Alfred Beare Timeline 
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Alfred Beare Timeline

Submitted by Roy Parkhouse -

Possibly 20 Feb 1822 - Birth
Alfred Beare (under age in Army until 20 Feb 1840)

19 Apr 1824 - Baptism
Saint John The Baptist, Yeovil, Somerset
Alfred, Son of James and Joanna Beare
Abode Green Quarry, Fathers occupation Labourer

20 Nov 1839 - Military Service
Sherbourne, Dorset
Alfred Beer joined 1st Battalion 8th Foot (The King's), aged 17 3/4, as a shoemaker.
He had light brown hair and blue eyes and a fair complexion (no scars or marks) and was 5' 9'' tall

? Date/place - Marriage
Alfred Beare and Alice Thornton

3 Jun 1844 - Birth of son
Garside Street, Great Bolton, Lancashire
James, Boy, Father Alfred Beer, Mother Alice Beer formerly Thornton
Fathers occupation, Musician, 8th Regt of Foot.
Informant, (The mark of) Alfred Beer, Father, Garside Street, Great Bolton

1846 - 1859 - Military Service
1 Aug 1846
8th Regiment of Foot arrived in India
1857 - Awarded the Indian Mutiny Medal - British Forces
Bear Alfred, Private, 1st Battalion 8th Foot (The King's) Regimental number 1699
He was at the siege and capture of Delhi from June to September 1857 and got the clasp for this action.
30th Sept 1857
At Umballa.
Oct 1859
Invalid at Calcutta and hospitalised
27th Dec 1859
Embarked for England.

28 Feb 1850 - Birth of son
Kurachee, India
George Edward Bear
Born 28 th February 1850 Baptised 12 March 1850
Father Alfred Bear, Private, Mother Alice
8th (The Kings) Regiment of Foot
Batch No.: C012459

11 Nov 1853 - Birth of daughter
Deesa, Maharashtra, India
Fanny Johannah Beer
Birth: 11 Nov 1853, Christening: 19 Nov 1853
Father: Alfred Beer, Mother: Alice Beer

Bet 1853 - 1860 - Death of wife
No details found

3 Sep 1860 - Marriage
Parish Church Brompton, Kent
By License
Alfred Beare, 35, Widower, Lance Corporal 8th Kings, Resident at Brompton, Father James Beare, Labourer
Catherine Mary O'Neill, 18, Spinster, Resident at Brompton, Father John O'Neill, Soldier
Witnesses John Morris, Sarah Howitt
By Daniel Cooke

12 Mar 1861 - Army Discharge
Gosport, Hampshire
Final description
Pte Alfred Bear of the 1/8th Regt of Infantry
Age 39 years
Height 5 ' 9''
Complexion Fresh
Eyes Blue
Hair Lt brown
Trade Shoemaker
Scars, marks None
Intended place of residence
Bee Hive Inn, Yeovil, Somerset
1st Battn 8th Regiment of Infantry
Gosport 25 February 1861
Discharge of 1699 Private Alfred Bear, Trade Shoemaker
Born in Yeovil, Somerset
Attested for Eighth Regiment of Foot at Sherbourne, Dorset 20 Nov 1839 age 17 9/12 months
Service 21 years 6 days, during which he served abroad
East Indies 13 225/365 days
remainder at home.
With regard to conduct of No 1699 Private Alfred Bear
Appears to have been very good, he is in possession of 5 good conduct badges.
He is in the possession of the medal and gratuity for long service and good conduct
He has never been tried by any Court Martial. He has not been entered in the Regimental Defaulters Book
No 1699 Private Alfred Bear, account balanced up
Signed A Beare
Board have ascertained that No 1699 Private Alfred Bear Soldier's Book is correctly balanced.
Detailed Statement of Services of No 1699 Private Alfred Bear
Regiment 8th |Foot
Private 20 November 1839 to 19 February 1840 under age
Private 20 February 1840 to 25 February 1861 21 years and 6 days
Good Conduct Pay @ 1d 1st January 1846
Good Conduct Pay @ 2d 20 February 1850
Good Conduct Pay @ 3d 20 February 1855
Good Conduct Pay @ 4d 20 February 1858
Good Conduct Pay @ 5d 20 February 1861
Total 21 years and 6 days
Further services from 26 February to 12 March 1861 when finally discharged
15 days
Total Service 21 years and 21 days

