-33.
Haine, M. & De Keyser, I - Catalogue des Instruments Sax au Musée Instrumental de Bruxelles, suivi de la liste de 400 instruments Sax conservés dans des collections publiques et privées - Brussels, 1980
Hoult, David - Music for brass - British Journal of Music Education - Volume 10, Issue 3, Nov 1993, pp 284-287
Kennedy, Murdoch A . M. - 'Amang reeds an' brasses' : a history of the Royal Burgh of Linlithgow Reed Band - Linlithgow, 2007
Newsome, Roy - Belle Vue and brass bands - Manchester Sounds. Journal of the Manchester Musical Heritage Trust 2 (2001)
Niermeier, Ada - The History of Wind Bands in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region - B. Mus., University of Victoria, 1999
Pointon, Alan - Brass Bands in Brown Edge - Staffordshire History Journal - Volume 16 (1992), pp 27-29
Russell, Steve and Galop, Julian - The Story of Blewbury Brass Band - 2010
Sheldona, Nicola - The musical careers of the poor: the role of music as a vocational training for boys in British care institutions 1870-1918 - Journal History of Education, 38 (6), November 2009 , pp 747-759
Stewart, J. - Gatehouse brass and other bands - Kircudbright, 1921
Valentine, Roland T. - Hawera Municipal Band centenary, Hawera Municipal Band Centenary Committee, Hawera, New Zealand, 1978
Your Ancestors - new/updated entries
Extinct Bands - new/updated entries
Bradshaw Old Band
Cwmmer Colliery Band
East Ham Borough Band
Gill Street Methodist Band
Haywood Borough Band
Normanby Park Steelworks Brass Band
Royal Vaynol Brass Band
St Paul's Catholic Brass Band
Seybormen Temperance Band
Thornsett Band

July 2010
Brass Band Concerts, Contests & Events
click here for new additions for bands across the UK and overseas
Brass Bands
Carnoustie and District Youth Brass Band
Penn View Brass Band
Valley Brass Band
Wallberg Band
Westwinds Brass Band
Wirral Brass
Worthing Silver Band
Brass Ensembles
Majestic Brass
Wind, Concert & Marching Bands
Werneth Concert Band
Fenik's Trumpets
LudwigMasters Publications
Appleton-le-Moors Brass Band
Bander's Blog
Berits Brass Band Blogg
Brass Chamber Music
Brass Pedagogy and Teaching Practices
Bristol Brass Consort
Casual Brass
Ladies in Brass
London and Provincial Music
Mossley Temperance Band
Mossley Whit Friday Contest
PMRC Brass Band Research Archive
Trevor Halliwell
Trumpet Player Profiles
Books and Publications - new/updated entries
Brass Musician
Anon - Roxburgh Pioneer Generation Brass - 125 years - Roxburgh, New Zealand, 2007
Anon - St. Mary's Brass & Reed Band. Maynooth, Co. Kildare 1931-1981 - Golden Jubilee Souvenir Booklet
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Colmer, Geoff - So you want to transcribe a classical work for brass band - 2010 - available from http://www.scribd.com/doc/34321710/So-You-Want-to-Transcribe-a-Classical-Work-for-Brass-Band-do-you
Evans, Vincent - History of Gwaun Cae Gurwen Silver Band - 1965
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Van Epps, Percy M. - The Brass Bands Of Glenville - Being The Eighth Report Of The Town Historian - Glenville Town Board, Glenville, New York, 1934
Your Ancestors - new/updated entries
Extinct Bands - new/updated entries
Babbington Ambulance Band
Babbington Brass Band
Babbington Colliery Ambulance Band
Bamber Bridge Subscription Band
Barton Ropery Band
Beverley Mechanics Band
Brierley Hill Saxhorn Band
Brighouse Excelsior Band
Bristol Mechanics Band
Buriton Brass Band
Burnley Mechanics Band
Cardiff Mechanics Band
Catbrook & District Silver Band
Cramlington Band
Debenham Band
Dickleburgh Brass Band
Diss Brass Band
Dundee Excelsior Band
East Berks Brass Band
Eastwood and Greasby Ambulance Band
