Salvation Army Sheet Music Series 
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Salvation Army Sheet Music

Festival Series (1923 - 2005)

0001From Messiah No 1Mendelssohn, Felix B arr. Hawkes, Frederick G1923Selection
0002PrincethorpeÖstby, Klaus1923Meditation
0003Songs of Britain No 1Marshall, George1923Selection
0004Departed HeroesColes, Bramwell1923Festival March
0005Gems From the CreationHaydn, Joseph arr. Hawkes, Frederick G1923Selection
0006Army of the BraveMarshall, George1923Selection
0007My FortressVanderkam, Jules1923Selection
0008War March of the PriestMendelssohn, Felix B arr. Hawkes, Frederick G1923Festival March
0009Gems From ElijahMendelssohn, Felix B arr. Hawkes, Frederick G1924Selection
0010PilgrimageColes, Bramwell1924Selection
0011Soul's Awakening, ABall, Eric1924Meditation
0012To the Land of GloryÖstby, Klaus1924Festival March
0013Man of Sorrows, TheColes, Bramwell1924Meditation
0014Two Choruses From MessiahHandel, Georg F arr. Hawkes, Frederick G1924Transcription
0015Soldier's Experience, ABall, Eric1924Selection
0016-1I Love Him Better Every DayStevenson, William1924Cornet Solo
0016-2True to DeathHawkes, Frederick G1924Euphonium Solo
0017Scottish Melodies No 1Marshall, George1925Selection
0018DiscipleshipColes, Bramwell1925Selection
0019-1O for the Wings of a DoveMendelssohn, Felix B arr. Hawkes, Frederick G1925Cornet Solo
0019-2Lord to Thee Each NightHandel, Georg F arr. Hawkes, Frederick G1925Transcription
0019-3Unfathomed LoveHawkes, Frederick G1925Trombone Solo
0020Golden Gate, TheBroughton, William F (Sr)1925Festival March
0021Gems From MozartMozart, Wolfgang, A arr. Hawkes, Frederick G1925Selection
0022In Immanuel's PraiseColes, Bramwell1925Selection
0023Wanderer, TheVanderkam, Jules1925Selection
0024Pressing OnwardLeidzén, Erik1925Festival March
0025Voyage to the Heaven, TheHawkes, Frederick G1926Selection
0026AdorationBall, Eric1926Selection
0027HursleyMillard, Arthur W1926Meditation
0028-1Every ValleyHandel, Georg F arr. Hawkes, Frederick G1926Cornet Solo
0028-2Trumpet Shall Sound, TheHandel, Georg F arr. Hawkes, Frederick G1926Euphonium Solo
0029Mount of OlivesBeethoven, Ludwig Van arr. Hawkes, Frederick G1926Selection
0030American Melodies No 2Broughton, William F (Sr)1926Selection
0031While the Days are GoingAnon.1926Air Varie
0032Valour Crown, TheHerd, J C1926Festival March
0033Gems From St Paul No 1Mendelssohn, Felix B arr. Hawkes, Frederick G1927Selection
0034-1Calvary's Stream Now IsFristrup, Kristian M1927Euphonium Solo
0034-2Jesus is Strong to DeliverSpencer, William1927Cornet Solo
0035-1Forsake Me Not This DreadSpohr, Louis arr. Marshall, George1927Transcription
0035-2Blessing Honor Glory and PowerSpohr, Louis arr. Marshall, George1927Transcription
0036Joy of the Redeemed, TheBall, Eric1927Selection
0037Over JordanColes, Bramwell1927Selection
0038Army Spirit, TheMarshall, George1927Selection
0039My Homeward JourneySwanson1927Air Varie
0040Happy Day, ALeidzén, Erik1927Cornet Solo
0041Warriors of the CrossKitching, Wilfred1928Selection
0042HanoverBall, Eric1928Meditation
0043Silver ThreadsTwitchin, Herbert W1928Cornet Solo
0044Glory of the Combat, TheColes, Bramwell1928Festival March
0045VisionsMarshall, George1928Selection
0046Haydns Creation No 2Haydn, Joseph arr. Hawkes, Frederick G1928Transcription
0047Home Sweet Home!Leidzén, Erik1928Meditation
0048Love's ManifestationKitching, Wilfred1928Selection
0049When I Survey the Wondrous CrossColes, Bramwell1929Meditation
0050Soul's Triumph, ABall, Eric1929Selection
0051Remember MeBroughton, William F (Sr)1929Meditation
0052RegenerationLangworthy, Bert T1929Festival March
0053My Spirit's LongingMarshall, George1929Selection
0054HarlanKitching, Wilfred1929Meditation
0055JubilationColes, Bramwell1929Selection
0056Glory to His NameBall, Eric1929Cornet Solo
0057Gems From Mendelssohn No 1Mendelssohn, Felix B arr. Hawkes, Frederick G1930Transcription
0058Old Wells, TheBall, Eric1930Air Varie
0059Good Fight, TheJakeway, Albert H1930Selection
0060Bless Our ArmyBroughton, William F (Sr)1930Festival March
0061Haydn No 2Haydn, Joseph arr. Hawkes, Frederick G1930Transcription
0062HorburyMarshall, George1930Meditation
0063O Thou That Tellest to ZionHandel, Georg F arr. Hawkes, Frederick G1930Transcription
0064Fling Wide the GatesLeidzén, Erik1930Festival March
0065RejoiceMarshall, George1931Selection
0066Even MeFristrup, Kristian M1931Meditation
0067King of KingsBall, Eric1931Selection
0068-1Sound an AlarmHandel, Georg F arr. Hawkes, Frederick G1931Trombone Solo
0068-2Honour and ArmsHandel, Georg F arr. Hawkes, Frederick G1931Euphonium Solo
0069Rock of AgesColes, Bramwell1931Meditation
0070Hardy NorsemanMountain, Herbert A1931Air Varie
0071Behold the ManMarshall, George1931Selection
0072Long Long AgoScotney, Harold1931Cornet Solo
0073Gems From St PaulMendelssohn, Felix B arr. Hawkes, Frederick G1932Transcription
0074Hallelujah to the LambJakeway, Albert H1932Meditation
0075Good Old ArmyColes, Bramwell1932Air Varie
0076Canadian, TheMerritt, James1932Festival March
0077MemoriesMarshall, George1932Selection
0078Faith of Our FathersBroughton, William F (Sr)1932Meditation
0079ScotlandHill, Edward H1932Selection
0080-1Cleansing Stream, TheLeidzén, Erik1932Soprano & Cornet Duet
0080-2Only JesusLeidzén, Erik1932Horn Duet
0081Praise and ExaltationBall, Eric1933Selection
0082Go Bury Thy SorrowBroughton, William F (Sr)1933Meditation
0083Mighty FaithJakeway, Albert H1933Selection
0084TuckerLeidzén, Erik1933Cornet Solo
0085Salvation Soldier, TheCatelinet, Philip B1933Selection
0086Little Ship, TheMountain, Herbert A1933Air Varie
0087Christmas Reverie (Sl)Merritt, James1933Christmas
0088Wondrous LoveTwitchin, Herbert W1933Cornet Solo
0089Great Physician, TheJakeway, Albert H1934Selection
0090Moments With TchaikovskyTchaikovsky, Piotr Ilyitch arr. Coles, Bramwell1934Selection
0091Old Home, TheScotney, Harold1934Selection
0092Never-Failing Friend, ALeidzén, Erik1934Trombone Solo
0093Great and GloriousMarshall, George1934Selection
0094Santa LuciaBroughton, William F (Sr)1934Meditation
0095RecollectionsCatelinet, Philip B1934Selection
0096Sure FoundationSmith, Ernest A1934Festival March
0097Joy Freedom PeaceJakeway, Albert H1935Selection
0098Savior's Name, TheLeidzén, Erik1935Selection
0099Happy ComradesScotney, Harold1935Trombone Ensemble
0100UnitedBroughton, William F (Sr)1935Cornet Solo
0101Joy and GladnessMarshall, George1935Selection
0102Echoes From the HillsMountain, Herbert A1935Selection
0103British MelodiesGullidge, Arthur W 1935Selection
0104Always CheerfulJakeway, Albert H1935Cornet Duet
0105Blood and Fire Flag, TheJakeway, Albert H1936Selection
0106On the Way HomeLeidzén, Erik1936Selection
0107Thoughts DivineGullidge, Arthur W 1936Selection
0108You Must Be a Lover of the LordBroughton, William F (Sr)1936Cornet Duet
0109Begone Unbelief My SaviorJakeway, Albert H1936Meditation
0110Best Friend, TheDockerill, Fred, J1936Cornet Solo
0111My TestimonyCatelinet, Philip B1936Selection
0112Love at HomeMountain, Herbert A1936Air Varie
0113Streams In the DesertBooth, Evangeline arr. Ball, Eric1937Tone Poem
0114Songs of the MorningBall, Eric1937Suite
0115Sunbeam, ACatelinet, Philip B1937Air Varie
0116Wonderful JoyJakeway, Albert H1937Trombone Solo
0117ExodusBall, Eric1937Tone Poem
0118LiberationMarshall, George1937Air Varie
0119Scandinavian SongsColes, Bramwell1937Selection
0120Sound the Battle CryBroughton, William F (Sr)1937Trombone Solo
0121Cross, TheLeidzén, Erik1938Selection
0122Army On Parade, TheMountain, Herbert A1938Selection
0123Ash Grove, TheJakeway, Albert H1938Air Varie
0124Warrior, TheCatelinet, Philip B1938Euphonium Solo
0125ComradesJakeway, Albert H1938Trombone Duet
0126Saint PeterCatelinet, Philip B1938Meditation
0127In the Master's FootstepsColes, Bramwell1938Selection
0128-1With Verdure CladHaydn, Joseph arr. Ball, Eric1938Cornet Solo
0128-2Warrior's Sanctuary, TheSchumann, Robert arr. Ball, Eric1938Transcription
0129Sweet and LowMarshall, George1939Meditation
0130Triumph of Peace, TheBall, Eric1939Tone Poem
0131Gems From GounodGounod, Charles arr. Jakeway, Albert H1939Transcription
0132Happy SongGreig, Cecile J1939Cornet Solo
0133Stand Like the BraveKirk, Harry1939Air Varie
0134Coming to ChristMountain, Herbert A1939Suite
0135British Melodies No 2Gullidge, Arthur W 1939Selection
0136Song of the Brother, TheLeidzén, Erik1939Euphonium Solo
0137Unfinished SymphonySchubert, Franz arr. Marshall, George1946Transcription
0138Israel's ShepherdKitching, Wilfred1946Meditation
0139Stand by the FlagColes, Bramwell1946Selection
0140MemoriesAllan, John, J1946Cornet Solo
0141Where Duty CallsJakeway, Albert H1947Tone Poem
0142Voice of the HeartRance, Ernest1947Suite
0143Divine Pursuit, TheColes, Bramwell1947Tone Poem
0144Heralds, TheCatelinet, Philip B1947Cornet Trio
0145Armee Du SalutMountain, Herbert A1947Festival March
0146Bethlehem Story, the (Su)Steadman-Allen, Ray1947Christmas
0147Valiant Heart, TheCatelinet, Philip B1947Air Varie
0148Happy All the DayLeidzén, Erik1947Cornet Solo
0149-1Palms, TheFauré, Gabriel arr. Marshall, George1948Trombone Solo
0149-2What a FriendHolz, Richard, (Sr)1948Cornet Trio
0150To Realms AboveJakeway, Albert H1948Suite
0151When They Crucified My LordSteadman-Allen, Ray1948Tone Poem
0152RansomedMarshall, George1948Euphonium Solo
0153-1Let Praise Fill the SkiesArne, Thomas arr. Catelinet, Philip B1948Cornet Solo
0153-2Morning-TidePurcell, H arr. Catelinet, Philip B1948Cornet Solo
0154Moments With the MastersColes, Bramwell1948Transcription
0155Naaman the LeperMountain, Herbert A1948Tone Poem
0156An Irish MelodyAudoire, Norman J1948Soprano Solo
0157Swedish Festival MarchBlomberg, Gunnar1949Festival March
0158Crusade of YouthCatelinet, Philip B1949Suite
0159Joyful ExperienceDockerill, Fred, J1949Suite
0160JubilateGullidge, Arthur W 1949Cornet Solo
0161Good CheerJakeway, Albert H1949Selection
0162Portraits From St Paul'sColes, Bramwell1949Suite
0163PraiseHeaton, Wilfred1949Festival March
0164-1AllelujaMozart, Wolfgang, A arr. Marshall, George1949Cornet Solo
0164-2Pilgrim Prayer, ATchaikovsky, Piotr Ilyitch arr. Steadman-Allen, Ray1949Trombone Solo
0165Gems From BeethovenBeethoven, Ludwig Van arr. Jakeway, Albert H1950Transcription
0166RichmondLeidzén, Erik1950Meditation
0167My TreasureHeaton, Wilfred1950Selection
0168Heavenly GalesLangworthy, Bert T1950Cornet Solo
0169Where Flowers Never FadeLeidzén, Erik1950Meditation
0170Heroes of the FaithSkinner, Charles1950Tone Poem
0171HosannaMountain, Herbert A1950Trombone Solo
0172Joyful WitnessCatelinet, Philip B1950Suite
0173CrusadersGoffin, Dean1951Festival March
0174Treasures From TchaikovskyTchaikovsky, Piotr Ilyitch arr. Coles, Bramwell1951Selection
0175HallelujahJakeway, Albert H1951Euphonium Solo
0176Let Songs AboundSkinner, Charles1951Suite
0177ThanksgivingJakeway, Albert H1951Tone Poem
0178Swedish MelodiesBlomberg, Gunnar1951Selection
0179Veteran's Recollections, ACatelinet, Philip B1951Selection
0180Rejoice Greatly O Daughter OfHandel, Georg F arr. Marshall, George1951Cornet Solo
0181Following the FlagLeidzén, Erik1952Festival March
0182Divine CompensationRance, Ernest1952Tone Poem
0183Young In HeartSteadman-Allen, Ray1952Selection
0184-1Trumpet VoluntaryPurcell, H arr. Jakeway, Albert H1952Cornet Solo
0184-2RedemptionCatelinet, Philip B1952Hymn/Song Setting
0185SupplicationJakeway, Albert H1952Selection
0186CovenantKippax, M1952Meditation
0187Symphony of ThanksgivingGoffin, Dean1952Tone Poem
0188Eternal Quest, TheSteadman-Allen, Ray1952Trombone Solo
0189CommemorationCatelinet, Philip B1953Tone Poem
0190Emmaus JourneySteadman-Allen, Ray1953Meditation
0191Triumphant FaithDitmer, Stanley1953Suite
0192In Shining ArmourMountain, Herbert A1953Trombone Duet
0193BeethovenSteadman-Allen, Ray1953Hymn/Song Setting
0194Stories of GalileeMountain, Herbert A1953Suite
0195Trumpet Concerto HaydnHaydn, Joseph arr. Steadman-Allen, Ray1953Cornet Solo
0196-1Polonaise In AChopin, Frédéric arr. Jakeway, Albert H1953Transcription
0196-2Melody In A-FlatBrahms, Johannes arr. Jakeway, Albert H1953Transcription
0197Come Let Us SingMendelssohn, Felix B arr. Marshall, George1954Transcription
0198Go Down MosesSteadman-Allen, Ray1954Air Varie
0199AberystwythKenyon, Michael1954Meditation
0200All Round the WorldSöderström, Emil1954Air Varie
0201Ransomed Host, TheSteadman-Allen, Ray1954Euphonium Solo
0202Vision SplendidJakeway, Albert H1954Tone Poem
0203SanctuaryBall, Eric1954Meditation
0204Wonderful WordsHeaton, Wilfred1954Cornet Duet
0205Uplifted BannerJakeway, Albert H1955Air Varie
0206Symbols of ServiceRance, Ernest1955Suite
0207Singing Heart, TheInglis, Frank G1955Festival March
0208Brighter DaysLeidzén, Erik1955Soprano & Cornet Duet
0209Prelude On Three Welsh HymnsVaughn Williams, Ralph 1955Prelude
0210Eine Kleine Nachtmusik 1 & 4Mozart, Wolfgang, A arr. Jakeway, Albert H1955Transcription
0211Concertino for Band & TromboneLeidzén, Erik1955Trombone Solo
0212Youth's AdventureSteadman-Allen, Ray1955Festival March
0213Souvenier of SongJakeway, Albert H1956Selection
0214Melodies of SchubertSchubert, Franz arr. Steadman-Allen, Ray1956Selection
0215Glorious ProspectCatelinet, Philip B1956Air Varie
0216Wondrous DayLeidzén, Erik1956Cornet Solo
0217Walk In the LightSteadman-Allen, Ray1956Air Varie
0218Glory HallelujahCatelinet, Philip B1956Festival Arrangement
0219Sovereign LoveKenyon, Michael1956Suite
0220-1Lend Me Your AidGounod, Charles arr. Marshall, George1956Trombone Solo
0220-2All Through the NightDove, Charles1956Cornet Solo
0221Eine Kleine Nachtmusik 2 & 3Mozart, Wolfgang, A arr. Jakeway, Albert H1957Transcription
0222Lord of the SeaSteadman-Allen, Ray1957Suite
0223Army of SalvationHaydon, Claude arr. Goffin, Dean1957Festival March
0224Challenge of the FightWalker, Alan1957Suite
0225Negro SpiritualsJakeway, Albert H1957Selection
0226Via DolorosaSteadman-Allen, Ray1957Meditation
0227FreedomKenyon, Michael1957Festival March
0228My Light and SongKjellgren, Gustav1957Euphonium Solo
0229Garment of PraiseJakeway, Albert H1958Suite
0230Arise My Soul AriseGoffin, Dean1958Prelude & Fugue
0231Southland MemoriesSöderström, Emil1958Selection
0232Golden Cord, TheBabb, Michael1958Suite
0233On Active ServiceSteadman-Allen, Ray1958Selection
0234Gems From Great MastersJakeway, Albert H arr. Jakeway, Albert H1958Selection
0235Marching Joyfully OnwardCamsey, Terry1958Festival March
0236-1O Disclose Thy Lovely FaceLeidzén, Erik1958Meditation
0236-2My Mother Bids Me BindHaydn, Joseph arr. Marshall, George1958Trombone Solo
0237VictorySteadman-Allen, Ray1959Suite
0238I Know a FountRive, Thomas1959Air Varie
0239King's Crusader, TheBowes, Ray1959Suite
0240TriumphWalker, Alan1959Cornet Solo
0241Swedish JubileeBlomberg, Gunnar1959Festival March
0242Children's Friend, TheLeidzén, Erik1959Selection
0243-1Passing Years, TheCook, Kenneth1959Trombone Solo
0243-2Seeking for TheeSchubert, Franz arr. Steadman-Allen, Ray1959Transcription
0244Festive Season, TheCalvert, Morley F1959Suite
0245Homage MarchGrieg, Edvard arr. Skinner, Charles1960Transcription
0246Prelude On RandolphSteadman-Allen, Ray1960Prelude
0247Mong Norway's MountainsSöderström, Emil1960Selection
0248Grateful PraiseKenyon, Michael1960Cornet Trio
0249Songs of the SeasonsCook, Kenneth1960Suite
0250Room In My HeartMcfarlane, Neville1960Meditation
0251Old Rustic Bridge, TheLeidzén, Erik1960Horn Solo
0252-1Little Ship, TheCamsey, Terry1960Festival March
0252-2If Thou Be NearBach, Johann S arr. Steadman-Allen, Ray1960Transcription
0253Universal MessageCondon, Leslie1961Festival March
0254Italian SymphonyMendelssohn, Felix B arr. Goffin, Dean1961Transcription
0255CarlisleBabb, Michael1961Air Varie
0256NimrodElgar, Edward arr. Goffin, Dean1961Transcription
0257Steadily OnwardLeidzén, Erik1961Festival March
0258Song of CourageBall, Eric1961Tone Poem
0259Marche MilitaireSchubert, Franz arr. Skinner, Charles1961Festival March
0260Living Word, TheColes, Bramwell1961Suite
0261From Age to AgeKenyon, Michael1962Suite
0262None Other NameLeidzén, Erik1962Selection
0263PraiseTremain, Ronald arr. Steadman-Allen, Ray1962Transcription
0264Celestial MornCondon, Leslie1962Bass Solo
0265Old English MelodiesBabb, Michael1962Selection
0266Songs In the HeartLeidzén, Erik1962Cornet Solo
0267Song of IsraelSöderström, Emil1962Tone Poem
0268Gems From WeberWeber, C M arr. Kenyon, Michael1962Transcription
0269Lord Above AllRawlins, George1963Selection
0270My Strength My TowerGoffin, Dean1963Air Varie
0271Sheep May Safely GraceBach, Johann S arr. Kenyon, Michael1963Prelude
0272Winnipeg Citadel JubileeCatelinet, Philip B1963Festival March
0273Kingdom Triumphant, TheBall, Eric1963Tone Poem
0274New World SymphonyDvorak, Antonin arr. Steadman-Allen, Ray1963Transcription
0275Last Spring, TheGrieg, Edvard arr. Steadman-Allen, Ray1963Transcription
0276Royal Fireworks MusicHandel, Georg F arr. Skinner, Charles1963Double Quartet
0277Temple VisionCondon, Leslie1964Tone Poem
0278Good NewsBall, Eric1964Selection
0279Valiant In FightRive, Thomas1964Festival March
0280-1My Story and SongFoster, Stephen arr. Steadman-Allen, Ray1964Trombone Solo
0280-2Shepherd of IsraelMountain, Herbert A1964Horn Solo
0281Never Give UpBall, Eric1964Double Quartet
0282Melodies of DvorakDvorak, Antonin arr. Steadman-Allen, Ray1964Transcription
0283Low In the Grave He LaySöderström, Emil1964Hymn/Song Setting
0284Solveig's SongGrieg, Edvard arr. Steadman-Allen, Ray1964Flugel Solo
0285Easter GloryCondon, Leslie1965Suite
0286Cenntenial ReviewBall, Eric1965Selection
0287Joy of the SoldierKirk, Harry1965Festival March
0288VictoriousGoffin, Dean1965Cornet Solo
0289Give to Jesus GloryRawlins, George1965Festival Arrangement
0290His Praise Forth TellKenyon, Michael1965Suite
0291Our HeritageCatelinet, Philip B1965Rhapsody
0292Conqueror, TheSteadman-Allen, Ray1965Euphonium Solo
0293Crown of GoldBowes, Ray1966Suite
0294Call of the Righteous, TheCondon, Leslie1966Festival Arrangement
0295O God Our HelpSöderström, Emil1966Festival Arrangement
0296World for God, TheSilfverberg, Erik1966Suite
0297Our Eternal HomeKenyon, Michael1966Selection
0298Holy War, TheSteadman-Allen, Ray1966Tone Poem
0299Death of Åse, TheGrieg, Edvard arr. Steadman-Allen, Ray1966Transcription
0300Joyous CarillonBearcroft, Norman1966Double Trio
0301Before the AltarBabb, Michael1967Tone Poem
0302ResurgamBall, Eric1967Tone Poem
0303Determined to ConquerBowen, Brian1967Festival March
0304Fairest IslePurcell, H arr. Steadman-Allen, Ray1967Cornet Solo
0305My Comforth and StrengthBowen, Brian1967Meditation
0306Mozart Suite, AMozart, Wolfgang, A arr. Kenyon, Michael1967Suite
0307Altar of PraiseBoon, Brindley1967Tone Poem
0308Rhapsody On Nergro SpiritualsSteadman-Allen, Ray1967Cornet Solo
0309Pilgrim Song, TheRive, Thomas1968Air Varie
0310In Glad AdorationSkinner, Charles1968Suite
0311CelebrationCondon, Leslie1968Festival March
0312Where Glory DwellethGoffin, Dean1968Meditation
0313King's Minstrel, TheSteadman-Allen, Ray1968Suite
0314Eternal Presence, TheBall, Eric1968Suite
0315March of the HoursSöderström, Emil1968Festival March
0316Song of TriumphBowes, Ray1968Euphonium Solo
0317Jubilant FaithBowes, Ray1969Selection
0318Voice of Mercy, TheSteadman-Allen, Ray1969Selection
0319-1Andante CantabileTchaikovsky, Piotr Ilyitch arr. Steadman-Allen, Ray1969Transcription
0319-2My Master's WillHeaton, Wilfred1969Meditation
0320Song of ExuberanceCondon, Leslie1969Trombone Solo
0321Norwegian Suite, ASilfverberg, Erik1969Suite
0322Toward the Golden ShoreSteadman-Allen, Ray1969Selection
0323King's Command, TheRive, Herbert1969Festival March
0324Clear SkiesBall, Eric1969Cornet Solo
0325More Than ConquerorsBall, Eric1970Selection
0326Fifth SymphonySchubert, Franz arr. Bowen, Brian1970Transcription
0327New-Born Babe, the (Pr)Broughton, Bruce1970Christmas
0328Thine AloneCurnow, James1970Horn Ensemble
0329Unto the HillsKenyon, Michael1970Tone Poem
0330Trumpet Concerto HummelHummel, Johann Nepomuk arr. Post, Vernon1970Cornet Solo
0331Canadian Folk Song SuiteCalvert, Morley F1970Suite
0332PastoraleMowat, Christopher1970Prelude
0333Dawn of Victory, TheKirk, Harry1971Selection
0334Melodies of GriegGrieg, Edvard arr. Steadman-Allen, Ray1971Selection
0335Witness, TheHimes, William1971Festival March
0336Swiss MelodiesBall, Eric1971Horn Solo
0337Joy-Bringer, TheDownie, Kenneth1971Festival March
0338Happy Saved and FreeKey, Jack V1971Suite
0339Wondrous TruthBrevik, Tom1971Double Quartet
0340Magic Flute, TheMozart, Wolfgang, A arr. Kenyon, Michael1971Overture
0341Lift Up Your HeartGoffin, Dean1972Air Varie
0342Present Age, TheCondon, Leslie1972Tone Poem
0343My Christ is All In AllHimes, William1972Euphonium Solo
0344Pledge for ServiceBall, Eric1972Festival March
0345Good Old ArmyBroughton, Bruce1972Festival Arrangement
0346Songs of Peace and WarSteadman-Allen, Ray1972Selection
0347Message of Christmas, TheHimes, William1972Selection
0348Sing Glory HallelujahMarshall, George arr. Rive, Thomas1972Soprano Solo
0349Finnish Suite, ARedhead, Robert1973Suite
0350Youthful RecollectionsCatelinet, Philip B1973Selection
0351Piano Concerto 2nd MouvementGrieg, Edvard arr. Steadman-Allen, Ray1973Transcription
0352Pathway, TheBowes, Ray1973Euphonium Solo
0353Southern Cross, TheBowen, Brian1973Festival March
0354Oh the Blessed LordHeaton, Wilfred1973Festival Arrangement
0355Notturno ReligiosoLeidzén, Erik1973Hymn/Song Setting
0356Songs of PraiseCurnow, James1973Suite
0357Suppliant Heart, TheBowen, Brian1974Meditation
0358Warrior Psalm, TheSteadman-Allen, Ray1974Tone Poem
0359Swan, TheSaint-Saëns, Camille arr. Steadman-Allen, Ray1974Trombone Solo
0360Just Like JohnBearcroft, Norman1974Festival Arrangement
0361I Saw Three ShipsBowen, Brian1974Christmas
0362Jesus FolkSteadman-Allen, Ray1974Selection
0363EllersGetz, Robert1974Prelude
0364Life's PageantCamsey, Terry1974Cornet Solo
0365New FrontierHimes, William1975Selection
0366High Council, TheSteadman-Allen, Ray1975Festival March
0367Children's Song, TheSchramm, Robert1975Festival Arrangement
0368Great Physician, TheBright, Dudley1975Hymn/Song Setting
0369On ParadeHerikstad, Eiliv1975Festival March
0370We are an ArmyRedhead, Robert1975Selection
0371Radiant PathwayCondon, Leslie1975Bass Duet
0372Thou Must Leave Thy LowlyBerlioz, Hector arr. Steadman-Allen, Ray1975Transcription
0373Happy In the FightSteadman-Allen, Ray1976Cornet Duet
0374Marche Militaire FrancaisSaint-Saëns, Camille arr. Kenyon, Michael1976Festival March
0375Towards the VictoryDownie, Kenneth1976Prelude & Fugue
0376Word of Grace, TheBearcroft, Norman1976Trombone Solo
0377Shout SalvationRedhead, Robert1976Suite
0378Song of the EternalCondon, Leslie1976Tone Poem
0379Symph Rhapsody for EuphoniumGregson, Edward1976Euphonium Solo
0380Victory for MeHeaton, Wilfred1977Festival Arrangement
0381Challenge and ResponseBall, Eric1977Rhapsody
0382I Was GladGriffin, Keith1977Transcription
0383Concert Piece for TromboneGuilmant, Félix-Alexandre arr. Steadman-Allen, Ray1977Trombone Solo
0384On the RoadDavies, Howard1977Suite
0385Faith is the VictoryCurnow, James1977Festival March
0386How Charming is Thy NameRedhead, Robert1977Meditation
0387Victors, TheBroughton, Bruce1977Cornet Trio
0388Saints of GodCurnow, James1978Festival Arrangement
0389Balm In GileadOsgood, Donald1978Hymn/Song Setting
0390Trough the Blood of LambDownie, Kenneth1978Rhapsody
0391SpiritSteadman-Allen, Ray1978Selection
0392Swiss Rhapsody for FlugelhornCondon, Leslie1978Flugel Solo
0393Variations On Laudate DominumGregson, Edward1978Air Varie
0394Endless SongKenyon, Michael1978Festival Arrangement
0395Near the CrossBright, Dudley1978Hymn/Song Setting
0396Call to Arms, TheCurnow, James1979Selection
0397LogosSteadman-Allen, Ray1979Tone Poem
0398Home On the RangeLeidzén, Erik1979Euphonium Solo
0399Songs of ChildhoodCatherwood, David1979Suite
0400Variations and Fugue On RachieKenyon, Michael1979Air Varie
0401Sound of the Gospel, TheRedhead, Robert1979Festival March
0402Golden SlippersBearcroft, Norman1979Cornet Solo
0403Hope VariationsBowen, Brian1980Air Varie
0404Marching Through the YearsBearcroft, Norman1980Festival March
0405Till Victory's WonCamsey, Terry1980Suite
0406Chalk Farm No. 2Gregson, Edward1980Festival March
0407Psalm of Praise, ACurnow, James1980Tone Poem
0408King's Trumpeters, TheBearcroft, Norman1980Cornet Ensemble
0409Concertino for TromboneDavid, Ferdinand, E arr. Condon, Leslie1980Trombone Solo
0410-1Rhapsody for Cornet and BandBowes, Ray1981Cornet Solo
0410-2Panis AngelicusFranck, César arr. Bowen, Brian1981Trombone Solo
0411Prospect Before UsBall, Eric1981Rhapsody
0412NocturneBorodin, Alexander arr. Norbury, Kevin1981Transcription
0413Variations On Nicely SavedBroughton, Bruce1981Air Varie
0414MotivationHimes, William1981Festival March
0415Prodigal, TheBowes, Ray1981Tone Poem
0416Day of Wonders, ACurnow, James1981Cornet Ensemble
0417Battle Hymn of the RepublicSteadman-Allen, Ray1981Festival Arrangement
0418Better World, TheBearcroft, Norman1982Euphonium Solo
0419Faith RebornCondon, Leslie1982Tone Poem
0420Crimson Stream, TheBabb, Michael1982Soprano & Flugel Duet
0421-1Firing Line, TheBroughton, Bruce1982Festival Arrangement
0421-2Theme by BrahmsBrahms, Johannes arr. Bowen, Brian1982Transcription
0422-1Lowell AnniversaryBulla, Stephen1982Festival March
0422-2Med On Passion ChoraleCruft, Adrian1982Meditation
0423ConfrontationsBright, Dudley1982Tone Poem
0424Prelude to a New DayBowen, Brian1982Prelude
0425Lord's Command, TheCurnow, James1982Selection
0426Asburian, TheCurnow, James1983Festival March
0427So GladHimes, William1983Flugel Solo
0428Visionaries, TheBowes, Ray1983Tone Poem
0429Sound of Britain, TheBearcroft, Norman1983Suite
0430Ambassadors, TheGraham, Peter1983Festival March
0431Mighty DelivererSteadman-Allen, Ray1983Suite
0432Heritage of ServiceCondon, Leslie1983Festival Arrangement
0433Song of ExultationBearcroft, Norman1983Cornet Solo
0434Here They Come!Redhead, Robert1984Suite
0435Fisherman's WalkDownie, Kenneth1984Festival March
0436Days of RejoicingKey, Jack V1984Suite
0437Marche JoyeuseChabrier, E arr. Kenyon, Michael1984Festival March
0438To the Chief MusicianHimes, William1984Suite
0439FestivityCondon, Leslie1984Festival Arrangement
0440Salvation's SongGordon, William1984Festival March
0441Prayer Meeting, TheBroughton, Bruce1984Meditation
0442With Flying ColoursSteadman-Allen, Ray1985Festival March
0443Second Hungarian RhapsodyLiszt, Franz arr. Redhaed, Robert1985Rhapsody
0444DanielGott, Barrie1985Festival Arrangement
0445Jingle BellsBearcroft, Norman1985Festival Arrangement
0446MilestoneHimes, William1985Festival March
0447City of Three SpiresCondon, Leslie1985Suite
0448QuicksilverGraham, Peter1985Cornet Duet
0449Blood of the Lamb, TheSteadman-Allen, Ray1985Selection
0450Il Est Ne (He is Born)Norbury, Kevin1986Hymn/Song Setting
0451ElationDavis, Trevor1986Suite
0452Reflections In NatureRedhead, Robert1986Hymn/Song Setting
0453Elsa's Procession to the CatheWagner, Richard arr. Himes, William1986Transcription
0454BritanniaSmith, Kenneth1986Festival March
0455Romans 8 - a Brass CelebrationSteadman-Allen, Ray1986Bible Picture
0456Ransomed Army, TheNorbury, Kevin1987Festival March
0457To Serve and to SaveBright, Dudley1987Tone Poem
0458Invincibles, TheBowes, Ray1987Festival March
0459CovenantBroughton, Bruce1987Festival Arrangement
0460Bells of Heaven, TheBearcroft, Norman1987Double Quartet
0461St FrancisHimes, William1987Fanfare
0462Light-WalkGott, Barrie1988Festival Arrangement
0463Great Salvation War, TheCurnow, James1988Tone Poem
0464FanfareGriffin, Keith1988Fanfare
0465Guardian, TheGraham, Peter1988Flugel Solo
0466Fantasia On "Lobe Den Herren"Ball, Eric1988Festival Arrangement
0467CrossroadsBulla, Stephen1988Cornet Solo
0468ValiantBroadstock, Brenton1989Festival March
0469Procession of NoblesKorsakov, Rimsky arr. Curnow, James1989Fanfare
0470Shall We Gather ?Ballantine, Leonard1989Festival Arrangement
0471To Know TheeHimes, William1989Meditation
0472Gospel Train, TheBowen, Brian1989Festival Arrangement
0473Princethorpe VariationsDownie, Kenneth1989Variations
0474Appian WayRespighi, O arr. Graham, Peter1989Festival Arrangement
0475Glorious VentureBowes, Ray1989Instrumental Trio
0476We Have an AnchorBurgmayer, Harold1990Festival Arrangement
0477Little Russian, TheTchaikovsky, Piotr Ilyitch arr. Gordon, William1990Excerpts
0478Harbour LightBearcroft, Norman1990Euphonium Solo
0479Proclamation of Christmas, TheBulla, Stephen1990Overture
0480South Bank, TheSteadman-Allen, Ray1990Festival March
0481Celestial ProspectHeaton, Wilfred1990Variations
0482Challenge, TheBall, Eric1990Cornet Solo
0483Christ is Alive!Downie, Kenneth1990Overture
0484Meeting, TheGraham, Peter1991Overture
0485Pastoral Symphony, ARedhead, Robert1991Symphony
0486Gymnopedie (No 1)Satie, E arr. Bowen, Brian1991Transcription
0487Concert EtudeGoedicke, Alexander arr. Broughton, William, (Jr)1991Cornet Solo
0488Let There Be PraiseTunney, Dick & Melodie arr. Gott, Barrie1991Festival Arrangement
0489Variations On "Terra Beata"Curnow, James1991Variations
0490Concertino for Horn (Op.45)Weber, C M arr. Kenyon, Michael1991Horn Solo
0491Glory Be!Broughton, William (Jr)1992Trombone Quartet
0492MajestyDownie, Kenneth1992Festival Arrangement
0493O Thou Who Camest From AboveBabb, Michael1992Rhapsody
0494Are You Joyful?Bright, Dudley1992Festival Arrangement
0495Etobican, TheBallantine, Leonard1992Festival March
0496BlazonGraham, Peter1992Festival Arrangement
0497I'll Not Turn BackBosanko, Ivor1992Euphonium & Cornet Duet
0498Mercy's LightHeaton, Wilfred1992Festival Arrangement
0499ExcelsiorBright, Dudley1993Overture
0500Festive OvertureShostakovich, D arr. Gott, Barrie1993Overture
0501He Died of a Broken HeartSteadman-Allen, Ray1993Trombone Solo
0502StarlightsEvans, Howard, (Uk)1993Cornet Trio
0503Fanfare and CelebrationBowen, Brian1993Fanfare
0504Songs of NewfoundlandBearcroft, Norman1993Suite
0505LlafairGordon, William1993Hymn/Song Setting
0506Sweet by and ByBallantine, Leonard1993Flugel Solo
0507JubilanceHimes, William1994Cornet Solo
0508Music of ThanksgivingDownie, Kenneth1994Festival Arrangement
0509Fanfare of Praise, ARedhead, Robert1994Fanfare
0510Coronation MarchTchaikovsky, Piotr Ilyitch arr. Norbury, Kevin1994Festival March
0511United In ChristDavis, Trevor1994Festival March
0512Folk DancesShostakovich, D arr. Hanson, Torgny1994Classical
0513Abram's PraiseBallantine, Leonard1994Festival Arrangement
0514Salute to the GeneralRedhead, Robert1994Festival Arrangement
0515Day of JubileeBearcroft, Norman1995Festival March
0516Pavilions of PraiseSteadman-Allen, Ray1995Festival Arrangement
0517Higher Plane, TheBulla, Stephen1995Soprano Solo