1861 census
Alfred Beare, Head, Mar, M, 39, Pensioner, Somerset, Yeovil
Mary Beare, Wife, Mar, F, 20, Ireland, Dublin
James Beare, Son, Unm, M, 16, Glove Cutter, Lancashire, Bolton
Fanny Beare, Daur, Unm, F, 7, East India, British Subject
Old Tan Yard, Yeovil, Somerset
RG 9/1644 Folio 90 p 33

17 Nov 1861 - Baptism of daughter
Saint John The Baptist, Yeovil, Somerset
Ellen Beare, Daughter of Alfred and Mary Beare, Abode Wellington, Father's occupation Painter

1864 - 1868 - Birth of children
Longford, Ireland
24 Jul 1864
Agnes Augusta Beare
Father Alfred Beare, mother Catherine Mary O Neill
13 Sep 1866
Rose Emily Beare
Father Alfred Beere, mother Catherine O Neill
4 Nov 1868
Georgina Frances Beare
Father Alfred Beare, abode Dublin St, Staff Sergeant, Royal Longford Militia, mother Mary Beare, formerly O'Neill

1870 - Occupation
Yeovil, Somerset
Alfred Beare took over as Band Leader of Yeovil Military Town Band. He possessed a degree of musical expertise and wrote 11 of the 13 pieces which the band played during its first recorded public performance at Montacute House in September 1870.

2 Sep 1870 - Yeovil Town Band performance
Montacute, Yeovil, Somerset
The band of the 16th S.R.V., from Yeovil, under the direction of Mr Beare, played an excellent selection of music each day, a raised platform having been erected for their accommodation. The following were the principal pieces played on both days:-
[Composer A Beare]
Slow March - 'Bridal'
Valse - 'Derrycaesan'
Quadrille - 'All the Rage'
Galop - 'Steeple Chase'
Polka - 'Georgina'
Selection - 'Favourite'
Valse - 'Auricula'
Quick Step - 'Sweet Spirit bear my Prayer'
Galop - 'My Pet'
Varsoviana - 'Bridal'
Quadrille - 'Derrycausan'
Valse - 'Beautiful Star'
Quadrille - 'Cordara'
Mazurka - 'Bridal'
Polka - 'Pretty Kate'
Quick Step - 'De Tanti Palpiti'
Valse - 'Fox Hall'
Schottische - 'Pretty Kate'

1871 census
Alfred Beare, Head, Mar, M, 47, Band Master, Somerset, Yeovil
Catherine M Beare, Wife, Mar, F, 29, Band Master's Wife, Ireland, Dublin
George Beare, Son, Unm, M, 21, Leather Parer, India, Kurachae
Ellen Beare, Daur, F, 10, Scholar, Somerset, Yeovil
Agnes Beare, Daur, F, 7, Scholar, Ireland, Longford
Rose Beare, Daur, F, 4, Scholar, Ireland, Longford
Georgina Beare, Daur, F, 2, Ireland, Longford
Queen Street, Yeovil
RG 10/2417 Folio 8 p7

24 May 1871 - Burial of daughter
St John the Baptist, Yeovil, Somerset
Yeovil St John
Georgina Francis Beare, Age 2
Address Queen St

25 Dec 1872 - Marriage of son
St John the Baptist, Yeovil, Somerset
George Edmund Beare, age 22, Bachelor, Glover, Living at Queen Street
Father Alfred Beare, Painter
Lucy Ann Lugg, age 19, Spinster, Living at Church Terrace
Father George Lugg, Engine Driver------

25 Dec 1875 - Marriage of daughter
Yeovil, Somerset
Fanny Johanna Beare married Frederick Pavord

1871 - 1880 - Birth and baptism of children
Yeovil/Saint John The Baptist, Yeovil, Somerset
Albert Henry Beare baptised 5 Nov 1871, Son of Alfred and Mary Beare, Abode Queen Street, Father's occupation Painter
Frederick William Beare born 11 Oct 1873, Kingston
Roland Mark Beare baptised 30 Dec 1875, Son of Alfred and Catherine Beare, Abode Queen Street, Father's occupation Painter
Kate Adeline Beare born Jun Q 1878
Sydney Charles Beare baptised 30 Apr 1880, Son of Alfred and Catherine Beare, Abode Queen Street, Father's occupation Bandsman

30th Nov 1879 - Marriage of son
Congregational Church, Romford, Essex
James Beare married Louisa Potkin (of Great Warley)
Rank is given as Lance Corporal in the 8th Reg of Foot, resident in Great Warley, Essex
Rank of his Father is given as Bandmaster.

