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T. E. Stubley Soprano cornet and conductor, Batley Old Band.

T. E. Stubley entered the brass and reed band in 1879, commencing on the A clarionet, and afterwards taking up the 2nd cornet. The soprano becoming vacant later on, various efforts were made to secure a good player for that instrument, but without success. Eventually it was offered to Mr. Stubley, who, with the exception of a few months, has admirably discharged the duties of soprano player for nearly twelve years.

At all times an ardent worker for the band, Mr. Stubley has by his example and influence contributed largely to the prosperity of the band, not only as a bandsman, but also as member of the committee. With reference to his performances on the contest stage, he has invariably been complimented for the careful and finished manner in which he has manipulated the soprano. He has also for some years filled the position of deputy bandmaster. His services have often been requisitioned by bands in the neighbourhood, with good offers for a permanancy, but he has remained true to the Old Band.

(Report published in 1893)