0518Since JesusBallantine, Leonard1995Festival Arrangement
0519Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual SongsCurnow, James1995Selection
0520Corpus ChristiRedhead, Robert1995Festival Arrangement
0521Flower Duet, TheDelibes, L arr. Bearcroft, Norman1995Cornet Duet
0522Great is the LordGordon, William1995Selection
0523Make His Praise GloriousWolaver, Bill arr. Gordon, William1996Festival Arrangement
0524Elegiac VariationsEvans, Howard, (Uk)1996Variations
0525Finale From "William Tell" OvertureRossini, Gioacchino arr. Goffin, Dean1996Classical
0526Praise Him!Bulla, Stephen1996Prelude
0527Fanfare, Hymn and ThanksgivingBright, Dudley1996Fanfare
0528Music for a Joyful OccasionDownie, Kenneth1996Festival Arrangement
0529Excerpt From 'Swan Lake' Act 1Tchaikovsky, Piotr Ilyitch arr. Davis, Trevor1996Classical
0530Gospel JamboreeCamsey, Terry1996Festival Arrangement
0531St DenioAyma, David1997Prelude
0532Variations On "Maccabeus"Norbury, Kevin1997Variations
0533Into the FutureDownie, Kenneth1997Prelude
0534Joyous SongPhillips, Richard1997Cornet Solo
0535Dance of the ComediansSmetana, B arr. Rayner, Iain1997Transcription
0536Pilgrims, TheDownie, Kenneth1997Tone Poem
0537AubadeNorbury, Kevin1997Meditation
0538Glorious LiberationBosanko, Ivor1997Euphonium Solo
0539Shine DownBlyth, Andrew1998Festival Arrangement
0540Partita On 'St. Theodulph'Norbury, Kevin1998Festival Arrangement
0541Strike for VictoryBright, Dudley1998Double Quartet
0542Mission, TheSteadman-Allen, Ray1998Festival Arrangement
0543Choose FreedomDownie, Kenneth1998Festival March
0544Gaudete!Norbury, Kevin1998Festival Arrangement
0545Fantasy for Tromb. On SpritualsSteadman-Allen, Ray1998Trombone Solo
0546-1Pomp and Circumstance March No.2Elgar, Edward arr. Wright, James1998Festival March
0546-2Chanson De MatinElgar, Edward arr. Kendrick, Wesley1998Festival Arrangement
0547He is ExaltedRobinson, Ian arr. Cordner, Martin1999Hymn/Song Setting
0548Salem VariationsBowen, Brian1999Variations
0549My Unchanging FriendBosanko, Ivor1999Euphonium Solo
0550His Glory ProclaimRayner, Iain1999Prelude
0551Victory !Downie, Kenneth1999Festival Arrangement
0552JoshuaSilfverberg, Erik1999Tone Poem
0553ReflectionBearcroft, Norman1999Suite
0554Folk FestivalShostakovich, D arr. Cordner, Martin1999Trombone & Cornet Duet
0555Music of Thy Name, TheHogg, Brian2000Festival Arrangement
0556RenaissanceGraham, Peter2000Festival Arrangement
0557Laudes DominiGordon, William2000Fanfare
0558Do, Lord!Mackereth, Andrew2000Hymn/Song Setting
0559New DirectionAyma, David2000Festival March
0560Battle SongSteadman-Allen, Ray2000Festival Arrangement
0561Father's Blessing, TheDownie, Kenneth2000Hymn/Song Setting
0562Fiesta!Graham, Peter2000Trombone Solo
0563Great Celebration! TheBlyth, Andrew2001Fanfare
0564Millennium FlourishesMackereth, Andrew2001Festival Arrangement
0565Procession to CovenantHimes, William2001Festival Arrangement
0566FarandoleBizet, Georges arr. Phillips, Richard2001Classical
0567Go Down, MosesBallantine, Leonard2001Festival Arrangement
0568ParakletosRedhead, Robert2001Festival Arrangement
0569Prelude On 'Tallis'Graham, Peter2001Prelude
0570LocomotionBearcroft, Norman2001Euphonium Solo
0571Proclaimers, TheNorbury, Kevin2002Festival March
0572Standard BearersMackereth, Andrew2002Festival Arrangement
0573Walk With MeSteadman-Allen, Ray2002Trombone Solo
0574Exultate!Downie, Kenneth2002Festival Arrangement
0575Celebration OvertureCordner, Martin2002Overture
0576CapriccioBowen, Brian2002Festival Arrangement
0577TambourinGossec, Francois-Joseph arr. Davies, Howard2002Soprano Solo
0578In This Quiet MomentBosanko, Ivor2002Festival Arrangement
0579Celebrate!Gary, Oliver arr. Mackereth, Andrew2003Hymn/Song Setting
0580Rejoice, the Lord is KingDownie, Kenneth2003Hymn/Song Setting
0581Great Adventure, TheBearcroft, Norman2003Euphonium Solo
0582Montclair CitadelBulla, Stephen2003Festival March
0583Last Amen, TheGraham, Peter2003Selection
0584Where I AmDavis, Trevor2003Cornet Solo
0585Les Toreadors From Carmen No.1Bizet, Georges arr. Manners, Keith2003Suite
0586CrossbearersCordner, Martin2004Festival March
0587MetamorphosisPhillips, Richard2004Festival Arrangement
0588Chassidic DanceEvans, Howard, (Uk)2004Festival Arrangement
0589Festive PraiseDownie, Kenneth2004Horn Solo
0590Great and Mighty Wonder, ADownie, Kenneth2004Selection
0591CredoBarry, Lorne2004Selection
0592Lamb, TheKenyon, Michael2004Trombone Solo
0593Trust In the LordJohnson, Tim & La Donna arr. Rayner, Iain2004Hymn/Song Setting
0594Sweetest NameCordner, Martin2005Festival Arrangement
0595Glorifico AeternumJones, Dean2005Festival Arrangement
0596Sursum CordaBowen, Brian2005Festival Arrangement
0597Comfort My PeopleRedhead, Robert2005Euphonium Solo
0598Fanfare and FlourishesCordner, Martin2005Fanfare
0599TrinityBarry, Lorne2005Festival Arrangement
0600Covenant WorshipBallantine, Leonard2005Festival Arrangement

Judd Street Collection (2006 - 2014)

0601On Ratcliff HighwaySteadman-Allen, Ray2006Festival Arrangement
0602QuintessenceRedhead, Robert2006Festival Arrangement
0603Spirit of the PioneersDownie, Kenneth2006Festival Arrangement
0604MagnificatMackereth, Andrew2006Festival Arrangement
0605TimepieceBearcroft, Norman2006Euphonium Duet
0606Swan Lake Act 1Tchaikovsky, Piotr Ilyitch arr. Davis, Trevor2006Transcription
0607Rhapsody On a Theme by PurcellPurcell, Henry arr. Norbury, Kevin2006Rhapsody
0608Beulah LandHeaton, Wilfred arr. Hindmarsh, Paul2006Festival Arrangement
0609Canaan's LandGraham, Peter2006Euphonium Solo
0610Now is the HourSteadman-Allen, Ray2006Cornet Solo
0611Travelling AlongMallett, Chris2006Cornet Solo
0612EuphonyRedhead, Robert2006Euphonium Solo
0613Praise to the LordMackereth, Andrew2007Variations
0614I Wonder As I WanderBlyth, Andrew2007Christmas
0615Saints On ParadeNorbury, Kevin2007Festival Arrangement
0616Isaiah 40Redhead, Robert2007Festival Arrangement
0617Praise TributeDownie, Kenneth2007Festival March
0618His Eye is On the SparrowBallantine, Leonard2007Horn Solo
0619KergygmaPonsford, Steven2007Festival Arrangement
0620Lord of Sea and SkyCordner, Martin2007Suite
0621Happy LandCamsey, Terry2007Cornet Solo
0622SupremacyJones, Dean2007Festival Arrangement
0623To Stand With Jesus In the MorningDownie, Kenneth2007Festival Arrangement
0624Everlasting PraiseSamuel, Nicholas J2008Festival Arrangement
0625To Win the WorldBulla, Stephen2008Double Trio
0626Wade In the WaterBallantine, Leonard2008Festival Arrangement
0627Candle of the LordWebb, Joy arr. Kenyon, Michael2008Hymn/Song Setting
0628King of HeavenDownie, Kenneth2008Hymn/Song Setting
0629Promised Land, TheDownie, Kenneth2008Variations
0630Visions of GerontiusDownie, Kenneth2008Festival Arrangement
0631Bleak Mid-WinterDownie, Kenneth2008Christmas
0632City of GodBowen, Brian2008Hymn/Song Setting
0633Cristo RedentorPonsford, Steven2008Festival Arrangement
0634Let Everything Praise!Cordner, Martin2008Hymn/Song Setting
0635Excerpts From Finale From Symphony No. 4Tchaikovsky, Piotr Ilyitch arr. Gordon, William2008Classical
0636Lyric VariationsSteadman-Allen, Ray2008Euphonium Solo
0637Laudate Dominum (Revised Version)Gregson, Edward2008Festival Arrangement
0638Shepherd's Farwell, TheBerlioz, Hector arr. Steadman-Allen, Ray2008Christmas
0639Christ - HymnRedhead, Robert2009Festival Arrangement
0640DaystarSteadman-Allen, Ray2009Festival Arrangement
0641Deep HarmonyPullin, Stuart2009Hymn/Song Setting
0642In Christ AlonePhillips, Richard2009Euphonium Solo
0643PaeanBright, Dudley2009Festival Arrangement
0644Before the Cross (Meditation for Cornet and Band)Gregson, Edward2009Cornet Solo
0645Covenanters, the (March Fantasy)Downie, Kenneth2009March
0646Flourish (Trumpet Solo)Sharman, Paul2009Cornet Solo
0647Turris FortissimaPonsford, Steven2009Festival Arrangement
0648Polovtsian Dances From "Prince Igor", TheBorodin, Alexander arr. Norbury, Kevin2009Classical
0649Lifestream (Quick March)Pearce, Ralph E2010March
0650Christus VictorDownie, Kenneth2010Festival Arrangement
0651Images of PraiseDownie, Kenneth2010Euphonium Solo
0652AlabanzaPonsford, Steven2010Cornet Feature
0653Come and Get SavedBroughton, Bruce2010Fantasy
0654Just Like HimCamsey, Terry2010Cornet Solo
0655Psalm of ThanksSharman, Paul2010Festival Arrangement
0656TrailblazersMackereth, Andrew2010Festival Arrangement
0657Variations On a Celestial ThemeDownie, Kenneth2011Variations
0658Battle ReadyTrigg, Roger2011Festival Arrangement
0659Just Like JuanLarsson, Kevin2011Festival Arrangement
0660Servants of GodPonsford, Steven2011Festival Arrangement
0661Cwm RhonddaBrooks, Noel2011Festival Arrangement
0662You Know That We Love You!Downie, Kenneth2011Trombone Feature
0663PurposeSharman, Paul2011Festival Arrangement
0664God UnconqueredMackereth, Andrew2012Festival Arrangement
0665Exultate DeoSharman, Paul2012Festival Arrangement
0666ImpactCordner, Martin, 2012Festival March
0667StarmakerSteadman-Allen, Ray2012Festival Arrangement
0668DeliberateMackereth, Andrew2012Festival March
0669Kings of SwingLarsson, Kevin2012Festival Arrangement
0670Celebrate and SingCordner, Martin2012Festival Arrangement
0671AtonementTrigg, Roger2013Festival Arrangement
0672Victor, TheDownie, Kenneth2013Festival March
0673They Shall Come From the EastLarsson, Kevin2013Festival Arrangement
0674Tunesmith OvertureBulla, Stephen2013Overture
0675FusionCordner, Martin2013Festival Arrangement
0676Joy Through the AgesEvans, Howard, (Uk)2013Festival Arrangement
0677TransformationDownie, Kenneth2013Festival Arrangement
0678Scottish Folk VariantsBulla, Stephen2014Euphonium Solo
0679Gathering, TheVenables, Marcus2014Festival Prelude
0680War CryGates, Dorothy2014Festival Arrangement
0681Jubilo, Jubilo! (Rejoice, Rejoice)Cordner, Martin2014Festival Arrangement
0682Dance MusicDownie, Kenneth2014Dance
0683Day of the Lord, ThePonsford, Steven2014Festival Arrangement
0684Escape VelocityCordner, Martin2014Festival Arrangement
0685Through the FairPascoe, Chelsea2014Flugel Solo
0686Cantique De Jean RacineFauré arr. Bearcroft, Norman2014Festival Arrangement

General Series (1883 - 2014)

0004Oh, I'm Glad I'm ReadySlater, Richard1883Favourite Hymn Tune
0011Precious Blood is Flowing O'er, TheSlater, Richard1884Favourite Hymn Tune
0024Friend Ever Faithful, ASlater, Richard, 1884Favourite Hymn Tune
0025Oh, the Waters of JordanSlater, Richard1884Favourite Hymn Tune
0026Wonderful Saviour is Jesus, ASlater, Richard1885Favourite Hymn Tune
0027My Sins are Under the BloodFry, Fred William1885Favourite Hymn Tune
0033I Am a SoldierDonizetti, D arr. Slater, Richard1885March
0038By the Blood My Saviour ShedSlater, Richard1886Favourite Hymn Tune
0039Jesus Stands and KnocksSlater, Richard1886Favourite Hymn Tune
0040Oh, 'Tis ComingSlater, Richard1886Favourite Hymn Tune
0041Jesus is Strong to DeliverBooth, Herbert1886Favourite Hymn Tune
0046When the Trumpet SoundsSlater, Richard1886Selection
0050When I Come to Death's Dark RiverSlater, Richard1886Selection
0052When the ChariotFry, Fred William1886Favourite Hymn Tune
0053-1Fully Trusting In the Battle's FrayOxley, J1886Selection
0053-2I'm Happy Day by DayOxley, J1886Selection
0054Marching OnFry, Fred William1887March
0058While He's WaitingSlater, Richard1887Favourite Hymn Tune
0061With Sword and ShieldFry, Fred William1887Selection
0062On the Cross His Life Did JesusSlater, Richard1887Selection
0063I'm Believing and ReceivingSlater, Richard1887Favourite Hymn Tune
0064Before I Got SalvationCollins, Gordon, C1887Selection
0065Light of the World is Jesus, TheKnight, Alec F1887Selection
0066Rolled AwaySlater, Richard1887Favourite Hymn Tune
0067To the Front (Victory for Me)Slater, Richard1887March
0068-1I Have a Saviour Who's MightySlater, Richard1887Favourite Hymn Tune
0068-2Jesus Has Redeemed MeRobinson, G P1887Selection
0069-1God is Near TheeSlater, Richard1887Meditation
0069-2I'll Stand for ChristFry, Fred William1887March
0070Saviour Chose a Lowly Place, TheSlater, Richard1887Selection
0071Oh, the Crowning Day is ComingSlater, Richard1887Selection
0072Never Mind, Go OnSlater, Richard1887March
0073We're the Army That Shall ConquerMarshall, T C1887Selection
0075Thou Art a Mighty SaviourSmith, George, S1887Selection
0078Steadily Forward MarchSlack1887March
0079Oh, It Comes O'er My SoulSlater, Richard1887Hymn/Song Setting
0080Jesus Come With PeaceHeathcote, Agnes1887Meditation
0081Scenes In a Prodigal's LifeFry, Fred William1887Selection
0083Nothing But Thy BloodSlater, Richard1887Selection
0084An Army We AreSlater, Richard1887March
0085Faith's AscentFry, Fred William1887March
0088-1Never-Failing Friend, ASlater, Richard1887Selection
0088-2I Have Not Much to Give Thee, LordSlater, Richard1887Selection
0089My Heart So Like the Lowly MangerSlater, Richard1887Christmas
0090On Ever On to EternityAllan, James D1887Hymn/Song Setting
0091-1Christ Was the ShepherdSlater, Richard1888Selection
0091-2Keep Me UnspottedSaunders, Mark1888Hymn/Song Setting
0091-4On Ever On to EternityAllan, James D1888Hymn/Song Setting
0092True As SteelSlater, Richard1888Meditation
0093Saviour, Dear Saviour, Draw NearerSlater, Richard1888Selection
0094Joy Without AlloyBateman, James, C1888March
0100-1Crown of Peace, AAllan, James D1888March
0100-2Sad and Weary With Thy SinOxley, J1888Selection
0101Will You Quit the FieldSaunders, Mark1888Selection
0102Ye Must Be Born AgainSmith, George, S1888Meditation
0103Never Say DieSlater, Richard1889Selection
0104Oh, Far Whiter Than the SnowOliphant, Celestine1889Hymn/Song Setting
0105Oh' I'll Take Another LookWerry, R S1889Hymn/Song Setting
0106Saved and Kept by the Grace of GodSlater, Richard1889Selection
0107Swing Those Gates AjarWiggins1889Selection
0108Sinner's Saviour, TheSlater, Richard1889Selection
0110Oh, What a RedeemerSlater, Richard1889Favourite Hymn Tune
0111-1At the Cross When a Soul is PleadingSlater, Richard1889Meditation
0111-2I Will Sing of My SaviourSlater, Richard1889Favourite Hymn Tune
0112I'm Bound for Canaan's ShoreCollins, Gordon, C1889Selection
0113Jesus is Near, Burdens to BearHeathcote, Agnes1889Meditation
0114While the Years Roll OnAllan, James D1889Selection
0115Grace There IsSlater, Richard1890Selection
0116Break Forth In Songs of GladnessSlater, Richard1890Medley
0117Oh, What GraceSlater, Richard1890Selection
0123To Heal the Broken Heart He ComeSlater, Richard1890Selection
0126Hegave Me JoySlater, Richard1890Selection
0130-1Keep On BelievingBooth-Hellberg, Lucy M1890Favourite Hymn Tune
0130-2Only One IntentionBooth-Hellberg, Lucy M1890Favourite Hymn Tune
0134To Me, Dear Saviour, Yes, to MeSlater, Richard1890Selection
0135What Will You Say to JesusWilliams1890Selection
0136Song of the Ages, TheSlater, Richard1891Meditation
0139Promoted to GlorySlater, Richard1891Hymn/Song Setting
0145I'llfollow Thee, of Life the GiveHeathcote, Agnes1891Meditation
0149Near to the LordMellins, Mrs.1891Hymn/Song Setting
0152Fountain of Jesus Blood, TheSlater, Richard1891Selection
0153Life of Christ In Song, TheSlater, Richard1891Favourite Hymn Tune
0154Let Me Love Thee, SaviourSlater, Richard1891Favourite Hymn Tune
0155He Called Me Out of DarknessMarshall, T C1891Meditation
0156Whom Else But TheeSlater, Richard1891Selection
0157Life-Story of a Salvtionist, TheSlater, Richard1891Favourite Hymn Tune
0158Saviour, My All I SurrenderSlater, Richard1891Selection
0165-1Oh, for a Harvest of SoulFry, Fred William1891Selection
0166Ripe for the ReaperSlater, Richard1891Selection
0167Only the BloodSlater, Richard1891Selection
0168Get Ready for the Harvest HomeBraine, Alfred1891Selection
0175Jesus My Heart is KeepingAllan, James D1891Selection
0176Dying Saint, TheSlater, Richard1891Meditation
0177Stranger at the Door, TheSlater, Richard1891Selection
0178As a Saviour Christ Has ComeSlater, Richard1891Selection
0187Bleeding, Crying, Groaning, DyingPaine, William1892Selection
0188Only Jesus Will I KnowSlack1892Hymn/Song Setting
0192Oh, Wonderful Love Beyond DegreeHorsey, S J1892Selection
0193Holy Spirit, Come, Oh, ComeSlater, Richard1892Selection
0194God's Harvest HomeStorey, Abraham1892Hymn/Song Setting
0200Go OnBooth, Evangeline arr. Fry, Fred William1892March
0201Closer to TheeAllan, James D1892Selection
0202Salvation From SinSlater, Richard1892Selection
0203When Darkest Storms (Go On)Booth, Evangeline1892Favourite Hymn Tune
0204Get Ready for His ComingHalpin, William1892Meditation
0205Tried, Faithful and PreciousGreig, Alex1892Selection
0206Out of Love, From AboveSlater, Richard1892Favourite Hymn Tune
0207Christ Has CommeFry, Fred William1892Meditation
0208Lowly One, TheLynne, A S1892Selection
0209Thou Hast the Power to Heal MeSlater, Richard1892Selection
0210-1Dear Lord, I Bring My All TheeBooth, Evangeline1893Favourite Hymn Tune
0210-2Are You Washed?1893Hymn/Song Setting
0213Great Salvation, AAppleby, Harry1893March
0214Whosoever Will May ComeBraine, Alfred1893Selection
0215Marching to the Better LandBurgess, Caleb1893March
0216Power DivineTucker, Thomas1893Selection
0218While the Spark of LifeHodson, Albert E1893Selection
0225While the Light From HeavenBooth, Evangeline1893Hymn/Song Setting
0226I'll Be TrueGrozinsky, Gustave A A A1893March
0227Cross is Not Greater, TheHawkes, Frederick G1893Favourite Hymn Tune
0231O Lord, Now Let the WavesHodson, Albert E1894Selection
0237Spread the NewsFry, Fred William1894Selection
0240-1Jesus With Me is UnitedHawkes, Frederick G1894Favourite Hymn Tune
0240-2Oh, for a DeeperHawkes, Frederick G1894Favourite Hymn Tune
0241What Will the Judgment BeFry, Fred William1894Selection
0247My PilotBurgess, Caleb1894Selection
0249-1Jesus and the ChildrenHawkes, Frederick G1894Selection
0249-2Tell It to JesusHawkes, Frederick G1894Selection
0250All the Waters of the SeaOliphant, Celestine1894Favourite Hymn Tune
0251-1I Think of All His SorrowSlater, Richard1894Meditation
0251-2Absent Guest, TheAppleby, Harry1894Selection
0252Pray, Sinner, PrayMcdonald, Tom1894Selection
0253-1General, the Slater, Richard1894Hymn/Song Setting
0253-2Mile End WasteSlater, Richard1894Hymn/Song Setting
0253-3Army Converts and SoldiersSlater, Richard1894Hymn/Song Setting
0253-4Officers, TheSlater, Richard1894Hymn/Song Setting
0253-5Army's Aim, TheSlater, Richard1894Hymn/Song Setting
0253-6Rows and RiotsSlater, Richard1894Hymn/Song Setting
0253-7War Cry and Army Literature, TheSlater, Richard1894Hymn/Song Setting
0253-8Social Wing, TheSlater, Richard1894Hymn/Song Setting
0253-9Junior Soldiers War, TheSlater, Richard1894Hymn/Song Setting
0253-10Army Music, TheSlater, Richard1894Hymn/Song Setting
0257Salvation is for AllCook, S1894Selection
0263I'll Tell of His Wonderful LoveHill, Edward H1894Meditation
0264Glory to GodHalcrow, Lowery1894March
0272Thou Art Enough for MeSlater, Richard1895Meditation
0273Oh, the Love of Christ My LordMellins, Mrs.1895Hymn/Song Setting
0274Over Me It is FlowingBooth, Evangeline1895Hymn/Song Setting
0277Crowned With ThornsSlater, Richard1895Meditation
0278Jesus the ConquerorNevard, E1895Selection
0281HallelujahSlater, Richard1895Hymn/Song Setting
0282Forward MarchFairbairn, William1895March
0283-1Precious Stream of Calvary, TheSlater, Richard1895Hymn/Song Setting
0283-2Wounds of Christ, TheBooth, Evangeline1895Hymn/Song Setting
0284When In the DarknessOxley, J1895Selection
0287Grace EnoughEbbs, H 1895Selection
0289Three Bidders, TheColler, Charles1895Selection
0293-1In the Cause of the LordBurton, F1895Selection
0293-2Is My Cross Too Much for MeBurton, F1895Selection
0294-1Eternal Christ of LoveFry, Fred William1895Selection
0294-2Lord Will Be Gracious, TheEdwards Alice, G1895Selection
0295Climbing Up the Golden StairTucker, Thomas1895Meditation
0297Treasures for the KingHawkes, Frederick G1895Selection
0298March to Bethlehem, TheEustace, George1895Selection
0302-1And Yet He Will Thy Sins ForgiveBooth, Evangeline1896Favourite Hymn Tune
0302-2Turn BackBooth, Evangeline1896Favourite Hymn Tune
0303Story of a Song, The1896Favourite Hymn Tune
0308Tucker (In Memoriam)Tucker, Thomas1896Hymn/Song Setting
0309Indian Medley Slater, Richard1896Hymn/Song Setting
0310Over Life's OceanEbbs, H 1896Meditation
0312Return of a Backslider, TheHawkes, Frederick G1896Selection
0313That Means MeAllen, Herbert1896Selection
0322Wonderful Joy, ACollins, Gordon, C1896March
0324Oh, Live Thy Life In MeAnderson, Harry1896Hymn/Song Setting
0326-1Oh, That's the PlaceSlater, Richard1896Hymn/Song Setting
0326-2Saviour's BirthHalcrow, Lowery1896Christmas
0327Gathered Home at LastLangley, F C1896Selection
0328Take Me Home AgainSaunders, Mark1896Selection
0329Speak Once Again, LordEbbs, W1896Hymn/Song Setting
0330-1Come With Thy SinGreen, Walter, R1896Meditation
0330-2He Was SlainHoward, Henry T1896Selection
0331-1Always the Same is JesusWebber, Samuel1897Selection
0331-2Coronation DayGreig, Alex1897Selection
0332Thine, Thine, I Will BeAngwine1897Meditation
0333Is There a PardonStaines, Wilfred1897Hymn/Song Setting
0334-1Children's Friend, TheReilley, John1897Selection
0334-2Y.P.L. March, TheEdwin George, Le Butt1897March
0336I'll Keep In MindSlater, Richard1897Selection
0337Sufferings of Jesus, TheHawkes, Frederick G1897Selection
0340Lord, With My All PartEdwards1897Meditation
0342Wanderer, Come HomeJoy, Edward, H1897Selection
0344Wonderful Story, AWebber, Samuel1897Selection
0345Jesus Come DownBainbridge1897Selection
0346Touch Me AgainPaine, William1897Hymn/Song Setting
0347Wanted, HeartsFry, Fred William1897Selection
0350Warrior Reward, TheBall, Eric1897Selection
0352Have Faith In GodAgnew, May1897Selection
0353Death's Rolling TideColler, Charles1898March
0354From the General Down to MeHawley, William, A1898Selection
0355I Will Be Thine, Dear LordPaine, Annie1898Meditation
0356Jesus is Looking for TheeAgnew, May1898Selection
0358Why Did Jesus Leave His HomeFry, Fred William1898Selection
0359-1Glory In the HighestMcmahon 1898March
0359-2Bell's Refrain, TheColler, Charles1898Selection
0360-1Questions at BethlehemSlater, Richard1898Selection
0360-2Rich Through His PovertySlater, Richard1898Selection
0363-1Backslider's Vision, AHawkes, Frederick G1898Selection
0363-2Thine the GlorySlater, Richard1898Selection
0366-1But is the Story TrueWebber, Samuel1898Selection
0366-2Let the Waves Wash MeFoote arr. Östby, Klaus1898Meditation
0367He Loved Me, I Cannot Tell WhySaunders, Mark1898Selection
0368Questions of a Sinner, TheStaines, Wilfred1898Selection
0369Whom Shall We CrownSlater, Richard1898Meditation
0370Army's Social Scheme, TheSlater, Richard1898Favourite Hymn Tune
0377Saviour's Born, ATwitchin, Herbert W1899Christmas
0378Christmas Joy and SongÖstby, Klaus1899Christmas
0379World-Wide Dominion, ASlater, Richard1899Meditation
0383-1HampshireSlater, Richard1900Hymn/Song Setting
0383-2Our KingSlater, Richard1900Hymn/Song Setting
0383-3We March to VictorySlater, Richard1900Hymn/Song Setting
0384-1Freely He'll ForgiveCox, Sidney E1900Selection
0384-2My Burden at Thy Feet I JayAppleby, Harry1900Selection
0385Salvation Lifeboat, TheJackson, Thomas1900Selection
0386Good Old Gospel Ship, TheHodson, Albert E1900Selection
0389Oh, RememberSlater, Richard1900Meditation
0390All-Atoning Blood, TheMann, (Ensign)1900Selection
0391-1He is Coming AgainHawkes, Frederick G1900Selection
0391-2Redemptions StoryColler, Charles1900Selection
0395Remedy for Sin, TheSlater, Richard1900Meditation
0396Path is Very Narrow, TheAllen, Herbert1900Selection
0398Dash On, Ye WavesEustace, George1900Selection
0399Oh, Join In the Angel's PraisesSlater, Richard1900Selection
0401Full Salvation OfferedNunn Geoffrey1900Selection
0402Happy Land, TheWood, T1900March
0403-1Are All the Chilren In?Mann, (Ensign)1900Hymn/Song Setting
0403-2Spotless Robe, ASlater, Richard1901Hymn/Song Setting
0404-1What Salvation BringsSlater, Richard1901Hymn/Song Setting
0404-2Old Salvation Plan, TheSlater, Richard1901Selection
0404-3Fight OnSlater, Richard1901March
0405-1Let It Roll Over MeWebber, Samuel1901Hymn/Song Setting
0405-2Farewell to TheeWebber, Samuel1901Hymn/Song Setting
0405-3Under the Blood and Fire FlagSlater, Richard1901Selection
0406-1BabelSlater, Richard1901Hymn/Song Setting
0406-2CrugybarSlater, Richard1901March
0406-3Miner's HymnSlater, Richard1901Hymn/Song Setting
0406-4Welsh Carol, ASlater, Richard1901Christmas
0406-5LlanfairSlater, Richard1901Hymn/Song Setting
0407Warriors AriseSlater, Richard arr. Pursglove1901March
0408Oh, Praise the LordTwitchin, Herbert W1901Selection
0409Heavenly Pilot, TheFowler, William1901Meditation
0410Possess My SoulMunday, A1901Selection
0411Morning Hymn March, TheSlater, Richard1901March
0412Jesus Hope of SoulsSlater, Richard1902Selection
0413-1He Drew Me by His LoveAspinall, John1902Selection
0413-2Wanted, SoldiersBeer, Frederick1902Selection
0414Shall You, Shall IHawley, William, A1902Meditation
0415Our BattalionsSlater, Richard1902March
0416Holy Waters, TheColler, Charles1902Selection
0417Jesus CallsPrestage1902Selection
0418Comrades, Arouse to the CallMunday, A1902Selection
0419Swedish MarchLundahl, Otto arr. Slater, Richard1902March
0420I Am the ResurrectionColler, Charles1902Hymn/Song Setting
0421Love's Great SeaSmith, Charles1902Selection
0422Festival March, TheSlater, Richard1902Festival March
0423Evening Hymn March, TheSlater, Richard1902March
0424Ever ThineSlater, Richard1902Hymn/Song Setting
0425I'll Follow JesusTucker, Thomas1902Selection
0426St.AlphegeSlater, Richard1902March
0427Spanish Chant, TheHawkes, Frederick G1903March
0428Songs of Scotland 1, TheSlater, Richard1903Selection
0429Songs of Scotland 2, TheSlater, Richard1903Selection
0430-1Around the ThroneSlater, Richard1903Hymn/Song Setting
0430-2German ChoraleSlater, Richard1902Hymn/Song Setting
0431Vital SparkHawkes, Frederick G1902Selection
0432My ShepherdSlater, Richard1902Selection
0433Dead March In SaulSlater, Richard1903March
0434On the BattlefieldSlater, Richard1903March
0435Faith March, TheSlater, Richard1903March
0436Lead Kindly LightSlater, Richard1903Festival Arrangement
0437Dawn of the Day, TheHawkes, Frederick G1903Selection
0438-1Jesus SavesHawkes, Frederick G1903Selection
0438-2Message of the Bells, TheEustace, George1903Selection
0439Harvest Festival Selection, ASlater, Richard1903Selection
0440-1Lord of the Harvest Praise,TheHawkes, Frederick G1903Selection
0440-2CardiffHawkes, Frederick G1903March
0441-1God of Harvest,TheSlater, Richard1903March
0441-2Sing Jehovah's PraiseSlater, Richard1903Meditation
0441-3Best for God, TheSlater, Richard1903Selection
0442-1Unfailing Promise of God,TheHawkes, Frederick G1903Selection
0442-2Why Did He Love Me SoHawkes, Frederick G1903Meditation
0443-1Steadily Marching OnSlater, Richard1903March
0443-2Norwegian March, TheÖstby, Klaus1903March
0444Why Did He Love Me SoGreig, Alex1903Selection
0445Wonder of WondersMcgeorge1903Selection
0446Memories of ChildhoodSlater, Richard1903Selection
0447Herald Angels March,TheSlater, Richard1903March
0448-1Worship at BethlehemSlater, Richard1903Selection
0448-2Praise Ye the LordHawkes, Frederick G1903Hymn/Song Setting
0449-1Tis a Beautiful StorySlater, Richard1903Selection
0449-2How Beautiful Upon the MountainsSlater, Richard1903Selection
0450-1Harps and BellsColler, Charles1903Selection
0450-2Saving From SinTwitchin, Herbert W1903Selection
0451Vesper Hymn March, TheHawkes, Frederick G1904March
0452-1Gay'sHawkes, Frederick G1904March
0452-2Come, Sinner WashHawkes, Frederick G1904Selection
0452-3All I Need I In My Saviour FindSlater, Richard1904Hymn/Song Setting
0453-1WalworthHawkes, Frederick G1904March
0453-2Oward, Yes OwardHawkes, Frederick G1904Selection
0453-3NuneatonHawkes, Frederick G1904Selection
0454Regent Hall March, TheTwitchin, Herbert W1904March
0455-1Strong In the LordHawkes, Frederick G1904Hymn/Song Setting
0455-2ZadokHawkes, Frederick G1904Hymn/Song Setting
0455-3Thank God I'm SavedHawkes, Frederick G1904Hymn/Song Setting
0456-1All Nations 1: AmericaSlater, Richard1904Selection
0456-2NorwaySlater, Richard1904Selection
0456-3IndiaSlater, Richard1904Selection
0456-4Sweden (Barit. Or Tromb. Solo)Slater, Richard1904Selection
0456-5FranceSlater, Richard1904Selection
0457-1All Nations 2: Germany (Quartette)Slater, Richard1904Selection
0457-2JapanSlater, Richard1904Selection
0457-3DenmarkSlater, Richard1904Selection
0457-4HollandSlater, Richard1904Selection
0457-5BelgiumSlater, Richard1904Selection
0457-6EnglandSlater, Richard1904Selection
0458-1It Can Be DoneSlater, Richard1904Selection
0458-2WiltonSlater, Richard1904Selection
0458-3Royal Proclamation, ASlater, Richard1904Selection
0459Army March, TheSlater, Richard1904March
0460Army Flag, TheSlater, Richard1904Selection
0461Praise March, TheHawkes, Frederick G1904March
0462Crown HimSlater, Richard1904Selection
0463Soldiers of the ArmyHawkes, Frederick G1904Selection
0464Hallelujah Medley MarchHawkes, Frederick G1904March
0465Songs of Early DaysSlater, Richard1904Selection
0466I've Left the LandSlater, Richard1904March
0467Our Song of PraiseHawkes, Frederick G1904March
0468Cleansing for MeHawkes, Frederick G1904Selection
0469Hear the DrumsSlater, Richard1904Selection
0470Harvest StrainsHawkes, Frederick G1904March
0471Christmas Selection, a Hawkes, Frederick G1904Christmas
0472Norwegian Selection, AHawkes, Frederick G1904Selection
0473Banner March, TheSlater, Richard1904March
0474Prince of Peace, TheSlater, Richard1904Selection
0475Canadian March, TheHawkes, Frederick G1904March
0476HarmonyHawkes, Frederick G1904Selection
0477Fountain Selection, TheHawkes, Frederick G1904Selection
0478Soldiers of the King of KingsSlater, Richard1905March
0479Japanese March, TheSlater, Richard1905March
0480Easter Selection, TheSlater, Richard1905Selection
0481Shepherd Selection, TheSlater, Richard1905Selection
0482Cleansing Stream, TheSlater, Richard1905March
0483Songs of Heaven No.1Slater, Richard1905Selection
0484Paisley March, TheBoyd, William J1905March
0485Echos of the CongressHawkes, Frederick G1905Selection
0486Sheffield March, TheBlack, Thomas F1905March
0487French March, TheHawkes, Frederick G1905March
0488Our Lord Shall Be KingSlater, Richard1905Selection
0489Happy DayHawkes, Frederick G1905Selection
0490Italian March, TheSlater, Richard1905March
0491Hebrew MelodiesSlater, Richard1905Selection
0492Golden Harp March, TheSlater, Richard1905March
0493Great Review March, TheSlater, Richard1905March
0494Songs of JoySlater, Richard1905Selection
0495Irish March No.1Hawkes, Frederick G1905March
0496God's PardonHawkes, Frederick G1905March
0497Songs of Holland, TheHawkes, Frederick G1905Selection
0498Songs of Invitation Slater, Richard1905Selection
0499Christmas Songs, No.1Slater, Richard1905Christmas
0500Christmas Songs, No.2Slater, Richard1905Christmas