Fareham Excelsior Band
Frome Town Band
Gilfach Goch Silver Band
Grangetown Steelworks Band
Harpenden Band
Hartlepool Excelsior Band
Harwich and Dovercourt Excelsior Band
Harwich Excelsior Band
Hexham Mechanics Band
Hucknall Excelsior Band
Hull Druids' Brass Band
Kendal Mechanics Band
Kidderminster Excelsior Band
Kidderminster Old Band
Kidderminster Saxhorn Band
Kidsgrove Excelsior Band
Leamington Mechanics Band
Leeds Clarion Band
Leicester Borough Workmen's Band
Leicester Corporation Gasworks Band
Leicester Midland Railway Workmen's Band
Lincoln Excelsior Band
Longton Borough Band
Malvern Mechanics Band
Mellor Brass Band
Much Hoole Brass Band
New Basford Excelsior Band
Newcastle Industrial Juvenile Band
North Seaton Excelsior Band
North Shields Excelsior Band
Oakdale Colliery Workmens Silver Band
Oswestry Mechanics Band
Park Street Orphan Home Band
Penryn Band
Pensilva Brass Band
Penwithick Band
Perran Band
Perry Street Works Band
Port of Hull Society's Orphan Home Band
Preston Excelsior Band
Reading Mechanics Band
Sherborne Excelsior Band
Springbank Orphan Home Band
St Bede's Band
St Edmund's Bury Brass Band
Stoke Excelsior Band
Tibshelf Ambulance Band
Tibshelf St John Ambulance Band
Victoria Institute (Hartshead Moor) Brass Band
Warleggan Brass Band
Werneth & District Silver Band
Wilpshire Brass Band

June 2010
Brass Band Concerts, Contests & Events
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Brass Bands
Blackpool Brass
Borehamwood Brass
City of Birmingham Brass Band
City of Cardiff (Melingriffith) Band
Gawthorpe Brass
Haverhill Silver Band
Rugeley Power Station Brass Band
Skelmanthorpe Brass Band
Uttoxeter Town Brass Band
Brass Ensembles
Wind, Concert & Marching Bands
Denis Wick Products Ltd.
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Books and Publications - new/updated entries
Your Ancestors - new/updated entries
Extinct Bands - new/updated entries

May 2010
Brass Band Concerts, Contests & Events
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Brass Bands
Beulah Brass Band
BrassBand De Lyon
Brass Band of Nashville
Catterick Brass
Colne Borough Brass Band
Croft Silver Band
Ellesborough Silver Band
Hollingworth Brass Band
Hollingworth and Longdendale Brass Band
Leominster Colonial Band
Saint Francis Brass Band
Brass Ensembles
Acoustic Brass
Barna Brass Quintet
MolzKa Brass
Omega Brass Ensemble
Sicilian Philarmonic Brass
Taurus Bass Ensemble
Venetum Brass
Wind, Concert & Marching Bands
Brass! PR
Jaeger Brass
Matthew Parker Trumpets
Brass Band Tube
Brass Society (Singapore)
Le café de BrassBand.fr
Communauté française des Brass Bands
How to Practice
International Women's Brass Conference
International Staff Band 120th Anniversary - International Brass Weekend
Moravian Brass Band Union of South Africa
Recreational Musician
Salem Moravian Bands
Books and Publications - new/updated entries
Panter, Ernest A. - Memoirs - Leaves from a Bandsman's Diary [tales of Rushden Mission Band] - Elim, Rushden, 1943
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Wade-Matthews, Max - Musical Leicester - Heart of Albion Press, Wymeswold, 1998. ISBN: 1872883516
Your Ancestors - new/updated entries
Extinct Bands - new/updated entries
Church Stretton Brass Band
Shildon Town Band

April 2010
Brass Band Concerts, Contests & Events
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Brass Bands
Agder Brass
Alp & Brass
Altofts And Normanton Brass Band
Bolton Youth Brass Band
Bonchester Brass
Brass Band Atout Vent
Brass Band de Champagne
Brass Band de Roncq
Brass Band de Toulouse Brass Band des Hauts de Flandres
Brass Band des Hautes-Vosges
Brass Band des Hauts de Flandres
