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Thomas Christmas Edwards (b. 1860) - Eb Soprano and Hon. Sec., Llanelly Town Band

The Hon. Sec. and Deputy Conductor of the Llanelly Town Band is, on account of his energetic labours in the cause of Brass Bands in general, one of the best known and respected bandsmen in Wales. Born on Christmas Day, 1860, he is now 32 years of age, and bears the name of his natal day in honour of that interesting event. His first attempts in a brass band were made in the Llanelly Volunteer Band as 3rd cornet player, but after a few months he left them to join the Temperance band, which was the progenitor of the present band. His talent for organisation made him an acquisition, and throughout the existence of the hand he has been kept unremittingly in harness.

Shortly after the formation of the Town Band, the duties of teacher and conductor fell upon him, and to the ability and untiring zeal he brought to bear upon his pupils, is largely due the success which has attended them. Resigning this position in 1889, in favour of Mr. James Samuel, the bandsmen and townspeople showed their appreciation of his services by presenting him with a handsome portrait of illuminated address, and a purse of money. Retaining the position solo cornet for some time, he ultimately accepted the Eb Soprano, an instrument for which his admirable taste and good judgment well fit him, and contest judges invariably compliment him upon the discretion he shows in that delicate position.

Despite the fact that for some years he was, of necessity, engaged in the rather dreary work of "teaching the young idea" how to play, he yet found time for self-improvement, and won several prizes at solo contests. Since resigning the conductorship of the Town Band, several local bands have endeavoured to secure his services, but his devotion to his "own" band has withstood all temptation, and he still remains true to his first love.

He has been Hon. Sec. of the South Wales and Monmouth Band Association since its formation in 1891, a position requiring considerable tact, and entailing immense labour. The success which has attended his efforts in this direction has won for him the sincere thanks of all Welsh bandsmen, and indubitably proves that he has been amply blessed with those qualities which go to make the born leader of men.

(Report published in 1893)