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Over the years many bands have had various alter egos as they have changed name and merged, split or disbanded for various reasons. This page serves to record information about those changes for current brass bands in outline and to provide some element of a genealogical or family tree view of brass bands of today.

The dates indicated are when the bands were formed. In some cases, where there was an earlier band prior to conversion to an all-brass band, the date of the conversion is used. Any further details, corrections or suggestions of "family tree" relationships between bands and their names will be most welcome.

See also Extinct Brass Bands for information on bands which are no more.
See also Brass Band Ancestors for those seeking information on people and bands
See also Vintage Brass Band Pictures for images of early brass bands
See also Vintage People Pictures for images of early bandsmen (largely unnamed)

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NameDateFormer namesNotes
1st Larne Old Boys' Association Silver Band1962  
1st Old Boys' Association Silver Band1946  
1st Whitstable Scout Group Band1921 Drum and bugle band started in 1919
2nd Rossendale Scout Group Band1965  
3BA Brass2005 [Germany]
3rd Carrickfergus Band19733rd Carrickfergus Boys' Brigade and Old Boys Band 
55th Old Boys' Band1920  
A W Parker (Drybrook) Band1883Drybrook & District BandReconstituted in 1924 following their very reduced numbers during and after WW1
Abbey Brass Band1977Abbey Brass Youth Band 
Aber Blaen Band (Gwynfi Band)1892  
Aberdeen City Band1957 Merged with UDI Brass in 1997 to form UDI Aberdeen City Band
Aberdeen Community Band1997  
Abergavenny Borough Band1891 Other related bands: Abergavenny Temperance Band, Abergavenny Imperial Band, London and North Western Railway Band
Abergynolwyn Band1925  
Aberystwyth Silver Band1890s  
Abingdon Band   
Addington Brass  [New Zealand]
Addlestone Excelsior Prize Band Addlestone Temperance Band 
Aeolus2003 [France]
Agnes Street Band1935Agnes Street Temperance Silver Band Amalgamated with Carrick Whitehouse Silver (CWS) Band in 1994
Airdrie Union Band1820s  
Albany City Band1880Volunteer Fire Brigade Band, Albany Silver Band[Australia]
Alcester Victoria Silver Band1897  
Aldbourne Band1860 From the Marlborough Times dated Saturday, September 1st 1860 - ".............have taken the necessary steps for the formation of a brass band, towards which, we are happy to hear some of the principle inhabitants have subscribed hansomely. The list is headed by the Rev G.P.Cleather, F.Neate, T.Chandler and others. The band will be under the tuition of Mr Richard Brown Bunce, by whom as bandmaster any subscriptions or contributions will be received".
Alder Valley Brass Band1961Aldershot Brass Ensemble 
Alford Silver Band  Lincolnshire
Allegheny Brass Band1984North Hills Brass Band (to 1987)[USA]
Alpine Energy Timaru Brass  [New Zealand]
Altofts & Normanton Brass Band1880sPope and Pearson Colliery Band, Altofts West Riding and Silkstone Band (1886), West Riding and Silkstone Band (1890), Altofts and Whitwood Collieries Band (1930s), Lee Brig Altofts and Normanton Band 
Alverton Brass2007  
Amersham Band1890Amersham Sons of Temperance Brass BandDisbanded WW2, reformed 1977
Amesbury Town Band1870Amesbury Town Brass Band, Amesbury Old Comrades' Hut Band (1919), Amesbury British Legion Band (1921), Amesbury Town Silver Prize Band (1922)Merged with Amesbury Temperance Brass Band (1905) in 1912
Amington Band1917 First bandmaster was Roland Davis. The band began by using old instruments, until they could raise enough money to buy new ones. After they had raised enough money, they also employed a professional tutor, William Pollard. They began to enter competitions and soon began to win them, including the National Brass Band contest held in Crystal Palace, London, in 1924. Much success followed and in 1928 they built their own band room in Sharpe Street and also performed on the BBC
Ammanford Town Silver Band1881Betws Brass Band, Ammanford Urban District Silver Band, Ammanford Silver Band 
Amoco Band   
Andover Town Band2010  
Annan Town (APD) Band (1)1961Annan Town Band, Annan Town (LPG Eco-Gas) Band (2000)Earlier Annan Town Band existed from 1901-1954
Annan Town (APD) Band (2)1900Multitubular Brass Band, Annan Town Band (1900 to 2003) 
Appleby Town Band1900Appleby Prize Band 
Appledore Silver Band1942Appledore Boys Brigade Band (to 1965) 
Arbroath Instrumental Band1893  
Arklow Shipping Silver Band1968Arklow Silver Band, Arklow Silver Noritake Band, Armitage Shanks Arklow Silver Band (1985-2002)[Eire] - Founded in 1968 from a Boys Choir
Armagh Old Boys Band Silver Band1908  
Armidale City Band1879 [Australia]
Armidale City Band1879 [Australia]
Armthorpe Elmfield Band1964  
Arnfield Brass2001  
Arran Brass Band1983  
Arrow Valley Brass1977Alcester Victoria Youth Band (to 1990) 
Art Freedom Brass Band2005 [Japan]
Ascot Brass2001  
Ascot Park Hotel Auxiliary Band  [New Zealand]
Ascot Park Hotel Brass of Invercargill  [New Zealand]
Ashbourne Town Band1861Ashbourne Brass and Rifle Corps Band, Ashbourne Town and Old Volunteer Band (1925), Ashbourne Old Volunteer and Town Silver Band (1932), Ashbourne Town Band (1936)Other related bands: Ashbourne Volunteer Band, Bells Band, Rechabites Band - all in Ashbourne in 1889
Ashburton Brass  [New Zealand]
Ashgrove Brass Band1979Ashgrove Primary School BandMerged with Oldpark Silver Band in 2000
Ashton Brass Band1996Ashton Under Lyne Brass Band 
Askam Town Silver Band1889Askam & Ireleth Silver BandFounded by Mr Cain, its first conductor
Astley Youth Band1994  
Athena Brass Band2003 [USA]
Auckland City Brass  [New Zealand]
Audley Brass Band1902Audley Mission Band, Audley Prize Band (1920s), Other related bands: Audley and District Band - split then remerged in 1970s
Austin Wonder Brass2005 [USA]
Austrian Brass Band  [Austria]
Aveley & Newham Band1995 Formed by the merger of Aveley Band and Newham Band in 1995
Avening Silver Band1927  
Avonbank Brass Band1948Evesham Methodist Youth Brass Band, Avonbank (Evesham) Brass Band 
Aycliffe & Brancepeth Band  Formed by the merger of Brancepeth Welfare Band and Aycliffe Brass Band
Aylsham Band1928Aylsham Fellowship Band (to 1939) 
Backworth Colliery Band1886Backworth Institute Band, Backworth Colliery Band, Five Rivers Brass (2001 to 2007) 
Bactiguard Wire Brass2001Wire Brass (to 2006) 
BAE Systems Brass Band1971Elliot Concert Brass, G.E.C. Maidstone Band (1986), GEC Avionics (Rochester) Brass Band (1988), GEC-Marconi Avionics Brass Band (1995)Amalgamated with Trinity Brass from Maidstone in 1985/6
Bairnsdale Citizen's Band1884Bairnsdale Municipal Band (to 1918)[Australia]
Bakewell Silver Band1907  
Balderstone Brass Band   
Ballinamallard Silver Band  [Eire]
Ballinamallard Silver Band   
Ballyduff Silver Band1950  
Ballymena Silver Band1901Ballymena Temperance Band 
Banbridge Silver Band1892Banbridge Amateur Brass Band (to c.1950) 
Band of Avon Fire and Rescue Service1954Bristol Fire Brigade Brass Band 
Band of the Cheshire Constabulary1952Stockport Police Band (to 1967) 
Band of the Island of Jersey1876La Societe de L'Avenir, L'Union Musicale 
Band of the Lincolnshire Fire Brigade1969Ruston Bucyrus Band (to 1993) 
Band of the Royal British Legion Christchurch   
Band of the Royal Regiment New Zealand Artillery  [New Zealand]
Banks Brass Band1875Banks Rechabite Band  
Banovallum Brass (Horncastle) Horncastle Silver Band ? 
