Brass Band People 
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Joseph Eaton - Solo Horn, Batley Old Band.

Joe Eaton, the present solo horn, became a member of the band during 1879, his first and only instrument being the tenor horn. Soon after his admission as a member, the change from a brass and reed to a purely brass band was made. The alteration affected nearly the whole of the members, Mr. Eaton taking the solo horn, and the result soon gave evidence of the wisdom of the change in this ease.

His musical abilities are well known and highly esteemed, not only in the Batley Band, but by other bands in the neighbourhood by whom be has been engaged on several occasions. For some years Mr. Eaton has filled the office of financial secretary with great credit to himself and the committee generally, and it is not saying too much when we acid that Mr. Eaton's exertions, both as a bandsman and an official, have contributed in no small degree to the success of the Batley Old Band.

(Report published in 1893)