0501Good NewsHawkes, Frederick G1905March
0502Songs for SinnersHawkes, Frederick G1905Selection
0503Echoes of the Congress, No.2Hawkes, Frederick G1905Selection
0504German March, TheSlater, Richard1905March
0505Melbourne March, TheGore, William H1905March
0506Southall March, TheHill, Sidney, J1905March
0507Christchurch March, TheYoung, Arthur1905March
0508Cadet March, TheBoyd, William J1905March
0509Proclamation, TheTwitchin, Herbert W1906March
0510Songs of Heaven No.2Slater, Richard1906Selection
0511Name, TheHawkes, Frederick G1906Selection
0512Plea of Contrition, TheHawkes, Frederick G1906Festival Arrangement
0513Scotch March, TheSlater, Richard1906March
0514Swiss Melodies No.1Slater, Richard1906Selection
0515Swiss Melodies No.2Slater, Richard1906Selection
0516Songs of PraiseHawkes, Frederick G1906Selection
0517Standard-Bearer, TheHawkes, Frederick G1906March
0518Songs About JesusSlater, Richard1906Selection
0519-1Onward MarchSlater, Richard1906March
0519-2Great Salvation! Grand RedemptionSlater, Richard1907Euphonium Solo
0520PeaceSlater, Richard1906Selection
0521Warrior March, TheHawkes, Frederick G1906March
0522EternityHawkes, Frederick G1906Selection
0523-1Saviour, TheHawkes, Frederick G1906Selection
0524Captain, TheHawkes, Frederick G1906March
0525Dutch March, TheHawkes, Frederick G1906March
0526Heavenly Music, TheHawkes, Frederick G1906Festival Arrangement
0527HallelujahSlater, Richard1906Selection
0528Famous Welsh Hymns, No.2Slater, Richard1906Hymn/Song Setting
0529Indian March, TheHawkes, Frederick G1907March
0530Jerusalem, My Happy HomeHawkes, Frederick G1907Hymn/Song Setting
0531City of God, TheHawkes, Frederick G1907Selection
0532We are Marching OnSlater, Richard1907March
0534Mercy Selection, TheGoldsmith, Arthur1907Selection
0535SecondYoung, Terence1907March
0536Old Times Selection, TheTwitchin, Herbert W1907Selection
0537ThirdColes, Bramwell1907March
0538Irish Melodies SelectionHill, Edward H1907Selection
0539Leyton March, TheOtway, Harry T1907March
0540Songs of Freedom, No.1Hawkes, Frederick G1907Selection
0541Old, Old Story, TheSlater, Richard1907Selection
0542Tredegar March, TheHurley, W J1907March
0543Swiss Melodies No.2Slater, Richard1907Selection
0544-1Wondrous Cross, TheHimmel arr. Slater, Richard1907Hymn/Song Setting
0544-2O Thou Who DryestHaydn, Joseph arr. Slater, Richard1907Cornet Solo
0545Welsh March, TheSlater, Richard1907March
0546Great Masters No 1, TheSlater, Richard1907Selection
0547MarchSlater, Richard1907March
0548Guide Me, Great JehovahHawkes, Frederick G1907Festival Arrangement
0549Timbrel Selection, TheHawkes, Frederick G1907Selection
0550Tyneside March, TheDennison, Robert1907March
0551Good Choice, TheSlater, Richard1908March
0552Songs of ComfortSlater, Richard1908Selection
0553Strains Fr.Mountain and ValleySlater, Richard1908Selection
0554Flag, TheColes, Bramwell1908March
0555Echoes From CalvaryHill, Sidney, J1908Selection
0556Candidate, TheHurley, W J1908March
0557Love of God, TheTwitchin, Herbert W1908Selection
0558PlymouthGoffin, Henry C1908March
0559ConsecrationAstbury, Mortimer A1908Selection
0560Under the ColoursColes, Bramwell1908March
0561Kettering March, TheColes, Bramwell1908March
0562Sea Selection, TheHawkes, Frederick G1908Selection
0563Beautiful Stream, TheHawkes, Frederick G1908Selection
0564Shields March, TheDennison, Robert1908March
0565-1Before Jehovah's Awful ThroneHawkes, Frederick G1908Hymn/Song Setting
0565-2Jesus, Lover of My SoulHawkes, Frederick G1908Hymn/Song Setting
0566Band Sergeant, TheColes, Bramwell1908March
0567Hebrew Melodies, No.2Slater, Richard1908Selection
0568Chicago March, TheBroughton, William F (Sr)1908March
0569Drum March, TheSlater, Richard1908March
0570My SaviourColes, Bramwell1908Selection
0571Songs of Joy, No.2Hawkes, Frederick G1908Selection
0572Come AwaySlater, Richard1908March
0573-1SupplicationBeethoven, Ludwig Van arr. Hawkes, Frederick G1908Classical
0573-2Coming of Jesus, TheHill, Edward H1909Hymn/Song Setting
0574Thoughts Fr.The Gr.Comp. No.2Slater, Richard1908Selection
0575Songs of SalvationHill, Edward H1908Selection
0576Preseverance March, TheColes, Bramwell1908March
0577Cornet March, TheSlater, Richard1909March
0578RedemptionHawkes, Frederick G1909Selection
0579Kennington March, ThePracey, Richard1909March
0580Battle StrainsGoldsmith, Arthur1909Selection
0581ChalkfarmColes, Bramwell1909March
0582ShipleyTebb, George1909March
0583Trumpet, TheOtway, Harry T1909March
0584Two Short Marches by Gr CompWagner, Richard arr. Goldsmith, Arthur1909March
0585Monmouthshire March, TheHurley, W J1909March
0586Welsh MelodiesHill, Edward H1909Selection
0587Rock, TheColes, Bramwell1909Selection
0588Euphonium March, TheSlater, Richard1909March
0589-1Good NewsColes, Bramwell1909March
0589-2Ringing Song, TheLundahl, Otto1909March
0590Trust, TheSlater, Richard1909Selection
0591Valley of Death, TheHawkes, Frederick G1909Selection
0592Pilgrim March, TheBroughton, William F (Sr)1909March
0593Recruit March, ThePattison, John, (Sr)1909March
0594Songs of GladnessSlater, Richard1909Selection
0595PardonedHawkes, Frederick G1909Selection
0596Short Marches by Gr. Comp.Slater, Richard1909March
0597Western States March, TheBroughton, William F (Sr)1909March
0598-1Be It My Only WisdomColes, Bramwell1909Hymn/Song Setting
0598-2Come Ye That Love the LordHawkes, Frederick G1910Hymn/Song Setting
0599Singing Selection, TheTwitchin, Herbert W1909Selection
0600Trumpeter March, TheHill, Edward H1909March
0601Stilling the TempestSlater, Richard1910Bible Picture
0602Pentre, TheArnott, Thomas1910March
0603Trombone March, TheSlater, Richard1910March
0604Short Marches by Gr. Comp.Slater, Richard1910March
0606ExperienceBroughton, William F (Sr)1910Selection
0607Soldier, TheEbbs, H1910Selection
0608Judgment, TheHawkes, Frederick G1910Selection
0609Battle Cry, TheHawkes, Frederick G1910March
0610Victor, TheGoldsmith, Arthur1910March
0611Fight Selection, TheSlater, Richard1910Selection
0612-1On for God and RightHawkes, Frederick G1910March
0612-2Praise to Our SaviourHawkes, Frederick G1910Hymn/Song Setting
0613Old Times No.1Slater, Richard1910March
0614Come HomeGoldsmith, Arthur1910Selection
0615Saviour at the Door, TheHawkes, Frederick G1910Selection
0616Bible Pictures, No.2Slater, Richard1910Bible Picture
0617Horn March, TheSlater, Richard1910March
0618Roll Call, TheHawkes, Frederick G1910Selection
0619Mighty to Save, TheSlater, Richard1910Selection
0620Victory March, TheBroughton, William F (Sr)1910March
0621Blackpool March, TheNuttall, Thomas, A1910March
0622ConsolationHawkes, Frederick G1910Selection
0623Rock, No.2, TheHawkes, Frederick G1910Selection
0624Finnish March, TheSlater, Richard1910March
0625AustriaHill, Edward H1910March
0626Troughts Fr.The Gr.Mast.No.3Slater, Richard1910Selection
0627Soul Pictures, No.1, PenitenceSlater, Richard1910Bible Picture
0628Wearside March, TheYoung, Arthur1910March
0629Crowns of Glory, TheOtway, Harry T1911March
0630Liberty, TheBroughton, William F (Sr)1911March
0631Leed's, TheKirk, Harry1911March
0632U.S.A., TheMalpass, T W1911March
0633Coronation March, TheSlater, Richard1911March
0634Ocean, TheHawkes, Frederick G1911Selection
0635Happy In the LordGoldsmith, Arthur1911Selection
0636Wonder-Working Blood, TheGoldsmith, Arthur1911March
0637Valiant SoldiersHawkes, Frederick G1911March
0638Pilot, TheHawkes, Frederick G1911Selection
0639Songs of Denmark, No.1, TheSlater, Richard1911Selection
0640Old Times Marches, No.2Slater, Richard1911March
0641Harvest Home, TheHawkes, Frederick G1911Selection
0642Harvest PraiseGoldsmith, Arthur1911Selection
0643Sergeant Major, TheSlater, Richard1911March
0644Royal Command, TheHawkes, Frederick G1911March
0645Pleading Sinner, AGoldsmith, Arthur1911Selection
0646Songs of Scotland, No.2Slater, Richard1911Selection
0647Echo March, TheSlater, Richard1911March
0648Return, TheSlater, Richard1911Selection
0649Thoughts Fr.The Gr.Mast.No.4Slater, Richard1911Selection
0650Bass March, TheSlater, Richard1911March
0651Hymn Tune Marches, No.1Hawkes, Frederick G1912March
0652Flowing River March, TheBroughton, William F (Sr)1912March
0653Coming of Jesus, TheGoldsmith, Arthur1912March
0654Songs of Holland, No.2Slater, Richard1912Selection
0655Citadel March, TheMarshall, George1912March
0656Lifeboat, TheHawkes, Frederick G1912Selection
0657Following the LordGoldsmith, Arthur1912Selection
0658Hebrew March, TheSlater, Richard1912March
0659Active ServiceColes, Bramwell1912March
0660My KeeperGoldsmith, Arthur1912Selection
0661Songs of Denmark No.2Slater, Richard1912Selection
0662Happy, Glad and FreeHawkes, Frederick G1912March
0663Glorious TidingsGoldsmith, Arthur1912March
0664Old Favourites, No.1Hawkes, Frederick G1912Selection
0665Songs of Italy, No.1Slater, Richard1912Selection
0666Margate March, TheSlater, Richard1912March
0667Soldiers of ChristMarshall, George1912March
0668Call to War, TheHawkes, Frederick G1912Selection
0669Glory Selection, TheSlater, Richard1912Selection
0670Temple March, TheBroughton, William F (Sr)1912March
0671Old Time Marches, No.3Slater, Richard1912March
0672Friend Selection, TheSlater, Richard1912Selection
0673Thoughts Fr.The Gr.Mast. No.5Slater, Richard1912Selection
0674Scale March, TheSlater, Richard1912March
0675Rose of Sharon, TheHawkes, Frederick G1912Selection
0676My GuideGoldsmith, Arthur1912Selection
0677English Melodies, No.1Hill, Edward H1912Selection
0678Deputy Bandmaster, TheSlater, Richard1913March
0679Conflict, TheColes, Bramwell1913March
0680Sinner's Resolve, AFarrington, Howard1913Selection
0681Songs of Italy, No.2Slater, Richard1913Selection
0682Johannesburg March, TheArnott, Thomas1913March
0683Hymn Tune Marches, No.2Hawkes, Frederick G1913March
0684Thoughts Fr.The Gr.Mast.No.6Slater, Richard1913Selection
0685RousseauHawkes, Frederick G1913Hymn/Song Setting
0686Joyful Army, TheGoldsmith, Arthur1913March
0687North London March, TheKitching, Wilfred1913March
0688Scenes In a Prodigal's LifeHawkes, Frederick G1913Selection
0690Darwell March, TheSlater, Richard1913March
0691Comrades TrueColes, Bramwell1913March
0692Warning VoicesHawkes, Frederick G1913Selection
0693Saving GraceGoldsmith, Arthur1913Selection
0694Songs of Germany, No.1Slater, Richard1913Selection
0695Bp No.3, Abraham's OfferingSlater, Richard1913Bible Picture
0696Happy Soldier, TheGoldsmith, Arthur1913March
0697Singing AngelsSlater, Richard1913Selection
0698Army, TheHawkes, Frederick G1913Selection
0699Songs of Praise No.2Hawkes, Frederick G1913Selection
0700Short Marches by Gr.Comp.Slater, Richard1913March
0701HosannaHawkes, Frederick G1913Selection
0702Songs of Sweden No 1Slater, Richard1913Selection
0703My LightGoldsmith, Arthur1913Selection
0704Boston March, TheBroughton, William F (Sr)1913March
0705Army Song Marches No 1Goldsmith, Arthur1913March
0706Hearts Closed Door, TheHawkes, Frederick G1913Selection
0707Songs of IrelandStreeton, W L1913Selection
0708Our Army, Brave and TrueMarshall, George1913March
0709In the FightGoldsmith, Arthur1914March
0710Songs of Gladness No 2Hawkes, Frederick G1914Selection
0711AtonementColes, Bramwell1914Selection
0712Castle, TheKirk, Harry1914March
0713Hymn Tune Marches No 3Hawkes, Frederick G1914March
0714Songs of Glory No 1Hawkes, Frederick G1914Selection
0715Sinner's Doom, TheGoldsmith, Arthur1914Selection
0716Conqueror, TheOtway, Harry T1914March
0717Jolly SalvationistÖstby, Klaus1915March
0718Sinners Fate, TheHawkes, Frederick G1915Selection
0719Better World, TheGoldsmith, Arthur1915Selection
0720Veteran, TheColes, Bramwell1915March
0721AmericaBroughton, William F (Sr)1915March
0722Rejoicing In the LordGoldsmith, Arthur1915Selection
0723Army No 2, TheHawkes, Frederick G1915Selection
0724In the FieldMarshall, George1915March
0725DeliveranceTwitchin, Herbert W1915March
0726Echoes of the CongressGoldsmith, Arthur1915Selection
0727International Strains No 1Hawkes, Frederick G1915Selection
0728Commonwealth, TheYoung, Terence1915March
0729Hull March, TheWalker, T Harold1915March
0730-1Handel's Largo In GHandel, Georg F arr. Hawkes, Frederick G1915Cornet Solo
0730-2EntreatyHawkes, Frederick G1915Euphonium Solo
0731-1To God On High Be GloryGoldsmith, Arthur1915Hymn/Song Setting
0731-2Bearing the CrossGounod, Charles arr. Goldsmith, Arthur1915Classical
0732Lytton March, TheBroughton, William F (Sr)1915March
0733Stockholm 1Leidzén, Erik1915March
0734West Indian MelodiesHawkes, Frederick G1916Selection
0735Nearer to the LordGoldsmith, Arthur1916Selection
0736Praise HimMarshall, George1916March
0737On the MarchMarshall, George1916March
0738Songs of Testimony No 1Streeton, W L1916Selection
0739Favourite Hymn TunesHawkes, Frederick G1916Favourite Hymn Tune
0740Old Times Marches No 4Slater, Richard1916March
0741Yellow Red and BlueMarshall, George1916March
0742Cleansing Current, TheGoldsmith, Arthur1916Selection
0743Amazing LoveHawkes, Frederick G1916Selection
0744Luton March, TheGreig, Cecile J1916March
0745Death of Stephen, TheSlater, Richard1916Bible Picture
0746Living Fountain, TheLeidzén, Erik1916March
0747Welsh Melodies No 2Hill, Edward H1916Selection
0748New ZealandScotney, Harold1916March
0749Congregational Tunes No 1Hawkes, Frederick G1916Favourite Hymn Tune
0750Homeland, TheHawkes, Frederick G1916Selection
0751Nunhead March, TheHall, Henry R1916March
0752Soldier's Chorus, TheGounod, Charles arr. Hawkes, Frederick G1916Chorus Setting
0753Lord is My Shepherd, TheGoldsmith, Arthur1916Selection
0754Aberdeen March, TheHerd, J C1917March
0755Happy DayKitching, Wilfred1917March
0756Gospel Message, TheHawkes, Frederick G1917Selection
0757Young People's SongsGoldsmith, Arthur1917Selection
0758Flint March, TheBroughton, William F (Sr)1917March
0759Songs of the ArmyColes, Bramwell1917March
0760Selections for Salv. Meetings No 1Goldsmith, Arthur1917Selection
0761Wondrous LoveHawkes, Frederick G1917Selection
0762Fighting OnLaw, W H1917March
0763Nelson March, TheWilkinson, A1917March
0764JoybellsHawkes, Frederick G1917Selection
0765Cheerful SongsGoldsmith, Arthur1917Selection
0766Auld Lang SyneBroughton, William F (Sr)1917March
0767Heavenly MansionsArnott, Thomas1917March
0768-1God's Call to ManHawkes, Frederick G1917Selection
0768-2Night Watches, TheHawkes, Frederick G1917Selection
0769-1O Rest In the LordGoldsmith, Arthur1917Horn Solo
0769-2Absent Guest, TheGoldsmith, Arthur1917Trombone Solo
0770Daring Salvationist, TheStorey, George1917March
0771Come and Be a SoldierGoldsmith, Arthur1917March
0772Whit As SnowGoldsmith, Arthur1917Selection
0773All's WellHawkes, Frederick G1917Selection
0774Shining AngelsHall, Henry R1917March
0775Onward, Christian SoldiersHall, Henry R1917March
0776Festive StrainsGoldsmith, Arthur1917Selection
0777Congregational Tunes, No 2Hawkes, Frederick G1917Favourite Hymn Tune
0778-1Bleeding, CryingHawkes, Frederick G1917Hymn/Song Setting
0778-2God is Near TheeHawkes, Frederick G1917Hymn/Song Setting
0779Glorious Fountain, TheHawkes, Frederick G1917Selection
0780Faithful Soldier, TheHawkes, Frederick G1917March
0781Neath the FlagMarshall, George1917March
0782Adeste FidelesMarshall, George1917Selection
0783Song Arr. for Small Bands, No 2Marshall, George1917Hymn/Song Setting
0784Hymn Tune Marches, No 4Marshall, George1917March
0785Burden-Bearer, TheMarshall, George1917Selection
0786All Round the WorldMarshall, George1917March
0787HollyHall, Henry R1917March
0788EventideHawkes, Frederick G1917Selection
0789-1New Birth, TheHawkes, Frederick G1918Selection
0789-2Crucifixion, TheHawkes, Frederick G1918Selection
0790At the CrossGoldsmith, Arthur1918Selection
0791Favourite Hymn Tunes No 2Goldsmith, Arthur1918Favourite Hymn Tune
0792FeildingScotney, Harold1918March
0793Army Song Marches No 2Goldsmith, Arthur1918March
0794-1Abide With MeGoldsmith, Arthur1918Selection
0794-2Peace of God, TheGoldsmith, Arthur1918Selection
0795Fighting SoldiersBroughton, William F (Sr)1918March
0796Songs of Salvation No 2Hill, Edward H1918Selection
0797-1On the Road to HeavenHawkes, Frederick G1918March
0797-2Rouse to ArmsHawkes, Frederick G1918March
0798Waiting Saviour, TheHawkes, Frederick G1918Selection
0799Stand to Arms!Marshall, George1918March
0800Open Door, TheHawkes, Frederick G1918Selection
0801Our KingHawkes, Frederick G1918Selection
0802Congregational Tunes No 3Goldsmith, Arthur1918Favourite Hymn Tune
0803Lamb of Calvary, TheGoldsmith, Arthur1918Selection
0804TriumphKirk, Harry1918March
0805Blackpool No.IiNuttall, Richard1919March
0806Jesus Lives!Goldsmith, Arthur1919Selection
0807Song Book Selections No 1Goldsmith, Arthur1919Hymn/Song Setting
0808Heavenly TreasuresHawkes, Frederick G1919Selection
0809-1DecisionHawkes, Frederick G1919Selection
0809-2SympathyHawkes, Frederick G1919Selection
0810Sunshine March, TheHall, Henry R1919March
0811Brighton March, TheGravett, Charles, W1919March
0812Contstant Friend, TheHawkes, Frederick G1919Selection
0813Mercy's GateHawkes, Frederick G1919Selection
0814-1Joy and TriumphVanderkam, Jules1919March
0814-2Danish March, TheVanderkam, Jules1919March
0815Wondrous River, TheGoldsmith, Arthur1919Selection
0816Under Two FlagsColes, Bramwell1919March
0817Battle March, TheFristrup, Kristian M1919March
0818Matchless GraceGoldsmith, Arthur1919Selection
0819Still UnsavedGoldsmith, Arthur1919Selection
0820Dartford March, TheOsborne, S J1919March
0821Comrades In ArmsAdam, A arr. Hawkes, Frederick G1919Selection
0822Army HeroesYoung, Terence1919March
0823Bridgwater March, TheKitching, Wilfred1919March
0824Lord is Come, TheHawkes, Frederick G1919Selection
0825Favourite Hymn Tunes No 3Hawkes, Frederick G1919Favourite Hymn Tune
0826Our Fighting ArmyHall, Henry R1919March
0827Hallelujah Chorus, TheHandel, Georg F arr. Goldsmith, Arthur1919Transcription
0828President, TheGoldsmith, Arthur1920March
0830Song Book Selection No.IiGoldsmith, Arthur1920Selection
0831Oh, Worship the Lord!Goldsmith, Arthur1920Selection
0832UndauntedColes, Bramwell1919March
0833Heavens are Telling, TheHawkes, Frederick G1920Chorus Setting
0834AdorationBroughton, William F (Sr)1920March
0835AssuranceHawkes, Frederick G1920March
0836Our SubstituteHawkes, Frederick G1920Selection
0837Congregational Tunes No 4Hawkes, Frederick G1920Favourite Hymn Tune
0838Seaham HabbourPattison, John, (Sr)1920March
0839RockinghamGoldsmith, Arthur1920Meditation
0840Marching OnwardHawkes, Frederick G1920March
0841London March, TheSlater, Richard1920March
0842Conquering FaithGoldsmith, Arthur1920Selection
0843MediationHawkes, Frederick G1920Selection
0844Crusader, TheColes, Bramwell1920March
0845American MelodiesBroughton, William F (Sr)1920Selection
0846Hawthorn March, TheHollis, D G1920March
0847Marching OrdersHawkes, Frederick G1920March
0848NazarethGounod, Charles arr. Hawkes, Frederick G1920Hymn/Song Setting
0849Songs of FinlandSlater, Richard1920Selection
0850Rolling OnMarshall, George1920March
0851Strains of VictoryGoldsmith, Arthur1920Selection
0852Copenhagen March, TheSöderström, Emil1920March
0853Purpose FirmBroughton, William F (Sr)1920March
0854Great Composers No 1, TheHaydn, Joseph arr. Hawkes, Frederick G1920Selection
0855Favorite Hymn Tunes No 4Hawkes, Frederick G1920Favourite Hymn Tune
0856From Penitence to PardonSlater, Richard1920Selection
0857My ProtectorGoldsmith, Arthur1920Selection
0858Consecrated ServiceNuttall, Richard1920March
0859Mighty to SaveMarshall, George1920March
0860Songs of Sweden No 2Slater, Richard1920Selection
0861Horfield March, TheHill, Edward H1920March
0862Call to Arms, AHawkes, Frederick G1920Selection
0863Banner of Liberty, TheGoldsmith, Arthur1921Selection
0864Weymouth March, TheMassarella, J E1921March
0865Marching HomewardGoldsmith, Arthur1921March
0866Oriental MelodiesHawkes, Frederick G1921Selection
0867Our Conquering ArmyHall, Henry R1921March
0868Full SalvationÖstby, Klaus1921Selection
0869Songs of Exhortation No 1Marshall, George1921Selection
0870ActivityAllen, Percy, J1921March
0871Southsea 1 March, TheThomas, Walter J1921March
0872Precious ThoughtsColes, Bramwell1921Selection
0873-1If With All Your HeartsMendelssohn, Felix B arr. Goldsmith, Arthur1921Euphonium Solo
0873-2Song That Reached My Heart,TheJordon arr. Goldsmith, Arthur1921Cornet Solo
0874Divine LoveBroughton, William F (Sr)1921March
0875HosannaKitching, Wilfred1921March
0876-1Gems From HandelHandel, Georg F arr. Hawkes, Frederick G1921Selection
0876-2Great Composers No 2, TheHandel, Georg F arr. Hawkes, Frederick G1921Selection
0877At the Cross There's RoomBroughton, William F (Sr)1921Meditation
0878Across the SeaDockerill, Fred, J1921March
0879Steadfast and TrueSöderström, Emil1922March
0880Glory to God In the HighestHawkes, Frederick G1922Chorus Setting
0881Olivet and CalvaryMarshall, George1922Selection
0882Pontypool March, TheDenham, F1922March
0883Our ShepherdHall, Henry R1922March
0884Glory and PraiseSlater, Richard1922Selection
0885-1Jesus of NazarethSullivan, A S arr. Goldsmith, Arthur1922Hymn/Song Setting
0885-2Showers of BlessingGoldsmith, Arthur1922Hymn/Song Setting
0886Goldthorpe March, TheStevenson, William1922March
0887Wellington CitadelScotney, Harold1922March
0888All We Like Sheep Have GoneHandel, Georg F arr. Goldsmith, Arthur1922Chorus Setting
0889Through Storm to SafetyBall, Eric1922Selection
0890Wearmouth March, TheNoble, Andrew F1922March
0891EmancipationPattison, John, (Sr)1922March
0892Memories of PeaceMarshall, George1922Selection
0893Favourite Hymn Tunes No 5Hawkes, Frederick G1922Favourite Hymn Tune
0894VigilanceJakeway, Albert H1922March
0895Winchester March, TheSlater, Richard1923March
0896Memories of the MastersGoldsmith, Arthur1923Selection
0897-1Song of Hope, AHawkes, Frederick G1923Hymn/Song Setting
0897-2O Be Joyful!Hawkes, Frederick G1923Hymn/Song Setting
0898WhosoeverThomas, Walter J1923March
0899Liberator TheMarshall, George1923March
0900StellaBroughton, William F (Sr)1923Meditation
0901Hebrew Melodies No 3Slater, Richard1923Selection
0902Bond of FriendshipGravett, Charles, W1923March
0903CourageMarshall, George1923March
0904Beulah-LandHawkes, Frederick G1923Selection
0905And the Glory of the LordHandel, Georg F arr. Goldsmith, Arthur1923Hymn/Song Setting
0906RelianceArnott, Thomas1923March
0907Forward GoKirk, Harry1923March
0908Saviour and FriendBall, Eric1923Selection
0909I Know That My Redeemer LivethHawkes, Frederick G1923Cornet Solo
0910Seattle March, TheSwanson1923March
0911Spirit of FreedomBroughton, William F (Sr)1923March
0912Gospel Ship, TheHawkes, Frederick G1923Selection
0913Penitent's Cry,AColes, Bramwell1923Selection
0914Hylton March, TheWoods, G H1923March
0915One by OnePattison, John, (Sr)1924March
0916Great Composers No 3, TheBeethoven, Ludwig Van arr. Hawkes, Frederick G1924Selection
0917Unmeasured LoveSaywell, Edward, V1924Selection
0918CollingwoodDickens, George M1924March
0919Flag of Freedom, TheColes, Bramwell1924March
0920Be Not Afraid! (Elijah)Mendelssohn, Felix B arr. Hawkes, Frederick G1924Hymn/Song Setting
0921An AppealBall, Eric1924Selection
0922Norwood March,TheHall, Henry R1924March
0923Emblematic Flag, TheMarshall, George1924March
0924Songs of NorwayÖstby, Klaus1924Selection
0925CompassionColes, Bramwell1924Selection
0926Westgate March, TheWelch, J1924March
0927Prodigal's ReturnWoods, G H1924March
0928Story of Love, TheMarshall, George1924Selection
0929-1Songs of EntreatyDockerill, Fred, J1925Selection
0929-2Forward to the FightBall, Eric1925Hymn/Song Setting
0930Our Conquering BandMastin, George1925March
0931Gospel Feast, TheBall, Eric1925March
0932ExaltationHill, Edward H1925Selection
0933Lead Kindly LightFristrup, Kristian M1925Meditation
0934Wellingtonian, TheScotney, Harold1925March
0935In the Firing LineColes, Bramwell1925March
0936My ShepherdColes, Bramwell1925Selection
0937Pardon and PeaceMarshall, George1925Selection
0938Balham March, TheSherriff, C A1925March
0939On to the WarLeidzén, Erik1925March
0940Riches of Grace, TheSlater, Richard1925Selection
0941Good Old WayBall, Eric1925Selection
0942Keighley CitadelJakeway, Albert H1925March
0943FellowshipMassarella, J E1926March
0944Songs About Jesus No 2Jakeway, Albert H1926Selection
0945-1True LifeBall, Eric1926Hymn/Song Setting
0945-2Thoughts On EternityDockerill, Fred, J1926Selection
0946LiverpoolWright, James1926March
0947PioneerMarshall, George1926March
0948Perfect TrustBall, Eric1926Selection
0949-1I Heard of a SaviourColes, Bramwell1926Cornet Solo
0949-2Hiding Place From Every Stor,ABroughton, William F (Sr)1926Euphonium & Trombone Duet
0950I'll Be ThereBroughton, William F (Sr)1926March
0951Fighting for the LordSöderström, Emil1926March
0952My JesusKitching, Wilfred1926Selection
0953Songs of HappinessKirk, Harry1926Selection
0954Nearer to TheeScotney, Harold1926Meditation
0955Men of FaithDockerill, Fred, J1926March
0956Peep Into India, ANuttall, Richard1926Selection
0957-1Saviour's Invitation, TheBall, Eric1926Hymn/Song Setting
0957-2Sound Forth the PraisesColes, Bramwell1926Hymn/Song Setting
0958Blessedly SavedMott, Charles B1926March
0959Herald of PraiseDickens, George M1927March
0960Songs of Exhortation No 2Marshall, George1927Selection
0961AngelusRance, Ernest1927Meditation
0962Canada WestCarroll, W1927March
0963EntreatyJakeway, Albert H1927March
0964Paul and SilasBroughton, William F (Sr)1927Bible Picture
0965Joys of ServiceDockerill, Fred, J1927Selection
0966Fire AwayKirk, Harry1927March
0967Advance, TheCotterill, L W1927March
0968Warrior's Reward, TheBall, Eric1927Selection
0969Mother's PrayerFristrup, Kristian M1927Selection
0970Rock FerryMastin, George1927March
0971Joy of HeartColes, Bramwell1927March
0972GethsemaneKitching, Wilfred1927Selection
0973-1He Will ForgiveDockerill, Fred, J1927Selection
0973-2Homeland, TheSullivan, A S arr. Hawkes, Frederick G1927Hymn/Song Setting
0974HeavenwardScotney, Harold1927March
0975Golden Stair, TheBall, Eric1928March
0976Good Shepherd, TheMarshall, George1928Selection
0977Wonderful LoveAllen, Percy, J1928Selection
0978-1Just Like JesusHawkes, Frederick G1928Cornet Solo
0978-2Reckon On MeHawkes, Frederick G1928Euphonium Solo
0979Carry OnBroughton, William F (Sr)1928March
0980TheodoraJakeway, Albert H1928Meditation
0981Beauty of Christ, TheKitching, Wilfred1928Selection
0982Saints of GodSmith, Ernest A1928March
0983WelcomeLeidzén, Erik1928March
0984ThanksgivingMarshall, George1928Selection
0985-1Oh Remember CalvaryBall, Eric1928Hymn/Song Setting
0985-2Day of Victory, TheBall, Eric1928Hymn/Song Setting
0986Red Shield, TheGoffin, Henry C1928March
0987Triumph of FaithMarshall, George1928March
0988Love DivineJakeway, Albert H1928Selection
0989My PrayerRance, Ernest1928Meditation
0990Our FlagRoberts, J1928March
0991Victor's Crown, TheCarroll, W1929March
0992Songs of LibertyMountain, Herbert A1929Selection
0993Lift Up the BannerMerritt, James1929Euphonium Solo
0994Redcliffe March, TheHollis, D G1929March
0995Founder's Centenary, TheJakeway, Albert H1929March
0996Founder's Songs, TheHawkes, Frederick G1929Selection
0997O God Our Help In Ages PastBall, Eric1929Meditation
0998World for Christ, TheMarshall, George1929March
0999Old Chariot, TheHawkes, Frederick G1929Hymn/Song Setting
1000Founder's FavouritesSlater, Richard1929Selection
1001BeaumontDickens, George M1929March
1002Bless the Lord O My SoulHawkes, Frederick G1929Anthem
1003Thy SaviourSpencer, William1929Selection
1004Wandsworth March, TheCrane, Kenneth1929March
1005CongressJakeway, Albert H1929March
1006In the WarMarshall, George1929Selection
1007St AgnesScotney, Harold1929Meditation
1008Winnipeg CitadelMerritt, Percy F1929March
1009Steadily Forward MarchKirk, Harry1930March
1010DeterminationJakeway, Albert H1930Selection
1011On to VictoryDockerill, Fred, J1930Selection
1012Salvation Army Patrol, TheGoffin, Henry C1930March
1013Bravest of the BraveColes, Bramwell1930March
1014Jehovah's PraisesJakeway, Albert H1930Selection
1015-1Then Round About the Starry ThHandel, Georg F arr. Hawkes, Frederick G1930Chorus Setting
1015-2Hallelujah (Saul)Handel, Georg F arr. Hawkes, Frederick G1930Chorus Setting
1016Quest, TheScotney, Harold1930March
1017Challenge, TheSaywell, Edward, V1930March
1018Joyous EchoesBristow, Arthur1930Selection
1019Praise Ye the Lord!Marshall, George1930Anthem
1020Earlscourt CitadelAudoire, Norman J1930March
1021Maple Leaf, TheColes, Bramwell1930March
1022Songs of the FightMountain, Herbert A1930Selection
1023DennisDockerill, Fred, J1930Meditation
1024Turn to the LordSmith, Ernest A1930March
1025Timaru March, TheMillard, Arthur W1931March
1026Thy Will Be DoneKirk, Harry1931Meditation
1027Love's Glad SongSpencer, William1931Cornet Solo
1028Happy All the DayCatelinet, Philip B1931March
1029Long Long AgoMarshall, George1931March
1030Love's SacrificeMountain, Herbert A1931Selection
1031CanaanDockerill, Fred, J1931Air Varie
1032Melbourne TempleGullidge, Arthur W 1931March
1033HomeBroughton, William F (Sr)1931March
1034EwingJakeway, Albert H1931Meditation
1035Joyful TidingsDove, Charles1931Selection
1036Gladsome MelodyMerritt, Percy F1931March
1037Joyful PraiseMorgan, J Harold1931March
1038Devoted ServiceBall, Eric1931Selection
1039Land Beyond the BlueJakeway, Albert H1931Euphonium Solo
1040UnitySmith, Ernest A1931March
1041New Zealand WarriorsGoffin, Henry C1932March
1042Favourite Hymn TunesHawkes, Frederick G1932Favourite Hymn Tune
1043Sinners InvitedMarshall, George1932Selection
1044Freedom From SinFrench, Edward1932March
1045Happy Warrior, TheKirk, Harry1932March
1046O Great is the DepthMendelssohn, Felix B arr. Hawkes, Frederick G1932Chorus Setting
1047Pardoned and FreeBradley, W1932Selection
1048Campsie CitadelWhitehouse, John1932March
1049Central States, TheSöderström, Emil1932March
1050Our Glorious KingJakeway, Albert H1932Selection
1051DeliveranceCatelinet, Philip B1932Cornet Duet
1052Limehouse March, TheHubbard, Sidney, R1932March
1053Joy Joy Joy!Broughton, William F (Sr)1932March
1054Victors!Marshall, George1932Selection
1055Above the RestSmith, Ernest A1932Air Varie
1056Faith TriumphantFristrup, Kristian M1932March
1057Army of ImmanuelGullidge, Arthur W 1933March
1058Whole Armour of God, TheBall, Eric1933Anthem
1059In a Fighting ArmyMountain, Herbert A1933Selection
1060Pressing OnwardSmith, Ernest A1933March
1061Warriors BraveJakeway, Albert H1933March
1062WarehamBlack, Thomas F1933Meditation
1063Jesus the ConquerorDockerill, Fred, J1933Selection
1064Rushden CitadelScholes, William1933March
1065Spirit of PraiseMarshall, George1933March
1066Warrior's Testimony, ABall, Eric1933Selection
1067Fear Thou NotPiper, C B arr. Catelinet, Philip B1933Anthem
1068Broken HillGullidge, Arthur W 1933March
1069TorchbearersBall, Eric1933March
1070-1HosannaScotney, Harold1933Cornet Duet
1070-2For You I Am PrayingGullidge, Arthur W 1933Chorus Setting