Barclays Brass Band1981  
Barnard Castle Band1860Barnard Castle Subscription Band (to 1890), Barnard Castle Volunteers Band, Barnard Castle Silver Band, Barnard Castle Silver Prize Band (to 1973)The foundation stone of a stone arched bridge was laid at Whorlton, in June 1829, amidst considerable celebrations, with the usual "vast concourse of people" in attendance, as well as the Barnard Castle Subscription Band. After the formal laying of the foundation stone, the ladies who were present: "…retired, and took of a cold collation; and the gentlemen were entertained by the Rev J. Potts; and an excellent dinner and tea was provided for the parishioners… The Barnard Castle subscription band attended on the occasion." On July 7, 1831, "this elegant structure" in Whorlton was opened. The local people were so confident in its safety that a long procession stomped across it. The Barnard Castle Subscription Band led the way, followed by John Green. Then on horseback came the Whorlton bridge committee, led by the Venerable Archdeacon Headlam, followed by 27 carriages. Sundry other carriages and pedestrians brought up the rear
Barnetby Silver Band1876  
Barnoldswick Brass Band1971 A previous band had folded in 1965
Barnsley Chronicle Band1906Birdwell and District Subscription Prize Brass Band, Barrow Colliery Prize Band (1931), Birdwell Brass Band (1946 reformed after the war), Barrow Colliery Band (1958), Barnsley Building Society (Barrow) Band (1989), Barnsley Building Society Band (to 2010) 
Barnsley Metropolitan Band   
Barnton Silver Band1891Barnton Temperance Band, Barnton Subscription Band 
Barrhead Burgh Band1819Levern Instrumental Band, Barrhead Silver Band (1907), Barrhead Burgh Band (1908), Barrhead and District Band (1977), Barrhead Burgh Band (1995) 
Barrier Industrial Unions' Band1899Bermingham's Band, Broken Hill City Band (1900-1936)[Australia]
Barrow Concert Band1974  
Barrow Steelworks Band1884Rising Star Lifeboat Crew Brass Band, Barrow Iron and Steelworks Brass Band (1888-1950s) 
Barry Brass Band1998  
Barton Town Band1920sBarton Town Prize Subscription Brass Band, Barton Town Prize Band (from the 1940s to the 1960s)Amalgamated with Barrow Britannia Band in the 1960s
Barum Silver Band   
Basingstoke Silver Band1898Primitive Methodist Church band 
Bath Spa Band1921St James Mission Church Band, Bath Spa Imperial Band (1930), Bath Spa Band (1968) 
Bathgate Band1830sBathgate Public Band (1890s) 
Battle Town Band1975 Other related bands: earlier Battle Brass Band (1800s to 1939)
Bawn Silver Band1948  
Bearpark & Esh Colliery Band1950Esh Winning Colliery Welfare Band, Esh Colliery Band (1970), Bearpark & Esh Colliery Band (1979)The original Bearpark Band folded c. 1948 and there was no band there until after Esh Winning Colliery closed, the band started taking Bearpark Colliery banner to The Durham Miners Gala so with financial support from Bearpark it became Bearpark & Esh Brass Band in 1979. They still practice in the old church hall in West Terrace in Esh Winning which is now in an industrial estate and was once owned by the NCB on the Esh Winning Colliery site.
Beaumaris Band1921  
Becontree Brass Band1981 formed from ex-members of Barking and Dagenham Playleaders Band, Barking Concert Band and its predecessor, Dagenham Silver Band
Bedale Brass Band1987  
Bedford (Leigh) Band1875St. Thomas' Band Bedford, Bedford Church Brass Band (1894),  
Bedford Brass "Breakway"1988 Formed by Terry Hext who quite literally broke away from the contesting Bedford Town Band with approximately a 10 piece of players. Subsequently they built up a full band and have added the "A" band and Junior band.
Bedford Town Band1894  
Bedwas, Trethomas & Machen (BTM) Band1972  
Bedworth Brass1960sBedworth Parish Church Silver Band, Bedworth Town and Church Silver Band (1985)Amalgamated with Bedworth Silver Prize Band in 1985
Bedworth Silver Prize Band1927Wesley Reform Church BandAmalgamated with Bedworth Parish Church Silver Band in 1985
Belle Vue Brass Band2005 Gorton, Manchester
Bend in the River Brass Band1991 The only traditional brass band in the tri-state region of southwestern Indiana, northwestern Kentucky and southern Illinois
Berkhamsted and Boxmoor Band1888Berkhamsted St Peter's Brass Band (to 1960)Amalgamated with Boxmoor Silver Band in 1960, and again with Hemel Hempstead Band in 1987
Berry Hill Band1911Berry Hill Silver Band, Berry Hill Silver Prize Band (1950s)Formed by amalgamation of two earlier bands in Berry Hill.