Brass band des Pays de la Loire
Brass Band du Val de Saône
Brass Band en Seine
Brass Band Léman Mont-Blanc
Brass Band Méditerranée
Brass Band Saint-Jean d'Aulps
Brotton Brass Band
Capital Brass
Christchurch and Highcliffe Band
Eythorne Silver Band
Bakewell Silver Band
Imperial Brass Band
Kearsley Youth Brass Band
Kilmarnock Concert Brass
Latinus Brass Band
Montebello Brass
Nelson Brass Band
Paris Brass Band
Vosges Brass Saxhorn
Brass Ensembles
Brass Roots Brass Quintet
Exaequo Trombone Quartet
Wind, Concert & Marching Bands
Poynton RBL Concert Band
Wiltshire Police Band
Exaequo Trombones
Books and Publications - new/updated entries
Anon - Southsea Citadel Band centenary brochure - 1883-1983 - The Salvation Army, 1983
Colenso, Phyllis - Pendeen Silver Band - Cornish Magazine, Vol. 8(10), February 1966
French, Gill and Belleville, Keith - On, St. Ronan's, On! - St Ronan's Silver Band 1810-2010 - St Ronan's Silver Band, 2010
Kelly, Ruth - Kinneil Band: One Hundred and Fifty Years of Music 1858-2008 - Unison Kinneil Band, 2010
Your Ancestors - new/updated entries
Extinct Bands - new/updated entries

March 2010
Brass Band Concerts, Contests & Events
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Brass Bands
Ashbourne Town Band
Ashworth Brass Band
Bactiguard Wire Brass
Bedlington Band
Bend in the River Brass
Briton Ferry Silver Band
Broxburn Silver Band
City of Bradford Brass Band
City of Coventry Band
City of Sheffield Band
Cottingham Band
Croydon Citadel Band
Dobcross Youth Band
Dumfries Town Band
Dunfermline Town Band
Dungannon Silver Band
Govan Citadel Band
Grimsby Citadel Band
Hadleigh Temple Corps Band
Hannington Silver Band
Haworth Band
Heckmondwike Grammar School Brass Band
Hemel Hempstead Salvation Army Band
Hoover Bolton Band
Kirkland Lake Brass Band
Leeds Central Band
Leicester South Band
Lincoln Citadel Band
Longridge Band
Martlesham Brass
Metropolitan Silver Band
Milton Keynes Brass
National Methodist Youth Brass Band
Oakdale Silver Band
Rochdale Music Service Brass Bands
St Helens Youth Brass Band
St John's Citadel Band
Skegness Silver Band
Smithills School Brass Band
Templemore Band
Treherbert & District Band
University of York Brass Band
Westwinds Brass Band
Wight Brass
1st Whitstable Scout Group Band
York RI Golden Rail Band
Brass Ensembles
Barefoot Brass Quintet
Hackney Colliery Band
Wind, Concert & Marching Bands
Bristol Concert Wind Band
Central Band of The Royal British Legion Scotland
Philadelphia German Brass Band
Alum Creek Music
Drumroll Productions
Geneva Instruments
Top Brass
Blackhall Youth Band
National Band Association
Northern Regional Brass Band Trust
Books and Publications - new/updated entries
Andersen, Birgit - Dansk brass band - en statusrapport om repertoire og støttemuligheder - Aarhus Universitet, Aarhus, 1985
Anon - 100 Jahre Musikverein Harmonie Münchwilen - vormals Metalharmonie Münchwilen, vormals Metalharmonie Oberhofen-Münchwilen, vormals Blechharmonie Oberhofen-Münchwilen, vormals Musikgesellschaft Oberhofen-Münchwilen : Festschrift. - Münchwilen, Switzerland, 1998
Anon - 150 Jahre Blasmusik im Hatlerdorf - eine Festschrift aus Anlass des 125-jährigen Jubiläums der Musikgesellschaft Hatlerdorf - Stadt Dornbirn, 2000
Anon - 1863-1988, cent vingt-cinquième anniversaire Fanfare L'Ancienne Courgenay - hommage à Paul Montavon - Courgenay, Switzerland, 1988
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Anon - Festschrift & Chronik - 100 Jahre Musikgesellschaft Ballwil : Neuuniformierung und Katerfäscht - Ballwil, Switzerland, 2001
Anon - Im Rhythmus der Musikkapelle - Festschrift zum 100-Jahr-Jubiläum der Musikkapelle Seitenstetten, 1902-2002 - Seitenstetten, 2002