1071WellsDockerill, Fred, J1933Meditation
1072MercyAnderson, William1933March
1073Tis Rolling InBroughton, William F (Sr)1934March
1074Favourite Hymn Tunes No 2Hawkes, Frederick G1934Favourite Hymn Tune
1075Warning Message, ABall, Eric1934Selection
1076Army Standard, TheSpencer, William1934March
1077Warrior GritColes, Bramwell1934March
1078ConquerorsSmith, Ernest A1934Selection
1079Increasing BrightnessFristrup, Kristian M1934Air Varie
1080Rally, TheScotney, Harold1934March
1081VictoriousGullidge, Arthur W 1934March
1082Questions for SinnersJakeway, Albert H1934Selection
1083Hallelujah ChorusesHawkes, Frederick G1934Medley
1084Montreal CitadelAudoire, Norman J1934March
1085Stalwart, TheJakeway, Albert H1934March
1086Hallelujah SunshineCatelinet, Philip B1934Selection
1087Favourite Congr Tunes No 1Hawkes, Frederick G1934Favourite Hymn Tune
1088Norwood CitadelGreig, Cecile J1934March
1089Story of Jesus, TheBroughton, William F (Sr)1935March
1090EllacombeDockerill, Fred, J1935Air Varie
1091Walking With JesusAllen, Percy, J1935Selection
1092Defence, TheMountain, Herbert A1935March
1093Heaven-Bound Throng, TheGullidge, Arthur W 1935March
1094Omnipotent God, TheGullidge, Arthur W 1935Selection
1095RoomZealley, Harold A1935Selection
1096PerseveranceJames, Ken arr. Marshall, George1935March
1097Robes of WhiteMorgan, J Harold1935March
1098Sound Out the ProclamationBall, Eric1935Selection
1099Omnipo TenceAudoire, Norman J1935Selection
1100Look and LiveBroughton, William F (Sr)1935March
1101ImpetusAudoire, Norman J1935March
1102Joy and PraiseKirk, Harry1935Selection
1103Favourite Tunes No 2Jakeway, Albert H1935Favourite Hymn Tune
1104Plymouth No. 2Haggett arr. Marshall, George1935March
1105Roll Call, TheBroughton, William F (Sr)1936March
1106EternityDockerill, Fred, J1936Selection
1107Christ My CompanionKitching, Wilfred1936Selection
1108Tottenham CitadelDockray, J1936March
1109KabelvågÖstby, Klaus1936March
1110Call of the Cross, TheRance, Ernest1936Selection
1111ConfidenceCatelinet, Philip B1936Cornet Duet
1112Glorious FreedomKirk, Harry1936March
1113Onward to ConquerJakeway, Albert H1936March
1114MaorilandGoffin, Henry C1936Cornet Solo
1115Waiting! Pleading! Knocking!Marshall, George1936Selection
1116-1Priceless Gift, TheAudoire, Norman J1936Trombone Solo
1116-2Oh Sing Unto the LordColes, Bramwell1936March
1117Golden West, TheMerritt, Percy F1936March
1118Roll Along JordanJakeway, Albert H1936Air Varie
1119ResignationSaywell, Edward, V1936Selection
1120In the ArmyBall, Eric1936Euphonium Solo
1121CoronationSöderström, Emil1937March
1122-1O Taste and SeeGoss, John arr. Jakeway, Albert H1937Anthem
1122-2Pleasure CompleteDockerill, Fred, J1937Euphonium Solo
1123To Him Be GloryMarshall, George1937Selection
1124TorontoColes, Bramwell1937March
1125Veteran's Delight, TheRance, Ernest1937March
1126Saviour of Mankind, TheJakeway, Albert H1937Selection
1127Cheer Up!Catelinet, Philip B1937Cornet Trio
1128Fount, TheGullidge, Arthur W 1937March
1129ExcelsiorLeidzén, Erik1937March
1130Thy Loving KindnessRossini, Gioacchino arr. Goldsmith, Arthur1937Transcription
1131Glorious Hope, ACatelinet, Philip B1937Festival Arrangement
1132Favourite Tunes No 3Jakeway, Albert H1937Favourite Hymn Tune
1133RememberBooth, Evangeline arr. Ball, Eric1937March
1134Singing SalvationistMerritt, James1937Selection
1135Old Rugged Cross, TheColes, Bramwell1937Meditation
1136JubilanceCatelinet, Philip B1937March
1137Brooklyn CitadelBearchell, William E1938March
1138Pilgrim Way, TheBall, Eric1938Suite
1139Seek Ye the LordGoldsmith, Arthur1938Transcription
1140Captain and LieutenantScholes, William arr. Jakeway, Albert H1938Cornet Duet
1141CertitudeAudoire, Norman J1938March
1142Abundantly SavedMarshall, George1938Selection
1143-1God is a SpiritBennett, William S1938Transcription
1143-2Why Not Tonight?Catelinet, Philip B1938Hymn/Song Setting
1144Salvation for AllBroughton, William F (Sr)1938March
1145Dauntless SpiritKirk, Harry1938March
1146Memories of GalileeGullidge, Arthur W 1938Selection
1147Memories of the PastJakeway, Albert H1938Selection
1148Heavenly RejoicingsHedgren, Victor1938Cornet Solo
1149Chicago TempleStevenson, William1938March
1150Gift of the Spirit, TheRance, Ernest1938Selection
1151Spirit of LoveMarshall, George1938Selection
1152Western ValleyGay, Albert1938March
1153-1World for God, TheColes, Bramwell1939Hymn/Song Setting
1153-2My Longing HeartBall, Eric1939Hymn/Song Setting
1154Favourite Hymn Tunes No 3Coles, Bramwell1939Favourite Hymn Tune
1155-1Prayer, ASchubert, Franz arr. Catelinet, Philip B1939Cornet Solo
1155-2Short MarchSchubert, Franz arr. Catelinet, Philip B1939March
1156O CanadaBroughton, William F (Sr)1939March
1157PakefieldRichardson, R1939March
1158On Service OverseasBall, Eric1939Selection
1159With Him to DwellLangworthy, Bert T1939Selection
1160Ever NearMerritt, Henry1939Cornet Solo
1161True to the ColoursWhitehouse, John1939March
1162-1Excerpt From 'Samson'Handel, Georg F arr. Coles, Bramwell1939Transcription
1162-2O Rest In the LordMendelssohn, Felix B arr. Jakeway, Albert H1939Transcription
1163Army Drum, TheDockerill, Fred, J1939Selection
1164True HappinessPattison, John, (Sr)1939March
1165Our InspirationScotney, Harold1939March
1166Christmas MusicBall, Eric1939Christmas
1167-1Depth of MercyKirk, Harry1939Selection
1167-2BeethovenBall, Eric1939Transcription
1168Southern AustraliaGullidge, Arthur W 1939March
1169Sudbury CitadelPearson, Frederick H1940March
1170Battle SongsJakeway, Albert H1940Selection
1171-1Tell It to JesusBroughton, William F (Sr)1940Selection
1171-2Ranks of Truth, TheNichol arr. Coles, Bramwell1940Transcription
1172RousseauOgg, Ray1940March
1173Knights of TruthColes, Bramwell1940March
1174Day In the Courts, TheRance, Ernest1940Suite
1175SunshineGullidge, Arthur W 1940Selection
1176HillsideBoon, Brindley1940March
1177Challenge of Youth, TheRance, Ernest1940March
1178St OswaldJakeway, Albert H1940Meditation
1179Constant TrustBall, Eric1940Selection
1180Sheffield CitadelMountain, Herbert A1940March
1181No Retreat!Kirk, Harry1940March
1182I Need Thee Every HourColes, Bramwell1940Meditation
1183-1Alleluia!Ball, Eric1940Transcription
1183-2Where'er You WalkHandel, Georg F arr. Marshall, George1940Trombone Solo
1184Favourite Tunes No 4Ball, Eric1940Favourite Hymn Tune
1185Spirit of VictoryDockerill, Fred, J1941March
1186Cheerful StrainsJakeway, Albert H1941Selection
1187-1Hark Tis the Masters CallMillard, Arthur W arr. Hawkes, Frederick G1941Transcription
1187-2Seeker's Prayer, AScotney, Harold1941Selection
1188With Flag UnfurledCatelinet, Philip B1941March
1189Joy and LibertyOsgood, Donald1941March
1190-1Hold Thou My HandBall, Eric1941Meditation
1190-2Break Forth Into JoyBall, Eric1941Anthem
1191CompanionshipMarshall, George1941Selection
1192Tidings of JoyWhitehouse, Alan S1941March
1193Deeds of ValourColes, Bramwell1941March
1194Glorious NameKirk, Harry1941Selection
1195-1Christ for the Whole WideArnott, Thomas1941Transcription
1195-2At the Throne of GraceRance, Ernest1941Selection
1196His Royal BannerGay, Albert1941March
1197Old CampaignersJakeway, Albert H1941March
1198BullingerOsgood, Donald1941Meditation
1199Thou Wilt Keep Him In PerWitty, Robert arr. Coles, Bramwell1941Transcription
1200Star LakeBall, Eric1941March
1201Yeovil TempleMarshall, George1942March
1202Perfect SubmissionDove, Charles1942Selection
1203Salvation MelodiesRance, Ernest1942Selection
1204Banner of Truth, TheJakeway, Albert H1942March
1205Fare-Thee-Well!Pearson, Frederick H1942March
1206Lord Will Provide, TheMountain, Herbert A1942Transcription
1207-1Lord of the TempestJakeway, Albert H1942Euphonium Solo
1207-2Only a StepCatelinet, Philip B1942Meditation
1208Forward, Valiant ArmyGray, Alex1942March
1209Be of Good CheerColes, Bramwell1942March
1210Victory of Love, TheBall, Eric1942Meditation
1211Melodies of PraiseKirk, Harry1942Selection
1212Song of Praise, AJakeway, Albert H1942Cornet Duet
1213In the King's ServiceLeidzén, Erik1942March
1214Happy MemoriesJakeway, Albert H1942Selection
1215-1By the CrossMendelssohn, Felix B arr. Coles, Bramwell1942Transcription
1215-2Pilgrim's Prayer, TheRouse arr. Ball, Eric1942Transcription
1216Joy In FollowingPattison, John, (Sr)1942March
1217Homeward BoundOsgood, Donald1943March
1218Cheering Outlook, AAudoire, Norman J1943Air Varie
1219Way of Forgiveness, TheColes, Bramwell1943Selection
1220Matchless LoveFroude1943March
1221Advance Guard, TheKirk, Harry1943March
1222-1To the RescueLeidzén, Erik1943Transcription
1222-2Thoughts Around the CrossRance, Ernest1943Meditation
1223Army On the March, TheMountain, Herbert A1943March
1224Favourite Hymn Tunes No 4Coles, Bramwell1943Favourite Hymn Tune
1225Conquering Spirit, ThePatterson1943March
1226My RefugeScotney, Harold1943Selection
1227Praise the Lord!Coles, Bramwell1943Selection
1228Happy Pilgrim, TheJakeway, Albert H1943Euphonium Solo
1229Dovercourt CitadelMerritt, Percy F1943March
1230Songs of Happiness No 2Kirk, Harry1943Selection
1231Send Out Thy LightGounod, Charles arr. Marshall, George1943Transcription
1232Leaguer, TheElloway, Kenneth, A1943March
1233Heavenly LightTwitchin, Herbert W1944March
1234-1There is a Green HillGounod, Charles arr. Coles, Bramwell1944Trombone Solo
1234-2Come Ye DisconsolateMountain, Herbert A1944Meditation
1235Rays of SunshineVickery, A H arr. Ball, Eric1944Transcription
1236Lift Up the FlagBoon, Brindley1944March
1237Coronation MarchMeyerbeer, G arr. Jakeway, Albert H1944Transcription
1238My PetitionDockerill, Fred, J1944Selection
1239-1What are These?Stainer, James arr. Coles, Bramwell1944Transcription
1239-2WeberCatelinet, Philip B1944Hymn/Song Setting
1240Voice of Friendship, TheSmith, Ernest A1944March
1241Blackpool CitadelMountain, Herbert A1944March
1242ContritionJakeway, Albert H1944Meditation
1243SummerlandCatelinet, Philip B1944Selection
1244EndurancePattison, John, (Sr)1944Cornet Solo
1245Lord's Brigade, TheRance, Ernest1944March
1246Prince of Peace, TheScotney, Harold1944Selection
1247Divine SufficiencyColes, Bramwell1944Selection
1248PetershamGullidge, Arthur W 1944March
1249ServicemenMountain, Herbert A1945March
1250Saved to ConquerLangworthy, Bert T1945Selection
1251Oh Come and Look AwhileDockerill, Fred, J1945Meditation
1252Staple Hill CitadelMain, Hector1945March
1253Victors AcclaimedColes, Bramwell1945March
1254Soldier's ChorusesMountain, Herbert A1945Selection
1255Divine CommunionGullidge, Arthur W 1945Selection
1256Cheerful VoicesCatelinet, Philip B1945Cornet Solo
1257Gladsome MornSteadman-Allen, Ray1945March
1258-1Art Thou Troubled?Handel, Georg F arr. Marshall, George1945Trombone Solo
1258-2ArnoldsColes, Bramwell1945Hymn/Song Setting
1259Goodbye EgyptJakeway, Albert H1945Air Varie
1260Cairo Red ShieldRaikes, A S1945March
1261ReclamationCatelinet, Philip B1945March
1262Hill of Calvary, TheColes, Bramwell1945Selection
1263-1Love Divine (Ave Verum)Mozart, Wolfgang, A arr. Jakeway, Albert H1945Transcription
1263-2LloydHoward, Cuthbert arr. Coles, Bramwell1945Hymn/Song Setting
1264We'll All Shout HallelujaAudoire, Norman J1945Euphonium Solo
1265RosehillJakeway, Albert H1946March
1266Melodies of JoyKirk, Harry1946Selection
1267-1Chorale Cantata 147Bach, Johann S arr. Coles, Bramwell1946Transcription
1267-2EdenMountain, Herbert A1946Hymn/Song Setting
1268On War ServiceRance, Ernest1946March
1269Camberwell CitadelSkinner, Charles1946March
1270-1O Sacred Head Once WoundedBach, Johann S arr. Jakeway, Albert H1946Hymn/Song Setting
1270-2Recit and Air From ElijahMendelssohn, Felix B arr. Jakeway, Albert H1946Transcription
1271Passing ByHeaton, Wilfred1946Selection
1272Scarborough CitadelCuell, Raymond1946March
1273Thames Valley, TheRance, Ernest1946March
1274Sun of My SoulTurner, Edmund1946Transcription
1275Blessed SunshineSteadman-Allen, Ray1946Air Varie
1276Favorite Hymn Tunes No 5Coles, Bramwell1946Favourite Hymn Tune
1277Heroes of the CombatColes, Bramwell1947March
1278HyfrydolBlomberg, Gunnar1947Meditation
1279-1MartynHeaton, Wilfred1947Hymn/Song Setting
1279-2Oh Praise the KingSöderström, Emil1947Transcription
1280Starry Crown, ABoon, Brindley1947Euphonium Solo
1281Marching to ZionBearchell, William E1947March
1282Coming to the SaviourCresswell, Ray F1947Selection
1283-1Bellringer, TheWallace, W V1947Trombone Solo
1283-2Soldier Rouse Thee!Coles, Bramwell1947Transcription
1284Vancouver CitadelBroughton, William F (Sr)1947March
1285City of LightLangworthy, Bert T1947March
1286Fight of Faith, TheSkinner, Charles1947Selection
1287Abide With MeJakeway, Albert H1947Meditation
1288ClydesdaleHerd, J C1947March
1289Carlisle CitadelBradley, W1947March
1290Wells of GladnessSteadman-Allen, Ray1947Selection
1291-1Just As I AmHeaton, Wilfred1947Meditation
1291-2Only TheeDytham, Edward1947Selection
1292UttermostGray, Alex1947March
1293Challengers, TheSkinner, Charles1948March
1294Testimony and PraiseDockerill, Fred, J1948Selection
1295Sinner's Cry, AElloway, Kenneth, A1948Meditation
1296LibertyGullidge, Arthur W 1948March
1297Service TriumphantDickens, George M1948March
1298I'm a Child of the KingBroughton, William F (Sr)1948Meditation
1299Songs of the FlagColes, Bramwell1948Selection
1300Weymouth CitadelElloway, Kenneth, A1948March
1301Wollongong CitadelScotney, Harold1948March
1302Fighting FaithLangworthy, Bert T1948Selection
1303Scene of Prayer, TheInglis, Frank G1948Selection
1304Dumfries CitadelMain, Hector1948March
1305Bedford Congress HallSteadman-Allen, Ray1948March
1306In My Redeemer's PraiseKitching, Wilfred1948Selection
1307Silver HillBlomberg, Gunnar1948Meditation
1308Joyful TestimonyBosanko, Courtney1948Euphonium Solo
1309Hadleigh CampSteadman-Allen, Ray1949March
1310-1O Holy NightAdam, A arr. Marshall, George1949Trombone Solo
1310-2I Heard the VoiceSkinner, Charles1949Transcription
1311Joy of Salvation, TheAndersson, Folke1949Selection
1312Ipswich CitadelPearson, Frederick H1949March
1313Great ReviewKitching, Wilfred1949March
1314-1Praise to the Lord the AlmightSkinner, Charles1949Transcription
1314-2Story of Old, TheParks, W arr. Coles, Bramwell1949Transcription
1315Call of Jesus, TheScotney, Harold1949Selection
1316Nearer My HomeMarshall, George1949Cornet Duet
1317Minneapolis 4Söderström, Emil1949March
1318-1Jesus Shall ReignJakeway, Albert H1949Transcription
1318-2Oh Had I Jubal's LyreHandel, Georg F arr. Marshall, George1949Cornet Solo
1319MelitaBoon, Brindley1949Meditation
1320Congregational Tunes No 5Coles, Bramwell1949Favourite Hymn Tune
1321Our Unchanging FriendSkinner, Charles1949Selection
1322St ClementsWalkden, W1949Meditation
1323Salute to AmericaColes, Bramwell1949March
1324GraceMüller, Hans1949March
1325-1My Humble CryRance, Ernest1950Meditation
1325-2OttawaGroves, Peter1950Hymn/Song Setting
1326Happy SongDytham, Edward1950Air Varie
1327King's Warriors, TheJakeway, Albert H1950March
1328Hamilton CitadelMerritt, Percy F1950March
1329Light of the World, TheGoffin, Dean1950Meditation
1330In Quiet PasturesSteadman-Allen, Ray1950Selection
1331Over the BorderPattison, John, (Sr)1950March
1332LiberatedLeggett, Edwin, G1950March
1333Wake O WakeBach, Johann S arr. Coles, Bramwell1950Transcription
1334When Jesus ComesScotney, Harold1950Selection
1335ComradeshipKirk, Harry1950March
1336Auckland Congress HallRive, Thomas1950March
1337-1He Was DespisedHandel, Georg F arr. Jakeway, Albert H1950Horn Solo
1337-2WiltshireSteadman-Allen, Ray1950Hymn/Song Setting
1338Gospel Story, TheGoffin, Dean1950Selection
1339Heralds of PeaceMarshall, George1950March
1340Young Salvationist, TheColes, Bramwell1950March
1341-1God So Loved the WorldStainer, James arr. Marshall, George1951Transcription
1341-2St TheodulphBach, Johann S arr. Coles, Bramwell1951Hymn/Song Setting
1342Voice of JesusLeidzén, Erik1951Meditation
1343Amsterdam CongressSkinner, Charles1951March
1344IndomitableMountain, Herbert A1951March
1345Shadow of the Cross, TheGoffin, Dean1951Tone Poem
1346Praise the LordLeidzén, Erik1951Festival Arrangement
1347-1With All My HeartCatelinet, Philip B1951Hymn/Song Setting
1347-2Love's DescentBurgess, Caleb arr. Coles, Bramwell1951Cornet Solo
1348Field ServiceCuell, Raymond1951March
1349Holy Holy HolyGounod, Charles arr. Jakeway, Albert H1951Transcription
1350Loving Shepherd, TheColes, Bramwell1951Selection
1351Sunshine and ShadowSöderström, Emil1951Cornet Solo
1352Valiant WarriorsBowes, Ray1951March
1353Love's SurrenderKitching, Wilfred1951Selection
1354-1AmbassadorsColes, Bramwell1951Transcription
1354-2And If Twere MineJoseph, Sidney arr. Marshall, George1951Hymn/Song Setting
1355Anthem of the FreeGoffin, Dean1951March
1356Maesteg CitadelOwen, Edward1951March
1357Call, TheLeidzén, Erik1952Selection
1358-1MaidstoneGoffin, Henry C arr. Goffin, Dean1952Hymn/Song Setting
1358-2AbridgeKenyon, Michael1952Hymn/Song Setting
1359Belfast CitadelJakeway, Albert H1952March
1360Petone CitadelCresswell, Ray F1952March
1361-1Mercy Seat, TheJakeway, Albert H1952Transcription
1361-2Love's Immortal TokenWerner arr. Skinner, Charles1952Transcription
1362By Love CompelledSteadman-Allen, Ray1953Selection
1363Begone Vain WorldDove, Charles1952Cornet Solo
1364Youth UndauntedThornett, David B1952March
1365Joy of Pardon, TheDockerill, Fred, J1952Selection
1366Heavenly ProspectScotney, Harold1952Selection
1367Defenders of the FaithColes, Bramwell1952March
1368Birmingham CitadelLangworthy, Bert T1952March
1369Sunlight of LoveDove, Charles1952Air Varie
1370BelmontLeidzén, Erik1952Hymn/Song Setting
1371Comrades CourageousJakeway, Albert H1952March
1372Two FriendsSpencer, William1952Cornet Duet
1373Joyful PraiseSteadman-Allen, Ray1953Cornet Duet
1374Cavalcade of ChorusesInglis, Frank G1953Selection
1375IrishCalvert, Morley F1953Meditation
1376Count Your BlessingsBoon, Brindley1953Trombone Solo
1377-1He That DwellethJakeway, Albert H1953Transcription
1377-2Good Shepherd, TheHandel, Georg F arr. Jakeway, Albert H1953Transcription
1378Palm of VictorySkinner, Charles1953March
1379Joyfully JourneyingSteadman-Allen, Ray1953Selection
1380Road to Emmaus, TheGoffin, Dean1953Selection
1381SouthportKirk, Harry1953March
1382Glorious LiberationKenyon, Michael1953March
1383Christmas In Europe (Sl)Steadman-Allen, Ray1953Christmas
1384-1Psalm of ThanksgivingJakeway, Albert H1953Transcription
1384-2WellsBabb, Michael1953Hymn/Song Setting
1385Complete SurrenderSmith, Ernest A1953Selection
1386Carollers, TheHolz, Richard, (Sr)1953March
1387God Save the KingHandel, Georg F arr. Jakeway, Albert H1953Transcription
1388-1My Heart's DesireBowes, Ray1953Meditation
1388-2HanoverTitshall, Brian1953Hymn/Song Setting
1389Glad In the LordCooper, Frederick, W1953Trombone Solo
1390Dudley CitadelDove, Charles1953March
1391Shepherd DivineGoffin, Dean1954Meditation
1392CoronationKenyon, Michael1954Tone Poem
1393Minuet From BerniceHandel, Georg F arr. Steadman-Allen, Ray1954Transcription
1394ExultantCatelinet, Philip B1954March
1395I Will Extol TheeSkinner, Charles1954Transcription
1396Influence of the SpiritRance, Ernest1954Selection
1397Athens Red ShieldElloway, Kenneth, A1954March
1398DefendersCresswell, Ray F1954March
1399NativityBabb, Michael1954Suite
1400-1Sweet Hour of PrayerLeidzén, Erik1954Hymn/Song Setting
1400-2My All is On the AltarCalvert, Morley F1954Hymn/Song Setting
1401Crown of ConquestSteadman-Allen, Ray1954March
1402Spirit of Christmas (Mc)Cook, Kenneth1954Christmas
1403-1Peace Be With TheeHandel, Georg F arr. Jakeway, Albert H1954Transcription
1403-2Follow the FlagCatelinet, Philip B1954Transcription
1404Penitent, TheKirk, Harry1954Meditation
1405We Shall WinSöderström, Emil1954Horn Solo
1406Keep SingingRivers, Patrick C1954March
1407Joyous DeliveranceKenyon, Michael1955Selection
1408Challenge of the CrossGoffin, Dean1955Selection
1409Veterans, TheSteadman-Allen, Ray1955Cornet Trio
1410Resolute SoldiersVerkaaik, Bernard1955March
1411-1Minuet From Quintette In EBoccherini, L arr. Skinner, Charles1955Transcription
1411-2Praise My SoulGoss, John arr. Babb, Michael1955Transcription
1412I Bring Thee AllKitching, Wilfred1955Meditation
1413Isle of BeautyJakeway, Albert H1955Soprano Solo
1414TranåsSöderström, Emil1955March
1415Wondrous CrossCrane, Kenneth1955Meditation
1416LibertyMorgan, J Harold1955Festival Arrangement
1417AggressionAudoire, Norman J1955March
1418Happy EvermoreTurner, Gordon1955March
1419Cheerful PraisesJakeway, Albert H1955Selection
1420Faith AlwayMcfarlane, Neville1955Selection
1421Danforth CitadelColes, Bramwell1955March
1422ReunionCuell, Raymond1955March
1423Glorious NewsDove, Charles1956Selection
1424Beholding the CrossJakeway, Albert H1956Selection
1425Stockport CitadelMountain, Herbert A1956March
1426FidelitySmith, Ernest A1956March
1427Neath Italian SkiesSteadman-Allen, Ray1956Selection
1428AspirationSöderström, Emil1956Meditation
1429In Deep ContritionJakeway, Albert H1956Selection
1430Happy ServiceDockerill, Fred, J1956Cornet Duet
1431Christmas Story In Carol (Sl)Coles, Bramwell1956Christmas
1432NeapolisGoffin, Dean1956Meditation
1433-1Awakeners, TheBall, Eric1956Transcription
1433-2I Dedicate Myself to TheeBoon, Brindley1956Hymn/Song Setting
1434Newcastle City TempleWoods, G H1956March
1435Give Thy Heart to MeBabb, Michael1956Meditation
1436SunshineMerritt, Percy F1956Air Varie
1437Looking HeavenwardAndersson, Bertil1956March
1438Cheerful SoldiersCatelinet, Philip B1956March
1439On the SeaSöderström, Emil1957Selection
1440For Our TransgressionsCalvert, Morley F1957Meditation
1441Spirit of JoyRive, Herbert1957March
1442Wisbech CitadelGay, Albert1957March
1443-1Pastoral SymphonyHandel, Georg F arr. Marshall, George1957Transcription
1443-2MisericordiaKenyon, Michael1957Hymn/Song Setting
1444Love EternalSteadman-Allen, Ray1957Selection
1445To God Be the GloryGoffin, Dean1957Selection
1446Palmerston NorthMillard, Arthur W1957March
1447-1Glory to GodHandel, Georg F arr. Marshall, George1957Transcription
1447-2Then the Light CamePinsuti, Ciro arr. Jakeway, Albert H1957Transcription
1448In His WillBabb, Michael1957Selection
1449Rapturous Chorus, TheCamsey, Terry1957Cornet Duet
1450Sunshine WayKirk, Harry1957March
1451Psalm 23Steadman-Allen, Ray1957Meditation
1452Channels of BlessingRawlins, George1957Selection
1453Brighton CitadelHollis, D G1957March
1454King's Musicians, TheColes, Bramwell1957March
1455-1Fairest Lord JesusNoblitt, Tom L1958Hymn/Song Setting
1455-2EvanCatelinet, Philip B1958Hymn/Song Setting
1456In Happy ServiceHooton, Clifford1958Trombone Ensemble
1457From Strength to StrengthGoffin, Dean1958March
1458To Regions FairBearcroft, Norman1958March
1459-1My DesireWhitehouse, Alan S1958Selection
1459-2SalzburgColes, Bramwell1958Hymn/Song Setting
1460Songs In ExileBall, Eric1958Selection
1461With Courage and ConfidentScotney, Harold1958Cornet Trio
1462SparkhillLangworthy, Bert T1958March
1463-1Good King WenceslasSteadman-Allen, Ray1958Hymn/Song Setting
1463-2Secret PrayerLeidzén, Erik1958Hymn/Song Setting
1464Compassionate Christ, TheGoffin, Dean1958Meditation
1465With Sword and SpiritCresswell, Ray F1958March
1466Army of the RedeemedDockerill, Fred, J1958March
1467Constant CompanionBoon, Brindley1958Selection
1468Joyful PilgrimageDickens, George M1958Selection
1469Cambridge HeathJakeway, Albert H1958March
1470Corps Cadet, TheSkinner, Charles1958March
1471My Yielded HeartSteadman-Allen, Ray1959Selection
1472My Song DivineBabb, Michael1959Selection
1473ProvidenceMountain, Herbert A1959March
1474Denmark HillDove, Charles1959March
1475Thine AloneSkinner, Charles1959Meditation
1476Round the BannerRance, Ernest1959Air Varie
1477Southland, TheColes, Bramwell1959March
1478Harrow CitadelRaikes, A S1959March
1479Day of GraceSteadman-Allen, Ray1959Selection
1480Accept SalvationDove, Charles1959Selection
1481MotondoOsgood, Donald1959March
1482Onward Journey, ThePattison, John, (Sr)1959March
1483Radiant YouthKenyon, Michael1960Suite
1484-1More Than AllRance, Ernest1960Flugel Solo
1484-2Thy Word AbidethSteadman-Allen, Ray1960Transcription
1485UnconqueredGullidge, Arthur W 1960March
1486Heralds of the DawnGoffin, Dean1960March
1487In His KeepingLangworthy, Bert T1960Selection
1488Robe of White, ALeidzén, Erik1960Selection
1489True ComradeshipCresswell, Ray F1960Cornet Duet
1490Rockford TempleSöderström, Emil1960March
1491-1All In the April EveningRoberton, Hugh S arr. Ball, Eric1960Transcription
1491-2How Sweet the Name (French)Tremain, Ronald arr. Osgood, Donald1960Transcription
1492Love's OfferingRawlins, George1960Selection
1493Begone Vain WorldKjellgren, Gustav1960Air Varie
1494Toronto TempleKirk, Harry1960March
1495Redeeming LoveRive, Thomas1961Hymn/Song Setting
1496Rejoice and SingDockerill, Fred, J1961Suite
1497-1To MusicSchubert, Franz arr. Kenyon, Michael1961Cornet Solo
1497-2Come Unto MeSkinner, Charles1961Transcription
1498AdventurersGoffin, Henry C1961March
1499Glad PraisesCook, Kenneth1961Selection
1500Way of Salvation, TheCalvert, Morley F1961Selection
1501-1Psalm 150Ball, Eric1961Transcription
1501-2St CatherineGreig, Cecile J1961Hymn/Song Setting
1502Norwood HeightsRance, Ernest1961March
1503Companion MineKenyon, Michael1961Selection
1504Evening In BethlehemSteadman-Allen, Ray1961Suite
1505-1Lux BenignaBabb, Michael1961Meditation
1505-2RutherfordSkinner, Charles1961Hymn/Song Setting
1506Croydon CitadelBoon, Brindley1961March
1507Following the SaviourCresswell, Ray F1962Selection
1508Songs of the ValiantBall, Eric1962Selection
1509PenlanSkinner, Charles1962Hymn/Song Setting
1510Invincible Army, TheLeidzén, Erik1962March
1511Songs by the RhineGoffin, Dean1962Selection
1512-1Coming to the CrossRawlins, George1962Hymn/Song Setting
1512-2On Christ the Solid RockColes, Bramwell1962Hymn/Song Setting
1513Silver StarSteadman-Allen, Ray1962March
1514Faith VictoriousCalvert, Morley F1962March
1515Good Shepherd, TheLeidzén, Erik1962Selection
1516-1Quartette 77Haydn, Joseph arr. Goffin, Dean1962Transcription
1516-2MissionaryPattison, John, (Sr)1962Hymn/Song Setting
1517With Joyful HeartBabb, Michael1962Selection
1518Endavour, TheCresswell, Ray F1962March
1519Peace of HeartCondon, Leslie1963Selection
1520Praising Heart, TheSteadman-Allen, Ray1963Air Varie
1521O Boundless SalvationGoffin, Dean1963Transcription
1522EstonBlott, Charles1963March
1523Silent NightSteadman-Allen, Ray1963Festival Arrangement
1524-1ArmadaleBowes, Ray1963Hymn/Song Setting
1524-2SufficiencyLeidzén, Erik1963Hymn/Song Setting
1525Lord of Light, TheSkinner, Charles1963Transcription
1526Joyful FaithKippax, M1963March
1527Path of Glory, TheGoffin, Dean1963March
1528His Guardian CareSteadman-Allen, Ray1963Selection
1529HursleyOsgood, Donald1963Hymn/Song Setting
1530Shout for VictoryDickens, George M1963March
1531Safe In the Arms of JesusBall, Eric1964Meditation
1532-1With Christ In GodCatelinet, Philip B1964Hymn/Song Setting
1532-2At Dawn of DayHandel, Georg F arr. Steadman-Allen, Ray1964Trombone Solo
1533Sound the Battle CryAndersson, Folke1964March
1534When Life is YoungBowen, Brian1964Selection
1535Voice of Joy, TheCook, Kenneth1964Selection
1536Cross the Victory, TheBearcroft, Norman1964Selection
1537-1Crown Him With Many CrownsSkinner, Charles1964Transcription
1537-2Now Thank We All Our GodElloway, Kenneth, A1964Hymn/Song Setting
1538Youth Steps OutKirk, Harry1964March
1539Meditation On SpohrBall, Eric1964Meditation
1540Trumpeters, TheCook, Kenneth1964Cornet Trio
1541Centennial SaluteSkinner, Charles1964March
1542Shout Aloud SalvationBearcroft, Norman1964Transcription
1543Travelling HomeBearcroft, Norman1965Selection
1544Scarlet Jersey, TheSteadman-Allen, Ray1965March
1545All Hail the Power of JesusGoffin, Dean1965Transcription
1546Banners and BonnetsWillson, Meredith arr. Holz, Richard, (Sr)1965Festival Arrangement
1547-1Reckon On MeJohnson, R arr. Calvert, Morley1965Cornet Solo
1547-2Love Divine (Stainer)Bowen, Brian1965Hymn/Song Setting
1548Pittsburgh TempleCatelinet, Philip B1965March
1549Sunshine MountainBowes, Ray1965Air Varie
1550Songs of the SoldierSkinner, Charles1965Selection
1551BethanySteadman-Allen, Ray1965Hymn/Song Setting
1552CaliforniaSöderström, Emil1965March
1553Scandinavian CongressBoon, Brindley1965Selection
1554Nearer to the CrossCalvert, Morley F1965Meditation
1555Star Lake No 2Ball, Eric1965March
1556Divine GuidanceCresswell, Ray F1965March
1557In Wonder BeholdingCondon, Leslie1966Selection
1558-1BedfordBearcroft, Norman1966Hymn/Song Setting
1558-2Harton-LeaCook, Kenneth1966Hymn/Song Setting
1559Joyful NewsLeidzén, Erik1966March
1560Gift of LoveCamsey, Terry1966Cornet Solo
1561His Wonderful LovePattison, John, (Sr)1966Selection
1562Carol Fantasy, ABall, Eric1966Christmas
1563Roxeth HillFletcher, W J1966March
1564Sing HallelujahLeidzén, Erik1966Cornet Trio
1565-1In Me LordSteadman-Allen, Ray1966Hymn/Song Setting
1565-2GreensleevesElloway, Kenneth, A1966Hymn/Song Setting
1566In the Power of the SpiritBall, Eric1966Selection
1567Heralds of AustraliaScotney, Harold1966March
1568Ceaseless ServiceDitmer, Stanley1966March
1569Divine Call, TheDove, Charles1967Selection
1570MarytonBabb, Michael1967Meditation
1571Gorse HillSmith, Ernest A1967March
1572Emblem of the ArmyGullidge, Arthur W 1967March
1573NeosaCatelinet, Philip B1967March
1574Wonder of Christmas, TheCondon, Leslie1967Suite
1575I Come to TheeJohnson, Stuart1967Meditation
1576Rejoicing Every DayMcfarlane, Neville1967Selection
1577Ransomed of the Lord, TheRawlins, George1967March
1578Take-Over BidSteadman-Allen, Ray1967Overture
1579Piano Trio Op 97Beethoven, Ludwig Van arr. Condon, Leslie1967Transcription
1580May Jesus Christ Be PraisedKenyon, Michael1967Hymn/Song Setting
1581Ocean of LoveCamsey, Terry1968March
1582Voice of YouthSteadman-Allen, Ray1968March
1583In the Love of JesusHammond, W arr. Steadman-Allen, Ray1968Cornet Solo
1584Saved by GraceBearcroft, Norman1968Selection
1585Thy Dwelling PlaceRawlins, George1968Meditation
1586Fantasia On Sweetest NameBowen, Brian1968Air Varie
1587Perfect LoveMowat, Christopher1968Hymn/Song Setting
1588Camp FellowshipBearcroft, Norman1968March
1589Golden Crown, TheStanyon, Edwin, A S1968March
1590My Song of JoyDove, Charles1968Selection
1591In the ArmyBall, Eric1968Bass Solo
1592Three Song TranscriptionsTremain, Ronald arr. Osgood, Donald1968Transcription
1593Lift Up the BannerSilfverberg, Erik1969Festival Arrangement
1594Divine CompanionshipBowes, Ray1969Selection
1595Glorious LibertyThornett, David B1969March
1596Joy UnceasingPattison, John, (Sr)1969March
1597While My Heart is TenderSteadman-Allen, Ray1969Meditation
1598Wonders BeginSteadman-Allen, Ray1969Trombone Ensemble
1599To the FrontBowen, Brian1969March
1600Congregational Tunes No 6Steadman-Allen, Ray1969Favourite Hymn Tune