Besses Boys Band1943  
Besses o' th' Barn Band1818Besses o' th' Barn Band, Besses o' th' Barn Old Band 
Bestwood Welfare Black Diamonds Band 1947 Bestwood Colliery
Betteshanger Brass Band 1932Betteshanger Colliery Welfare Band, Betteshanger Colliery Welfare Silver Prize Band (1935) 
Beulah Brass Band2000  
Beverley Brass Band 1969Beverley Borough Band (to 1996) 
BHK UK Ltd Horden Band, 1908Horden Colliery Band (1908 to 2003)Folded in December 2006
Bideford Town Band    
Billingham Silver Band1941Stockton-on-Tees Home Guard Band (to 1943), Stockton-on-Tees Malleable Works and Institute Band (to 1966), Billingham New Silver Band (to 1970) 
Bilsdale Silver Band1850s  
Bilton Silver (Rugby) Band1893Bilton Magnet Brass Band (to 1906), Bilton Brass Band (to 1938), Bilton Silver Band (to 1977)On Rugby Town Band's demise, "Rugby" was added to the name
Birchington Silver Band1930s  
Birchwood Community Band1980sBirchwood Silver Band 
Bishop Auckland Band   
Black Country Brass1980sSandwell Brass BandFormed by the amalgamation of West Bromwich Band and Black Country Brass
Black Dyke Band1855Black Dyke Mills Band, John Foster Black Dyke Mills Band 
Blackburn & Darwen Band1950Darwen and Hoddleston Silver Prize Band, Darwen British Legion Band (1965 to early 1970s)Formed by the amalgamation of Darwen Borough Prize Band and Pickup Bank Band
Blackley Band1941Blackley Home Guard Comrades Association Band, Blackley Silver Prize Band (1946) 
Blackpool Brass1966Blackpool Town Band, Dutton Forshaw Motors Band (1973), Marton Mere Band (1985-1990) 
Blaenavon Concert Band1972Blaenavon Youth Band 
Blaenavon Town Band1890Blaenavon Town Silver Band, Blaenavon Colliery Workmen's Band (to early 1980s) 
Blanchardstown Brass Band1826St. Brigid's Brass & Reed Band[Eire]
Blendworth Brass Band1982  
Bletchington Silver Band1920Bletchington Prize Band 
Blewbury Brass Band1910  
Blidworth Welfare Band1880sStanton Hill Temperance Band, Stanton Hill Silver Prize Band, Teversal Colliery Welfare Band, Blidworth Colliery Band, Blidworth Welfare RBJ Mining Band, Hopkins Solicitors Blidworth Welfare BandWhen Teversal Colliery was closed, the rehearsal facilities were also withdrawn, so the Band had to ally itself with another Welfare (another colliery that was still in production.) Blidworth was chosen, and the Band moved there over the winter of 1980/81. In 1979 the band had the distinction of entering 13 contests in the second section, and winning 11. They were outright holders of the Radio Nottingham Band of the year trophy, having won it on three successive occasions. (77/78/79).
Blockley Brass Band1870s Was active in 1874
BM&W Brass1964 Amalgamation of the town bands of Brassington, Middleton and Wirksworth
BMP Europe Goodshaw Band1867Goodshawfold Brass Band (to c.1904), Goodshaw Prize Band, Goodshaw Band 
Boarshurst Band1849Boarshurst Silver Prize Band 
Bocking Concert Brass1971Bocking Concert Brass, KES Brass (1993-1997) 
Bodmin Town Band 1927  
Bollington Brass Band1972  
Bolton Brass Works2007Dunscar Brass Band (to 2008) 
Bon Accord Silver Band1962  
Bo'ness and Carriden Brass Band1858Grange Instrumental Band, Carriden Band (to 1895) 
Bostock Band2003 Northwich
Bottesford Brass Band   
Bournemouth Concert Brass1920sBournemouth Silver Band (to 1975), Bournemouth Concert Brass (Royal Artillery Band) (1988-1990)Amalgamated with Boscombe Silver Band in 1956 and Winton British Legion Band in 1959.
Box Hill City Brass Band 1889Box Hill Temperance Brass Band, Box Hill United Methodists Brass Band (1890), Reporter District Brass Band (1895-1927)[Australia]
Boxmoor Silver Band1929 Amalgamated with Berkhamsted St Peter's Brass Band in 1960
Boxted Methodist Silver Band1898Wesley Guild Brass Band (to 1938)A precursor was a methodist wind band formed about 1860, which converted to brass in 1898
Brackley & District Band1973Brackley Youth Band 
Bradwell Silver Band1901Bradwell United Silver Prize Band 
Brancepeth Welfare Band1860Willington Temperance Band (to 1891), Willington Silver Prize Band (to 1922), Brancepeth Colliery Band (to 1976) 
Brass Band Atout Vent2003 [France]
Brass Band Bravoer  [Belgium]
Brass Band Campine1992 [Belgium]
Brass Band de Champagne2006 [France]
Brass Band de Grensbewoners Smeermaas1908 [Belgium]
Brass Band de la Côte Picarde2000 [France]
Brass Band de la Loire en Forez2006 [France]
Brass Band de Remiremont2008 [France]
Brass Band de Thudinie1987 [Belgium]
Brass Band de Toulouse2005 [France]
Brass Band des Hautes-Vosges2004 [France]
Brass Band des Hauts de Flandres2001 [France]
Brass band des Pays de la Loire1997 [France]
Brass Band des Savoie2003 [France]
Brass Band Echo des Charmilles1953 [Belgium]
Brass Band en Seine2004 [France]
Brass Band 'Euterpe' Grimbergen1979 [Belgium]
Brass Band Fröschl Hall1987 [Austria]
Brass Band Leieland1996 [Belgium]
Brass Band Léman Mont-Blanc2007 [France]
Brass Band Méditerranée2000 [France]
Brass Band Midden-Brabant1975 [Belgium]
Brass Band Normandie1994 [France]
Brass Band Oberschwaben-Allgäu1992 [Germany]
Brass Band of Central Illinois2004 [USA]
Brass Band of the Tri-State1995 [USA]
Brass Band Sagona1999Brass Band 70 (to 2004)[France]
Brass Band Saint-Jean d'Aulps1994 [France]
Brass Band Scaldis1997 [Belgium]
Brass Band Val de Loire1982 [France]
Brass Band WBI2001 [Germany]
Brass Band Willebroek  [Belgium]
Brass Central2012 Based in Crieff
Brass Central Strathearn2012  
Brass Sounds Inverclyde Band2004  
Brass Wanganui  [New Zealand]
Brassage Brass Band2007 [France]
Brassaventure2003 [France]
Brassband Bacchus1998 [Belgium]
Brassband BorderBrass  [Belgium]
Brassband Buizingen1975Previously a fanfare band - Fanfare “UNION” Buizingen (1897 - 1975)[Belgium]
Brassband Kempenzonen Tielen1878 [Belgium]
Brassband Oberösterreich2002 [Austria]
Brassband Panta Rhei Gent1995 [Belgium]
Brassband Retie  [Belgium]
Brass-Band Société Royale "Les Echos de la Salm"1985Original Fanfare Royale des "Echos de la Salm" formed in 1863.[Belgium]
Brassband St Cecilia Hombeek1998Original Koninklijke Fanfare Sint Cecilia founded in 1895.[Belgium]
Brassband Zele  [Belgium]
Bratton Silver Band1859  
Breage & District Silver Band1904  
Bream Silver Band1905Princess Royal Colliery Band, Bream Silver Band (1912?)The first conductor was Mr Henry Morgan, who used to walk from Yorkley Wood to conduct and it is said always whistled a march tune when climbing the Whitecroft Road. Other early conductors included Messrs Amos Phillips, William Sterry, A Ambury and of course Evan A Jones who followed Mr W Robbins and steered the band through its most successful period in contests in the 1920s and continued to do so for almost 40 years. A founding member of the band, Horace Lucas, was eight years old in 1905 and still playing in 1970.