Anon - Loxley Silver Methodist Band - Sheffield, 1979
Anon - Mit Drommeten und Pauken, Hörnern und Posaunen - Festschrift für Werner Benz zum 65. Geburtstag - E. Kuhn, Berlin, 2001
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Mills, J. - Carharrack and St. Day Silver Band, 65th Anniversary, November 1977 [a history] - Carharrack and St. Day Silver Band, Cornwall, 1977
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Your Ancestors - new/updated entries
Stan Barrass
William Greenwood
Extinct Bands - new/updated entries
Addingham Brass Band
Alloa Burgh Band
Appleby Band
Armley & Wortley Band
Aston Brass Band
Auchinairn Brass Band
Barlow and Holmesfield Band
Bowes Brass Band
Brompton Silver Band
Burntwood Temperance Silver Prize Band
Elan Village Brass Band
Forres Town Band
Forth Brass Band
Gellionnen Chapel Brass Band
Harwood Brass Band
Heytesbury Brass Band
Hoddlesden and Pickup Bank Band
Knowle Green Brass Band
Loftus Brass Band
Loftus County Modern School Band
Milltown Silver Band
Molesey Mechanics Band
Nottingham Crusaders Band
Old West Durham Band
Portland Town Band
Rainow Brass Band
Scarcliffe Brass Band
Shaddongate Wesleyan Methodist Brass Band
Trealaw Brass Band
Weston Brass Band
Whittingham Asylum Brass Band

February 2010
Brass Band Concerts, Contests & Events
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Brass Bands
Aberdeen City Youth Brass Band
Black Country Brass
BM&W Brass
Camborne Town Band
Camelford Town Band
City of Lincoln Band
City of Truro Band
Colchester Band
Crich Brass
Crwbin Silver Band
Dearham Band
Diggle Band
Dove Holes Brass Band
Dunchurch Silver Band
Enfield Brass
Escafeld Brass Band
Garforth Jubilee Brass
Glenelg Brass Band
Golcar Band
Halesowen Brass Band
Heage Band
Horsforth Leeds City Band
Hungerford Town Band
Latchford Warrington Silver Band
Llangollen Silver Band
Long Melford Silver Band
Lourdes Brass Band
Madison Brass Band
Malton White Star Band
Maroondah Brass
Matlock Band
Moonee Valley Brass Band
National Youth Brass Band of New Zealand
New Amsterdam Brass Band
Newark Town Band
North London Brass
Nuriootpa Town Band
Pavilion Brass
Pembrokeshire Brass Band
Pendennis Brass
Point of Ayr Silver Band
Reeth Brass Band
Rode Hall Silver Band
Royal Hifofua Tongan Brass Band
St Swithun's Band
Sedbergh Town Band
Slaithwaite Band
Stalham Brass Band
Stretford Band
Tapton Youth Brass Band
Thornbury Castle Band
Thurrock Spectrum Brass
Timperley Band
Toronto Brass
Trinity Girls Brass Band
Tullis Russell Mills Band
Wansbeck's Ashington Colliery Band
West Mercia Police Band
West Tamar Municipal Band
West Yorkshire Brass
Wharfe Brass
Whitehaven Brass Band
Wroughton Silver Band
Yorkshire Traction Honley Band
Brass Ensembles
Brass Fever Quintet
Brass Players
Bravito Quartet
Bute Bones
Clipper City Brass Quintet
Mexico Brass
Nuovo Quintetto Italiano
Obsidian Brass Quintet
Occasional Brass
Quinteto SerenaBrass
Something Else Brass Quintet
Spectrum Brass Quintet
STaN Brass Quintet
State Street Brass Quintet
West End Brass Quintet
Wind, Concert & Marching Bands
Delta Concert Band
St Ives Concert Band
Shepley Band
Watlington Concert Band
West Cornwall Concert Band
ARL Music
Brassed On - York Brass Festival
David King
Deep South Brass Band Festival
Grimsdale Coalworks Band
Kate Wilson
Les Neish
Ontario Chapter of the Canadian Band Association
Open College of the Arts
Queensland Services Heritage Band Association
St Swithun's Band
South Fiordland Brass Band
Books and Publications 
Davidson, R and Courtenay, G - Dungannon Silver Band: 100 Years of Music - 2002
McGregor, Charles and Pearson, Ian - The Bands of the Queen's Own Rifles of Canada (1860-2010) - Port Perry Printing Ltd, Ontario, Canada, 2009. ISBN: 978-0-9813621-0-6