1601Orebro 1Andersson, Folke1969March
1602Harmony of PraiseCatelinet, Philip B1969Cornet Duet
1603Plan of Redemption, TheDove, Charles1969Selection
1604-1Free GraceRive, Thomas1969Hymn/Song Setting
1604-2St MagnusSteadman-Allen, Ray1969Hymn/Song Setting
1605Grant Us Thy PeaceBowen, Brian1970Meditation
1606Joyous SongBowes, Ray1970Air Varie
1607O Live Thy Life In MeMcfarlane, Neville1970Hymn/Song Setting
1608Land of SongBearcroft, Norman1970March
1609Greenock CitadelDownie, Kenneth1970March
1610Youth's AmbitionBowes, Ray1970Selection
1611-1Pilgrims, TheLeidzén, Erik arr. Bowen, Brian1970Trombone Solo
1611-2St PeterGriffin, Keith1970Prelude
1612Eastbourne CitadelCuell, Raymond1970March
1613DalaröGregson, Edward1970March
1614Someone CaresLarsson, John arr. Steadman-Allen, Ray1970Cornet Solo
1615Triumph of CalvaryCatelinet, Philip B1970Meditation
1616ChileSilfverberg, Erik1970March
1617Prayer, ALeidzén, Erik1971Meditation
1618Happiness and HarmonyCamsey, Terry1971Suite
1619Angels Watching Over MeWebb, Joy arr. Steadman-Allen, Ray1971Hymn/Song Setting
1620Joyful Sound, TheShotton, Ray1971March
1621-1St ColumbaGriffin, Keith1971Prelude
1621-2Whosoever HearethPengilly, Allen1971Festival Arrangement
1622-1Nobody Knows the TroubleSilfverberg, Erik1971Hymn/Song Setting
1622-2In the SanctuaryHerikstad, Eiliv1971Hymn/Song Setting
1623Saviour Comes, TheSkinner, Charles1971Selection
1624Colour Guard, TheCatelinet, Philip B1971March
1625-1Gospel BellSteadman-Allen, Ray1971Hymn/Song Setting
1625-2Calling TodayJames, Ken1971Flugel Solo
1626Songs of the FaithGoffin, Dean1971Selection
1627ContemplationCatelinet, Philip B1971Meditation
1628Fight of Faith, TheSkinner, Charles1971March
1629Rise Up O YouthBright, Dudley1972March
1630Merrily SingingBowen, Brian1972Cornet Duet
1631-1I Will Follow TheeRedhead, Robert1972Hymn/Song Setting
1631-2Favorite Hymn TunesSteadman-Allen, Ray1972Favourite Hymn Tune
1632Cambridge CitadelMott, Charles B1972March
1633In the SunshineKenyon, Michael1972Selection
1634Love's BaptisingSteadman-Allen, Ray1972Selection
1635Congregational Tunes No 7Steadman-Allen, Ray1972Favourite Hymn Tune
1636Youthful ProgressBirch, John1972March
1637Joyful Day, TheRedhead, Robert1972Selection
1638I Waited for the LordMendelssohn, Felix B arr. Marshall, George1972Cornet Duet
1639Lord With My All I PartBowen, Brian1972Hymn/Song Setting
1640Lincoln CitadelCraig, Charles1972March
1641-1There Will Be GodWebb, Joy arr. Steadman-Allen, Ray1973Trombone Solo
1641-2When the Harvest is PastSteadman-Allen, Ray1973Flugel Solo
1642Temple 85Bearcroft, Norman1973March
1643Seeking Heart, TheDove, Charles1973Selection
1644-1HallelujahCamsey, Terry1973Festival Arrangement
1644-2TroyteBoon, Brindley1973Hymn/Song Setting
1645Irish Salvationist, TheFletcher, W J1973March
1646Joy of Christmas, the (Su)Redhead, Robert1973Christmas
1647-1Sweet Little Jesus BoyWebb, Joy arr. Cole, Christopher1973Transcription
1647-2David of the White RockBowes, Ray1973Cornet Solo
1648Secret Place, TheMcfarlane, Neville1973Selection
1649Shrine of Quietness, AJordan, Derek1973Meditation
1650Congregational Tunes No 8Steadman-Allen, Ray1973Favourite Hymn Tune
1651I Reckon On YouHerikstad, Eiliv1973Trombone Ensemble
1652Norwich CitadelDrury, Albert1973March
1653-1Away In a MangerRedhead, Robert1974Hymn/Song Setting
1653-2Wonder of His GraceDavies, Howard1974Hymn/Song Setting
1654HoseaSteadman-Allen, Ray1974Selection
1655MelcombeSteadman-Allen, Ray1974Hymn/Song Setting
1656Battle Cry, TheGarsegg, Bjørn A1974March
1657Wigan CitadelDove, Charles1974March
1658Singing Heart, ASilfverberg, Erik1974Selection
1659In Tune With Thy DivinityRedhead, Robert1974Transcription
1660Nearer to TheeJames, Ken1974Selection
1661Long PointBearcroft, Norman1974March
1662Child's Praises, ACole, Christopher1974Selection
1663Source of Peace, TheSteadman-Allen, Ray1974Transcription
1664-1Wonderful Wonderful JesusGoffin, Dean1974Hymn/Song Setting
1664-2Ask and It Shall Be GivenGoffin, Dean1974Hymn/Song Setting
1665Harvest PraiseSteadman-Allen, Ray1975Selection
1666We Want the World to KnowCatelinet, Philip B1975Transcription
1667Pure In Heart, TheDorow, Reginald E1975Meditation
1668God's LoveHerikstad, Eiliv1975March
1669Sing Hallelujah Shout HallelujahCamsey, Terry1975Festival Arrangement
1670Ere the Sun Goes DownDownie, Kenneth1975Selection
1671Whiter Than the SnowSteadman-Allen, Ray1975Hymn/Song Setting
1672Endless DayScott, Lloyd1975March
1673Guardian of Our WayCurnow, James1975Selection
1674Sparkling SlidesSteadman-Allen, Ray1975Trombone Ensemble
1675O God of BethelSkinner, Charles1975Transcription
1676Atlanta TempleStanyon, Edwin, A S1975March
1677CollaroyGott, Barrie1976March
1678Soldier SaintDavies, Howard1976Selection
1679Jesus Shall ReignRedhead, Robert1976Transcription
1680At the Foot of the CrossSchramm, Robert1976Selection
1681Reason, TheCole, Christopher1976Cornet Solo
1682Warriors, TheBowen, Brian1976March
1683O Take Me As I AmSteadman-Allen, Ray1976Meditation
1684-1He Found MeDavies, Howard1976Hymn/Song Setting
1684-2I Can Think of HimWebb, Joy arr. Condon, Leslie1976Hymn/Song Setting
1685Heaven Came DownHerikstad, Eiliv1976March
1686Hymns of PraiseRedhead, Robert1976Selection
1687Love Lifted MeSteadman-Allen, Ray1976Euphonium Solo
1688With Us to DwellKenyon, Michael1976Selection
1689Wondrous Story, TheSteadman-Allen, Ray1977Horn Solo
1690MiraclesSilfverberg, Erik1977Suite
1691Wonderful HealerGoffin, Dean1977Meditation
1692Dont't WorryJakeway, Albert H1977March
1693Even MeDownie, Kenneth1977Meditation
1694Joy of Youth, TheRedhead, Robert1977Suite
1695Lights Along the Shore, TheSteadman-Allen, Ray1977Trombone Solo
1696Argyle CitadelBearcroft, Norman1977March
1697Here at the CrossSteadman-Allen, Ray1977Meditation
1698Camp AkatarawaGoffin, Dean1977March
1699-1Call of Christ, TheBearcroft, Norman1977Cornet Solo
1699-2Aria From Concerto GrossoHandel, Georg F arr. Kenyon, Michael1977Aria
1700In His HandsSilfverberg, Erik1977Selection
1701Spirit DivineCondon, Leslie1978Meditation
1702Selection From "Glory"Larsson, John arr. Steadman-Allen, Ray1978Selection
1703StephanosGreen, James P1978Hymn/Song Setting
1704Joyous ProclamtionBearcroft, Norman1978Cornet Ensemble
1705St John's CitadelAbbott, Eric O1978March
1706Christmas Comes But OnceBowen, Brian1978Selection
1707Prelude On GovaarsSteadman-Allen, Ray1978Prelude
1708Joy Untold, ACamsey, Terry1978Euphonium Solo
1709Kilmarnock TempleAnderson, James B1978March
1710Everlasting Arms, TheSteadman-Allen, Ray1978Selection
1711What is Life?Gluck, Christoph W arr. Bowen, Brian1978Flugel Solo
1712Easter Message, TheCondon, Leslie1978Transcription
1713BrooklandsBright, Dudley1979March
1714Sing Along With the BandBearcroft, Norman1979Transcription
1715I Love to SingCondon, Leslie1979Hymn/Song Setting
1716-1TheodoraJones, David E1979Hymn/Song Setting
1716-2Become Aware of HimRedhead, Robert1979Hymn/Song Setting
1717Promised Land, TheSkinner, Charles1979March
1718Songs of EncouragementDavies, Howard1979Selection
1719Allegro SpiritosoSenaille, Jean Baptiste arr. Himes, William1979Euphonium Solo
1720Deck the HallsGott, Barrie1979Hymn/Song Setting
1721Stand Like the BraveSmith, Ernest A1979March
1722-1Consecration HymnSteadman-Allen, Ray1979Hymn/Song Setting
1722-2Hide Me SaviourLeidzén, Erik arr. Steadman-Allen, Ray1979Transcription
1723Wonderful Story of LoveBearcroft, Norman1979Selection
1724Way Beyond the BlueSilfverberg, Erik1979Cornet Solo
1725Our War CrySteadman-Allen, Ray1980March
1726Be Valiant and StrongBabb, Michael1980Air Varie
1727Lord I Want to Be a ChristianScott, Lloyd1980Hymn/Song Setting
1728-1Front RankersMartin, W1980Trombone Ensemble
1728-2Fanfare for a Dignified Occ.Clemons, R1980Fanfare
1729New GenerationGraham, Peter1980March
1730Songs of AustraliaDavies, Howard1980Selection
1731Breathe On Me Breath of GodCurnow, James1980Hymn/Song Setting
1732-1Beauty of the Barley FieldCondon, Leslie1980Cornet Solo
1732-2Ring the BellsRawlins, George1980Hymn/Song Setting
1733-1Light Up the SunshineWebb, Joy arr. Ozanne, Maurice1980Hymn/Song Setting
1733-2ColneRive, Thomas1980Hymn/Song Setting
1734Abundant JoyBright, Dudley1980Selection
1735Savior Draw NearerBowen, Brian1980Hymn/Song Setting
1736Seafarer, TheBearcroft, Norman1980March
1737God's SoldiersSteadman-Allen, Ray1981March
1738Armour of GodWells, David1981Suite
1739Jesus Good Above All OtherBowen, Brian1981Prelude
1740-1To Heights AboveBowes, Ray1981Trombone Solo
1740-2Christ is AllBulla, Stephen1981Flugel Solo
1741Camp LadoreBosanko, Ivor1981March
1742Coming Army, TheKenyon, Michael1981Suite
1743Come HomeCatherwood, David1981Hymn/Song Setting
1744Blest are the Pure In HeartSteadman-Allen, Ray1981Prelude
1745Songs of the NorthDavis, Trevor1981March
1746Songs of YouthKenyon, Michael1981Suite
1747Be In TimeDavies, Howard1981Meditation
1748Share Your FaithBearcroft, Norman1981March
1749Exeter TempleCondon, Leslie1982March
1750-1Sing to the Lord of HarvestCamsey, Terry1982Hymn/Song Setting
1750-2Trumpet TunePurcell, H arr. Steadman-Allen, Ray1982Transcription
1751-1WenceslasBowes, Ray1982Christmas
1751-2My RefugePost, E arr. Condon, Leslie1982Transcription
1752Cleansing for MeSilfverberg, Erik1982Selection
1753Morley CitadelPengilly, Allen1982March
1754If But a SmileGraham, Peter1982Selection
1755Jesus Keep Me Near the CrossRedhead, Robert1982Cornet Solo
1756I Do Believe ItBabb, Michael1982Selection
1757Cobham HallBearcroft, Norman1982March
1758Joy of LoveKenyon, Michael1982Selection
1759-1It is Well With My SoulDavies, Howard1982Flugel Solo
1759-2In Sweet CommunionDavis, Trevor1982Selection
1760I BelieveBowes, Ray1982Selection
1761Hamilton Temple CentenaryBowes, Ray1983March
1762Soldiers of SalvationHaddon, David1983Festival Arrangement
1763-1Jesus is MineBabb, Michael1983Hymn/Song Setting
1763-2O RememberBabb, Michael1983Hymn/Song Setting
1764RegenerationGraham, Peter1983Cornet Solo
1765Cheerful VolunteersCatelinet, Philip B1983Euphonium & Cornet Duet
1766Beyond Blue HorizonsDavies, Howard1983Suite
1767St BeesScott, Lloyd1983Meditation
1768Timbrelist, TheBroughton, Bruce1983March
1769Song of the AgesBowes, Ray1983Selection
1770Trombone VespersSteadman-Allen, Ray1983Trombone Ensemble
1771Gift for His AltarCondon, Leslie1983Meditation
1772Spirit of the WestBright, Dudley1983March
1773Joyous ExperienceGott, Barrie1984March
1774Praise HimJones, Noel1984Selection
1775-1Look Ever to JesusSteadman-Allen, Ray1984Hymn/Song Setting
1775-2My All I BringBallantine, Leonard1984Cornet Solo
1776Army of GodSöderström, Emil1984March
1777Social ServicesCraig, Charles1984March
1778Name of Jesus, TheJones, Noel1984Selection
1779-1More About JesusHimes, William1984Hymn/Song Setting
1779-2He Never Said a Mumblin' WordDavies, Howard1984Spiritual
1780Evangelist, TheSteadman-Allen, Ray1984March
1781Corner Brook TempleChaulk, David1984March
1782Gone My CareSteadman-Allen, Ray1984Trombone & Cornet Duet
1783RichmondBearcroft, Norman1984Hymn/Song Setting
1784Bounty DownDavies, Howard1984March
1785Agincourt TempleOsgood, Donald1985March
1786-1St AgnesCalvert, Morley F1985Hymn/Song Setting
1786-2Come Into Our World!Webb, Joy arr. Davis, Trevor1985Transcription
1787This Sacred HourSteadman-Allen, Ray1985Selection
1788Orwell ParkNorbury, Kevin1985March
1789Marching OnwardBosanko, Ivor1985March
1790You Know That We Love You!Davies, Howard1985Hymn/Song Setting
1791Holy Holy Holy (Nicaea)Steadman-Allen, Ray1985Hymn/Song Setting
1792Hold Thou My HandKenyon, Michael1985Trombone Solo
1793Songs of a GeneralBulla, Stephen1985Selection
1794Ellan VanninBall, Eric1985Meditation
1795Little SoldiersHerikstad, Eiliv1985March
1796-1WhitburnSchramm, Robert1985Hymn/Song Setting
1796-2With Gladsome MindBearcroft, Norman1985Hymn/Song Setting
1797Do Your Best!Leidzén, Erik1985March
1798-1Southall One HundredBearcroft, Norman1986March
1798-2RamsgateCatelinet, Philip B1986Paraphrase
1799Cleft for MeKenyon, Michael1986Meditation
1800Easter HymnBowen, Brian1986Hymn/Song Setting
1801Southsea CitadelKenyon, Michael1986March
1802CarolcadeDavis, Trevor1986Paraphrase
1803-1You Know I Love YouOzanne, Maurice1986Hymn/Song Setting
1803-2Promises of God, TheSilfverberg, Erik1986Hymn/Song Setting
1804Happy In HimJones, David E1986Selection
1805AssignmentBright, Dudley1986March
1806Glory to GodDavies, Howard1986Selection
1807-1PoemFibich, Z arr. Steadman-Allen, Ray1986Tone Poem
1807-2I Know He Cares for MeBroadstock, Brenton1986Hymn/Song Setting
1808Amidst His LoveBulla, Stephen1986Selection
1809ChelmsfordBowes, Ray1987March
1810Jesus Drew NearBowen, Brian1987Cornet Solo
1811Tis the ArmyDavis, Trevor1987Selection
1812Whispers of PeaceKenyon, Michael1987Divertimento
1813MonkwearmouthDavis, Trevor1987March
1814O Praise His NameJones, Noel1987Selection
1815-1PastoraleGraham, Peter1987Soprano Solo
1815-2I Bring Them to JesusBosanko, Ivor1987Hymn/Song Setting
1816Ready to ServeCamsey, Terry1987March
1817Shining Star, the (Mc)Graham, Peter1987Christmas
1818Songs of Joy and PraiseScott, Lloyd1987Selection
1819-1Abide With MeBowes, Ray1987Hymn/Song Setting
1819-2All I Have I Am Bringing to ThCatherwood, David1987Euphonium Solo
1820Masters In This HallBearcroft, Norman1987Festival Arrangement
1821Pioneers, TheAnderson, James B1988March
1822Songs of VictoryPhillips, Richard1988Suite
1823Lord Thou Art QuestioningDavis, Trevor1988Hymn/Song Setting
1824When He ComethBosanko, Ivor1988Horn Solo
1825NovarcBulla, Stephen1988March
1826Las Lluvias GrandesGraham, Peter1988Suite
1827It Came Upon the MidnightBowes, Ray1988Hymn/Song Setting
1828So Strong and So MightyNorbury, Kevin1988Cornet Duet
1829God's GloryGordon, William1988March
1830God's Love to MeSilfverberg, Erik1988Selection
1831-1Share My YokeWebb, Joy arr. Bosanko, Ivor1988Cornet Solo
1831-2I'll Not Turn BackLarsson, John arr. Steadman-Allen, Ray1988Trombone Solo
1832Greatest of These, TheBright, Dudley1988Meditation
1833Gold Coast TempleGott, Barrie1989March
1834Fantasia for ChildrenWright, James1989Suite
1835MargaretGraham, Peter1989Hymn/Song Setting
1836Depths of His Love, TheCurnow, James1989Horn Solo
1837Winterthur CentenaryBowes, Ray1989March
1838Laudes DominiKenyon, Michael1989Selection
1839PavaneFauré, Gabriel arr. Norbury, Kevin1989Dance
1840Everybody Should KnowCatherwood, David1989Euphonium Solo
1841GoldcrestAnderson, James B1989March
1842Easter SingalongSteadman-Allen, Ray1989Hymn/Song Setting
1843Light Came Out of Darkness, ABowes, Ray1989Hymn/Song Setting
1844Cleansing PowerBulla, Stephen1989Trombone Ensemble
1845Spirit of the ArmyBearcroft, Norman1990March
1846CharioteersWright, James1990Suite
1847Jesus Loves Me!Bowes, Ray1990Hymn/Song Setting
1848Flying High!Anderson, James B1990Cornet Trio
1849Harvest CelebrationJones, Noel1990March
1850Christmas CalypsoGraham, Peter1990Christmas
1851-1O Happy Day\God's Love (No.9)Larsson, John arr. Phillips, Richard1990Favourite Hymn Tune
1851-2Trusting Thee EverDownie, Kenneth1990Hymn/Song Setting
1852High FidelityBearcroft, Norman1990Soprano Solo
1853Mountain CragsMallett, Chris1990March
1854Our God ReignsAnderson, James B1990Selection
1855Nothing Do I BringBroughton, William (Jr)1990Hymn/Song Setting
1856LongingsCamsey, Terry1990Cornet Solo
1857Mississauga TempleRedhead, Robert1991March
1858Let Your Joys Be KnownKenyon, Michael1991Suite
1859BenedictionBrahms, Johannes arr. Bowen, Brian1991Hymn/Song Setting
1860Song of Sharon's Rose, ACatherwood, David1991Horn Solo
1861Ding Dong!Phillips, Richard1991Hymn/Song Setting
1862I Have Decided to Follow JesusHimes, William1991Hymn/Song Setting
1863-1He is LordRedhead, Robert1991Flugel Solo
1863-2Un Canadien ErrantFolk Song Fr. arr. Redhaed, Robert1991Trombone Solo
1864His ProvisionBosanko, Ivor1991Hymn/Song Setting
1865Cornet CascadeRedhead, Robert1991Cornet Feature
1866Joyous CelebrationCurnow, James1991Selection
1867He Can Break Every FetterDownie, Kenneth1991Chorus Setting
1868-1MajestyHayford, Jack W arr. Gordon, William1991Favourite Hymn Tune
1868-2Shine Jesus ShineKendrick, Graham arr. Phillips, Richard1991Favourite Hymn Tune
1869Household Troops, TheSteadman-Allen, Ray1992March
1870Salvation Songs are SoundingKenyon, Michael1992Selection
1871Jesus I Come to TheeBearcroft, Norman1992Euphonium Solo
1872Joy Peace and HappinessPhillips, Richard1972Festival Arrangement
1873Washington Salute 125Bulla, Stephen1992March
1874Christmas Tidings (Tf)Redhead, Robert1992Christmas
1875ReverieDownie, Kenneth1992Selection
1876In Dulci JubiloBearcroft, Norman1992Festival Arrangement
1877Bournemouth CentennialBearcroft, Norman1992March
1878Rhapsody for TromboneCatherwood, David1992Trombone Solo
1879Have Thine Own Way LordCurnow, James1992Flugel Solo
1880Day of the Cross, TheMorrison, Donald1992Meditation
1881PowerpointAnderson, James B1993March
1882Arrival of the Queen of ShebaHandel, Georg F arr. Kenyon, Michael1993Classical
1883While the Spirit Passes ByDavis, Trevor1993Hymn/Song Setting
1885Espana 92Silfverberg, Erik1993March
1886Life's ConsecrationCurnow, James1993Selection
1887-1Quiet TimeDownie, Kenneth1993Cornet Solo
1887-2Hark! the Herald-Angels SingMendelssohn, Felix B arr. Phillips, Richard1993Classical
1888Joy to the WorldHandel, Georg F arr. Steadman-Allen, Ray1993Classical
1889Victoria CitadelRedhead, Robert1993March
1890I Know Thou Art MineBallantine, Leonard1993Hymn/Song Setting
1891I Will Enter His GatesSilfverberg, Niels1993Chorus Setting
1892I Surrender AllAnderson, James B1993Hymn/Song Setting
1893Phoenix CentennialPearce, Ralph E1994March
1894Return to RussiaZhuravlyov, Sergei1994March
1895Voluntary On Old HundredthPurcell, H arr. Curnow, James1994Classical
1896FloodtideSteadman-Allen, Ray1994Prelude
1897Gentlemen's CarolRobinson, Ian1994Hymn/Song Setting
1898-1Celebration of the CenturyRedhead, Robert1994Cornet Trio
1898-2As the DeerNyström, Martin arr. Wright, James1994Chorus Setting
1899-1All Through the YearsChaulk, David1994Festival Arrangement
1899-2Little Lord JesusKirkpatrick, W J arr. Silfverberg, Niels1994Soprano Solo
1900Sacred CommunionSilfverberg, Erik1994Selection
1901Life In the SpiritAnderson, James B1994March
1902Jesu, My Light and SongBallantine, Leonard1994Medley
1903-1Thank You, LordDavies, Howard arr. Jones, Ian1994Euphonium Solo
1903-2Festival Fanfare, ANorbury, Kevin1994Fanfare
1904In Perfect PeaceDownie, Kenneth1994Chorus Setting
1905Victory ParadeDownie, Kenneth1995March
1906Rolling AlongHimes, William1995March
1907Thy Will to SeeScott, Cyrill H arr. Wright, James1995Chorus Setting
1908Glorious SongBowes, Ray1995Cornet Solo
1909Halifax CitadelSilfverberg, Erik1995March
1910Compassionate LoveSteadman-Allen, Ray1995Selection
1911Move, Holy Spirit!Laurens, A arr. Davies, Howard1995Chorus Setting
1912Meditation Om "Rapture"Broadstock, Brenton1995Meditation
1913Portsmouth CitadelThomas, Martyn1995March
1914-1I Need TheeTaylor, Alastair arr. Kenyon, Michael1995Hymn/Song Setting
1914-2Of Whom I SingGrieg, Edvard arr. Ballantine, Leonard1995Hymn/Song Setting
1915PromisesCamsey, Terry1995Euphonium Solo
1916Thine is the GloryHandel, Georg F arr. Steadman-Allen, Ray1995Hymn/Song Setting
1917Msb 100Jones, Noel1996March
1918Colours, TheSpicer, Richard J1996Suite
1919ConsecrationMorrison, Donald1996Trombone Solo
1920Be Still, for the Presence..Phillips, Richard1996Meditation
1921Neath the BannerKetteringham, Kenneth1996March
1922Suite of CarolsBearcroft, Norman1996Suite
1923Is There Anyone Here....Larsson, John arr. Gordon, William1996Horn Solo
1924Lord, I Come to Thee......Scott, Lloyd1996Meditation
1925Raise the Standard High !Silfverberg, Erik1996March
1926This is My StoryLundkvist, Krister1996Cornet Solo
1927-1Jesus, Now More Than EverBallantine, Leonard1996Hymn/Song Setting
1927-2Fully TrustingCamsey, Terry1996Flugel Solo
1928Blood and FireSmith, Kenneth1996March
1929Winton-BournemouthBearcroft, Norman1997March
1930Two Song ArrangementsBabb, Penny1997Hymn/Song Setting
1931Softly Awakes My HeartSaint-Saëns, Camille arr. Morrison, Don1997Trombone Solo
1932BlacklandsSteadman-Allen, Ray1997Meditation
1933Battle FlagAnderson, James B1997March
1934In the LightRayner, Iain1997Festival Arrangement
1935People Need the LordDavies, Howard1997Hymn/Song Setting
1936Only a StepBosanko, Ivor1997Hymn/Song Setting
1937Comfort and JoyThomas, Martyn1997Christmas
1938-1Precious JesusClarke, Mervyn arr. Redhaed, Robert1997Horn Solo
1938-2Shout to the LordZschech, Darlene arr. Jones, Noel1997Polka
1939Shepherd SongDavis, Trevor1997Euphonium Solo
1940In the SanctuaryDownie, Kenneth1997Festival Arrangement
1941Majesty and Glory of Your Name, TheFettke, Tom arr. Mallett, Chris1998Hymn/Song Setting
1942Rondo Alla TurcaMozart, Wolfgang, A arr. Gordon, William1998Euphonium Solo
1943RuthDavis, Trevor1998Hymn/Song Setting
1944-1Mid All the TrafficBallantine, Leonard1998Hymn/Song Setting
1944-2They'll Sing a Welcome HomeBearcroft, Norman1998Hymn/Song Setting
1947-1I Vow to Thee, My CountryHolst arr. Steadman-Allen, Ray1998Hymn/Song Setting
1947-2Silent Night (Ts)Grüber, Franz arr. Gott, Barrie1998Christmas
1948Knowing YouDavis, Trevor1998Selection
1949Westward Ho !Bearcroft, Norman1998March
1950Christmas Medley (My)Phillips, Richard1998Christmas
1951Spirit of LifeCatherwood, David1998Euphonium Solo
1952Joy In My Soul !Silfverberg, Erik1998Trombone & Cornet Duet
1953Deep RiverBroughton, William (Jr)1999Spiritual
1954Rally 'Round the BannerJones, Noel1999Suite
1955Berceuse De JocelynGodard, Benjamin arr. Phillips, Richard1999Trombone Solo
1956I Love You, LordKlein, Laurie arr. Davies, Howard1999Hymn/Song Setting
1957Keep Me PraisingMackereth, Andrew1999Hymn/Song Setting
1958Berceuse (From the 'Dolly Suite')Fauré, Gabriel arr. Graham, Peter1999Suite
1959Love Cannot FailLarsson, John arr. Babb, Michael1999Cornet Solo
1960Prayer to the SpiritBowen, Brian1999Hymn/Song Setting
1961Deep and WideCox, Sidney E arr. Mackereth, Andrew1999Hymn/Song Setting
1962Wreath of CourageBearcroft, Norman1999March
1963Whisper a Little PrayaerRedhead, Robert1999Trombone Solo
1964Camp HoblitzelleAnderson, James B1999March
1965Come Alive In ChristBosanko, Ivor2000March
1966Mr Noah and Fhe FoxHogg, Brian2000Flugel Solo
1967There Will Be GodWebb, Joy arr. Phillips, Richard2000Euphonium Solo
1968I'll Be a LightBanks, Keith arr. Mackereth, Andrew2000Chorus Setting
1969Service Our JoyJones, Noel2000March
1970Except I Am Moved With CompassionAnderson, James B2000Hymn/Song Setting
1971Sing a Happy SongCamsey, Terry2000Trombone Solo
1972SarabandeDebussy, Claude arr. Holz, Richard E, (Jr)2000Trombone & Cornet Duet
1973Call to Service, TheSmith, Kenneth2000Festival Arrangement
1974Gaelic Blessing, ARutter, John arr. Steadman-Allen, Ray2000Hymn/Song Setting
1975Everlasting Light, TheMackereth, Andrew2000Hymn/Song Setting
1976Great Physician, TheBearcroft, Norman2000Hymn/Song Setting
1977Forward 2000Cordner, Martin2001Festival March
1978To Him BelongLaken, Alan2001Hymn/Song Setting
1979-1From Earth's ConfusionDavis, Trevor2001Polka
1979-2Londonderry AirGraham, Peter2001Flugel Solo
1980O Boundless SalvationHimes, William2001Hymn/Song Setting
1981Praise's PowerAyma, David2001March
1982Angels From GloryJones, Noel2001Cornet Feature
1983Healing StreamGraham, Peter2001Hymn/Song Setting
1984In His PresenceCatherwood, David2001Hymn/Song Setting
1985RamsgateHollis, Edgar arr. Norbury, Kevin2001Festival Arrangement
1986Bless Our Army!Smith, Kenneth2001Festival March
1987Wounds of Christ, TheBabb, Michael2001Selection
1988All That I AmHimes, William2001Meditation
1989Light-BringerCordner, Martin2002Festival March
1990Redeeming GraceBearcroft, Norman2002Selection
1991I Want to Say YesLarsson, John arr. Steadman-Allen, Ray2002Favourite Hymn Tune
1992Time to ShineMackereth, Andrew2002Sonata
1993Christmas Miracle, the (Mc)Manners, Keith2002Christmas
1994Abba, FatherBilbrough, Dave arr. Wright, James2002Hymn/Song Setting
1995King of Love, TheBearcroft, Norman2002Hymn/Song Setting
1996Worship, Honour, Power and BlessingSilfverberg, Erik2002Meditation
1997There is a SaviourTunney, Dick & Melodie arr. Catherwood, David2002Hymn/Song Setting
1998Outriders, ThePearce, Ralph E2002Festival March
1999Fanfare Pour Preceder 'La Peri'Dukas, Paul arr. Holz, Richard E, (Jr)2002Fanfare
2000Green HillBearcroft, Norman2002Horn Solo
2001Silent VirgilDownie, Kenneth2003Hymn/Song Setting
2002SteadfastCordner, Martin2003March
2003Wonderful GracePantry, John arr. Samuel, Nicholas J2003Hymn/Song Setting
2004Always CheerfulClarke, Ian2003Cornet Feature
2005Soon (And Very Soon!)Crouch, Andrae arr. Robinson, Ian2003Hymn/Song Setting
2006Jubilee!Drury, Paul2003March
2007Coventry Carol, TheBearcroft, Norman2003Hymn/Song Setting
2008Evening HymnSteadman-Allen, Ray2003Hymn/Song Setting
2009Don't Let the Devil!Press, Graeme arr. Silfverberg, Erik2003Hymn/Song Setting
2010Great DayBearcroft, Norman2003March
2011St TeresaSkinner, Charles arr. Graham, Peter2003Hymn/Song Setting
2012Jesus Answers PrayerDownie, Kenneth2003Hymn/Song Setting
2013Wonder of It All, TheShea, George Beverly arr. Smith, Kenneth2004Hymn/Song Setting
2014On the Lord's SideMetthews, Cliff2004March
2015-1To a God Like ThisLarsson, John arr. Robinson, Ian2004Intrada
2015-2Aira From 'The Magic Flute'Mozart, Wolfgang, A arr. Steadman-Allen, Ray2004Bass Solo
2016Greater ThingsRitman, Olaf2004Hymn/Song Setting
2017Govan Citadel BandDrury, Paul2004March
2018All to JesusHerikstad, Eiliv2004Hymn/Song Setting
2019Gift of LoveSamuel, Nicholas J2004Selection
2020Merry Christmas! (Sl)Bearcroft, Norman2004Christmas
2021ShekinahDownie, Kenneth2004Hymn/Song Setting
2022Strathallan SuiteBosanko, Ivor2004Suite
2023This I Know!Camsey, Terry2004Trombone Solo
2024True CourageBearcroft, Norman2005March
2025Glory to GodSilfverberg, Erik2005Selection
2026Compelled by LoveBlyth, Andrew2005Euphonium Solo
2027From That Sacred HillKrommenhoek, Dick J2005Trombone Feature
2028Temple VisionsCordner, Martin2005March
2029Power PraiseMackereth, Andrew2005Overture
2030St MichaelKenyon, Michael2005Hymn/Song Setting
2031Christmas IdyllDownie, Kenneth2005Christmas
2032Fanfare to WorshipPonsford, Steven2005Fanfare
2033Name, TheCordner, Martin2005Hymn/Song Setting
2034Don't Doubt Him NowWoodland, Craig2005Cornet Solo
2035Grant Us Thy PeaceDownie, Kenneth2005Nocturne
2036God's CountryGordon, William2006Festival March
2037Heart BeatBallantine, Leonard2006Festival Arrangement
2038I Surrender AllChaulk, David arr. Mackereth, Andrew2006Flugel Solo
2039In Christ AloneCordner, Martin2006Hymn/Song Setting
2040Immanuel!Ponsford, Steven2006Christmas
2041King of KingsSmith, Stephan2006Chorus Setting
2042-1Take TimeDownie, Kenneth2006Hymn/Song Setting
2042-2Candlelight Carol (Cs)Wainwright, Andrew2006Christmas
2043FrenchHeaton, Wilfred2006Prelude
2044PraisingSilfverberg, Erik2006Hymn/Song Setting
2045Intrada On 'A Song of Praise'Burgmayer, Harold2006Cornet Solo
2046Such LoveDrury, Paul2006Hymn/Song Setting
2047-1Dear Lord and Father of MankindBearcroft, Norman2006Hymn/Song Setting
2047-2Lord is Gracious, TheRitman, Olaf2006Hymn/Song Setting
2048Not Unto UsDownie, Kenneth2007Hymn/Song Setting
2049Él Es El Señ0rJones, Dean2007Hymn/Song Setting
2050Reasons WhyFeltwell, Ian2007Selection
2051Songs of HarvestManners, Keith2007Selection
2052True ColoursSilfverberg, Niels2007Festival March
2053On Duty!Sharman, Paul2007Festival Arrangement
2054They Need ChristBosanko, Ivor2007Cornet Solo
2055Move In My LifeWright, James2007Meditation
2056S.A.S.A. 120Bearcroft, Norman2007March
2057Beyond the BlueRobinson, Ian2007Flugel Solo
2058Sweet Will of GodDavis, Trevor2007Selection
2059When I SurveyRitman, Olaf2007Trombone Feature
2060Grace Pearce, Ralph E2008Hymn/Song Setting
2061Copenhagen Temple Band 100Bosanko, Ivor2008March
2062Holy Spirit, WelcomeDavis, Trevor2008Flugel Solo
2063Exalted!Edmonds, David2008Swing
2064Winter's SnowRayment, Philip2008Christmas
2065Wonderful DayPonsford, Steven2008March
2066Lord's Prayer, TheMalotte, Albert Hay arr. Jones, Ian2008Cornet Solo
2067God Has HealedBarry, Lorne2008Hymn/Song Setting
2068We Saw LoveFeltwell, Ian2008Hymn/Song Setting
2069Manchester, UsaBosanko, Ivor2008March
2070Whisper a PrayerPearce, Ralph E2008Chorus Setting
2071In Light We WalkBulla, Stephen2008Selection
2072Stars of the MorningDownie, Kenneth2009Meditation
2073Light and SongJones, David E2009Festival Arrangement
2074Burdens are LiftedWright, James2009Hymn/Song Setting
2075SonriseGordon, William2009March
2076Water of Life, TheBeijer, Anders2009March
2077Gently Down the Stream of TimeDownie, Kenneth2009Chorus Setting
2078Whiter Than the SnowBearcroft, Norman2009Euphonium Solo
2079Round-UpCordner, Martin2009Hymn/Song Setting
2080Morning PraiseManners, Keith2009Hymn/Song Setting
2081Leicester SouthDavis, Trevor2009March
2082Power of the Cross, TheSharman, Paul2009Meditation
2083Written In RedJones, Dean2009Hymn/Song Setting
2084Before His ThroneRitman, Olaf2010Euphonium Solo
2085Great Lakes MissionBallantine, Leonard2010Festival Arrangement
2086My Father's WorldBlyth, Andrew2010Hymn/Song Setting
2087Sweet ChariotSteadman-Allen, Ray2010March
2088Camp HappylandAnderson, James B2010March
2089Intrada On 'Monkland'Bulla, Stephen2010Intrada
2090AscalonPearce, Ralph E2010Hymn/Song Setting
2091I've Got Joy!Kane, Derick2010Hymn/Song Setting
2092PastoraleCurnow, James2010Pastorale
2093Songs of the PioneersSmith, Kenneth2010Selection
2094In the Love of JesusDownie, Kenneth2010Hymn/Song Setting
2095South Shields CelebrationCordner, Martin2010Festival March
2096Ein' Feste BurgMackereth, Andrew2011Festival Arrangement
2097Prayer Warriors UkSamuel, Nicholas J2011March
2098Sweetest Name I Know, TheAnderson, James B2011Hymn/Song Setting
2099Joy of Loving Hearts, TheDownie, Kenneth2011Hymn/Song Setting
2100Glad TigingsSmith, Kenneth2011March
2101Abide With MeLeidzén, Erik arr. Holz, Ronald2011Meditation
2102Robe of White, AWorthington, Trevor2011Meditation
2103ConsecrationBowen, Brian2011Hymn/Song Setting
2104Saved and Kept!Jones, Noel2011Festival March
2105Softly and TenderlyBroughton, William (Jr)2011Hymn/Song Setting
2106More Like TheeWoodland, Craig2011Euphonium Solo
2107My TributePearce, Ralph E2011Hymn/Song Setting
2108ShoeburynessHerikstad, Eiliv2012March
2109Soli Deo GloriaHimes, William2012Festival Arrangement
2110You are Always ThereCordner, Martin2012Euphonium & Cornet Duet
2111Fill the World With Glory!Larsson, Kevin2012Hymn/Song Setting
2112Lift Up Your VoiceBulla, Stephen2012Meditation
2113Lion of Judah, TheDownie, Kenneth2012Festival Arrangement
2114Flow Gently, Sweet AftonSharman, Paul2012Meditation
2115Over Vale and HillCordner, Martin2012March