Brechin City Band   
Breckland Brass Band1951Green's Brothers Band (to 1971) 
Brent Brass1979  
Bretforton Silver Band1895Bretforton Temperance Band  
Bridlington Excelsior Brass Band1893Bridlington Excelsior Silver Prize Band (c.1910)The band had its'centenary in 2006 according to a local newspaper report
Brighouse & Rastrick Brass Band1881Brighouse Temperance Band, Brighouse & Rastrick Temperance Band (to 1928) 
Bright Brass Storm1997 [Japan]
Brighton and Hove City Brass1975Brighton Silver Band, Brighton Buses Band 
Brindle Brass Band1810Brindle Temperance Band, Brindle Subscription Band, Lancashire Evening Post Band 
Brisbane Brass 1981 [Australia] - Amalgamation of Valley Concert Band and RSL Concert Brass
Brisbane Excelsior Brass1912 [Australia] Formed in 1912 by Jim Napier
Brisbane Water Brass Band 2003 [Australia]
Bristol East and Kingswood Band2007 Formed by the amalgamation of the Bristol East Band and the Kingswood (Bristol Band)
Bristol Veterans Band1993  
British Airways Band1972Silver Wing Band, British Airways Clubs Band 
Briton Ferry Silver Band1910  
Brixham Town Band   
Broadland Brass Band1930Blofield & District Silver Band 
Brotton Brass Band2010  
Broxburn & Livingston Brass Band2004 Formed by merger of Broxburn Public Brass Band and Livingston Brass Band
Broxburn Silver Band1891Broxburn Catholic Silver Band (to 1981) 
Brunel Brass2006 (Swindon)
Buckhaven & Methil Miners' Brass Band1976 Formed by the amalgamation of Wellesley Colliery Band and Buckhaven Town Band
Buckley Engineers Volunteer Brass Band 1880  
Bude Metric Brass2003  
Bude Town Band1895  
Buffalo Silver Band1915Hungarian Baptist Church Band, Austin Street Baptist Band, Buffalo Baptist Silver Band (to 1981)[USA]
Bugle Silver Band1868  
Bulkington Silver Band1848Bulkington Brass Band, "Bicknell's Band" to 1919Formed during the Crimean War by George Bicknell and his five sons
Bunbury City Band  [Australia]
Bundaberg Municipal Band1935 [Australia] - Amalgamation of Bundaberg Excelsior Band and Bundaberg City Band
Burbage Band (Buxton)1861  
Burbage Silver Band (Hinkley)1907Burbage Military Band, Burbage Silver Prize (Hinkley) Band (1926 when converted to full brass)Nuneaton Borough Band amalgamated with Burbage Silver Band in 1989. As the band rehersed in Hinckley it kept the name Burbage Silver Band.
Burneside Brass Band1993  
Burnley Alliance Silver Band1940sBurnley Home Guard Band (to 1951) 
Burry Port Town Band1972  
Burtle Silver Band1905 Somerset. Founded by Allen Moxey.
Burton Salvation Army Band1886  
Busselton Shire Brass Band  [Australia]
Cadishead Public Band1877Cadishead Brass Band, Cadishead Congregational Brass Band (1890s), Cadishead Brass Band 
Cairns Brass1931 [Australia]
Callander and District Brass Band2008  
Callington Town Band1996  
Calne Silver Band1800sCalne Liberal Band, Calne Town Band (1925-1946), Calne Town Prize Band 
Camborne Town Band1841 Reformed 1896
Cambridge Municipal Brass  [New Zealand]
Cambridge University Brass Band1987  
Camelford Town Band   
Campbelltown City Band  [Australia]
Campbeltown Brass 1983  
Canning City Brass Band1974Canning Civic Band (to 1982)[Australia]
Canny Brass2007 [Switzerland]
Canterbury Brass Band1969  
Canterbury Foundation Brass  [New Zealand]
Cantium Brass1886Garlinge Wesleyan Mission Band, Garlinge Silver Band, Margate Silver Band (to 1998) 
Capricornia Silver Band1975 [Australia]
Cardiff Canton SA Band1883  
Cardiff Northlakes Brass  [Australia]
Carharrack & St. Day Silver Band1912Carharrack Brass Band, Carharrack and St. Day Temperance Silver Band (1932),  
Carlisle St Stephens Silver Band   
Carlton Brass (Nottingham)1902Netherfield Railwayman's Silver Band, Carlton Silver (1950s), Nottingham City Transport Band (1988), New Carlton Silver Band (junior band), Carlton Brass (1998) 
Carlton Main Frickley Colliery Band1884South Elmsall Village Band (to 1924) 
Carrbrook Brass1975Micklehurst Brass Band, HMF Micklehurst Brass Band 
Carrick Amateurs Band1890s Amalgamated with Whitehouse Silver Band in 1985
Carrick Whitehouse Silver (CWS) Band1985Carrick Amateurs Band + Whitehouse Silver Band 
Carrick With Ashgrove Brass2009Merger of CWA Brass and Ashgrove Band 
Carrick Youth Band Ayrshire - active in the 1990s 
Castle Trust Hamilton Brass  [New Zealand]
Castleton Brass1937Drayton Band, Drayton Royal British Legion Band (to late 1950s),Drayton Band, Norwich Brewery Brass (from 1980s)Based in Eye, Suffolk. Reference (1): Formed by amalgamation of Ringland, St Faiths and Horsham Bands. Reference (2): Castleton Brass was formed at the turn of the last century [2000 that is!] when members of the Drayton Village Band amalgamated with several members of the Suffolk Fire Service band.
Castletown Metropolitan Silver Band1896  
Cawston Brass Band1886Cawston & District Silver Prize Band 
Cawthorne Brass Band1976Cawthorne Brass Band - merged with Pogmoor Band in 1984 to become Pogmoor and Cawthorne Band, then reverted to Cawthorne Brass Band 
Central Ohio Brass Band Ohio Collegiate Brass (to 1995)[USA] - In 1995 the majority of the bandsman were by then out of university and it changed to COBB.
