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Warren East (b. 1849) - Bandmaster, Kettering Town Band

Warren East was born June 11th, 1849. His first start as a bandsman was playing flute with a Drum and Fife band. He was a member of the Kettering Temperance Fife Band for many years and taught many of the fife bands around. Many of the surrounding brass bands have also been under his tuition at some time or another.

He first joined the Kettering Temperance Band and later on became a member of the then called Mobbis Band, which afterwards became the Kettering Rifle Band. He eventually joined the Kettering Town Band, in 1873, with an old friend, William Hammond, who was appointed bandmaster, with Warren East as deputy bandmaster and playing solo cornet. Warren was appointed bandmaster in 1883 and filled the post until the end of 1892.

On Warren East sending in his resignation he paid all outstanding debts and left the band with a clean slate and with a small balance in hand. He can look back with pride on his 20 years' connection with the Town Band, having always done his utmost to further the band's interests, and a more honourable or efficient bandmaster never held a baton. He also is a life-long abstainer.

(Report published in 1893)