2116Turn Your Eyes Upon JesusClarke, Mervyn2012Cornet Solo
2117Triumphs of His Grace, TheBearcroft, Norman2012Hymn/Song Setting
2118Before the ThroneSharman, Paul2012Processional
2119Guardian of My SoulShaw, Darren2013Hymn/Song Setting
2120Temple 125Larsson, Kevin2013Festival March
2121Nothing But Thy BloodBurgmayer, Harold2013Trombone Solo
2122Begone, Vain WorldDavis, Michael2013Hymn/Song Setting
2123Joy to the World!Bearcroft, Norman2013Christmas
2124Night of JoyWainwright, Andrew2013Christmas
2125DedicationDownie, Kenneth2013Festival Arrangement
2126SynergyCordner, Martin2013Cornet Duet
2127Hail, the Risen Lord!Ponsford, Steven2013Fanfare
2128Dance-BeatSharman, Paul2013Dance
2129Charlotte CelebrationBulla, Stephen2013March
2130Blessèd AssuranceHimes, William2014Trombone Solo
2131Diamond JubileeBulla, Stephen2014Festival March
2132Sweet Spirit of ChristDrury, Paul2014Chorus Setting
2133Hear Our PraisesSmith, Jeremy2014Hymn/Song Setting
2134Troops SaluteSharman, Paul2014Festival March
2135Songs of SalvationMackereth, Andrew, 2014Selection
2136Shepherd's CarolGoffin, Dean arr. Downie, Kenneth2014Christmas
2137On High!Cordner, Martin2014Chorus Setting
2138Praise His Holy Name!Jones, Dean2014Hymn/Song Setting
2139-1Prelude On 'Hereford'Bearcroft, Norman2014Prelude
2139-2Lord Bless You and Keep You, TheSharman, Paul2014Hymn/Song Setting
2140Now I Belong to JesusPonsford, Steven2014Hymn/Song Setting
2141My Name is Written There!Downie, Kenneth2014Festival Arrangement

Triumph Series (1921 - 2014)

0001ProgressHawkes, Frederick G1921March
0002Story of Jesus, TheHawkes, Frederick G1921Selection
0003TogetherSlater, Richard1921March
0004CanaanMarshall, George1921March
0005Advance, TheHill, Sidney, J1922March
0006Early MemoriesGoldsmith, Arthur1922Selection
0007HallelujahMarshall, George1922March
0008Bright CrownsVanderkam, Jules1922March
0009Hoist the FlagBall, Eric1922March
0010Bentinck March, TheSiddle, M1922March
0011Ever OnwardMarshall, George1922Selection
0012Pathway, TheMastin, George1922March
0013Blessed Be the NameGoldsmith, Arthur1922March
0014Love of Jesus, TheSlater, Richard1922Selection
0015ConsecrationBall, Eric1922Selection
0016Joyfully OnwardColes, Bramwell1922March
0017Faithful WarriorsMountain, Herbert A1922March
0018Cry Out and ShoutHawkes, Frederick G1922Selection
0019On to GloryMarshall, George1922Selection
0020CymroLegg, F A1922March
0021On the OceanHall, Henry R1923March
0022ThanksgivingHill, Edward H1923Selection
0023Oh, the VoiceNoble, Andrew F1923March
0024Nearer to TheeMarshall, George1923March
0025Still With TheeVanderkam, Jules1923March
0026Jerusalem, My Happy HomeHawkes, Frederick G1923Anthem
0027Invitation & WarningBall, Eric1923Selection
0028Happy Experience, ADockerill, Fred, J1923March
0029Scout-Leader, the Kirk, Harry1923March
0030Narrow Way, TheMarshall, George1923Selection
0031Saviour's Call, TheSlater, Richard1923Selection
0032CourageousWright, W H1923March
0033Christmas Bells (Sl)Hawkes, Frederick G1923Christmas
0034Rescue, TheMarshall, George1923March
0035On for JesusWoods, G H1923March
0036Best Friend, TheLegg, F A1923Selection
0037Joyful SoldierJakeway, Albert H1924March
0038Company-Guard, TheTaylor, E W1924March
0039Songs of ExperienceMountain, Herbert A1924Selection
0040Message of Love, TheMott, Charles B1924March
0041Grateful PraiseColes, Bramwell1924Selection
0042Czecho-SlovakiaVanderkam, Jules1924March
0043MerseyWright, W H1924March
0044Journey of Life, TheSlater, Richard1924Selection
0045Old MemoriesMarshall, George1924Selection
0046Brave and DaringJakeway, Albert H1924March
0047Undying LoveHopkins, L1924March
0048Full SurrenderDockerill, Fred, J1924Selection
0049Mercy's CallWoods, G H1924March
0050DauntlessMastin, George1924March
0051Story of Jesus, No 2, TheHawkes, Frederick G1924Selection
0052TriumphantSheldon, W H1924March
0053Pearly Gates, TheMarshall, George1925March
0054Our Saviour's PraiseBall, Eric1925Selection
0055Sinner Redeemed, TheVanderkam, Jules1925Selection
0056Sawston March, TheDockerill, Fred, J1925March
0057Hymn-Tune Marches, No 1Hawkes, Frederick G1925March
0058Hosanna !Coles, Bramwell1925Selection
0059Patient Saviour, TheMott, Charles B1925Selection
0060Always CheerfulNoble, Andrew F1925March
0061PurityDockerill, Fred, J1925March
0062Songs of DevotionMarshall, George1925Selection
0063War Songs, No 1Ball, Eric1925Selection
0064Open Gate, TheMountain, Herbert A1925March
0065Loyal ServiceMarshall, George1925March
0066Wanderer's WelcomeColes, Bramwell1925Selection
0067ContemplationHawkes, Frederick G1925Selection
0068Children's Saviour, TheWoods, G H1925March
0069On to VictoryColes, Bramwell1926March
0070Junior Melodies, No 1Dockerill, Fred, J1926Selection
0071Songs for Sinners, No 1Ball, Eric1926Selection
0072All's WellSmith, J W1926March
0073SilchesterLeidzén, Erik1926March
0074Songs of VictoryMountain, Herbert A1926Selection
0075Lord Will I at Times Bless, TheMarshall, George1926Anthem
0076Haste AwayKing, Harry1926March
0077Hymn Tune Marches No 2Hawkes, Frederick G1926March
0078Wanderer ReturnNuttall, Richard1926Selection
0079Call to Service, ADockerill, Fred, J1926Selection
0080Linton March, TheHopkins, John1926March
0081Wondrous LoveBall, Eric1926March
0082Serve to SaveNoble, Andrew F1926March
0083Junior Melodies, No 2Dockerill, Fred, J1926Selection
0084Travelling OnSherriff, C A1926March
0085Grace AboundingMarshall, George1927March
0086Sinner's Plea, ABall, Eric1927Selection
0087Exalt HimHawkes, Frederick G1927Anthem
0088Garston, TheTalbot, James1927March
0089Stepping HeavenwardBristow, Arthur1927March
0090Saved and KeptColes, Bramwell1927Selection
0091NottinghamSmith, Ernest A1927Meditation
0092Forward SoldiersPerrin, C&W1927March
0093Hymn-Tune Marches, No 3Hawkes, Frederick G1927March
0094Raise the StandardMarshall, George1927Selection
0095Jesus, Our KingSmith, J W1927Selection
0096My DelivererMastin, George1927March
0097DenmarkSöderström, Emil1927March
0098Glad SurrenderAllen, Herbert1927March
0099All-Atoning Blood, TheDockerill, Fred, J1927Selection
0100On Joyful WingMassarella, J E1927March
0101LoyaltyMarshall, George1928March
0102Glory Song, No 1Ball, Eric1928Selection
0103Christ at the DoorJakeway, Albert H1928Selection
0104Steadily OnwardHopkins, John1928March
0105Sinner's Refuge, TheDockerill, Fred, J1928March
0106Memories of CalvaryHawkes, Frederick G1928Selection
0107Make a Joyful NoiseRichardson, R1928Anthem
0108I'll Stand for ChristDove, Charles1928March
0109Cheerful ServiceJakeway, Albert H1928March
0110Songs of the Fight, No 1Ball, Eric1928Favourite Hymn Tune
0111Fellowship With JesusRoberts, J1928Selection
0112Sword and ShieldMerritt, Percy F1928March
0113At the FountainLeidzén, Erik1928March
0114My Faithful FriendMarshall, George1928Selection
0115Songs of WarningSmith, Ernest A1928Selection
0116Army Colours, TheDoe, Gurney1928March
0117Beautiful CanaanSöderström, Emil1929March
0118Matchless JoyDockerill, Fred, J1929Selection
0119Penitent's Prayer, ABristow, Arthur1929Selection
0120Joyful MeetingGray, Harold, J1929March
0121Hiding Place, AMarshall, George1929March
0122Saviour, Lead MeJakeway, Albert H1929Selection
0123Worship and PraiseSmith, J W1929Selection
0124White RobesLegg, H F1929March
0125SimplicityCarroll, W1929March
0126Solid Rock, TheBall, Eric1929Meditation
0127Thoughts About JesuScotney, Harold1929Selection
0128Marching to CanaanCrane, George C1929March
0129Stand Up for JesusDockerill, Fred, J1929March
0130Witnesses for JesusMountain, Herbert A1929Selection
0131Coming HomeDove, Charles1929Selection
0132ScoutSmith, J W1929March
0133Living In JesusMarshall, George1930March
0134Soldier's Testimony, APalmer-Barnes, Raymond, C1930Selection
0135Come, My Soul, Thy Suit PrepareJakeway, Albert H1930Meditation
0136Brierfield March, TheRichardson, R1930March
0137Shout Salvation !Catelinet, Philip B1930March
0139Light of the World, TheSmith, Ernest A1930Selection
0140DecisionDadson, E V1930March
0141Spirit of YouthKirk, Harry1930March
0142Temptation and VictoryBristow, Arthur1930Selection
0143Come to Me !Marshall, George1930Selection
0144Bexley HeathSaggers1930March
0145Roll OnCarroll, W1930March
0146Echoes of the FightJakeway, Albert H1930Selection
0147St. AgnesRoberts, J1930Meditation
0148FreedomWright G1930March
0149SimeonMarshall, George1930March
0150In the Army of the LordCatelinet, Philip B1930Selection
0151Stand to Arms !Smith, J W1931Selection
0152Press OnwardDove, Charles1931March
0153Great Call, TheJakeway, Albert H1931March
0154Soldier of the Army, ABristow, Arthur1931Selection
0155My DesireTalbot, James1931Selection
0156Ever LoyalGray, Harold, J1931March
0157Bound for CanaanCatelinet, Philip B1931March
0158Following JesusMarshall, George1931Selection
0159Divine Call, ADockerill, Fred, J1931Meditation
0160Swindon March, TheSmith, Ernest A1931March
0161Youthful CourageÖstby, Klaus1931March
0162We Will FightBall, Eric1931Air Varie
0163Thoughts That ComfortGullidge, Arthur W 1931Selection
0164Ransomed Army, TheBradley, W1931March
0165Soldiers TrueFletcher, Arthur1931March
0166King's Highway, TheJakeway, Albert H1931Selection
0167Through Doubt to TriumphDadson, E V1932Selection
0168Bargoed March, TheBosanko, Courtney1932March
0169Our Triumphant BandSmith, J W1932March
0170Our Battle-CryBristow, Arthur1932Selection
0171Homeward BoundCatelinet, Philip B1932Selection
0172Forward to ConquerGray, Harold, J1932March
0173Keeping StepScotney, Harold1932March
0174Fighting Line, TheMarshall, George1932Selection
0175My RedeemerSmith, Ernest A1932Selection
0176BecontreeHopkins, William, James1932March
0177Meet In BlissHubbard, Sidney, R1932March
0178Songs of SwedenÖstby, Klaus1932Selection
0179Walking In the Light Jakeway, Albert H1932Air Varie
0180Fighting OnKirk, Peter1932March
0181Land of Pure DelightMarshall, George1933March
0182HallelujahCatelinet, Philip B1933Selection
0183Call to Service No 2, ADockerill, Fred, J1933Selection
0184Betterland, TheGoutcher, E B1933March
0185Heavenly Guide, TheJakeway, Albert H1933March
0186Thy Will Be DoneBeard, J W1933Selection
0187To God Be All the GlorySmith, J W1933Anthem
0188Joy for EverFristrup, Kristian M1933March
0189Boston March, TheDove, Charles1933March
0190Glory and PraiseDockerill, Fred, J1933Selection
0191Rock of AgesFletcher, Arthur1933Selection
0192Starry CrownLiddle, R1933March
0193FriendshipLaurie, Andrew, C1933March
0194Happy ServiceCatelinet, Philip B1933Air Varie
0195Fighting Spirit, TheSmith, Ernest A1933Selection
0196RipleyHague, Herbert E1933March
0197AustraliaMarshall, George1934March
0198My Satisfying PortionHubbard, Sidney, R1934Selection
0199ConfidenceMerritt, James1934Meditation
0200Fight for Your LordKirk, Harry1934March
0201Forward MarchPalmer-Barnes, Raymond, C1934March
0202Mighty to KeepJakeway, Albert H1934Cornet Solo
0203InvitationBradley, W1934Selection
0204Our Invincible ArmySheldon, W H1934March
0205Victor's March, TheCatelinet, Philip B1934March
0206Pilgrim Way, TheBall, Eric1934Meditation
0207My All In AllBristow, Arthur1934Selection
0208Forward Be Our WatchwordCrane, George C1934March
0209Ransomed Soldier, TheHubbard, Sidney, R1934March
0210Fighting On!Marshall, George1934Selection
0211Cleansing for MeDockerill, Fred, J1934Air Varie
0212Full AssuranceSmith, Ernest A1934March
0213Happy Land, TheCatelinet, Philip B1935March
0214In the RanksBall, Eric1935Selection
0215Surrendered Life, ADoe, Gurney1935Selection
0216Happy PeopleMott, Charles B1935March
0217MonmouthMarshall, George1935March
0218Songs of Sweden No 2Östby, Klaus1935Selection
0219Seeking Soul, ABristow, Arthur1935Selection
0220ErnanRaikes, A S1935March
0221SaginaPalmer-Barnes, Raymond, C1935March
0222Fulness of JoyMarshall, George1935Selection
0223Lord is My Rock, ThePiper, C B arr. Catelinet, Philip B1935Anthem
0224GlorylandHarris, James1935March
0225With Courage TrueRobinson, Ian1935March
0226On to the ConflictSmith, Ernest A1935Selection
0227StracathroDockerill, Fred, J1935Meditation
0228Away Over JordanSmith, J W1935March
0229Tamworth March, TheGray, Alex1936March
0230Good-By Pharaoh!Jakeway, Albert H1936Air Varie
0231Voice of Wisdom, TheCatelinet, Philip B1936Selection
0232MelodyKeeler, R H1936March
0233LydiaDockerill, Fred, J1936March
0234Song of the HeartCatelinet, Philip B1936Cornet Solo
0235In the ArmySmith, Ernest A1936Selection
0236ValourHarvey, Harry1936March
0237God is LoveMarshall, George1936March
0238Songs of WalesJakeway, Albert H1936Selection
0239Our Loving RedeemerPearson, Frederick H1936Selection
0240Constant Friend, TheBarnes, Victor, A1936March
0241Fountain, TheMerritt, James1936Air Varie
0242Call of Jesus, TheDockerill, Fred, J1936Selection
0243Sun of My SoulScotney, Harold1936Meditation
0244Yeoman ServiceGray, Alex1936March
0245Songs of ChildhoodKirk, Harry1937Selection
0246Name of Jesus, TheDove, Charles1937Meditation
0247Boundless LoveScotney, Harold1937Selection
0248Victor's Reward, TheSmith, Ernest A1937March
0249Our MessageCatelinet, Philip B1937March
0250Living WatersDockerill, Fred, J1937Selection
0251My RefugeDoe, Gurney1937Meditation
0252Warriors TrueHarvey, Harry1937March
0253Bountiful LoveKirk, Harry1937March
0254Waves of PeaceScotney, Harold1937Selection
0255Almighty to SaveJakeway, Albert H1937Meditation
0256Freedom's FlagBarnes, Victor, A1937March
0257Bound for HeavenCatelinet, Philip B1937March
0258Keep In StepRance, Ernest1937Air Varie
0259Songs That BlessMerritt, Percy F1937Selection
0260Naval & Military League, TheGoffin, Henry C1937March
0261World for Jesus, ThePattison, John, (Sr)1938March
0262Visions of YouthSchumann, Robert arr. Catelinet, Philip B1938Suite
0263Jesus Saves Me NowKirk, Harry1938Air Varie
0264Rejoice!Dockerill, Fred, J1938March
0265Under the FlagMorgan, J Harold1938March
0266Scottish GemsJakeway, Albert H1938Selection
0267Why Not Tonight?Whitehouse, Alan S1938Selection
0268Launch OutChallinor, A E1938March
0269ExhortationMillard, Arthur W1938March
0270Fighting to ConquerPearson, Frederick H1938Selection
0271Young People's Song Tunes No.2Catelinet, Philip B1938Hymn/Song Setting
0272Onward!Gray, Harold, J1938March
0273VictoryScotney, Harold1938March
0274Compassionate LoveMarshall, George1938Selection
0275Golden Pen, TheBarnes, Victor, A1938Air Varie
0276Harrow Young People's Mar, TheColes, Bramwell1938March
0277Forward the Life-Saving GuardFristrup, Kristian M1939March
0278Onward to VictoryDockerill, Fred, J1939Selection
0279Short Piece F the Masters No 1Handel, Georg F arr. Jakeway, Albert H1939Transcription
0280Brave and TrueJakeway, Albert H1939March
0281Saviour's Crown, TheMorgan, J Harold1939March
0282Glory Hallelujah!Marshall, George1939Air Varie
0283Joyful Pilgrim, TheJakeway, Albert H1939Cornet Solo
0284World Set Free, TheBrown, Arnold1939March
0285Silver HillMarshall, George1939March
0286CalvaryHall, P R1939Selection
0287Fight On!Barnes, Victor, A1939Selection
0288By and ByJackson, Thomas1939March
0289Wonder-Working PowerMitchell, C H1939March
0290Christ the KingSmith, Ernest A1939Selection
0291Sympathizing Jesus, TheDockerill, Fred, J1939Selection
0292ResoluteGray, Alex1939March
0293HollyBarnes, Victor, A1940March
0294Trust In GodBall, Eric1940Selection
0295Joyful Experience, AMarshall, George1940Selection
0296I'll FollowCrane, George C1940March
0297Entry of the RedeemedGullidge, Arthur W 1940March
0298Just As Thou ArtJakeway, Albert H1940Meditation
0299PardonedDockerill, Fred, J1940Selection
0300Bound for GloryColes, Bramwell1940March
0301Happy Heart, TheJakeway, Albert H1940March
0302FellowshipPalmer-Barnes, Raymond, C1940Selection
0303Take Thou My HandGreig, Cecile J1940Meditation
0304Living Waters, TheGray, Alex1940March
0305In His ServiceSkinner, Charles1940Selection
0306Voices of EntreatySmith, Ernest A1940Selection
0307Marching to ZionGullidge, Arthur W 1940Air Varie
0308Fighting OnScotney, Harold1940March
0309Everlasting JoySmith, Ernest A1941March
0310WarringtonSkinner, Charles1941Meditation
0311My TestimonyDockerill, Fred, J1941Selection
0312Zealous and TrueGray, Alex1941March
0313Happy SongDockerill, Fred, J1941March
0314Still With TheeBoon, Brindley1941Meditation
0315In My Father's KeepingGullidge, Arthur W 1941Selection
0316Living In the LightPattison, John, (Sr)1941March
0317Army Spirit, TheNorris, F1941March
0318Sure of VictoryDockerill, Fred, J1941Air Varie
0319Oh Come and Look Awhile On HimScotney, Harold1941Meditation
0320Glorious Welcome, AWoods, G H1941March
0321Return, TheJakeway, Albert H1941March
0322Saviour's Invitation, TheDockerill, Fred, J1941Selection
0323JoyNewbigging, John L1941Air Varie
0324TyldesleyJackson, Thomas1941March
0325-1March In ScipioHandel, Georg F arr. Catelinet, Philip B1942March
0325-2DepartureBall, Eric1942Hymn/Song Setting
0326Light DivineMarshall, George1942Selection
0327Glad TidingsDove, Charles1942Selection
0328ServiceColes, Bramwell1942March
0329Fight OnBall, Eric1942March
0330Be Glad In the LordOsgood, Donald1942Selection
0331Cross of Jesus, TheDove, Charles1942Selection
0332Joyful Warrior, TheJakeway, Albert H1942March
0333SecurityWhitehouse, Alan S1942March
0334Omnipotent God, TheJakeway, Albert H1942Transcription
0335My Hope and StayPattison, John, (Sr)1942Meditation
0336JubilantSmith, Ernest A1942March
0337BasleMüller, Hans1942March
0338Come to the CrossPalmer-Barnes, Raymond, C1942Selection
0339Marching SongsScotney, Harold1942Selection
0340Young People's Songtunes No.2Jakeway, Albert H1942Hymn/Song Setting
0341Royal Command, TheMarshall, George1943March
0342Greatness of God, TheBall, Eric1943Transcription
0343Harmony of PraiseCatelinet, Philip B1943Selection
0344CovenantDockerill, Fred, J1943March
0345ExuberanceGullidge, Arthur W 1943March
0346Echoes of the PastJakeway, Albert H1943Selection
0347BelmontSmith, Ernest A1943Meditation
0348HorshamWoods, G H1943March
0349Keeper DivineSkinner, Charles1943March
0350Songs of EncouragementMott, Charles B1943Selection
0351March of the RedeemedColes, Bramwell1943Transcription
0352Pathway, TheCatelinet, Philip B1943Cornet Solo
0353He LivesRichardson, R1943March
0354English GemsJakeway, Albert H1943Selection
0355Fellowship With ChristHarvey, Harry1943Selection
0356AldershotElloway, Kenneth, A1943March
0357DevotionGray, Alex1944March
0358Stand FirmMarshall, George1944Selection
0359There is HopeGullidge, Arthur W 1944Selection
0360RossingtonFletcher, W J1944March
0361Pull for the ShoreLeggett, Edwin, G1944March
0362Hallelujah! I'm ConvertedVickery, A H arr. Marshall, George1944Medley
0363Divine FellowshipDockerill, Fred, J1944Selection
0364Salvation BannerCuell, Raymond1944March
0365Joyful ExperienceDockerill, Fred, J1944March
0366Melodies From Great ComposersColes, Bramwell1944Selection
0367Wonderful LoveElloway, Kenneth, A1944Selection
0368Young People's Song Tunes No.3Ball, Eric1944Favourite Hymn Tune
0369Shout for Joy!Coles, Bramwell1944March
0370Abiding PeaceMarshall, George1944Selection
0371Home of the SoldierBoon, Brindley1944Selection
0372LibertySmith, Ernest A1944March
0373PilgrimsPattison, John, (Sr)1945March
0374Irish GemsJakeway, Albert H1945Selection
0375ExhortationBarnes, Victor, A1945Selection
0376StainesHall, W1945March
0377Trusted WarriorsGray, Alex1945March
0378St MichaelJakeway, Albert H1945Meditation
0379Melodies From IndiaMitchell, C H1945Selection
0380Purpose Firm, AElloway, Kenneth, A1945Cornet Solo
0381Marching to VictoryFletcher, W J1945March
0382Stream of Mercy, TheBoon, Brindley1945Selection
0383Joyful StrainsPalmer-Barnes, Raymond, C1945Selection
0384CastlefordBowes, Ray1945March
0385Our Rising ArmyLeggett, Edwin, G1945March
0386My Joyful TestimonyMarshall, George1945Selection
0387MisericordiaSmith, Ernest A1945Meditation
0388Rugby CitadelThomas, Percy1945March
0389Carlisle Young PeopleJackson, Thomas1946March
0390Sweetest Theme, TheJakeway, Albert H1946Selection
0391We Shall WinElloway, Kenneth, A1946Air Varie
0392MillfieldWoods, G H1946March
0393Trusting In JesusDockerill, Fred, J1946Selection
0394For Our TransgressionsSkinner, Charles1946Selection
0395Precious PromisesMarshall, George1946Selection
0396Soldiers of CourageGray, Alex1946March
0397Pressing ForwardSmith, Ernest A1947March
0398Service for the KingColes, Bramwell1947Selection
0399My Never-Failing FriendDockerill, Fred, J1947Selection
0400How Can I Keep From Singing?Elloway, Kenneth, A1947Trombone Solo
0401PoonaMitchell, C H1947March
0402Our ArmyMarshall, George1947Selection
0403There is a Green HillMountain, Herbert A1947Meditation
0404Glad EntranceBrown, Arnold1947March
0405Whitley BayMain, Hector1947March
0406Praise and GloryBarnes, Victor, A1947Selection
0407Praise to the HoliestCook, Kenneth1947Meditation
0408Weymouth Young PeopleElloway, Kenneth, A1947March
0409ExultationSteadman-Allen, Ray1947March
0410Faith of Our FathersGrinsted, Edgar1947Transcription
0411Spirit of PraiseDockerill, Fred, J1947Selection
0412Duke StreetCondon, Leslie1947March
0413SteadfastLeggett, Edwin, G1948March
0414Welsh GemsJakeway, Albert H1948Selection
0415-1One Sweetly Solemn ThougthSkinner, Charles1948Transcription
0415-2I Will AriseSkinner, Charles1948Transcription
0416Joy EternalSmith, Ernest A1948March
0417RejoicingMarshall, George1948March
0418My Sure RefugeGullidge, Arthur W 1948Meditation
0419Entreating LoveFletcher, W J1948Selection
0420Toil and ConflictCook, Kenneth1948March
0421AureliaPattison, John, (Sr)1948March
0422Friend of FriendsDove, Charles1948Selection
0423Crucifixion, TheSteadman-Allen, Ray1948Meditation
0424At God's CommandHubbard, Sidney, R1948March
0425Stapleford CitadelDove, Charles1948March
0426Song of the ArmyMain, Hector1948Suite
0427Swedish Songs of SalvationÖstby, Klaus1948Selection
0428Tireless ZealGray, Alex1948March
0429We March to ConquerScotney, Harold1949March
0430Strains That ComfortWells, David1949Selection
0431Happy ExperienceDockerill, Fred, J1949Selection
0432Happy HeartsRance, Ernest1949March
0433Constant JoyMarshall, George1949Selection
0434Waiting StillWhitehouse, Alan S1949Selection
0435KenleySkinner, Charles1949March
0436GuernseyMountain, Herbert A1949March
0437InvitationJakeway, Albert H1949Selection
0438In the FightDockerill, Fred, J1949Selection
0439White As SnowGray, Cecil1949March
0440Victor's Day, TheCresswell, Ray F1949March
0441Before the CrossSteadman-Allen, Ray1949Selection
0442I Am So GladPattison, John, (Sr)1949Air Varie
0443Young People's Song Tunes No.4Skinner, Charles1949Favourite Hymn Tune
0444Pathway of DutyKey, Jack V1949March
0445Ever the SameJakeway, Albert H1950Selection
0446Charming NameBroughton, William F (Sr)1950Selection
0447Raise the Glorious StandardDove, Charles1950March
0448Song of the HighwayColes, Bramwell1950March
0449Wondrous Story, TheColes, Bramwell1950Selection
0450My Faith Looks Up to TheeBright, James F1950Meditation
0451Morning StarDockerill, Fred, J1950March
0452Loyal Cadet, TheGray, Cecil1950March
0453Christ is RisenMarshall, George1950Transcription
0454Infinite FaithMountain, Herbert A1950Selection
0455Herald of VictoryDockerill, Fred, J1950Cornet Solo
0456Our Victorious ArmySmith, Ernest A1950March
0457United We StandDove, Charles1950March
0458On Our Way to GlorySteadman-Allen, Ray1950Selection
0459Redeeming LoveGoffin, Dean1950Meditation
0460Youthful WarriorsCresswell, Ray F1950March
0461Our Burden-BearerSkinner, Charles1951Selection
0462Praise Ye the LordKirk, Harry1951Transcription
0463Warrior PraiseSteadman-Allen, Ray1951March
0464Sound the Battle-CryDockerill, Fred, J1951March
0465Love's Cleansing StreamMarshall, George1951Selection
0466Joys of CreationDove, Charles1951Selection
0467In the Army of EmmanuelGoffin, Henry C1951March
0468My Journey HomeJakeway, Albert H1951March
0469Songs of GloryKirk, Harry1951Selection
0470Invitation and ComfortBright, James F1951Selection
0471WelcomeMarshall, George1951March
0472Happy HarmonyGoffin, Dean1951Cornet Duet
0473Days of RejoicingSteadman-Allen, Ray1951Selection
0474Fountain, TheCook, Kenneth1951Selection
0475Happy and FreeSmith, Ernest A1951March
0476FortitudeGray, Alex1951March
0477Saved and SingingMain, Hector1952Selection
0478Message of Love, TheGoffin, Dean1952Meditation
0479Forward to VictoryEdwards, E W1952March
0480Happy DayMountain, Herbert A1952March
0481Love AboundingDockerill, Fred, J1952Suite
0482My Craving HeartSmith, Ernest A1952Meditation
0483BrightlingseaBearcroft, Norman1952March
0484Steadfast and BraveKenyon, Michael1952March
0485Trophy of Grace, ASteadman-Allen, Ray1952Selection
0486Amazing LoveKey, Jack V1952Selection
0487Wonderful Saviour, APattison, John, (Sr)1952Euphonium & Cornet Duet
0488Blenheim CitadelCresswell, Ray F1952March
0489PenitenceSpringate A D1952Selection
0490Friend of AllBabb, Michael1952Selection
0491BecclesCoggle, G H1952March
0492Timaru Young PeopleGoffin, Dean1952March
0493Coming of the King, TheDockerill, Fred, J1953Selection
0494Beautiful ZionBoon, Brindley1953Transcription
0495LetchworthRivers, Patrick C1953March
0496Ilkeston CitadelMeakin, Arthur1953March
0497Children's Friend, TheBabb, Michael1953Selection
0498Pilgrimage of YouthKenyon, Michael1953Suite
0499Praise the SaviourMarshall, George1953March
0500AlderneyGoffin, Dean1953March
0501Come to the Promised LandLangworthy, Bert T1953Transcription
0502Prayer at EventideBright, James F1953Meditation
0503ConferencePattison, John, (Sr)1953Cornet Solo
0504Coming Army, TheColes, Bramwell1953March
0505Living Saviour, TheSkinner, Charles1953Selection
0506Crowning Day, TheBirch, John1953Selection
0507Christmas JoyLeidzén, Erik1953March
0508Jubilee, TheSöderström, Emil1953March
0509Climbing to GloryMountain, Herbert A1954Air Varie
0510I Do Not Ask Thee LordFewster, E arr. Osgood, Donald1954Transcription
0511True for EverFrödin, Erik K A1954March
0512Heart of GladnessFletcher, W J1954March
0513Cheerful SongsDockerill, Fred, J1954Selection
0514St AgnesCook, Kenneth1954Meditation
0515Nearer HomeMalpass, Leslie1954March
0516Whosoever WillGrainger, R W1954March
0517I Could Not Do Without TheeMain, Hector1954Transcription
0518AccringtonBall, Eric1954Meditation
0519What a SaviourPattison, John, (Sr)1954Euphonium Solo
0520CottenhamMott, Charles B1954March
0521Hosanna In the HighestBoon, Brindley1954Transcription
0522Prayers of ChildhoodKenyon, Michael1954Selection
0523O'er Land and SeaGray, Alex1954March
0524Appeal, TheHague, Herbert E1954March
0525Little Ship, APattison, John, (Sr)1955Air Varie
0526Jesus My FriendBabb, Michael1955Selection
0527Hadleigh CastleSteadman-Allen, Ray1955March
0528SandwichBoon, Brindley1955March
0529Glory Land, TheCrane, Kenneth1955Selection
0530AbendsMarshall, George1955Meditation
0531Over MeLundgren, Olof1955Cornet Solo
0532Heavenward BoundBartlett, Joe1955March
0533-1Be Not DeceivedJakeway, Albert H1955Transcription
0533-2NicaeaDockerill, Fred, J1955Hymn/Song Setting
0534Welsh Folk Tune, ABabb, Michael1955Air Varie
0535GartnergadeSöderström, Emil1955March
0536Manfully OnwardGoffin, Dean1955March
0537Standard Bearer, TheSkinner, Charles1955Air Varie
0538Song In My Heart, TheGrainger, R W1955Selection
0539Glad ExpectationBrown, Arnold1955March
0540RestorationPattison, John, (Sr)1955March
0541Saints of GodGray, Alex1956Air Varie
0542Glorious Treasure, ASteadman-Allen, Ray1956Selection
0543Dallas TempleNoblitt, Tom L1956March
0544Awaited Welcome, TheSilfverberg, Erik1956March
0545JewelsLangworthy, Bert T1956Meditation
0546Wonderful Day, TheCresswell, Ray F1956Selection
0547Very Happy Day, AScotney, Harold1956Horn Solo
0548GothenburgKjellgren, Gustav1956March
0549Our Bountiful GodSteadman-Allen, Ray1956Selection
0550Testimony of Praise, ABowes, Ray1956Selection
0551-1ShenandoahBabb, Michael1956Hymn/Song Setting
0551-2Glory to His NameCooper, Frederick, W1956Trombone Solo
0552RedeemedBeard, J W1956March
0553Army of GodDockerill, Fred, J1956Selection
0554Christmas Pastorale, a (Md)Cook, Kenneth1956Christmas
0555Constantly FollowingScotney, Harold1956March
0556WestraliaPengilly, Allen1956March
0557Emblem of SalvationDove, Charles1957Selection
0558All is FulfilledHuguenin, Willy1957Selection
0559AbergavennySkinner, Charles1957March
0560Jesus' PraiseLawson, Edward1957March
0561Martial Hosts, TheKenyon, Michael1957Air Varie
0562St ColumbaJacobs, Bram1957Meditation
0563Middleton CampSteadman-Allen, Ray1957March
0564Southern SkiesInglis, Frank G1957March
0565Penitent Heart, TheSöderström, Emil1957Meditation
0566Sweet Story, TheBoon, Brindley1957Air Varie
0567Happy Soldier, ThePattison, John, (Sr)1957Cornet Solo
0568To the Glory LandCrane, Kenneth1957March
0569Great Crusade,TheSteadman-Allen, Ray1957Tone Poem
0570Great Burden-Bearer, TheCook, Kenneth1957Meditation
0571German CongressAlisch, Heinz1957March
0572Marching OnwardKetteringham, Kenneth1957March
0573Light On My PathSilfverberg, Erik1958Selection
0574Gracious InvitationCamsey, Terry1958Cornet Duet
0575Workers TogetherDitmer, Stanley1958March
0576WokingPattison, John, (Jr)1958March
0577-1BedfordDockerill, Fred, J1958Hymn/Song Setting
0577-2BullingerKippax, M1958Hymn/Song Setting
0578Fighting for RightCamsey, Terry1958Air Varie
0579Sunlit MemoriesMcfarlane, Neville1958March
0580Song of Freedom, TheSmith, Ernest A1958March
0581Seeker, TheCook, Kenneth1958Meditation
0582British GemsJakeway, Albert H1958Selection
0583With Joy and GladnessGray, Alex1958March
0584Cleansing River, TheKjellgren, Gustav1958March
0585My Soul's LongingKetteringham, Kenneth1958Selection
0586Glory BoundCondon, Leslie1958Air Varie
0587Victory SurePattison, John, (Jr)1958Euphonium Solo
0588Promised Land, TheKenyon, Michael1958March
0589Tribute of PraiseDockerill, Fred, J1959Suite
0590Lingering at CalvarySmith, Ernest A1959Selection
0591GratitudePattison, John, (Jr)1959March
0592Banner of LoveBeard, J W1959March
0593Life of Trust, AKenyon, Michael1959Selection
0594Bounty From the Lord, ThePengilly, Allen1959Air Varie
0595Youth's AmbitionCatelinet, Philip B1959Cornet Solo
0596Tylney HallGoffin, Dean1959March
0597InnocentCook, Kenneth1959Meditation
0598Happy JourneyingBirch, John1959Selection
0599Realms of DayGray, Alex1959March
0600Immanuel's LandDockerill, Fred, J1959March
0601Shepherd Psalm, TheGoffin, Dean1960Suite
0602-1Beautiful City, TheSilfverberg, Erik1960Hymn/Song Setting
0602-2ArizonaDockerill, Fred, J1960Hymn/Song Setting
0603O'er Land and SeaSteadman-Allen, Ray1960March
0604RutherfordPattison, John, (Jr)1960March
0605Joyful ProspectDockerill, Fred, J1960Air Varie
0606My All In AllSmith, Ernest A1960Selection
0607WellingHubbard, Sidney, R1960March
0608OdenseSöderström, Emil1960March
0609Coronation ChorusesCook, Kenneth1960Selection
0610St LukeSilfverberg, Erik1960Meditation
0611NoelOsgood, Donald1960Selection
0612MotuekaCresswell, Ray F1960March