Ceramic Brass2007  
Chadderton Band1927Busk 9th Boys Brigade Band, Busk Congregational Prize Band (1932), Chadderton & District Band (1950s onward) 
Chalford Academy Brass Band   
Chalford Band1885Chalford Brass Band 
Chalgrove Band1972  
Challenge Brass Band 1987 [Australia]
Chapel-En-Le-Frith Town Brass Band1882 Other related bands: The Old Volunteers Band, Ferodo Band
Chapeltown Silver Prize Band1870sChapeltown Brass Band 
Chard Concert Brass1947Chard Town Band 
Charles Church Camberley Band1960Camberley & District Silver Band, Camberley Silver Band (to 1983) 
Charnock Richard Brass2009  
Chatteris Town Band1882Chatteris Brass Band 
Chedworth Silver Band1905Chedworth Brass Band (until the 1930s) 
Chelmsford Silver Band1950sChelmsford Silver Band, Chelmsford Star Silver Band (from 1930) 
Cheltenham Silver Band 1937Aircraft Components Limited Band (to 1946), Cheltenham Spa Silver Band (to 1968) 
Chepstow Town Band1997  
Chester Brass Band1873 [Canada]
Chichester City Band 1897Chichester Brass Band (South Ward) ,  
Chiltern Hills Brass1998Denham Hendon Brass (to 2013)Formed by the merger of Denham Brass with John Laing Hendon Band
Chinnor Silver Band 1850s  
Chipping Norton Silver Band1935Chipping Norton Temperance Silver Band 
Cholsey Silver Band 1847  
Chorley Silver Band1996Chorley Youth Band (to 2000)The original Chorley Silver Band adult section disbanded through lack of players and handed over instruments and music to the younger players, who adopted the name and remain a youth band
Christchurch and Highcliffe Brass Band1906?Highcliffe British Legion Silver Band (to late 1950s), Highcliffe Men's Club Band (to 1997) 
Christchurch U3A Vintage Brass2006  
Church Hill Silver Band1905  
Cinderford Silver Band1879Cinderford Town Band, Cinderford Swanbrook Band (1986)"The Town brass band originated in 1896 as a military recruiting band"
Cirencester Band 1919Comrades of the Great War Band, Cirencester Silver Band (1922-1972) 
City of Albany Band  [Australia]
City of Ballarat Municipal Brass Band1886Bulch's Model Brass Band (to 1900)[Australia]
City of Birmingham Brass Band1940sFisher and Ludlow Band, Fisher and Ludlow Works Band, Pressed Steel Fisher Band (to 1976) 
City of Bradford Brass Band Hawley Band, Hammonds Hawley Band (to 1993), Yorkshire Building Society Concert Brass (to 2006), YBS Concert Brass (to 2009) 
City of Bristol Brass Band1936Fishponds British Legion Band (to early 1970s) 
City of Cambridge Brass Band1901Cambridge Town Band, Cambridge Band of the British Legion, City of Cambridge Band, Cambridge Band, Cambridge Co-operative Band"The Cambridge Albion Band and the Cambridge Town Band have decided to amalgamate and will be known in future as the Cambridge Silver Band. They proposed to buy a set of new triple silver-plated instruments made by Messrs Hawkes, London, with the now famous "Profundo" basses as played by the St Hilda Colliery Band. This would greatly improve the tonal qualities of the band; there was not another band in the Eastern counties with such instruments." (from the Cambridge News, January 1927)
City of Canterbury Brass Band1969  
City of Cardiff (Melingriffith) Brass Band185013th Glamorgan Rifle Volunteers Corporation Band, Booker's Band, Whitchurch Brass Band, Melingriffith Volunteer and Cadet Corps Band (1919), Melingriffith Works Band (1941), Steel Company of Wales Band, Excelsior Ropes Works Band (1965), Melingriffith Band (1973), Radyr and Morganstown Band (1992-2000), Radyr and Morganstown (Melingriffith) Band (to 2007) 
City of Chester Brass Band1853Blue Coat Band,  
City of Coventry Brass1965Coventry School of Music Band, Coventry CPA [Centre for the Performing Arts] Band (1988-1994) 
City of Discovery Brass Band1996  
City of Exeter Railway Band1945Exeter & District Southern Railways Band, Exeter British Railways (Southern Region) Band, Exeter British Rail Band 
City of Greater Bendigo Brass Band2011Greater Bendigo Concert Brass[Australia] - Amalgamation of Greater Bendigo Brass and Greater Bendigo Brass Band
City of Greater Dandenong Band1957Dandenong Citizens' Band (to 1962), Dandenong RSL & Citizens Band (to 1968), Dandenong Municipal Band[Australia]
City of Holroyd Brass Band1972Holroyd Municipal Band[Australia]
City of Lincoln Band1893Lincoln Malleable Iron Works Band, Lincoln Borough Band (to 1987) 
City of Orange Brass Band Inc.  [Australia]
City of Oxford Silver Band1887Headington Prize Winning Band 
City of Southampton (Albion) Band 1920sAll Saints Scouts Band, Southampton Albion and Scouts Band (1922), Southampton Albion Band (1928), Southampton Band (1970s), City of Southampton Band (1979-1986) 
City of Sunderland Brass Band1890sSunderland Temperance Band, Sunderland Tramways Employees Band, Sunderland Transport Employees Band, Sunderland Borough Band (1974), City Of Sunderland Band (when Sunderland achieved city status)Amalgamated with Sunderland International Concert Band c. 1981/1982, which was a former Sunderland Education Authority Band that achieved high standards in the youth band scene, then later in the adult arena with good contest results before suddenly fading away hence the need to amalgamate!
City of Traralgon Band1881 [Australia]
City of Truro Band1975  
City of Waterford Brass1932TF Meagher Brass & Reed Band (to 1950s), St. Patrick's Brass Band (to 1996) 
City of Wollongong Brass Band1934Wollongong Steelworks Brass Band (to 1979)[Australia]
City of Wolverhampton Brass Band1972Wolverhampton Brass Band (to 2004) 
Clabby Silver Band 1900  
Clackmannan District Brass Band1991 Merger of the former Alloa Burgh Band and Alva Town Band
Clacton-on-Sea Co-Operative Band 1948Clacton Silver Band (to 1965), Clacton on Sea Band (to 1978) 
Classic Brass1988 [USA]
Cleator Moor Brass2007  
Cleobury Mortimer Concert Brass1900Cleobury Mortimer Town Band (to 1970), Cleobury Mortimer Silver Band (to 1984), Muller Cleobury Mortimer Band (to 2006) 
Clevedon Brass1964Clevedon Youth Band (to 1984), Clevedon Brass Band 
Cleveland Police Band1971Teesside Constabulary Band 
Clifton and Lightcliffe Band1838Clifton Brass Band, Clifton Prize Band (to 1932)Records of the band (1882-1921) held in Halifax Public Library
Clydebank Burgh Band 1891Clydebank Brass Band, Clydebank District Band (1989-95) 
Coalburn Silver Band 1902  
Coalisland Silver Band   
Cobham Band 1887Cobham & District Band. Became all brass in 1970 
Cockermouth Mechanics Band1825  
Cockerton Prize Silver Band1864Cockerton Saxhorn Band, Cockerton Brass Band Other related bands: Darlington Saxhorn Band (1858)
Coffs Regional Brass Band1899Coffs Harbour Band, Coffs Harbour District Band, Coffs Harbour and District Citizens Band (from 1946 to 2001)[Australia]
