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Arthur Falkner (b. 1871) - Solo Trombone, Kettering Town Band

Arthur Falkner was born at Market Harboro', Leicestershire, in the year 1871, and is now therefore 22 years of age. He commenced his musical career in the Little Bowden Band at the age of sixteen, taking the second cornet. Mr. Falkner, however, thinking the cornet did not suit him, eventually purchased a trombone and placed himself under Mr. R. Ryan, of Kettering, and by diligence and hard practice was soon appointed solo-trombone player.

His progress being so rapid in so short a time, his name became quite familiar as a promising trombonist. About this time the Kettering Town Band being in wants of a player on that instrument, at once saw in Mr. Falkner the very man they wanted. Events since that time have proved their judgment to be correct, for it is questionable if there is a finer trombone player in England. He has been offered the conductorship of several bands, both string and brass, but has declined. He, however, undertook the bandmastership of the Little Bowden Band; but has since resigned on account of his time being so much occupied.

He is well known as a soloist in his own district and is looked up to with great respect by the whole of the inhabitants of the little town of his birth. He is very modest, almost to a fault, a perfect gentleman, and extremely courteous. Already he holds a medal for best trombone player at Willenhall last year, and has a number of judge's remarks on his playing which would do credit to a much more pretentious player. He is also a member of several of the principal orchestras in the district.

(Report published in 1893)