0613Where Jesus Died for MePengilly, Allen1961Selection
0614Eden Above, TheSilfverberg, Erik1961Selection
0615KnottingleyHeath, George A1961March
0616Radiant JoyGray, Alex1961March
0617Pilot, TheSteadman-Allen, Ray1961Selection
0618Jesus CallsKetteringham, Kenneth1961Selection
0619-1SandonColes, Bramwell1961Hymn/Song Setting
0619-2St PeterCamsey, Terry1961Hymn/Song Setting
0620HappinessHague, Herbert E1961March
0621Songs of TestimonyBearcroft, Norman1961Selection
0622Trust In the LordTwitchin, Herbert W arr. Condon, Leslie1961Transcription
0623Soldier Fight On!Pattison, John, (Jr)1961Euphonium Solo
0624SouthdownSteadman-Allen, Ray1961March
0625Pleading Saviour, TheGrainger, R W1962Selection
0626Front Line, TheCondon, Leslie1962Selection
0627Sunbury CourtSöderström, Emil1962March
0628Southall CitadelCatelinet, Philip B1962March
0629-1St MargaretElloway, Kenneth, A1962Hymn/Song Setting
0629-2I Love the Saviour's NameBowen, Brian1962Hymn/Song Setting
0630Name of NamesKenyon, Michael1962Suite
0631Wonderful HealerCook, Kenneth1962Meditation
0632Netherlands CelebrationSkinner, Charles1962March
0633QuietudeSmith, Ernest A1962Meditation
0634Shepherd of IsraelHeath, George A1962Air Varie
0635-1Because He Loves Me SoBoon, Brindley1962Hymn/Song Setting
0635-2HyfrydolDockerill, Fred, J1962Hymn/Song Setting
0636VanguardBearcroft, Norman1962March
0637Love's EntreatiesFletcher, W J1963Selection
0638Melodies of the MastersMendelssohn, Felix B arr. Kenyon, Michael1963Selection
0639KappelborgSilfverberg, Erik1963March
0640Confident TrustCondon, Leslie1963March
0641Swiss EchoesCamsey, Terry1963Selection
0642When Life is YoungBowen, Brian1963Selection
0643-1Just As I AmSkinner, Charles1963Hymn/Song Setting
0643-2Abide In MePiper, C B arr. Skinner, Charles1963Transcription
0644WymondhamKenyon, Michael1963March
0645Redeeming GraceSilfverberg, Erik1963Selection
0646Night of WonderBall, Eric1963Selection
0647-1DennisHeath, George A1963Hymn/Song Setting
0647-2Joy Behold the SaviourDockerill, Fred, J1963Trombone Solo
0648BethanyPengilly, Allen1963March
0649This is the Day That TheGrant, William arr. Kenyon, Michael1964Transcription
0650Lessons From NatureBall, Eric1964Selection
0651StellaSilfverberg, Erik1964Hymn/Song Setting
0652Fakenham TempleCondon, Leslie1964March
0653Life of Praise, ACamsey, Terry1964Suite
0654-1Without One PleaYoung, Herbert1964Meditation
0654-2Saviour, Like a ShepherdHazell, T1964Hymn/Song Setting
0655Ceaseless VigilGray, Alex1964March
0656Fill the World With MusicSilfverberg, Erik1964March
0657Voice of AppealSmith, Ernest A1964Selection
0658Morning PraiseKenyon, Michael1964Air Varie
0659Melody In My Heart, ACresswell, Ray F1964Selection
0660Glorious ServiceHingley, Barrie1964March
0661O'er Mountain and ValleyBall, Eric1965Air Varie
0662Glad New Song, TheSteadman-Allen, Ray1965Selection
0663Southern New EnglandBarnes, Victor, A1965March
0664Warriors VictoriousCondon, Leslie1965March
0665Faith and TrustDove, Charles1965Selection
0666Challenge of ServiceCondon, Leslie1965Suite
0667God is Near TheeSlater, Richard arr. Rawlins, G1965Transcription
0668Loyal ForeverSilfverberg, Erik1965March
0669Songs of RejoicingDove, Charles1965Suite
0670World-Wide WitnessBall, Eric1965Selection
0671For Our RedimptionSmith, Ernest A1965Selection
0672Maylands CitadelPengilly, Allen1965March
0673DecisionBowen, Brian1966Selection
0674Youthful PraiseSilfverberg, Erik1966Suite
0675St EthelwaldCondon, Leslie1966Hymn/Song Setting
0676Victor's Crown, TheDockerill, Fred, J1966March
0677Answered PrayerWells, David1966Selection
0678Happy PeoplePengilly, Allen1966Air Varie
0679Camp PlonAlisch, Heinz1966March
0680Zurich CentralBowen, Brian1966March
0681In Full SubmissionFletcher, W J1966Selection
0682-1Away In a MangerCondon, Leslie1966Christmas
0682-2God Rest Ye Merry GentlemenCondon, Leslie1966Christmas
0683Happy Dawn, ThePattison, John, (Sr)1966March
0684Kettering Young PeopleMott, Charles B1966March
0685Jesus My AllCresswell, Ray F1967Selection
0686Songs of HighwayKenyon, Michael1967Selection
0687SerenityBall, Eric1967Meditation
0688Sprinburn CitadelBirch, John1967March
0689Gospel Ship, ThePattison, John, (Sr)1967Cornet Solo
0690PeaceHazell, T1967Selection
0691Bright CanaanCraig, Charles1967March
0692King's LynnKetteringham, Kenneth1967March
0693Joyful DayDove, Charles1967March
0694Depth of MercyBowen, Brian1967Selection
0695-1AbendsHopkins, John1967Hymn/Song Setting
0695-2St CatherineDockerill, Fred, J1967Hymn/Song Setting
0696Charming NameDockerill, Fred, J1967Selection
0697Young Soldier, TheSilfverberg, Erik1968March
0698KinshasaCondon, Leslie1968March
0699-1BucklandWells, David1968Hymn/Song Setting
0699-2BalladeGrieg, Edvard arr. Bowen, Brian1968Transcription
0700German Folk SongsBoon, Brindley1968Selection
0701LakesideCondon, Leslie1968March
0702Life of VictoryDove, Charles1968Selection
0703-1O Worship the LordElvey, G J arr. Kenyon, Michael1968Transcription
0703-2AdorationSteadman-Allen, Ray1968Transcription
0704Joyful PraiseCresswell, Ray F1968Cornet Trio
0705Joyful and TriumphantOsgood, Donald1968Selection
0706Love's MissionPengilly, Allen1968Selection
0707Ceaseless PraiseBeard, J W1968March
0708Stand Fast In the FaithDitmer, Stanley1968March
0709Subiaco CitadelPengilly, Allen1969March
0710Heavenly HarmonyCamsey, Terry1969Selection
0711Festive Carol, ACatelinet, Philip B1969Christmas
0712-1Gift of the Spirit, TheCook, Kenneth1969Selection
0712-2He Came From HeavenWellman, R arr. Bowen, Brian1969Cornet Solo
0713North Toronto YouthBoon, Brindley1969March
0714Fighting SoldiersDockerill, Fred, J1969Selection
0715Walk of Faith, TheWells, David1969Selection
0716MonklandBale, Malcom1969March
0717Shirley Young PeopleFletcher, W J1969March
0718Unfurled Banner, TheSteadman-Allen, Ray1969Selection
0719In Concert SingJordan, Derek1969Selection
0720Gladsome Call, ThePattison, John, (Jr)1969Euphonium Solo
0721Child's MeditationOsgood, Donald1970Meditation
0722Kingly Crown, TheOwen, Edward1970Selection
0723Crusaders, TheCamsey, Terry1970Cornet Duet
0724MidlothianCondon, Leslie1970March
0725Motala TempleHerikstad, Eiliv1970March
0726PilgrimsKenyon, Michael1970Suite
0727Thy Welcome VoiceHaddon, David1970Hymn/Song Setting
0728Themes of GladnessBirch, John1970Selection
0729SummertimeMarti, Paul1970March
0730Jesus Bids Us ShineBowen, Brian1970Festival Arrangement
0731ConsolationHatton, J arr. Bowen, Brian1970Trombone Solo
0732Voice of AssuranceSmith, Ernest A1970Selection
0733Cheerful SongGriffin, Keith1971March
0734Visions of Youth No 2Bach, Johann S arr. Catelinet, Philip B1971Suite
0735Jesus is Strong to DeliverWells, David1971Hymn/Song Setting
0736Joyous DiscipleshipPengilly, Allen1971March
0737Thoughts of CalvarySteadman-Allen, Ray1971Selection
0738Sailing HomewardDove, Charles1971Air Varie
0739-1We Three KingsBowes, Ray1971Hymn/Song Setting
0739-2His Love Remains the SameLarsson, John arr. Steadman-Allen, Ray1971Cornet Trio
0740Blessed SunshineAndersson, Folke1971March
0741Never AloneHerikstad, Eiliv1971Selection
0742Variations On Nativity NewKenyon, Michael1971Air Varie
0743O Return Unto GodMarti, Paul1971Cornet Solo
0744MancunianHall, Norman1971March
0745God is Love!Steadman-Allen, Ray1972Cornet Solo
0746Songs of FriendshipKetteringham, Kenneth1972Selection
0747With Gladsome MindJordan, Derek1972Hymn/Song Setting
0748Harvest Home, ThePattison, John, (Jr)1972March
0749Onward and UpwardCatelinet, Philip B1972Selection
0750Jesus Answer PrayerCole, C1972Meditation
0751Men of CourageJordan, Derek1972Selection
0752Stepping HeavenwardMeakin, Arthur1972March
0753HeeleySilfverberg, Erik1972March
0754Marching to VictoryDove, Charles1972Selection
0755Song Which Must Be Sung, APengilly, Allen arr. Herikstad, Eiliv1972Trombone Solo
0756Faithful ServiceSmith, Ernest A1972March
0757Bognor RegisCondon, Leslie1973March
0758HoseaRedhead, Robert1973Suite
0759Jesus Loves MeAnderson, James B1973Hymn/Song Setting
0760Kiwi, TheCresswell, Ray F1973March
0761Joy In Bethlehem (Sl)Condon, Leslie1973Christmas
0762-1StainerSteadman-Allen, Ray1973Prelude
0762-2Hold the FrontCamsey, Terry1973Hymn/Song Setting
0763Be Strong!Cole, Christopher1973March
0764Congregational Tunes No 7Steadman-Allen, Ray1973Favourite Hymn Tune
0765St GallenMarti, Paul1973March
0766Album for the YoungTchaikovsky, Piotr Ilyitch arr. Kenyon, Michael1973Transcription
0767Hallelujah Christ AroseSteadman-Allen, Ray1973Hymn/Song Setting
0768O Sinner ManRedhead, Robert1973Euphonium Solo
0769Rhapsody On Danish AirsSilfverberg, Erik1974Rhapsody
0770Call to Prayer, ASmith, Ernest A1974Selection
0771Dandenong CitadelPengilly, Allen1974March
0772-1March From Occasional OraHandel, Georg F arr. Slater, Richard1974March
0772-2Nearer to TheeSankey, I D arr. Davies, Howard1974Cornet Solo
0773Jesus I ComeSteadman-Allen, Ray1974Meditation
0774Prospects of JoyDockerill, Fred, J1974Selection
0775He Came to Give Us LifeLarsson, John arr. Redhaed, Robert1974Transcription
0776Caribbean CongressWells, David1974March
0777Keep Up the FlagCatelinet, Philip B1974March
0778Sailors SongSilfverberg, Erik1974Selection
0779Joy and GladnessSteadman-Allen, Ray1974Trombone Solo
0780Congregational Tunes No 8Steadman-Allen, Ray1974Favourite Hymn Tune
0781Fighting OnwardHerikstad, Eiliv1975March
0782Mountain CampOsgood, Donald1975March
0783Beneath the Cross of JesusSankey, I D arr. Catelinet, Philip B1975Hymn/Song Setting
0784Happy Warriors, TheSilfverberg, Erik1975Cornet Duet
0785If Jesus Keeps Me PolishedCamsey, Terry1975Humoresque
0786This I KnowCresswell, Ray F1975Selection
0787Evening PrayerDavies, Howard1975Hymn/Song Setting
0788HarwichDove, Charles1975March
0789SchaffhausenHerikstad, Eiliv1975March
0790Healing WatersCondon, Leslie1975Selection
0791Pilgrim Band, TheJordan, Derek1975Meditation
0792Ilford Young PeopleHopkins, John1975March
0793Young CampaignersSilfverberg, Erik1976March
0794Scottish Suite, AKenyon, Michael1976Suite
0795EmmausSchramm, Robert1976Hymn/Song Setting
0796ConsistencyBirch, John1976Cornet Solo
0797Bound for Canaan's ShoreBroughton, Bruce1976March
0798Golden Rule, TheCatelinet, Philip B1976Suite
0799MelcombeGreenhorne, D1976Hymn/Song Setting
0800Decisive Step, TheMarti, Paul1976Meditation
0801Sing of HimHorn, C E arr. Camsey, Terry1976Cornet Trio
0802Jonah and the WhaleBale, Malcom1976Air Varie
0803St Antoni ChoraleHaydn, Joseph arr. Kenyon, Michael1976Transcription
0804O Brother ManJordan, Derek1976Selection
0805God's ServantsKiff, Douglas1977March
0806Take Your StandSilfverberg, Erik1977Selection
0807Holy Spirit Come O ComeRobinson, Graham1977Hymn/Song Setting
0808Victors Every DayCamsey, Terry1977Air Varie
0809Down the StreetSilfverberg, Erik1977March
0810Joy and DevotionDavies, Howard1977Suite
0811Good Christian Men RejoicCondon, Leslie1977Hymn/Song Setting
0812CommunionCatelinet, Philip B1977Meditation
0813Joyful ServiceGrinsted, Edgar1977March
0814Little Mozart Suite, AMozart, Wolfgang, A arr. Griffin, Keith1977Suite
0815Whiter Than SnowCamsey, Terry1977Meditation
0816ThetfordCraig, Charles1977March
0817When the Glory Gets IntoLarsson, John arr. Steadman-Allen, Ray1978Hymn/Song Setting
0818Variations On Duke StreetKenyon, Michael1978Air Varie
0819Our Father GodJordan, Derek1978Selection
0820Song of the Fight, ASilfverberg, Erik1978Euphonium Solo
0821Sing to GodPearce, Ralph E1978Selection
0822Kum Ba YahSteadman-Allen, Ray1978Hymn/Song Setting
0823ListowelKrommenhoek, Dick J1978March
0824Forward to VictorySmith, Ernest A1978March
0825God's ChildrenHimes, William1978March
0826My Heavenly HomeJakeway, Albert H1978Selection
0827-1By the Light of That StarCamsey, Terry1978Hymn/Song Setting
0827-2They Shall Come From the EastLarsson, John arr. Steadman-Allen, Ray1978Hymn/Song Setting
0828Life's DedicationCole, Christopher1978Selection
0829Brazilian JubileeCondon, Leslie1979March
0830Christ is the AnswerSilfverberg, Erik1979Air Varie
0831-1Jesus is Real to MeJones, Noel1979Trombone Solo
0831-2Prayer of ChildhoodCondon, Leslie1979Cornet Solo
0832Where Joy and Duty MeetJordan, Derek1979March
0833It's NewLarsson, John1979March
0834Call to Action, ASteadman-Allen, Ray1979Tone Poem
0835Manger Scene, TheCondon, Leslie1979Hymn/Song Setting
0836Coming to the KingWells, David1979Meditation
0837Our VocationCatelinet, Philip B1979Selection
0838Sound the Ringing CryKenyon, Michael1979Selection
0839-1Thou Wilt Keep Him In PerWesley, S S arr. Griffin, Keith1979Hymn/Song Setting
0839-2O Disclose Thy Lovely FaceAuber, Daniel Francois arr. Bright, Clive1979Transcription
0840Lewisham Young PeopleCaudle, Graham1979March
0841Praise Him With Song!Davies, Howard1980Selection
0842-1Jesus is All I NeedKnutzen, H arr. Steadman-Allen, Ray1980Hymn/Song Setting
0842-2Hand Me Down My Silver TrumpetSteadman-Allen, Ray1980Hymn/Song Setting
0843-1Something for JesusHitchcock, C arr. Condon, Leslie1980Hymn/Song Setting
0843-2Gems for His CrownRoot G F arr. Condon, Leslie1980Hymn/Song Setting
0844Bradford TempleJakeway, Albert H1980March
0845Etobicoke YouthSilfverberg, Erik1980March
0846Servants of GodRedhead, Robert1980Suite
0847Oaken Staff, TheJordan, Derek1980Euphonium Solo
0848Let Me Love TheeJones, Noel1980Selection
0849Caledonian, ThePearce, Ralph E1980March
0850Beauty of ChristCresswell, Ray F1980Selection
0851-1Everybody Ought to Love JesusBowes, Ray1980Hymn/Song Setting
0851-2Turn Your Eyes Upon JesusLemmel, Helen arr. Steadman-Allen, Ray1980Hymn/Song Setting
0852Balga CitadelPengilly, Allen1980March
0853Overcomers, TheCamsey, Terry1981March
0854Blyth HeritageCondon, Leslie1981Suite
0855He Loves Me TooBowes, Ray1981Hymn/Song Setting
0856I Want to Tell YouSilfverberg, Erik1981Horn Solo
0857Deutscher KongressCondon, Leslie1981March
0858Variations On My Home On HighKenyon, Michael1981Air Varie
0859Songs of CalvarySilfverberg, Erik1981Selection
0860Men of FaithJordan, Derek1981Selection
0861HarlesdenBowes, Ray1981March
0862Wonderful LoveBosanko, Ivor1981Suite
0863Sweet ChariotGriffin, Keith1981Hymn/Song Setting
0864Happy Heart, TheCresswell, Ray F1981March
0865Sounding Out the MessageOzanne, Maurice1982March
0866Glory to His Name!Silfverberg, Erik1982Suite
0867Behold the Savior!Davies, Howard1982Hymn/Song Setting
0868Keep In StepJones, Noel1982Cornet Trio
0869Silver BirchesKenyon, Michael1982March
0870Little Welsh Suite, AGriffin, Keith1982Suite
0871Trinity of Love and PowerJordan, Derek1982Selection
0872Joyful JourneyJakeway, Albert H1982Selection
0873Soldiers In the ArmyDavis, Trevor1982March
0874-1Whole World In His Hands, TheWebb, Joy arr. Ozanne, Maurice1982Hymn/Song Setting
0874-2I Have Decided to FollowOzanne, Maurice1982Hymn/Song Setting
0875Within the SanctuaryBright, Dudley1982Meditation
0876Melodies of PraiseDove, Charles1982Selection
0877Glens FallsLeggett, Edwin, G1983March
0878Music for the YoungSchumann, Robert arr. Kenyon, Michael1983Selection
0879Whiter Than SnowSilfverberg, Erik1983Cornet Solo
0880He LivesJones, Noel1983March
0881Hempstead CitadelMack, Thomas1983March
0882John Roberts CelebrationBanks, Keith arr. Kenyon, Michael1983Selection
0883-1Cross is Not Greater, TheJones, Noel1983Meditation
0883-2Teach MeHerikstad, Eiliv1983Hymn/Song Setting
0884Bundamba CitadelPengilly, Allen1983March
0885TamweBowes, Ray1983March
0886Island HeritageKenyon, Michael1983Selection
0887Tell Me the Story of JesusClarke, Ian arr. Silfverberg, Erik1983Hymn/Song Setting
0888FriedenauCraig, Charles1983March
0889New York 90Bulla, Stephen1984March
0890-1Sing Hosanna!Silfverberg, Erik1984Hymn/Song Setting
0890-2BartonKenyon, Michael1984Hymn/Song Setting
0891To Follow More NearlyJordan, Derek1984Selection
0892Reflections On GalileeJones, Noel1984Selection
0893Christmas PraiseJones, Noel1984March
0894Blessed SunshineCresswell, Ray F1984Selection
0895-1Divine PowerSilfverberg, Erik1984Selection
0895-2SanctusSchubert, Franz arr. Griffin, Keith1984Transcription
0896Song to Sing, ABowes, Ray1984Cornet Solo
0897Century of ServiceJones, David E1984March
0898If Thou Be NearBowes, Ray1984Selection
0899-1EvanOzanne, Maurice1984Hymn/Song Setting
0899-2He Cares for MeJones, Noel1984Trombone Solo
0900Splendour of YouthCondon, Leslie1984Suite
0901Portora RoyalCatherwood, David1985March
0902EverDavis, Trevor1985Meditation
0903-1Burning BurningHimes, William1985Hymn/Song Setting
0903-2Theme Fr 2nd Movem of Piano CoGrieg, Edvard arr. Leidzén, Erik1985Transcription
0904Millom CentenaryCondon, Leslie1985March
0905Regent Hall Young PeopleCondon, Leslie1985March
0906Gifts of GodCamsey, Terry1985Suite
0907Great is Thy FaithfulnessJones, Noel1985Cornet Solo
0908BiloxiClemons, R1985March
0909Boundless SalvationSilfverberg, Erik1985March
0910Be Valiant and StrongBowes, Ray1985Air Varie
0911Theme Fr 2nd Move of Clar QuinMozart, Wolfgang, A arr. Griffin, Keith1985Horn Solo
0912RelianceBarnes, Victor, A1985March
0913Picton CitadelRedhead, Robert1986March
0914Sky WalkersCurnow, James1986Suite
0915Awake Awake Put On Thy StrengStainer, James arr. Young, Herbert1986Transcription
0916VenthoneSteadman-Allen, Ray1986March
0917Risca Young PeoplePearce, Ralph E1986March
0918O How I Love JesusCurnow, James1986Chorus Setting
0919Child is Born, a (Sl)Davis, Trevor1986Christmas
0920Thornton HeathBirch, John1986March
0921Croydon YouthBoon, Brindley1986March
0922Good CheerBearcroft, Norman1986Suite
0923-1Come to the SaviourEvans, Howard, (Uk)1986Hymn/Song Setting
0923-2Song Without Words Op 102 No 2Mendelssohn, Felix B arr. Griffin, Keith1986Transcription
0924Launceston CitadelJones, Noel1986March
0925Camp ArnoldBosanko, Ivor1987March
0926-1Room On My Heart for TheeKenyon, Michael1987Trombone Solo
0926-2Brightest and BestBirch, John1987Hymn/Song Setting
0927On Zions's HillBabb, Michael1987Trombone & Baritone Duet
0928Jesus is CallingMartin, W1987Hymn/Song Setting
0929Spirit of ServiceKetteringham, Kenneth1987March
0930Variations On 'Canaan'Kenyon, Michael1987Variations
0931God's LovePearce, Ralph E1987Suite
0932Northampton Central Young PeopHaddon, David1987March
0933AllentonBowes, Ray1987March
0934Fantastic Discovery, ARedhead, Robert1987Variations
0935StracathroBearcroft, Norman1987Hymn/Song Setting
0936-1RondeauMouret, J arr. Graham, Peter1987Hymn/Song Setting
0936-2Breath of GodDavis, Trevor1987Hymn/Song Setting
0937JubilationCamsey, Terry1988March
0938No Will But ThineSilfverberg, Erik1988Meditation
0939-1Promised LandBroughton, William (Jr)1988Hymn/Song Setting
0939-2Trumpet VoluntaryPurcell, H arr. Griffin, Keith1988Hymn/Song Setting
0940DisciplesMack, Thomas1988March
0941This is the DayJones, Noel1988March
0942I Love to SingKey, Jack V1988Selection
0943How Far to Bethlehem?Bulla, Stephen1988Hymn/Song Setting
0944Belgian CongressKenyon, Michael1988March
0945Italia CentenarioHerikstad, Eiliv1988March
0946Shining LightsKenyon, Michael1988Suite
0947Christmas Morn (Sl)Jordan, Derek1988Christmas
0948Fortress, ThePearce, Ralph E1988March
0949DeterminationSilfverberg, Niels1989March
0950Crystal Tide, TheWright, James1989Suite
0951Lord Show Me What I NeedBowes, Ray1989Cornet Solo
0952Harvest RejoicingJones, Noel1989Selection
0953South CoastThomas, Martyn1989March
0954Music-MakerGraham, Peter1989Selection
0955Peter, Go Ring Dem BellsSilfverberg, Niels1989Cornet Feature
0956Just Like HimTwitchen, George1989Hymn/Song Setting
0957HytheSteadman-Allen, Ray1989March
0958Marching In!Griffin, Keith1989Suite
0959-1Draw Me NearJones, Noel1989Meditation
0959-2Evening PrayerHumperdinck, Engelbert arr. Kenyon, Michael1989Hymn/Song Setting
0960New-Born King, TheMack, Thomas1989March
0961On the Sunny SideSilfverberg, Erik1990March
0962Morning StarRobinson, Ian1990Festival Arrangement
0963-1Hornpipe From the Water MusicHandel, Georg F arr. Burgmayer, Harold1990Classical
0963-2All Your AnxietyBurgmayer, Harold1990Horn Solo
0964CumbernauldPearce, Ralph E1990March
0965SowetoAnderson, James B1990March
0966CovenantAyma, David1990Festival Arrangement
0967From Every Stormy WindHogg, Brian1990Selection
0968Heaven BoundCourt, Douglas1990March
0969Make Jesus KingDownie, Kenneth1990March
0970Dimensions of YouthWright, James1990Suite
0971FewsterJones, Noel1990Hymn/Song Setting
0972Three Kings (Pr)Silfverberg, Niels1990Christmas
0973Marching to LibertySilfverberg, Erik1991March
0974Service and PraiseKenyon, Michael1991Suite
0975Things are Different NowCourt, Douglas1991Hymn/Song Setting
0976Swing Low Sweet Chariot!Hogg, Brian1991Spiritual
0977Great ThingsMallett, Chris1991March
0978Three Songs of Summer PraiseCatherwood, David1991Suite
0979Now Let Us Praise the Lord!Silfverberg, Erik1991Trombone Duet
0980No One Ever Cared for Me Like JesusJones, Noel1991Hymn/Song Setting
0981Thine is the GloryHandel, Georg F arr. Burgmayer, Harold1991Festival Arrangement
0982FirepowerWright, James1991Suite
0983He Wipes the TearBabb, Michael1991Euphonium Solo
0984Prelude to a Te DeumCharpentier, M arr. Jordan, Derek1991Prelude
0985ThursoKenyon, Michael1992March
0986Fishers of MenJones, Noel1992Chorus Setting
0987Jesus Dying On the TreeDavies, Howard1992Hymn/Song Setting
0988Standing On the PromisesSilfverberg, Erik1992Bass Solo
0989Southend SaluteEvans, Howard, (Uk)1992March
0990AffirmationKenyon, Michael1992Suite
0991Waiting for the FireSilfverberg, Erik1992Meditation
0992O Little Town of BethlehemJones, Noel1992Christmas
0993Zimbabwe CentenaryBearcroft, Norman1992March
0994Sweet SpiritMallett, Chris1992Suite
0995It is JesusWright, James1992Hymn/Song Setting
0996New LifePhillips, Richard1992Cornet Solo
0997HarlingenWright, James1993March
0998ReflectorsSilfverberg, Niels1993Horn Feature
0999Of Jesus and His LoveJordan, Derek1993Selection
1000Prayer of ThanksgivingHimes, William1993Hymn/Song Setting
1001A.R.C. CentenaryBulla, Stephen1993March
1002Jacob's LadderRedhead, Robert1993Variations
1003His Wonderful LoveMallett, Chris1993Cornet Solo
1004He Cares for MeChaulk, David1993Selection
1005HollinwoodSteadman-Allen, Ray1993March
1006Right Life, TheNorbury, Kevin1993March
1007Blessed AssuranceSwansbury, John, G1993Pastorale
1008NewtonScott, Lloyd1993Hymn/Song Setting
1009HistonKirk, Michael1994March
1010PromisesJordan, Derek1994Selection
1011Gospel Train, TheJones, David E1994Festival Arrangement
1012His Loving CareKetteringham, Kenneth1994Selection
1013Valor, Camaradas!Bearcroft, Norman1994March
1014Santiago CentralAyma, David1994March
1015-1In WonderGrieg, Edvard arr. Mack, Thomas1994Hymn/Song Setting
1015-2Slumber SongElgar, Edward arr. Wright, James1994Hymn/Song Setting
1016-1It Came Upon the MidnightJones, Noel1994Christmas
1016-2Sans Day CarolSteadman-Allen, Ray1994Christmas
1017Lest I ForgetJones, Noel1994Meditation
1018Mountain ClimbersBurgmayer, Harold1994March
1019BlacowBlacow, F W arr. Scott, Lloyd1994Hymn/Song Setting
1020Maesteg Citadel No.2Jones, David E1994March
1021Mountain CitadelBallantine, Leonard1995March
1022Stand Up for JesusSilfverberg, Erik1995Hymn/Song Setting
1023-1Solid Rock, TheScott, Lloyd1995Cornet Solo
1023-2In the GardenMiles, C A arr. Kendrick, Wesley1995Hymn/Song Setting
1024Let the Sunshine InMallett, Chris1995March
1025Alaska CongressPearce, Ralph E1995March
1026Son of GodSilfverberg, Erik1995Selection
1027New Beginning, AJordan, Derek1995Hymn/Song Setting
1028SurrenderJones, Noel1995Selection
1029Cwmbran Croeso!Evans, Howard, (Uk)1995March
1030Sonata of Praise, AKenyon, Michael1995Sonata
1031Lord, With My All I PartPhillips, Richard1995Meditation
1032Oakleigh TempleJones, Noel1995March
1033Walton 100Burgmayer, Harold1996March
1034Spirit of CelebrationNorbury, Kevin1996March
1035Come, Beautiful ChristPhillips, Richard1996Chorus Setting
1036Day of the Lord, TheSilfverberg, Erik1996Cornet Solo
1037AnchorShiels, J1996March
1038Happy In the SunshineMallett, Chris1996Suite
1039Prelude and AllegroCorelli, A arr. Burgmayer, Harold1996Horn Solo
1040SubmissionAyma, David1996Meditation
1041Swing HosannaWatson, Ty1996Festival Arrangement
1042Glad Sound, the (Christmas)Steadman-Allen, Ray1996March
1043Cleft for MeTyndal, Svea arr. Silfverberg, Erik1996Trombone Solo
1044Camp VictoryBearcroft, Norman1996March
1045Healing Presence, TheSteadman-Allen, Ray1997Meditation
1046We Have a GospelSilfverberg, Erik1997Selection
1047RedeemedKirk, Michael1997Cornet Solo
1048Prayer for Vision, AJordan, Derek1997Meditation
1049New CommissionCordner, Martin1997March
1050New Dawn, AManners, Keith1997Suite
1051Infant HolyBlyth, Andrew1997Hymn/Song Setting
1052Echo GrovePriest, Christopher1997March
1053Rivervale CitadelJones, Noel1997March
1054Glorify His Name!Silfverberg, Erik1997Selection
1055Away In a MangerThomas, Martyn1997Christmas
1056Nigeria 75Herikstad, Eiliv1997March
1057Brazil '75Ballantine, Leonard1998March
1058CornerstoneJordan, Derek1998Selection
1059Little DavidKrinjak, Karen arr. Burgmayer, Harold1998Cornet Solo
1060People of Power, ANtoya, Kapela1998March
1061Hadleigh ReunionSteadman-Allen, Ray1998March
1062Variations On "Little Cornard"Davis, Trevor1998Variations
1063Greatest Adventure, TheBanks, Keith arr. Drury, Paul1998Chorus Setting
1064Make Me a Channel of Your PeaceTemple, Sebastian arr. Himes, William1998Hymn/Song Setting
1065Followers of ChristManners, Keith1998March
1066ExuberanceSmith, Kenneth1998Festival Arrangement
1067GreensleevesJones, Ian1998Hymn/Song Setting
1068Shaker Tune VariationsKrommenhoek, Dick J1998Variations
1069Peter, James and JohnSteadman-Allen, Ray1999Trombone Feature
1070SacramentDownie, Kenneth1999Meditation
1071Amazing !Silfverberg, Erik1999Selection
1072RiversideBearcroft, Norman1999March
1073Intrada On AustriaAyma, David1999Hymn/Song Setting
1074Dance Before the LordGraham, Peter1999Festival Arrangement
1075ChurchburyPhillips, Richard1999Hymn/Song Setting
1076Kinshasa IvNtoya, Kapela1999March
1077As Years Go BySilfverberg, Erik1999March
1078Rondo (Horn Concerto In Eb K495)Mozart, Wolfgang, A arr. Kimberley, Nicholas1999Horn Solo
1079ProvidenceJones, Noel1999Selection
1080Mile Cross GoldThomas, Martyn1999March
1081Louth '99Bearcroft, Norman2000March
1082St. Denio VariationsCordner, Martin2000Variations
1083Trust In GodThomas, Martyn2000Cornet Solo
1084Amazing Grace!Phillips, Richard2000Hymn/Song Setting
1085Spirit of EndavourBearcroft, Norman2000March
1086Life, Peace and JoyKendrick, Wesley2000Suite
1087Air From the "Water Music"Handel, Georg F arr. Jordan, Derek2000Classical
1088RosebudJones, Noel2000March
1089Celebration DayDrury, Paul2000March
1090Count Your BlessingsJones, Noel2000Trombone Feature
1091Sarabande and VariationsHandel, Georg F arr. Eacott, Graham2000Variations
1092Quem Pastores LaudavereSwansbury, John, G2000Hymn/Song Setting
1093Cattford CitadelSnell, Malcolm2001March
1094Thanksgiving Suite, ASteadman-Allen, Ray2001Suite
1095We Will Rejoice!Silfverberg, Erik2001Polka
1096Potter's Hand, TheJones, Noel2001Selection
1097Task ForceSteadman-Allen, Ray2001March
1098Love EternalBabb, Michael2001Horn Solo
1099Standing Somewhere In the ShadowsDownie, Kenneth2001Hymn/Song Setting
1100Highland PraiseSharman, Paul2001March
1101Christ is RisenManners, Keith2001Intrada
1102Sommerster 100Ayma, David2001Festival March
1103-1Pie JesuFauré, Gabriel arr. Norbury, Kevin2001Cornet Solo
1103-2Be Still for the Presence of the LordEvans, David, J arr. Blyth, Andrew2001Chorus Setting
1104NicaeaBearcroft, Norman2001Hymn/Song Setting
1105Ask!Graham, Peter2002Hymn/Song Setting
1106JoysongBurgmayer, Harold2002Suite
1107Here is LoveLowry, Robert arr. Sharman, Paul2002Hymn/Song Setting
1108Phoenician, ThePearce, Ralph E2002March
1109Prelude On 'Darwalls'Downie, Kenneth2002Prelude
1110Power DivineManners, Keith2002Selection
1111Faithful GodBowater, Chris arr. Jones, Dean2002Chorus Setting
1112Kings of OrientAyma, David2002Selection
1113Whiter Than the SnowHimes, William2002Hymn/Song Setting
1114Song of the RedeemedDownie, Kenneth2002Hymn/Song Setting
1115Pearl, TheSilfverberg, Erik2002Hymn/Song Setting
1116Clevedon 100Hartill, Les2002March
1117Joyful FollowerHerikstad, Eiliv2003March
1118HighlandersAyma, David2003Overture
1119Fall AfreshIverson, Daniel arr. Mackereth, Andrew2003Chorus Setting
1120Celebration PraiseJordan, Derek2003Medley
1121March On!Sharman, Paul2003March
1122Soldiers of the FlagPearce, Ralph E2003Suite
1123Calon LanHughes, John arr. Jordan, Derek2003Hymn/Song Setting
1124Glad News, the (Mc)Jones, Noel2003Christmas
1125Ayr CitadelGraham, Peter2003March
1126Praise PartyPonsford, Steven2003Selection
1127New World, ABanks, Keith arr. Blyth, Andrew2003Cornet Solo
1128All Your AnxietyPearce, Ralph E2003Hymn/Song Setting
1129Tomado De La ManoSilfverberg, Erik2004Chorus Setting
1130Beyond 2000Jones, David E2004Festival March
1131ChalveyHayne, Leighton George2004Hymn/Song Setting
1132PerthSteadman-Allen, Ray2004March
1133Lord, Lift Me UpSharman, Paul2004Chorus Setting
1134Royal David's CityGauntlett, Henry John arr. Rowsell, David2004Christmas
1135Holding FastRobinson, Ian2004March
1136Our Great RewardHerikstad, Eiliv2004March
1137HyfrydolPritchard, Hugh Rowland arr. Burgmayer, Harold2004Hymn/Song Setting
1138HendonMalan, Abraham Caesar arr. Wainwright, Andrew2004Hymn/Song Setting
1139Get On Board!Ponsford, Steven2004Spiritual
1140Proclaim!Silfverberg, Niels2005March
1141Winchester RevivalDownie, Kenneth2005Festival March
1142Bless MePearce, Ralph E2005Chorus Setting
1143Glorify Your NamePonsford, Kevin2005Hymn/Song Setting
1144Make the World With Music RingHimes, William2005Selection
1145Power SourceJones, Dean2005Suite
1146For YouMackereth, Andrew2005Hymn/Song Setting
1147Born is the KingJones, Noel2005March
1148Zambia 2000Bearcroft, Norman2005March
1149St Clements VariationsSilfverberg, Erik2005Variations
1150Bright and BeautifulSilfverberg, Niels2005Hymn/Song Setting
1151Be Thou My VisionWoodland, Craig2005Hymn/Song Setting
1152Day of VictorySilfverberg, Niels2006March
1153Este Es El DiaMackereth, Andrew2006Hymn/Song Setting
1154Mid All the TrafficMarshall, Paul arr. Cordner, Martin2006Cornet Solo
1155None Like YouJones, Dean2006Hymn/Song Setting
1156Banner of SalvationSilfverberg, Erik2006March
1157Joy to the World (Su)Drury, Paul2006Christmas
1158Stories of JesusBearcroft, Norman2006Cornet Solo
1159Grace AloneWoodland, Craig2006Hymn/Song Setting
1160Chicago Belmont CorpsSöderström, Emil2006March
1161Prince of GlorySteadman-Allen, Ray2006Selection
1162MillenniumRowsell, David2006Hymn/Song Setting
1163Softly and TenderlyPearce, Ralph E2006Hymn/Song Setting
1164Praising My SaviourJones, Noel2007March
1165Amazing RaceMackereth, Andrew2007Hymn/Song Setting
1166Love So AmazingBrooks, Noel2007Hymn/Song Setting
1167WorshipPearce, Ralph E2007Meditation
1168Glory DaysRowsell, David2007March
1169Marching In the LightSilfverberg, Erik2007Rhapsody