Colchester Band1860Colchester Town and Volunteer Rifle Band, Colchester Town Band, Colchester Silver Band (1946-1994), Hatfields of Colchester Band 
Cold Ash Brass2003  
Coleshill Town Band1902Coleshill and Maxstoke Ex-servicemen's Club Band, Coleshill & District Brass Band, Coleshill Silver Band (1966), Ansells Coleshill Band, Coleshill Concert Band (1978), Coleshill Silver Band (1979-92)Other related bands: Atherstone Miners Welfare Band (to 1966)
Colne Borough Brass Band1862  
Cologne Concert Brass1997 [Germany]
Comber Silver Band1949 Originally formed in 1902 as a flute band - turned to brass in 1949
Community Trust Woolston Brass Woolston Brass Band, Skellerup Woolston Band, Trustbank Canterbury Woolston Brass Band[New Zealand]
Concord Salvation Army Band1960Oakland Salvation Army Band 
Congresbury Brass1999  
Consett Band1900Morrison Busty Colliery Band (to 1974), Consett Steel Works Band, Consett BSC Works Band (to 1980), Consett Whitbread Band, Whitbread Castle Eden Band (to 1988) 
Consett Brass 1973  
Constantine Silver Band1977Constantine Band (1848) disbanded. Reformed in 1977 
Conwy Town Band1972  
Co-operative Funeralcare Band1918CWS (Glasgow) Band, Glasgow (CWS) Band, Scottish CWS Band, (to 2003), Scottish Co-op Band (to 2009) 
Co-operative Funeralcare Band North West Crewe 95th ATC and Old Comrades Band, Crewe Co-operative Band, United Co-op Band (Crewe) 
Co-operative Yorkshire Brass Band1998Yorkshire Co-operatives Band (to 2004), United Co-op Yorkshire Brass Band (to 2008), Yorkshire Co-op Band (to 2010)Merger of the Jayess (Queensbury) and Jayess '87 brass bands
Coppull and Standish Band2005  
Copthorne Silver Band1902  
Corby Silver Band1902Corby Brass BandFormed for the 1902 Corby Pole Fair, and has been going ever since, with their own Club, The Corby Silver Band Club, in Denford Road Corby
Cornerstone Brass Band2008  
Cornwall Youth Brass Band1955  
Corpus Christi Brass Band2008  
Corsham Bandc1880  
Cory Band1884Ton Pentre Temperance Band, Cory Workmen's Silver Band (1895), Cory Band, Christie Tyler Cory Band, Just Rentals Cory Band, Buy As You View Cory Band, Buy As You View Band ( to 2007)Originally formed by conductor John Treharne the band played at the opening of the Colliery Library in Gelli in 1895 where the ceremony was led by the mining magnate Sir Clifford Cory. He employed Mr Ambler from Black Dyke as professional conductor and the band rehearsed in the blacksmith's shop at the Gelli Colliery. Claim to have been the first brass band to broadcast on the radio.
Cory Junior Band1999 Original formed in 1934
Cottenham Brass Band1975  
Coventry Festival Band1980Coventry Festival Junior Band 
Cowes Concert Band1890sEast and West Cowes Town Band (to 1980s) 
Craghead Colliery Band1967Sacriston Colliery Band (to 2005) 
Cranbrook Town Band1920s  
Crediton Town Band1984Crediton Community Brass 
Creetown Silver Band1880  
Cressbrook Band1881Cressbrook Silver Band 
Creswell Colliery Brass Band1899Creswell Colliery & District Band, Creswell Colliery Brass Band, Creswell Rexco Band 
Creswick Municipal Band  [Australia]
Crewe Brass2007United Co-op 2000 Community Brass Band (to 2011)
Crewkerne Concert Band1922Crewkerne Town Silver Band 
Crich Brass2001  
Cricklade Band1887  
Croft Silver Band1924Croft BandEarlier Croft Brass and Reed band founded in 1913, but did was disbanded in 1914.
Crofton Silver Band1873Crofton Brass Band, Crofton Silver Band (1936), Nostell Colliery Band (1955-93) 
Crofts End Mission Silver Band1907  
Cromer and Sheringham Brass1956Cromer and Sheringham Silver Band 
Crosskeys Silver Band1902Crosskeys Band, Crosskeys Prize BandFirst conductor was M. W. Treasure and founding players included members from the Risca North Colliery Band and the Risca Town Military Band
Croy Silver Band1875Smithstone Band (to 1908), Croy Parish BandNorth Lanarkshire
Croydon Brass Band 1911Croydon Temperance Band, Croydon Borough Band (1920), Croydon Co-op Brass Band (1977-1998) 
Crumlin Silver Band    
Crwbin Silver Band1891  
Crystal Palace Band 1901Upper Norwood Temperance Band, Upper Norwood Temperance Prize Band (to 1924)  
CSD Brass (Cambridge)1993  
Cubbington Silver Band 1995  
Cwmaman Institute Silver Band 1876  
Cwmbran Brass1820Cwmbran Town Band? Cwmbran Urban District Silver Band? Cwmbran Brass Band (to 2006)Amalgamated with Cwmbran Youth Band in April 2006 to form Cwmbran Brass
CWS (Glasgow) Band 1918  
Dalewool Auckland Brass Auckland Watersiders Silver Band, Auckland Metropolitan Fire Brigade Band, Waitemata Onehunga Silver Band, Turrells Onehunga Brass, Contintental Airlines Auckland Brass, Contintental Auckland Brass, Fosters Auckland Brass[New Zealand]
Dalewool Youth Brass  [New Zealand]
Dalkeith and Monktonhall Brass Band 1989 Amalgamation of Dalkeith Burgh Band and Monktonhall Colliery Silver Band
Dalmellington Band1864Dalmellington Subscription Brass Band, Dalmellington Silver Band 
Dalton Town Band1870Dalton Town Band, Dalton Town Prize Band 
Dannevirke Brass Band1888Dannevirke Brass Band, Dannevirke Municipal Brass Band (1920s to 2000)[New Zealand]
Darebin City Brass1934Preston Citizens Band, Preston Municipal Band[Australia]
Darley Dale Brass Band1984  
Darwen Brass2007 Formed as the "middle" band in the Blackburn and Darwen Band Organisation.
Daventry Brass1946Daventry and District Silver Band, Danetre Brass (to 1999)Other related bands: Daventry and District Silver Band formed in late 1940s by amalgamation of Daventry Town Band, Long Buckby Town Band and Long Buckby Temperance Band
Daw Mill Colliery Band1947Arley Miners' Silver Prize Band, Arley Welfare Band, Daw Mill/Arley Welfare Band (1978-1982) 
Daylesford & District Municipal Band1963Daylesford and District Band[Australia]
Deal Brass Academy2013  
Dearham Band1896Dearham United Brass BandOriginally formed as a Drum & Fife Band in 1881 - converting to brass in 1896
Dearne Valley Band   
Deepcar Brass Band1988  
Deeside Silver Band1972Deeside Brass Band Formed by the amalgamation of Connah's Quay Town Band and the John Summers Steelworks Band
Deiniolen Silver Band 1835Cynfi and Ebenezer Band 
Delph Brass Band1850Delph Amateur Band, Delph Saxhorn Band, Delph Prize Band 
Denmead Brass Band Cosham Concert Brass Band (to 2005) 
Denton Brass1990Denton Original "B" Band, Crown Point Brass (to 1999)The original Denton Original Band was formed in 1859. After a difference of opinion about the running of the band the "B" Band broke away and became Crown Point Brass. The band still have in their posession the Denton "B" Band marching bass drum with the shield bearing the name, which although indistinct is still readable, this drum is now used as a concert drum.