Extinct Bands - new/updated entries
Albany Brass Band
Amalgamated Miners Association Band
Barrier Citizen's Band
Bartley's Barrier Brass Band
Bideford Wesleyan Band
Bingara Voluntary Brass Band
Boolaroo & District Sulphide Brass Band
Bowral Association Band
Bowral Brass Band
Bradworthy Band
Braunton Silver Band
Bridge Street Mill Band
Broken Hill Band
Brunner Brass Band
Cambridge Brass Band
Carr Works Vale of Eden Band
Casterton Brass Band
Catherine Hill Bay Brass Band
Dubbo Brass Band
Hindmarsh Brass Band
Kaikorai Brass Band
Katanning Brass Band
Kings Nympton Band
Maitland Brass Band
Maitland Municipal Brass Band
Marazion Town Band
Maungatapu Maori Brass Band
Mawgan Band
Mawnan Band
Megavissey Town Band
Melsonby Brass Band
Merrymeet Band
Molinnis Band
Moorswater Brass Band
Mordialloc City Band
Morvah Band
Morwell Brass Band
Morwenstow Band
Mullion Band
Muswellbrook Brass Band
Nancledra Band
New Mill Band
Newbridge Brass Band
Newlyn Band
North Tawton Band
North Hill Brass Band
Padstow Town Band
Paeroa Brass Band
Paul Band
Peasenhall Brass Band
Pengover Band
Penponds Band
Puhoi Town Band
Saint Mary's Parish Brass Band
Sandford Brass Band
Sandford Brass Band
Sebastopol Brass Band
Shadongate Wesleyan Methodist Brass Band
Silver City Ladies Band
Silverton Tramways Band
Stawell Brass Band
Torrington Band
Turriff British Legion Silver Band
Wallaroo Mines Federal Band
Wandiligong Brass Band
Warialda Brass Band
Warrnambool Brass Band
Whakatane Citizens Brass Band

January 2010
Brass Band Concerts, Contests & Events
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Brass Bands
Brass Band Solothurn
1st Brigade Band
German Staff Band
Philadelphia German Brass Band
Salem County Brass Society
Skipton Brass Band
Stedfast Band
Syracuse University Brass Ensemble
West Somerset Brass BandWestern Territorial Band
Brass Ensembles
Copper Street Brass Quintet
Polished Brass Quintet
Wind, Concert & Marching Bands
Horndean Band
Big Shiny Brass
Difem Music Publishers
Fasch Instruments
Gig Bags Galore
Kenneth D. Friedrich
Miles Ahead Music
Mountain Peak Music
Red Dog Brass
Tuba Gear
Brass Hub
Brass Info magazine
Classical Shop
Heyrod Village Brass Band Contest
Mount Sion Silver Band
Robert Levy
Rory Cartmell
Tayport Instrumental Band Archive Gallery
Ubiquitous Ambassadors - Knottingley Silver Band
Books and Publications 
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Extinct Bands - new/updated entries
Adel Reformatory Brass Band
Alderton Band
Ashford Residential School Brass Band
Awre Brass Band
Bainbridge Brass Band
Barrington Brass Band
Bethany Temperance Band
Bethersden Brass Band
Biddenden Brass Band
Bletchley Town Silver Band
Broad Chalke Brass Band
Bulford Band
Burslem Prize Band
Coleford Brass Band
Danby Brass Band
Dannemora Prize Band
Deddington Brass Band
Endon Brass Band
Epsom Town Band
Esher Royal Brass Band
Gloucester Wagon Works Band
Halesowen Town Prize Band
Halesowen Town Volunteer Prize Band
Hampstead Temperance Band
Hankham and District Brass Band
Harefield Asbestos Works Band
Hokitika Brass Band
Kilburn Brass Band
Kokatahi Band
Langley Ploughmaker's Band
Leadbeater and Scott's Band
Lydiard Millicent Band
Needham Market Band
Northants N.U.R. Silver Prize Band
Old Hucknall Brass Band
Penston Brass Band
Prince's End Prize Band
Pudsey Union Brass Band
Red Street Brass Band
Rush Green Band
Sawley Excelsior Band
Sherburn Brass Band
Soham Brass Band
Southport Corporation Band
Teignmouth Temperance Band
Tetbury Institute Band
Tranmere Gleam Silver Prize Band
West Ham Crusaders Temperance Band
Whitchurch Wesleyan Mission Band