1881 census
Alfred Beare, Head, Mar, M, 57, Band Master Musician, Somerset, Yeovil
Catherine Beare, Wife, Mar, F, 38, Ireland
Ellen Beare, Daur, Unm, F, 19, Paper Box Maker, England, Yeovil
Agnes Beare, Daur, Unm, F, 17, Dressmaker, Ireland
Rose Beare, Daur, Unm, F, 15, Glover, Ireland
Albert Beare, Son, Unm, M, 10, Scholar, Somerset, Yeovil
Frederick Beare, Son, M, 8, Scholar, Somerset, Yeovil
Roland Beare, Son, M, 6, Scholar, Somerset, Yeovil
Kate Beare, Daug, F, 3, Somerset, Yeovil
Sidney Beare, Son, M, 1, Somerset, Yeovil
' Bee Hive', 54, Huish, Yeovil, Somerset,
RG 11/2392 Folio p9 & 10

Sep Q 1882 - Birth of son
Yeovil, Somerset
Walter Henry Beare

7 Oct 1882 - Marriage of daughter
Parish Church of St Luke, City of Cork, Ireland
Arthur Francis Allen, Full, Bachelor, Sergt 1st Liverpool Regt, Resident at Military Barracks, Cork
Father William Thomas Allen, Law Stationer
Agnes Augusta Beare, Minor, Spinster, Resident at Military Barracks, Cork
Father Alfred Beare, Band Master
Witness James Beare (step-brother)

1885 - 1887 - Birth and baptism of children
Yeovil/Saint John The Baptist, Yeovil, Somerset
Alice Marina Rose Beare born 30 Apr 1885, baptised 24 May 1885, Daughter of Alfred and Catherine Beare, Abode 34, Queen Street, Father's occupation Painter
Lionel Alfred Beare baptised 28 Aug 1887, Son of Alfred & Catherine Mary Beare, Abode Queen St, Father's occupation Bandsman

1891 Census
Alfred Beare, Head, Mar, M, 67, Painter, Somerset, Yeovil
Catherine M Beare, Wife, Mar, F, 47, Ireland
Rose E Beare, Daur, Unm, F, 23, Machinist, Ireland
Kate A Beare, Daur, F, 12, Somerset, Yeovil
Sidney C Beare, Son, M, 10, Somerset, Yeovil
Walter H Beare, Son, M, 8, Yeovil, Somerset
Alice M Beare, Daur, F, 6, Somerset, Yeovil
Lionel A Beare, Son, M, 4, Somerset, Yeovil
6, Queen Street, Yeovil, Somerset
RG 12/1898 Folio 9 p11& 12

1896 - Retirement
Yeovil, Somerset
Alfred Beare retired as Band master of Yeovil Town Band, after 26 years service

1901 Census
Alfred Beare, Head, Mar, M, 78, Army Pensioner, Somerset, Yeovil
Catherine Beare, Wife, Mar, F, 58, Ireland, Dublin
Kate Beare, Daug, Unm, F, 22, Restaurant Worker, Somerset, Yeovil
Walter Beare, Son, Unm, M, 18, Wine Agents (?) Porter, Somerset, Yeovil
54, Spring Road, Springbourne, Bournemouth, Hampshire
RG 13/1042 Folio p30

1891-1919 - Marriages of children
Ellen Katherine Beare married James William Cappherd 15 Dec 1891, Yeovil
Fredrick William Beare married Florence Mae Ross, 9 Feb 1895 Halifax, Halifax, Nova Scotia
Albert Henry Beare married Keziah Grice 15 Aug 1898, Yeovil
Sidney Charles Beare married Amelia Jane Hayward at Blandford on 25th December 1906.
Alice M R Beare married either Alfred De Vine or Percy G Wisdom Sep qtr 1910 (Christchurch)
Roland Mark Beare married Rachel Elizabeth Godwin 1919 Preston, Lancashire

31 Jan 1903 - Death
54, Spring Road, Bournemouth, Hampshire
Alfred Beare, age 79 years, Army Pensioner

10 Feb 2007 - Memorial
Yeovil, Somerset
Descendants of Alfred Beare presented a Memorial Cup in memory of his 26 years as Band Master of Yeovil Town Band.
The trophy was presented as one of the prizes in a big band contest on Saturday 10 February at the Octagon Theatre in Yeovil.

