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J.T. Ogden (b. 1859) - Soprano, Kingston Mills Band

Mr. J. T. Ogden is a native of Radcliffe and was born in 1859. At the early age of ten, his father being a prominent member of the Mount Zion Band, he secured a Tenor Horn for him which he struggled hard with for two years. Then a sad occurrence came in the death of his father, after which he withdrew from the musical world for five years.

He then joined the Radcliffe Good Templar Band and soon became famous as a solo horn player. It was quite evident from his rapid success that he was qualified for a more important position in the band, and he was therefore induced to take the soprano. The band was then under the conductorship of Mr. Willam Wood. Shortly after, the band changed its name to Radcliffe Old, and commenced contesting under Mr. Owen. During his (Mr. Ogden's) stay with the band he was the recipient of many prizes for soprano playing. In consequence of his excellence as a player he was engaged by Middleton Borough; also by Eagley Mills.

He afterwards returned to Radcliffe Old Band as Conductor, during which time they attended six contests, winning one first, three seconds, and two thirds. After this the band lost several of its best players, which of course deteriorated them. Kinsgston Mills Band engaged him in 1890, and he has since joined in their many victories. In the November (1892) issue of a contemporary publication, Mr. Ogden was pronounced the best soprano player in England and even this flattering description of his abilities was not saying too much, for he is complete master of his difficult instrument, his tone, taste, and powers of execution being most remarkable. He is a model sopranoist and a true musician.

He has assisted at times some of the best bands in Lancashire and Yorkshire, including Besses o' th' Barn Oldham Rifles, Heptonstall, Middleton Borough, and several others, Mr. Ogden is a thorough bandsman and one who is never more happy than when on the contest field. Those in want of a good soprano player cannot do better than try the famous Mr. Ogden, when circumstances will permit him accepting same.

(Report published in 1893)