Dereham Band 1931Dereham British Legion Band 
Derwent Brass1992 Formed through the amalgamation of Davis Derby Band with Neville Brass Band
Desford Colliery Band1898Ibstock United Band (to 1956) 
Deveron River Brass2009 Banff, Scotland
Diamond Valley Brass Band  [Australia]
Diggle Band1996  
Dinnington Colliery Brass Band1904Dinnington Main and Middleton Prize Brass Band, Dinnington (Middleton) Silver Prize Band, South Yorkshire Caravans Dinnington Colliery Band (1982-5), Webster Dinnington Colliery Band (1987-90) 
Dobcross Silver Band1875Hurley Moate Dobcross Band 
Dodington Parish Band1996  
Dodworth Colliery Miners Welfare Band1836Dodworth Prize Band, Dodworth Miners Welfare Band, Dodworth Colliery Band, British Steel Dodworth Band, JWE Mobile Phone Dodworth Band (1993?-1996), Dodworth Miners Welfare Phoenix Band, Dodworth Phoenix Band 
Douglas Town Band1887  
Dove Holes Brass Band Dove Holes Public Band 
Downshire Brass 1990Amalgamation of Reid Memorial Band + Hillsborough Silver Band 
Downton Band1889Downton Band, Downton Huntsman Band 
Dreghorn Youth Band 1979Amalgamated with Irvine Youth Band in 1983 to form Irvine and Dreghorn Brass Band 
Driffield Silver Band1857Driffield Town Band (a brass and woodwind band) formed in 1828, converted to all brass in 1857 
Drighlington Brass Band1976Drighlington Brass Band, Yorkshire Electricity Drighlington Band 
Dronfield Band1971New Dronfield Band, Staveley Works Band (1984), Stagecoach East Midland Bus Company Band? (1991-1994?)Other related bands: Dronfield Temperence Brass Band (to 1940s)
Dublin Cornet Band2008Ohio Brass Band (to 2010) 
Dudley Metropolitan Brass Band1979  
Dumfries Town Band1873  
Dunaskin Doon Silver Band1869  
Dunchurch Band1909Dunchurch Silver Band 
Dundee Instrumental Band1893St Margaret's (Old) Silver Band 
Dunfermline Town Band1882  
Dungannon Silver Band1902  
Dunston Silver Band1902Dunston Temperance Band 
Duntocher Brass Band1829Spinners Band, Duntocher Brass Band (1870s),  
Durham Constabulary Brass Band 1967  
Durham Miners' Association Brass Band2009 Amalgamation of Broughtons Brass Band and Hetton Silver Band
Durham University Brass Band 2002  
Durnovaria Silver Band1936  
Dynamic Brass2013 Lisburn, Co. Antrim
Dysart Colliery Silver Band1880Dysart Town BandBecame associated with the Randolph, Frances and Lady Blanche Collieries when the Earl of Roslyn sold out to the Fife Coal Company in 1923. Members competed regularly until 1969, before returning to competition in 2004.
E.P.B. Band   
Eaglehawk Citizens' Brass Band1884 [Australia]
Eagley Brass Band1850Eagley Sunday School Band, Eagley Band, Eagley Mills Band, Eagley Mills Prize, Band 
Earby Brass Band1840Earby Prize Brass Band 
Easington Colliery Band1913Easington Colliery Band (to 2006), RMT Easington Colliery Band (to 2009)Merged with Easington Public Band in 1956
Easington Public Band1915Easington Colliery Youth Band (to 1940), National Fire Service Band (to 1945), Easington National Fire Service BandMerged with Easington Colliery Band in 1956
Easingwold Brass Easingwold Town Band 
Easingwold Town Band1901  
East Cowes Town Band   
East Lancashire Concert Band1842Accrington Old Prize Band 
East London Brass1909Walthamstow Temperance Band, Walthamstow Borough Band (1933), L.C.S. Forest Band (1970s), Walthamstow Silver Prize Band?, Waltham Forest Co-op Band (1981-2001) 
East Midlands Youth Band   
East Peckham Silver Band1895Invicta Brass Band, East Peckham Invicta, East Peckham British Legion 
East Riding of Yorkshire Band1992East Yorkshire Brass (to 1999), Aunt Bessie's East Yorkshire Brass Band (to 2003) 
East Woodhay Silver Band1884East Woodhay Mechanics Band (to 1904), St. Martin's Brass Band (to end of WW2)Merged with the Highclere Band in the early 1900s
East Yorkshire Motor Services Band1989City of Hull Band (to 1992), East Yorkshire Motor Services Brass Band 
Eastbourne Silver Band1950 Founded in 1950 by Gilbert Foyle (of Foyle's Bookshop), who paid for the first set of instruments. The band appears many times per year on Eastbourne's famous Bandstand even Christmas day (10.45 - 12.30). Their resident conductor is former Irish Guards (1958 - 1980) principal cornet Geoff Broom.
Ebbw Valley Band2011 Amalgamation of Ebbw Vale Town Band and Cwm Town Band
Ebor Brass1980  
Eccles Borough Band1886Eccles Young Men's Brass Band, Eccles Subscription Brass Band (1888), Eccles Borough Band, Eccles Borough Boddingtons Band (1980s) 
Eccleston Band1969  
Edenbridge Town Band1893  
Edinburgh Brass Band2012  
Egham and Englefield Public Band Egham Temperance Band (to 1906) 
Egham Brass Band 1895Egham and District Band (1919)Other related bands: Egham Town Band & Egham and Englefield Public Band amalgamated in 1919
Egremont Town Band1915  
Elgin City Band1858 Formed by the local authority of the day and continued under the auspices of subsequent authorities until local government re-organisation when it became fully autonomous and has remained so ever since. Records suggest however that the band originated in the 1850s, and was founded by incoming woolen mill workers from the borders. In those days people turned out in large numbers to hear the band and and the members had to sing as well as play!
Elland Silver Band1850Elland Old Band (to 1880s), Elland Victoria Band, Elland Silver Band (1902), Greater Elland Silver Band (1946-1950) 
Ellenbrook and Boothstown Brass Band1875  
Ellesborough Silver Band1896  
Ellesmere Port Concert Brass1870Ellesmere Port and District Band (1946), Ellesmere Port Silver Band (to 2012)Other related bands: Ellesmere Public Prize Band (Chapel Band), Ellesmere Church Band amalgamated in 1946 to form Ellesmere Port and District Band
Elmfield Brass (Stockport)1982  
Elmsett Fellowship Brass Band   
Emley Brass Band1870Emley Public Silver Prize Band 
Empingham Mission Band1971 Formed at the Methodist Chapel, Empingham, Rutland
Enderby Band1895Enderby Silver Prize Band (1935) 
Enfield Brass1969 [Australia] - Formed by ex Klemzig Junior Boys Brass Band players.