Alfred Beare Memorial Ceremony

Date: 11.01.07

The family of one of the first bandmasters of Yeovil Town Band will present a memorial trophy to the ensemble in remembrance of his life.
Suzanne Rosser from New Malden in Surrey will travel to the town in February to present the trophy in memory of Alfred Beare, who was bandmaster of Yeovil Town Band from 1870 to 1882.
She has tracked down nine more of Mr. Beare's descendents, one from as far away as Canada, and they will also visit Yeovil for the presentation.
Mrs. Rosser said: "For the past few years, I have been tracing my family tree and have discovered my great-great-great-grandfather, Alfred Beare, was bandmaster of the original band.
"It appears that much of the music for this band was composed by Alfred. Alfred had a varied life and served for many years in the British army in India.
"He took part in many battles including the siege of Calcutta, where he was wounded and made invalid in 1861."
The memorial trophy will be presented as one of the prizes in a big band contest on Saturday 10 February at the Octagon Theatre in Yeovil.
Yeovil Town Band secretary Chris Buckland said: "They asked us if they could do something to remember him by, so we suggested a trophy would be a nice idea.
"It will be presented to the best section of any band, such as the cornets or the trombones."
The contest itself has been running for 30 years and is only open to championship bands.
There are normally around 15 bands competing and they all hold 25-minute mini-concerts, with prizes going to the best performances.
The band was formed in 1860 by a group of Yeovil men. It was a military band and continued until 1936, when it regrouped as the Yeovil Corporation Band.
In 1949, a splinter group broke away and formed the Yeovil Working Men's Band. The two eventually reformed in 1967, making the band as it is today.
The band has made seven appearances in the National Brass Band Championships since the 1970s, and in 2003, was just one point short of a placing in the contest's championship section. accessed 18 Jun 2007
Western Gazette Page 11

Brass At The Octagon
'The Best in Brass Band Music'

The 30th Yeovil Entertainment Contest
Saturday 10th February 2007

Best Section
The Alfred Beare Memorial Trophy was awarded to Aveley & Newham Brass Band
Alfred Beare conducted Yeovil Town Band from 1870 until 1896.

Sue Farley
We are very pleased to present this trophy in memory of Alfred Beare, who was Band Master of Yeovil Town Band from 1870 to 1896.
He served with the 8th King's Regiment of Foot in India and gained the Indian Mutiny medal for services at the siege and capture of Delhi. He was in the Army for over 21 years, it must have made a man of him, because he was unable to sign his name in 1844 at his son's birth, but he was able to write several pieces of music which the band played on their first public performance on 2nd September 1870 at Montacute House.

Margaret Wilkinson
Alfred was born and brought up in Yeovil, and his parents ran the Bee Hive Inn.
We are descended from Alfred Beare and his second wife, Catherine O'Neill; others here are descended from Alfred and his first wife, Alice Thornton, who went to India with him.
We met through Genes Reunited, and between us have tried to unravel Alfred's history. Today we have come from Merseyside, Cheshire, Essex, and as far away as Canada to celebrate his name and relationship with Yeovil Town Band. Other members of the group, from Wales and Norfolk, are unable to be with us today

*Attended ceremony
2G grandchildren
Joan Gould
Frank Wilkinson (and Margaret)
Sue Farley (and Derek)

3 G grandchildren
Theresa Watson
Suzanne Rosser

4 G grandchild
Victoria Rosser


01 March 2007
New Trophy: Sue Farley and Margaret Wilkinson present the new Alfred Beare Trophy for the best section of the day in memory of their great, great grandfather who was bandmaster of Yeovil Town Band from 1870 to 1882. Receiving the trophy is Dave Thomas of the Aveley and Newham Band. Nine of Mr Beare's descendents attended a big band contest organised at the Octagon Theatre by the Yeovil Town Band to present the trophy. Inset, Adjudicator John Maines presents the winner's shield to Mike James, manager of the Polysteel Band. Pictures by Judy Nash.

*Bandmaster 1870 - 1896, not 1870 - 1882