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Riddings Band recordings

I am trying to find any recording of Riddings Brass Band from the 1960s & 70s. My father, Ron Saint, played lead cornet and Post Horn for Riddings Band and he is now in his late 70s. He was a brilliant cornet player, but the only evidence he has of how good he was are some poor quality tape recordings copied from other tape recordings of radio broadcasts.

26 June 2011 - Please respond to: Stuart Saint -

Harold Rostron - Bolton area bands

I'm desparate to find a picture of Harold Rostron, who played with various bands in Bolton, Lancs. Not sure of the years, but from about 1930 onwards. He was my Uncle, and used to come on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve every year to play for my grandparents. They once wrote an article about him in Bolton Evening News, butI cant find a copy. Any help would be gratefully received.

20 June 2011 - Please respond to: Jean Rostron -

William Phillips and the London Municipal Bands

I am researching the early activities of William Phillips and the London Municipal Bands which were launched under his auspices in 1894, with some letters and advertisements in the British London papers in the leadup from 1890. Any information, photos, names, locations of these Bands, would be welcome.

20 June 2011 - Please respond to: Mel -

John Mordue - Bandleader, County Durham

I have been searching the web sites trying to find more information about my ancestor John Mordue born 22 Mar 1842 at Gateshead. Durham, England; md. Jane Hindson 10 Mar 1864 in Stanley, Tanfield Parish, Durham, England; they had eleven children in these places: Stanley, Philadelphia, Spinney Moore, Qubec, Friarside and High Stables, all Durham, England. John Mordue's history states: "he worked in coal mines as a pit man, he made clogs, or shoes for the coal miners, to augment his income... he was a leader of a band, which often traveled from one village to another thus his children being born in different localities. This band, incidentally, won the silver cup given by the King of England in Durham County for four straight years."
He immigrated to the United States about 1886, working in the silver and lead mines in Eureka and Mammoth, Utah and most of his family came to join him in 1887 on the ship Alaska. I have studied the internet on the Durham Mines, and found wonderful web sites, but I can't put my finger on how to search or what to search as far as the name of the band, or mining town or winning the silver cup. Grateful for any help you might have.

20 June 2011 - Please respond to: Ann V. Collins -

Black Dyke, Brighouse and Crossley Band recordings

I am hoping to find some help with obtaining recordings of my Dad Bernard Bygrave. My Dad was principal cornet for Brighouse at 18 and then appointed principal cornet for Black Dyke at 21 (1950). He was also All-England Cornet champion at 16.

We have lived in Australia for many years. Dads last band was Crossley Carpets Works Band. The last album they did didn't go to print until after we emigrated. We have been given copies on cassette but I would love to be able to purchase a copy of the LP and any other photos or memorabilia that are possible. My Dad passed away in September last year. I would be very grateful of any help.

15 June 2011 - Please respond to: Kathryn Bygrave-Snape -

Lockwood Brass Band

Just thought I could get some information on my grandfather James William Barrett and his son Peter Barrett who played in the Lockwood Brass Band around 1950s, or even earlier as Peter used to play the trumpet when he was a boy, and was given a beer out the back when the oldies were having a couple of pints. They lived in Huddersfield. If there is anything of interest it would be appreciated as I'd like to give Peter something to remember the old days. He said his dad use to be the main drummer when marching.

14 June 2011 - Please respond to: Julie Clark -

Aitkenhead Brass Band

I've been searching for information on Aitkenhead Brass Band. My Great Grandfather, James Barclay Sr. was the Band Master. He was also the local Choir Master. He was born in 1850 and died approximately 1822, so the information needed would have been in that time period. Aitkenhead was located in the vicinity of Tannochside/Thorniewood/Nackerty, Lanarkshire, Scotland. They don't seem to be mentioned anywhere except in an old Church Book. Thanks

14 June 2011 - Please respond to: Nancy Holmes -

Festival of Britain contest - Bournemouth

My enquiry concerns the Festival of Britain contest held at Meyrick Park, Bournemouth on Saturday 16th June 1951. This was the largest and most ambitious contest ever held in Bournemouth. The championship was won on the day by Foden's Motor Works playing "Severn Suite". The second section winners were the Woodfalls Band playing the test piece "Atlantic" by Denis Wright. I need photographs, personal memories and anything else appertaining to this event. Thank you for any help that can be provided

14 June 2011 - Please respond to: Roland Clark -

Conductor's baton - Carr Lane Schools

I am researching family tree etc. and found an ebony and silver baton enscribed: "B.E. Owen, Carrs Lane Schools Anniversary 1902". Anybody out there have any clues?

14 June 2011 - Please respond to: Andrew Pallett -

Friend Farrand and Falkirk Trades Band

I am looking for any information on my Great Grandfather "Friend Farrand" Music Teacher, Professional Brass band Conductor, Adjudicator. Born Tankersly Yorkshire in 1863, he is then found in Potobello Scotland in 1891. He studies music at the Herriot Watt University in 1892 and 1893. He returned to the University again in 1895 -1896, Friend was involved with the local brass bands in the Edinburgh area and was the professional conductor of the Falkirk Trades Band in the early part of 1902 to 1908. He may have been involved in his early teens with brass bands in the south Yorkshire Area.

9 June 2011 - Please respond to: Neil Taylor -

Hylton Colliery Silver Band and Wearmouth Colliery Band

Hylton Colliery Silver Band. Started in 1949, Wound up in 1979, became Wearmouth Colliery Band in 1980, wound up in 2000. I am looking for anyone who was in the band either at Hylton or Wearmouth. I am of Hylton Banner Group.

9 June 2011 - Please respond to: William Sidaway -

Merthyr Volunteer Band & the South Wales and Mon. Brass Band Association

I'm researching my family tree, and I wonder if anyone has any info on: The Merthyr Volunteer Band or The South Wales and Mon. Brass Band Association.
My great-grandfather, Eugene Boland Nash, was conductor of the Merthyr Band and President of the South Wales and Mon; this would have been around the late 19th to early 20th century. I understand that he was also involved with the Cyfarthfa Band (Merthyr).
Any info would be most useful! Thank you in advance.

9 June 2011 - Please respond to: Celia Solari -

Musical Puzzle Book - Fundraising

From Harwich Royal British Legion Brass Band. Essex. Fund raising idea. Music word puzzle book covering a wide range of music, et al. Please contact 01255 880723 for further information.

23 May 2011 - Please respond to: Merv Coulson -

Gravel Lane Methodist Brass Band

I am the grandson of H. Johnson who was the conductor of Gravel lane methodist brass band, any information or pictures are sought.

7 May 2011 - Please respond to: Neil Johnson -