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This Web Ring links together brass bands on the Internet. Whilst it is primarily intended for traditional British style brass bands throughout the world, other brass ensembles, wind, military, marching or concert bands may join. Other web sites related to brass playing, banding, brass instruments, music and supplies are also welcome.

Each participating band adds a small amount of javascript or HTML code to a page on their web site to create the ring control. This may be located anywhere on the site, but it is normally on the front or index page - and is usually at the bottom of that page. (See the webring navigation bar at the bottom of this page).

Visitors to the site can then click on the appropriate links to move to other sites in the ring. There are over 400 active brass band sites in this ring.

The Brass Band Webring is a separate entity to the IBEW (Internet Bandsman's Everything Within). The webring provides a linked means of visiting similar sites in sequence. The IBEW is a formal, structured directory of information and links relating to brass bands.

Contact the Ringmaster ( with any queries about the ring or to notify me of of any dead links in the ring.

To Join the Webring

  1. Go to the Brass Band Webring Hub and click on the "Join this Ring" button.

  2. If you are already registered with Webring then sign in with your ID and password. If you are not registered, then click the Sign In link to create your ID and password.

  3. Complete the form on the Join this Ring page with your website address (URL), name of the site, and a description. Your site will be placed in a queue for review by the Ringmaster. This is to ensure that sites are not inappropriate for the brass band webring.

  4. You should then add the appropriate javascript to your web page (this must be the web page registered in step 3 above). The code is small, only about 120 characters, and is unique for your webpage. A feature of the new code is that if your webpage is a member of more than one webring, then the single javascript code fragment will pick up and display the control bars for each and any relevant webrings. The code will look like the following, but with a different numeric code and Webring ID: <script language=javascript src=""></script>
  5. The javascript code can be obtained from your My Rings page ( Once you have signed in, you can click on the My Rings link, or the View Ring Sites or View Web Sites links in the Member Tools box. You can then select Get SSNB (server side navigation bar) from the Options list to copy the javascript code (from inside the text box that is presented).

  6. Once the navigation bar is installed on your web page, it will display a "pending" message until your site is activated. Please send an email to alert the ringmaster that your site is ready for approval and addition to the webring (see email contact below).

  7. When your site has been accepted you will receive an email, and your site will be a fully active member of the Brass Band Webring, and the navigation bar will look like the one at the bottom of this page.

  8. The My Rings page also allows you to edit your site entry (Manage Site) or retire from the webring (Leave Ring).

  9. That's all there is to it! - But please feel free to contact the Ringmaster ( if you have any queries about the ring or you have any difficulties.