Enfield Brass Band1949Enfield Brass Band, Enfield Co-op Band (1977-2000), Enfield Whitewebbs Museum Brass (2000 to 2006)Formed by the amalgamation of Enfield Town Silver Prize Band and North Middlesex Silver Band.
Enfield Motor Museum and Potters Bar Contest Band2005Potters Bar Town Band + Enfield Whitewebbs Museum Brass (for contesting purposes only) 
Epping Forest Band1935Epping Silver Band, Epping & District Silver Band (to 1970s) 
Epsom and Ewell Silver Band1910Banstead Silver Band, Banstead & District Band (1950), North Downs Silver Band (1950s-1965) 
Escafeld Brass Band1980s  
Esperance Brass Band  [Australia]
Essex Brass Band   
Eversden Brass Band2006  
Exchange Communications Whitburn Band1870Whitburn Town Band (to 1940s), Whitburn Miners Welfare Band (to 1963), Whitburn Burgh Band, Murray International Whitburn Band, Whitburn Band 
Exobrass2005 [France]
Eythorne Silver Band2002  
Fairey FP (Music) Band1937Fairey Aviation Works Band, Fairey Engineering Band, Williams Fairey Engineering Band, Williams Fairey Band 
Fairfield (Buxton) Band1865  
Fairlop Brass Band1968  
Fakenham Town Band1881  
Fanfare Brassband de Kempengalm  [Belgium]
Farndon & District Brass Band 1897Jubilee (Victoria) Brass Band  
Farnham Brass Band1975Farnham Brass Band, Farnham Crosby Concert Band (1978-1982) 
Farnworth & Walkden Band2004Eaton Farnworth & Walkden BandFormed by the merger of Eaton Farnworth Brass Band and Walkden Band in 2004
Fauldhouse Miner's Brass Band1975  
Faversham Mission Brass1882Faversham Gospel Brass Band 
Feilding Brass1883 [New Zealand]
Felling Band1873Heworth Colliery Band, Washington Glebe Band (following the colliery closure) (to 1972)At some point, as Heworth Colliery Band, it amalgamated with Felling Town Silver Band, retaining its name
Fergus Brass Band1855 [Canada]
Ferndown Concert Brass1990  
Ferryhill Town Band 1909Mainsforth Colliery Band, Mainsforth Colliery and Tursdale Workshops Band (1968), Durham Colliery Mechanics Band (1979-1994) 
Festival Brass Band  [Belgium]
Festive Brass of Myrtle Beach1998 [USA]
Filton Concert Brass1975  
First City Brass   
Fishburn Band 1950sFishburn Colliery Welfare Band, National Smokeless Fuels (Fishburn) Band, National Smokeless Fuels Band, NSF (Coal Products) Band, Coal Products (CPL) Band 
Fleckney Silver Band 1895  
Flimby Saxhorn Silver   
Flixton Band1967Flixton Silver Band (to 1988) 
Flookburgh Band1909Flookburgh Village Hall Brass Band (to 1937), Flookburgh Silver Band 
Florence Brass1920Bucknall Ex-Servicemen's Band, Staffordshire Police Band, Staffordshire Special Constabulary Band, Stoke on Trent City Police Band, Band of Staffordshire Police (to 2001) 
Flowers Band1965City of Gloucester Band, Flowers Band, Hawthorne Brewery Band, Message Maker (Gloucester) Band, Polysteel Band 
Foden's Band1902Foden Motor Works Band, Foden OTS Band (1983), Britannia Building Society Foden Band (1986), Britannia Building Society Band, Fodens Courtois Band (1997-2003), Fodens Richardson Band 
Footscray-Yarraville City Band1961 [Australia] - Amalgamation of Footscray City Band and Kingsville-Yarraville Citizens Band
Footscray-Yarraville City Band1961 [Australia] - Melbourne, Australia. 1883 the Belgravia Brass Band was formed, later to become the Footscray Temperance Brass Band. The suburb of Yarraville founded its own band in 1888, and is the first vital link to the present FYCB. Another band, the Yarraville Amateur Brass Band, also existed during this period. Both bands drew funding from the local community until around 1895 when the depression caused them to close. By 1902 economic conditions within Footscray began improving and community pressure revived banding in the area, resulting in the formation of the Footscray Municipal Band which later became the Footscray Municipal Military Band. Other bands also in the area were the Yarraville Citizens Brass Band (1910) and the Kingsville Brass Band (1914). By 1921 the YCBB and the KBB amalgamated to form Kingsville-Yarraville Citizens Band. In 1961 the Footscray City Band and the Kingsville-Yarraville Citizens Band began a new era by merging to form the present Footscray-Yarraville City Band
Forest of Dean Area Youth Brass Band2007  
Forest of Dean Brass1994 Amalgamation of Coleford Town Band and Yorkley Onward Band.
Foresters Brass 2000 1902Bread Street Mission Band, 9th Battalion Home Guard Band, City of Leicester Special Constabulary Band, Leicester Foresters Band (1958), Band of the Ancient Order of Foresters (1978-2000)Amalgamated with Brass 2000 in 2000
Forfar Instrumental Band1894  
Formby Band1974  
Fortismere Community Brass2013  
Foss Dyke Band1974  
Frampton on Severn Silver Band1977Frampton-on-Severn & District Silver Band 
Frankston City Band1949Frankston Silver Band, City of Frankston Band (1966)[Australia]
Freckleton Band 1886Freckleton Subscription Band (1950s)The earliest known outside public performance of the band was at the laying of the memorial stone of the new Primitive Methodist Chapel in August 1891. In 1955, two surviving members of the original band, Robert Rawstrone (aged 89), and James Hawthornthwaite (aged 87), recalled that they and their friends 'used to meet in a cottage in Kirkham Road', and that it was at one of these social gatherings that someone suggested forming a band.
Freedom Brass Band1997 [USA]
Frenchay Brass2007  
Friary Guildford Brass Band1983  
Frickley & South Elmsall Brass Band1969Carlton Main Frickley Colliery Junior Band (1971), Carlton Main Youth (to 1992), Frickley South Elmsall Colliery Brass (1992), Frickley South Elmsall RS Haulage Till (1993), Frickley South Elmsall Standard Fireworks Band (1995-1999) 
Friendly Band1868Friendly Subscription Prize Band, Sowerby Bridge Band 
Friendship Band1970s  
Friezland Band1982  
Frodsham Silver Band1907Frodsham Subscription Band 
Frome Town Youth Band1997  
Fulbourn and Teversham RBL Band1985 Folded in 2010
Fulham Brass Band1895  

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