1170Lullaby of AngelsJones, Ian2007Cornet Duet
1171CornerstoneMackereth, Andrew2007Festival March
1172Hallelujah! Jesus is AliveDavis, Trevor2007Hymn/Song Setting
1173Near the CrossJones, Noel2007Hymn/Song Setting
1174Serve ChristSharman, Paul2007Cornet Solo
1175Hallelujah Strand, TheBarry, Lorne2008Hymn/Song Setting
1176No Limits, No MeasureSilfverberg, Erik2008Selection
1177In His PresenceMackereth, Andrew2008Hymn/Song Setting
1178S.C.B. 125Jones, Dean2008March
1179ShalomSilfverberg, Erik2008Hymn/Song Setting
1180Dance Like DavidMackereth, Andrew2008Dance
1181Give Me JesusBurgmayer, Harold2008Horn Solo
1182Life AnewJones, Noel2008Selection
1183With Shield and Banner BrightClarke, Ian2008March
1184Blessing and HonourSharman, Paul2008Hymn/Song Setting
1185I Surrender AllJones, Noel2008Hymn/Song Setting
1186Introit On an Easter HymnRowsell, David2008Hymn/Song Setting
1187WyndfiieldSmith, Kenneth2009March
1188Psalm 91Watson, Stuart2009Hymn/Song Setting
1189Peace Like a RiverSilfverberg, Erik2009Trombone Solo
1190-1Ave VerumElgar, Edward arr. Haddon, David2009Transcription
1190-2PreludeChopin, Frédéric arr. Jones, Noel2009Prelude
1191CovenantGordon, William2009Festival March
1192Meekness and MajestyBurgmayer, Harold2009Selection
1193Masters In This HallDavis, Trevor2009Christmas
1194Refiner's FireWoodland, Craig2009Hymn/Song Setting
1195Stand Firm In ChristWainwright, Andrew2009March
1196Garden Scene, TheWatson, Stuart2009Horn Solo
1197Father's Love, TheBabb, Michael2009Hymn/Song Setting
1198Mighty God!Jones, Dean2009Hymn/Song Setting
1199Standing Kelley, Stan2010Cornet Solo
1200A Suite of ThanksgivingPearce, Ralph E2010Suite
1201Nearer, My God, to TheeStavik, Morgan Juel2010Hymn/Song Setting
1202Blue LakeJones, Noel2010March
1203Focal PointClarke, Ian2010March
1204Joyful CelebrationJones, Noel2010Selection
1205It is WellPearce, Ralph E2010Euphonium Solo
1206Saviour, Like a ShepherdBurgmayer, Harold2010Hymn/Song Setting
1207Salisbury CityJones, Dean2010March
1208Were You There?Jordan, Derek2010Selection
1209Joshua Fit the BattleGordon, William2010Spiritual
1210CrimondWatson, Stuart2010Hymn/Song Setting
1211Moreland 90Jones, Noel2011March
1212King, TheSilfverberg, Erik2011Selection
1213All the Ways God Has ShownDavis, Howard2011Cornet Solo
1214Oh, How He Loves You and MeBrooks, Noel2011Chorus Setting
1215Merthyr Tydfil No.34Sharman, Paul2011March
1216Mighty GodPonsford, Steven2011Mambo
1217Jesus, I ComeDavis, Michael2011Hymn/Song Setting
1218O Rock, All Ye FaithfulGordon, William2011Rock
1219HeavenwardGordon, William2011March
1220Garden of My HeartCamsey, Terry2011Hymn/Song Setting
1221My Life, My AllMackereth, Andrew2011Selection
1222You Love MeSharman, Paul2011Horn Solo
1223Joyful NewsSteadman-Allen, Ray2012March
1224Ask the SaviourDavis, Michael2012Hymn/Song Setting
1225Jesus Came!Davies, Howard2012Hymn/Song Setting
1226Shine On UsWright, James arr. Mackereth, Andrew2012Paraphrase
1227Carol Medley (Mc)Jones, Noel2012Christmas
1228Saviours Name, TheSilfverberg, Erik2012Euphonium Solo
1229-1While Shepherds WatchedRowsell, David2012Christmas
1229-2Time to Be HolySharman, Paul2012Hymn/Song Setting
1230There is a RedeemerDownie, Kenneth2012Festival Arrangement
1231On the Winning SideCamsey, Terry2012March
1232Sunshine CornerSteadman-Allen, Ray2012Trombone Feature
1233Healing Waters, ThePearce, Ralph E2012Hymn/Song Setting
1234Nothing But Thy BloodFeltwell, Ian2012Hymn/Song Setting
1235Lord of the FutureSilfverberg, Erik2013March
1236Peace of the Lord, TheCamsey, Terry2013Selection
1237St Bees VariationsSteadman-Allen, Ray2013Horn Solo
1238Stand Up for JesusJones, Noel2013Hymn/Song Setting
1239Moving OnwardSamuel, Nicholas J2013March
1240O for a Heart Whiter Than SnowJones, Noel2013Selection
1241-1In the Bleak Mid-Winter (Cs)Worthington, Trevor2013Christmas
1241-2Invocation for ThanksgivingRowsell, David2013Hymn/Song Setting
1242High and Lifted UpPonsford, Steven2013Festival Arrangement
1243Life SaversMackereth, Andrew2013March
1244AffirmationDownie, Kenneth2013Chorus Setting
1245A Celtic BlessingSilfverberg, Erik2013Hymn/Song Setting
1246Michael, Row!Catherwood, David2013Chorus Setting
1247Spirit of DarwinJones, Noel2014March
1248Duke Street VariationsMackereth, Andrew2014Variations
1249Thank You, LordRowsell, David2014Prelude
1250Turn Your Eyes Upon JesusDavies, Howard2014Hymn/Song Setting
1251 We Shall WinBeijer, Anders2014Festival March
1252Building Up!Jones, Dean2014Hymn/Song Setting
1253O Little Town of BethlehemJones, Noel2014Christmas
1254Vox DilectiDownie, Kenneth2014Festival Arrangement
1255RedemptionClarke, Ian2014March
1256Great Expectations!Davies, Howard2014Suite
1257Let Me Be a LightClarke, Mervyn2014Cornet Solo
1258Were You There?Jones, Noel2014Meditation

Unity Series (1957 - 2014)

0001Merrily OnwardJakeway, Albert H1957March
0002Triumphant Band, TheScotney, Harold1957March
0003Following JoyfullyBabb, Michael1957March
0004Nicely SavedSteadman-Allen, Ray1957March
0005SaginaSkinner, Charles1957March
0006Happy WarriorsDove, Charles1957March
0007Never FalterMountain, Herbert A1957March
0008God of GloryCook, Kenneth1957March
0009Whole Wide World for JesusGrant, William1957March
0010Call to ArmsGoffin, Dean1957March
0011On the MarchCatelinet, Philip B1957March
0012Glorious InvitationCrane, Kenneth1957March
0013Crown Him Lord of AllKitching, Wilfred1957Transcription
0014Message of Hope, TheJakeway, Albert H1957Selection
0015Martial MelodiesDove, Charles1957Selection
0016O Be SavedBabb, Michael1957Meditation
0017Saviour's Call, TheSteadman-Allen, Ray1957Selection
0018Victory, VictoryDockerill, Fred, J1957Selection
0019JoybellsSkinner, Charles1957Selection
0020Wondrous JesusBoon, Brindley1957Selection
0021He Waits to SaveScotney, Harold1957Selection
0022Tenderly CallingCresswell, Ray F1957Selection
0023Peace With GodBall, Eric1957Selection
0024LlanfairCook, Kenneth1957Hymn/Song Setting
0025AdelbodenSkinner, Charles1960March
0026TruroDove, Charles1960March
0027Challenge, TheDockerill, Fred, J1960March
0028Our FlagMitchell, C H1960March
0029Never Part AgainBabb, Michael1960March
0030Land of Happiness, TheVanderkam, Jules1960March
0031Floods of JoyCondon, Leslie1960March
0032Joyful HeartSteadman-Allen, Ray1960March
0033Our VocationCresswell, Ray F1960March
0034World's Redeemer, TheKenyon, Michael1960March
0035Happy are WeBishop arr. Jakeway, Albert H1960Transcription
0036Songs of the HeartCamsey, Terry1960Selection
0037Will of God, TheCondon, Leslie1960Selection
0038Songs of the British IsleSteadman-Allen, Ray1960Selection
0039In the GardenSkinner, Charles1960Selection
0040Heralds of SalvationCatelinet, Philip B1960Transcription
0041Theme by SchubertSchubert, Franz arr. Goffin, Dean1960Transcription
0042Vain Delusive World AdieuLangworthy, Bert T1960Cornet Solo
0043Trust and PraySilfverberg, Erik1960Selection
0044Stories of JesusGoffin, Dean1960Selection
0045AccringtonCrane, Kenneth1960Hymn/Song Setting
0046Oh Remember CalvaryDockerill, Fred, J1960Selection
0047Childhood MemoriesCook, Kenneth1960Selection
0048Lawley's SongBoon, Brindley1960Selection
0049NorwoodSkinner, Charles1964March
0050RedemptionSteadman-Allen, Ray1964March
0051In the LightBall, Eric1964March
0052Beyond the BlueSilfverberg, Erik1964March
0053RejoiceHall, Adam arr. Condon, Leslie1964March
0054Faithful Soldier, ThePattison, John, (Jr)1964March
0055Happy Land, TheBowen, Brian1964March
0056UnityCresswell, Ray F1964March
0057KasanguluHuguenin, Willy1964March
0058Marylebone Young PeopleHazell, Terry1964March
0059Hark How the Watchmen CrySkinner, Charles1964Transcription
0060Day of SalvationCondon, Leslie1964Selection
0061Melodies From Great ComposersSteadman-Allen, Ray1964Selection
0062ComeBalsnes, Olav1964Selection
0063Neath the ColorsBowen, Brian1964Selection
0064Songs of AssuranceBearcroft, Norman1964Selection
0065Glad RejoicingRawlins, Kenneth1964Air Varie
0066Constant FriendDove, Charles1964Selection
0067Wondrous ThemeSilfverberg, Erik1964Selection
0068Child's Prayer, ABurrell, Howard, J1964Selection
0069Around the ThroneDockerill, Fred, J1964Selection
0070Yes Jesus Loves MeCamsey, Terry1964Hymn/Song Setting
0071Songs for PilgrimsBall, Eric1964Selection
0072On the Pilgrim PathAlisch, Heinz1964Selection
0073Music CampSilfverberg, Erik1974March
0074GreenfordCondon, Leslie1974March
0075Songs of GladnessGriffin, Keith1974Selection
0076Saviour of GalileeRawlins, Kenneth1974Selection
0077His Kingdom of PraiseSteadman-Allen, Ray1974Suite
0078-1My Jesus I Love TheeUnsworth, Isaac arr. Broughton, Bruce1974Hymn/Song Setting
0078-2March From AlcesteGluck, Christoph W arr. Kenyon, Michael1974March
0079Praise HimRedhead, Robert1974Air Varie
0080Divine ProtectionDove, Charles1974Selection
0081Alice SpringsPengilly, Allen1979March
0082SleafordMcfarlane, Neville1979March
0083Harvest HomePearce, Ralph E1979Selection
0084-1MannheimKirk, Harry1979Hymn/Song Setting
0084-2Trumpet TunePurcell, H arr. Steadman-Allen, Ray1979Transcription
0085It Happened to MeLarsson, John1979Selection
0086Three Czech CarolsSwansbury, John, G1979Hymn/Song Setting
0087Chorus Time No. 1Cox, Sidney E1979Selection
0088Christ for AllSilfverberg, Erik1979Selection
0089MaddistonGraham, Peter1986March
0090Variations On 'Ottawa'Steadman-Allen, Ray1986Variations
0091Chorus Time No 2Cox, Sidney E arr. Silfverberg, Erik1986Hymn/Song Setting
0092In the Strength of the KingBright, Dudley1986Selection
0093Christmas Melodies (Sl)Bowes, Ray1986Christmas
0094-1Peasant SongMendelssohn, Felix B arr. Kenyon, Michael1986Hymn/Song Setting
0094-2Song Without WordsMendelssohn, Felix B arr. Kenyon, Michael1986Hymn/Song Setting
0095Songs of LightDavis, Trevor1986Suite
0096St Peter PortCondon, Leslie1986March
0097Stand Up for JesusPhillips, Richard1987March
0098Variations On BithyniaBowen, Brian1987Variations
0099Movem.2nd Fr. Moonlight SonataBeethoven, Ludwig Van arr. Mack, Thomas1987Transcription
0100When He ComethGraham, Peter1987Hymn/Song Setting
0101Keep On Marching!Bowes, Ray1987Selection
0102On the WingSteadman-Allen, Ray1987Selection
0103Thy Welcome VoiceClack, Michael1987Meditation
0104Hallelujah!Davis, Trevor1987March
0105EffervesceneHimes, William1988March
0106Sing Hosanna!Downie, Kenneth1988Caprice
0107Variations On BedfordKenyon, Michael1988Variations
0108Morning GloryAnderson, James B1988March
0109Battle CryPhillips, Richard1988March
0110Chorus Time No 3Silfverberg, Erik1988Selection
0111Lord of CreationCatherwood, David1988Hymn/Song Setting
0112Road of Happiness, TheBowes, Ray1988Selection
0113West NorwoodBoon, Brindley1988March
0114He's the Greatest!Graham, Peter1988Suite
0115Jesus, Tender ShepherdBowes, Ray1988Meditation
0116Fantasy of Carols, ASilfverberg, Niels1988Fantasy
0117Wondrous LoveBearcroft, Norman1989Selection
0118New LifePhillips, Richard1989Cornet Solo
0119Minuet and MarchBeethoven, Ludwig Van arr. Kenyon, Michael1989March
0120Miracles of GraceEvans, Howard, (Uk)1989Selection
0121FreedomSteadman-Allen, Ray1989March
0122When Jesus Comes to YouJones, Noel1989Suite
0123Come and Hear!Mack, Thomas1989Hymn/Song Setting
0124Glorious Land, TheSilfverberg, Erik1989March
0125Sea of Life, TheCamsey, Terry1989March
0126SalvatorDownie, Kenneth1989Festival Arrangement
0127More Like TheeBurgmayer, Harold1989Meditation
0128Life AnewKenyon, Michael1989March
0129He LivesHerikstad, Eiliv1990March
0130Beautiful LightClack, Michael1990Meditation
0131Place for All, ADitmer, Stanley1990Hymn/Song Setting
0132Three Chopin PreludesChopin, Frédéric arr. Kenyon, Michael1990Prelude
0133EndurancePattison, John, (Jr)1990March
0134Rejoice and Sing!Steadman-Allen, Ray1990Variations
0135Trust and Pray!Silfverberg, Erik1990Selection
0136All In the April EveningRoberton, Hugh S arr. Kenyon, Michael1990Transcription
0137Margate Young PeopleBlyth, Andrew1990March
0138An English ChristmasGraham, Peter1990Suite
0139Mid-Winter (Carol)Phillips, Richard1990Hymn/Song Setting
0140Wondrous Story, TheCamsey, G1990Hymn/Song Setting
0141With Purpose FirmPriest, Christopher1991March
0142Saves Me All the TimeKenyon, Michael1991Hymn/Song Setting
0143Peace Like a RiverCourt, Douglas1991Festival Arrangement
0144Move Holy SpiritRedhead, Robert1991Hymn/Song Setting
0145Doncaster Young PeopleJones, Noel1991March
0146Day of Wonder, AGriffin, Keith1991Suite
0147Make My Life a MelodyWells, David arr. Jordan, Derek1991Chorus Setting
0148Angels Message, TheSmith, Kenneth1991Hymn/Song Setting
0149Be Glad!Kirk, Michael1991Hymn/Song Setting
0150St FrancisBall, Eric arr. Kenyon, Michael1991Hymn/Song Setting
0151Beyond the RiverCatherwood, David1991Cornet Solo
0152PeverelJordan, Derek1991March
0153Songs From the Tree-TopsPriest, Christopher1992Selection
0154Children of GraceDownie, Kenneth1992Rhapsody
0155Thank You GodLarsson, John arr. Phillips, Richard1992Chorus Setting
0156Grace EternalJordan, Derek1992Selection
0157Maesteg Young PeopleJones, Sidney1992March
0158Three Welsh MiniaturesBurgmayer, Harold1992Suite
0159To Praise the LordWright, James1992Chorus Setting
0160Christmas Cheer (Mc)Blyth, Andrew1992Christmas
0161Christmas Garland, a (Sl)Jordan, Derek1992Christmas
0162Ash Grove, TheBurgmayer, Harold1992Minuet
0163BristowBabb, Michael1992Hymn/Song Setting
0164Welsh WitnessPearce, Ralph E1993March
0165Songs From the HeartKenyon, Michael1993Suite
0166CentennialBirch, John1993March
0167WestbourneThomas, Martyn1993March
0168Two Nativity ScenesBurgmayer, Harold1993Hymn/Song Setting
0169Excerpt From Sonata No.11 In AMozart, Wolfgang, A arr. Camsey, Terry1993Classical
0170I Do BelieveCocker-Hunt, Anita1993Hymn/Song Setting
0171Coventry City Young PeopleBulla, Stephen1993March
0172Gold and SilverSteadman-Allen, Ray1993Suite
0173Search for a New WorldDavies, Howard1993Trombone Solo
0174Jesus, Lily of the ValleySilfverberg, Erik1993Hymn/Song Setting
0175Penge Young PeopleCordner, Martin1994March
0176Gospel BellsTaylor, Dennis J1994Festival Arrangement
0177-1CarlisleBlyth, Andrew1994Hymn/Song Setting
0177-2NotturnoMendelssohn, Felix B arr. Jordan, Derek1994Classical
0178His Blessing to SeekCourt, Douglas1994Meditation
0179Centennial CrownJordan, Derek1994March
0180Hallelujah, Praise the LordKirk, Michael1994Euphonium Solo
0181MarytonCordner, Martin1994Hymn/Song Setting
0182CoronationSteadman-Allen, Ray1994Festival Arrangement
0183-1EcossaiseBeethoven, Ludwig Van arr. Thomas, Martyn1994Classical
0183-2Merry Peasant, TheSchumann, Robert arr. Thomas, Martyn1994Classical
0184EnglewoodAyma, David1994March
0185ContentmentJordan, Derek1994Hymn/Song Setting
0186Schiedam 90Krommenhoek, Dick J1994March
0187GladnessBirkett, Simon1995March
0188He Has Made Me GladVan Brethorst, L arr. Kendrick, Wesley1995Hymn/Song Setting
0189FoundationsPriest, Christopher1995Selection
0190Leeds Central Young PeopleWood, David1995March
0191KensingtonJones, Noel1995March
0192That Old Time ReligionJones, David E1995Festival Arrangement
0193MinsterCraig, Charles1995March
0194When I Look Into Your HolinessPerrin, C&W arr. Cordner, Martin1995Hymn/Song Setting
0195Happy ServicePearson, Leonard1995March
0196Favourite Hymn TunesSilfverberg, Erik1995Selection
0197Laudate DominumMozart, Wolfgang, A arr. Jones, Dean1995Cornet Solo
0198Long Long AgoAyma, David1995Festival Arrangement
0199MissionNorbury, Kevin1996March
0200He is Risen!Phillips, Richard1996Instrumental Trio
0201Classical Suite, AThomas, Martyn1996Suite
0202Jesus is LordMansell, D arr. Davis, Trevor1996Hymn/Song Setting
0203Stowmarket Young PeopleCordner, Martin1996March
0204Song of Christmas, TheRedhead, Robert1996Christmas
0205Harvest PraiseBlyth, Andrew1996Selection
0206More to LearnHerikstad, Eiliv1996Cornet Solo
0207Cheer Up!Mackereth, Andrew1996March
0208As I AmBright, Dudley1996Hymn/Song Setting
0209Once In Royal David's CitySteadman-Allen, Ray1996Hymn/Song Setting
0210Never AloneKendrick, Wesley1996Selection
0211Camp Ponderosa RanchPearce, Ralph E1997March
0212World's Greatest Love SongsPhillips, Richard1997Selection
0213Be StillEvans, David, J arr. Steadman-Allen, Ray1997Hymn/Song Setting
0214From 'Judas Maccabeus'Handel, Georg F arr. Norbury, Kevin1997March
0215Variants On "Tyrolese"Bulla, Stephen1997Variations
0216And Above the RestSilfverberg, Erik1997Hymn/Song Setting
0217Air From Suite No.3 In DBach, Johann S arr. Jordan, Derek1997Classical
0218Sing Your PraisesSmale, Ian arr. Davis, Trevor1997Chorus Setting
0219Yuletide RagPhillips, Richard1997Rag
0220It's a Great Day!Worthington, Trevor1997Festival Arrangement
0221CanzonaGabrieli, Giovanni arr. Cordner, Martin1997Transcription
0222Ride On In Majesty!Blyth, Andrew1997Prelude
0223Burgess HillCuell, Edgar1998March
0224What a Saviour !Kendrick, Wesley1998Selection
0225Saviour, Like a Shepherd Laed UsPress, Graeme1998Hymn/Song Setting
0226Let's March Again !Silfverberg, Erik1998March
0227Get Involved !Sharman, Paul1998March
0228Joshua !Morgan, David1998Spiritual
0229Smile !Kiff, Douglas arr. Ballantine, Leonard1998Hymn/Song Setting
0230Now Thank We All Our GodRowsell, David1998Hymn/Song Setting
0231God is So GoodSteadman-Allen, Ray1998Hymn/Song Setting
0232Day for Living, ADavis, Trevor1998Hymn/Song Setting
0233To Serve His WillHynd, John1998Cornet Solo
0234Concerto GrossoHandel, Georg F arr. Kimberley, Nicholas1998Transcription
0235Swindon YouthCordner, Martin1999March
0236U.K. MelodiesSnell, Malcolm1999Selection
0237NottinghamJordan, Derek1999Hymn/Song Setting
0238I Am So GladDrury, Paul1999Waltz
0239Walking In the LightMackereth, Andrew1999Hymn/Song Setting
0240Chiming BellsPhillips, Richard1999Hymn/Song Setting
0241New WorldAyma, David1999Cornet Solo
0242Canzona A' 4Gabrieli, Giovanni arr. Graham, Peter1999Classical
0243S.A.Kimberley, Nicholas S1999March
0244Love IncarnateCordner, Martin1999Meditation
0245Regent SquareRowsell, David1999Prelude
0246HosannaPearson, Leonard1999Selection
0247Spiritual RockThomas, Martyn2000Festival Arrangement
0248-1MarcheBach, Carl Philipp Emanuel arr. Cordner, Martin2000Classical
0248-2Indian RondoHummel, Johann Nepomuk arr. Cordner, Martin2000Classical
0249My Saviour's LoveJones, Noel2000Hymn/Song Setting
0250Flag Still Flies, TheSnell, Malcolm2000Chorus Setting
0251Ukrainian, TheMackereth, Andrew2000March
0252Millennial ChallengeMcfarlane, Neville2000Suite
0253All Good GiftsRowsell, David2000Intrada
0254EapañaChabrier, E arr. Kendrick, Wesley2000Classical
0255ExplorersCordner, Martin2000March
0256Three SpiritualsPhillips, Richard2000Spiritual
0257Coventry CarolBlyth, Andrew2000Christmas
0258Happy PeopleDrury, Paul2000March
0259Romford Young People 2000Mackereth, Andrew2001March
0260Walking With JesusManners, Keith2001Suite
0261What a Friend!Sharman, Paul2001Sonata
0262Toward the VictoryAyma, David2001Festival Arrangement
0263CelebrationSteadman-Allen, Ray2001Hoedown
0264He is RealJones, Noel2001Suite
0265Light of God, TheBabb, Michael2001Variations
0266Holly Waltz, ACordner, Martin2001Waltz
0267Preston Young PeopleCraig, Charles2001March
0268Hanover VariationsCordner, Martin2001Variations
0269Be ValiantGraham, Peter2001Hymn/Song Setting
0270Magnificat FugueBurgmayer, Harold2001Fugue
0271Faithful ServiceManners, Keith2002March
0272-1Out From His Wounded SideRowsell, David2002Chorus Setting
0272-2Sing HosannaRowsell, David2002Hymn/Song Setting
0273New Direction, AKane, Derick2002Euphonium Solo
0274Pastime With Good CompanyBuchan, Craig2002Hymn/Song Setting
0275To Celebrate His BirthRitman, Olaf2002March
0276Three Advent MiniaturesDrury, Paul2002Hymn/Song Setting
0277From Strength to StrengthBlyth, Andrew2002Prelude
0278They Need ChristSharman, Paul2002Hymn/Song Setting
0279EalingCraig, Charles2002March
0280If Thou Art NearChopin, Frédéric arr. Babb, Michael2002Cornet Solo
0281Room for JesusWilliams, C C arr. Jones, Noel2002Hymn/Song Setting
0282Take It to the LordClarke, Ian arr. Ballantine/Cordner2002Hymn/Song Setting
0283My Great Redeemer's PraiseDrury, Paul2003Intrada
0284I Surender AllJones, Dean2003Euphonium & Cornet Duet
0285O Magnum MysteriumDe Victoria, Tomas Luis arr. Burgmayer, Harold2003Classical
0286Grounded FirmSamuel, Nicholas J2003Festival March
0287Men of FaithPearce, Ralph E2003March
0288Little Christmas SuiteSilfverberg, Erik2003Suite
0289Christmas Fanfare, a (Mc)Rowsell, David2003Christmas
0290This is WhyPattison, John, (Jr)2003Euphonium Solo
0291FuturistsGibson, John2003March
0292He is AblePaino, Paul E arr. Jones, Noel2003Festival Arrangement
0293Amazing GracePearce, Ralph E2003Hymn/Song Setting
0294Power of Your LoveBullock, Geoff arr. Pitteway, Charlotte2003Hymn/Song Setting
0295Marvellous Wonder, APriest, Christopher2004March
0296Prelude On 'Spohr'Steadman-Allen, Ray2004Prelude
0297Thank You, FatherHoward, Brian arr. Silfverberg, Erik2004Hymn/Song Setting
0298My Jesus, My SaviourZschech, Darlene arr. Manners, Keith2004Hymn/Song Setting
0299Channel Islands YouthCraig, Charles2004March
0300Meeting of the Carol Singers, the (My)Mattews, Cliff2004Christmas
0301Silent NightGrüber, Franz arr. Burgmayer, Harold2004Christmas
0302Polka MiticaJones, Dean2004Polka
0303Harpenden DkCordner, Martin2004March
0304Light for Jesus, ABabb, Michael2004Euphonium Solo
0305SandonPurday, Charles Henry arr. Steadman-Allen, Ray2004Hymn/Song Setting
0306Walk Tall!Jones, David E2004Chorus Setting
0307First LightBurgmayer, Harold2005Festival March
0308More Than a SongRedman, Matt arr. Samuel, Nicholas J2005Hymn/Song Setting
0309PavaneArbeau, Thoinot arr. Jones, David E2005Dance
0310United We StandJones, Noel2005March
0311Sheffield PsaltersWright, James 2005March
0312Christmas Celebration, a (Su)Sharman, Paul2005Christmas
0313How Far is It to Bethlehem?Manners, Keith2005Hymn/Song Setting
0314Divine RightKane, Derick2005Hymn/Song Setting
0315Lift His NameJones Dean2005Hymn/Song Setting
0316Open InvitationSimmons-Smith, Nick2005Hymn/Song Setting
0317Shine!Downie, Kenneth2005Cornet Solo
0318More Than...Cordner, Martin2005Chorus Setting
0319Banners AflameSamuel, Nicholas J2006March
0320People Need the LordSilfverberg, Erik2006Cornet Solo
0321Fly AwaySimmons-Smith, Nick2006Hymn/Song Setting
0322Above the SkyCraig, Charles2006Hymn/Song Setting
0323Christmas Mambo, AEdmonds, David2006Hymn/Song Setting
0324Here Ai the CrossWatson, Stuart2006Hymn/Song Setting
0325Cradle Song, TheJones, David E2006Hymn/Song Setting
0326Re: UnionMackereth, Andrew2006Festival March
0327Jubilee DaySteadman-Allen, Ray2006March
0328Righteousness, Peace and JoySharman, Paul2006Hymn/Song Setting
0329Spirit of the Living GodRowsell, David2006Chorus Setting
0330Didn't My Lord Deliver DanielSilfverberg, Erik2006Hymn/Song Setting
0331Airdrie Young PeopleDrury, Paul2007March
0332Sweet, Sweet SoundSamuel, Nicholas J2007Trombone Solo
0333Skye Boat SongWatson, Stuart2007Hymn/Song Setting
0334Saints Alive!Jones, David E2007Spiritual
0335For I'm Building a People of PowerWorthington, Trevor2007Chorus Setting
0336We Three KingsJones, David E2007Christmas
0337God Rest You Merry, GentlemenJones, David E2007Christmas
0338Air and DanceWarlock arr. Burgmayer, Harold2007Dance
0339LockerbieCraig, Charles2007March
0340Frienshipd With JesusDrury, Paul2007Selection
0341Triumphant!Jones, Dean2007Selection
0342King of Kings, MajestyWorthington, Trevor2008Chorus Setting
0343My TributeJones, Marlon2008Hymn/Song Setting
0344Walking With HimPonsford, Steven2008Festival March
0345Perfect PeaceRowsell, David2008Chorus Setting
0346ShoalhavenJones, Noel2008March
0347Traditional Christmas, AEdmonds, David2008Christmas
0348Once, In Royal David's CityTrigg, Roger2008Hymn/Song Setting
0349Together LordManners, Keith2008Hymn/Song Setting
0350BlazeSharman, Paul2008March
0351Christ is Alive!Craig, Charles2008Suite
0352Day by DaySnell, Malcolm2008Chorus Setting
0353Salvation BluesSilfverberg, Erik2008Blues
0354Follow OnCraig, Charles2009March
0355Maddiston JubileeDownie, Kenneth2009Festival March
0356In His TimeEdmonds, David2009Cornet Solo
0357In the CrossWorthington, Trevor2009Hymn/Song Setting
0358Medicine Hat 101Martyn, Thomas2009March
0359I Saw Three ShipsTrigg, Roger2009Christmas
0360My Sweet SongKane, Derick2009Hymn/Song Setting
0361TrepakTchaikovsky, Piotr Ilyitch arr. Cordner, Martin2009Transcription
0362SouthwoodSilfverberg, Erik2009March
0363What a Saviour !Jones, Noel2009Hymn/Song Setting
0364Days of ElijahJones, Dean2009Hymn/Song Setting
0365Largo ( Aria From Opera 'Xerxes' )Handel, Georg Frédéric arr. Simmons-Smith, Nick2009Classical
0366Have Faith!Clarke, Ian2010March
0367Three Songs of WorshipCordner, Martin2010Selection
0368PromenadeMussorgsky, Petrovich arr. Jones, David E2010Classical
0369Icehouse CelebrationMackereth, Andrew2010Festival March
0370RingwoodJones, Noel2010March
0371I Love You, LordIngram, Matthew2010Cornet Solo
0372How StillMack, Thomas2010Christmas
0373Rescue Me!Sharman, Paul2010Hymn/Song Setting
0374Hands Across the SeaSteadman-Allen, Ray2010March
0375Great Big GodFeltwell, Ian2010Hymn/Song Setting
0376Lord is Near, TheSilfverberg, Erik2010Hymn/Song Setting
0377-1FranconiaRowsell, Jonathan2010Hymn/Song Setting
0377-2Introduction From "Dives and Lazarus"Williams, Ralph Vaughn arr. Smith, Anthony, R2010Hymn/Song Setting
0378FolkestoneSilfverberg, Erik2011March
0379Thank YouBabb, Michael2011Selection
0380O! O! O! How Good is the LordJones, Noel2011Hymn/Song Setting
0381In the Love of JesusBurgmayer, Harold2011Euphonium Solo
0382Cornerstone, TheJones, Dean2011Intrada
0383Open Wide the Stable DoorRowsell, Jonathan2011Christmas
0384Away In a MangerWorthington, Trevor2011Cornet Solo
0385Victory Sure, ACraig, Charles2011March
0386ImpulsionClarke, Ian2011March
0387Kids Alive!Feltwell, Ian2011Selection
0388TrenthamWatson, Stuart2011Hymn/Song Setting
0389Fruits of the Spirit, TheLarsson, Kevin2011Samba
0390Maidenhead 125Mackereth, Andrew2012Festival March
0391RenewedJones, Dean2012Selection
0392Easter JubilationMylechreest, Edward2012Hymn/Song Setting
0393Come Thou FountSchmidt, Ruben2012Hymn/Song Setting
0394Satcol 100Phillips, Richard2012March
0395He Leadeth MeTwitchen, George2012Horn Solo
0396Where I Love to BeLarsson, Kevin2012Tango
0397All for TheeDownie, Kenneth2012Hymn/Song Setting
0398Whitleigh WitnessFeltwell, Ian2012March
0399Sans Day CarolSteadman-Allen, Ray2012Christmas
0400As With GladnessRowsell, David2012Christmas
0401Saved, Saved!Jones, Noel2012Hymn/Song Setting
0402Procession and PraiseMackereth, Andrew2013Hymn/Song Setting
0403Learn, Love and LiveCordner, Martin2013Suite
0404You Can't Stop GodLarsson, Kevin2013Trombone Solo
0405King's People, TheDavies Trevor2013March
0406I'll Be TrueKane, Derick2013March
0407Carol Reflections (March Medley)Jones, Noel2013Christmas
0408Carol of the BellsElliott, Gordon2013Christmas
0409Somebody PrayedJones, Dean2013Hymn/Song Setting
0410Go Forth!Drury, Paul2013March
0411-1O Give ThanksParker, Marian2013Hymn/Song Setting
0411-2St MichaelRoswell, David2013Hymn/Song Setting
0412Precious Lord, Take My HandSilfverberg, Erik2013Meditation
0413Search MeWhitehouse, Gavin2013Meditation
0414Zambia SaluteDrury, Paul2014March
0415Joystrings Sing-Along, ASilfverberg, Erik2014Selection
0416At the CrossThomas, Martyn2014Festival Arrangement
0417Lord of AllCordner, Martin2014Suite
0418Heavenly TreasuresJones, Noel2014March
0419Swing It, Shepherds!King, Nicholas2014Christmas
0420Good King WenceslasSharman, Paul2014Christmas
0421As We are GatheredWorthington, Trevor2014Hymn/Song Setting
0422Jubilant Day!Burgmayer, Harold2014March
0423Abide With MeCordner, Martin2014Euphonium Solo
0424God's Faithfulness!Davies Howard2014March
0425Oi, Oi, We are Gonna Praise the Lord!Engle, Doug2014Hymn/Song Setting

American Festival Series (1988 - 2003)

0001AbleTurkington, William arr. Himes, William1988March
0002I'd Rather Have JesusHimes, William1988Cornet Solo
0003Gowans and Larsson OvertureBroughton, William (Jr)1988Overture
0004Post Bellum RhapsodyLeidzén, Erik1988Rhapsody
0005Rocky Mountain CentennialBosanko, Ivor1989March
0006LaudeCurnow, James1989Variations
0007NicaeaHimes, William1989Hymn/Song Setting
0008Simple GiftsSteadman-Allen, Ray1989Festival Arrangement
0009SovereigntyBowen, Brian1990March
0010Celebr. of Cont. Gospel SongHimes, William1990Selection
0011Joyful, JoyfulBallantine, Leonard1990Festival Arrangement
0012Intrada On "Regent Square"Downie, Kenneth1990Hymn/Song Setting
0013His Eye is On the SparrowBulla, Stephen1991Flugel Solo
0014American Civil War FantasyBilik, J arr. Himes, William1991Fantasy
0015Moses, Get Down!Gott, Barrie1991Festival Arrangement
0016Faithful ForeverHolz, Richard E, (Jr) 1991Cornet Feature
0017Joy In My HeartSteadman-Allen, Ray1995Festival Arrangement
0018Collage of Contemporary PraiseHimes, William1995Selection
0019He Giveth More GraceCurnow, James1995Meditation
0020Allegro DecisoHandel, Georg F arr. Collins, Gordon1998Classical
0021Sing PraisesGordon, William1998Selection
0022Blessed AssuranceBulla, Stephen1998Cornet Solo
0023Star-Spangled Banner, TheHimes, William1998National Anthem
0024Trumpet CallDownie, Kenneth1999Cornet Solo
0025Overture to the Marriage of FigaroMozart, Wolfgang, A arr. Himes, William1999Overture
0026Southern Spirit, TheCurnow, James1999Festival March
0027Chicago Staff Band JubileeSöderström, Emil2001March
0028TorchswingersWelch, Glenn arr. Himes, William2001Festival Arrangement
0029Worthy is the LambWyrtzen, Don arr. Himes, William2001Hymn/Song Setting
0030Holy, Holy, HolyBulla, Stephen2001Cornet Solo
0031I'm Glad I'm a Salvation SoldierJones, Noel2001Euphonium Solo
0032EmblemsCurnow, James2003Selection
0033Endless PraiseHimes, William2003Selection
0034In His PresenceTunney, Dick & Melodie arr. Gordon, William2003Hymn/Song Setting

American Band Journal (1948 - 2014 )

0001O Boundless SalvationZealley, Harold A1948Meditation
0002GladnessDitmer, Stanley1948March
0003Songs of SalvationGustafson, Harold1948Selection
0004Wanderer, TheReslow, Lloyd1948Meditation
0005SwonekyZealley, Harold A1948March
0006Glory of the Cross, TheLodge Edmond, J1948Selection
0007On the CrossMalpass, Leslie1948Meditation
0008Soldiers of the CrossPost, Vernon1948March
0009Songs of TestimonyZealley, Harold A1948Selection
0010Name Above All Other Names,TheReslow, Lloyd1948Meditation
0011New JerseyZealley, Harold A1948March
0012Grand Old Gospel SongsGustafson, Harold1948Selection
0013Golden JubileeKippax, M1950March
0014On the King's HighwayLeidzén, Erik1950March
0015Lover of the LordParkins, William1950Cornet Solo
0016Take Up Thy CrossLeidzén, Erik1950Meditation
0017Christmas Joy (Mc)Leidzén, Erik1950Christmas
0018Christmas Tidings (Sl)Holz, Richard, (Sr)1950Christmas
0019Herald Angels, the (Pp)Leidzén, Erik1950Christmas
0020Star In the East, the (Md)Bearchell, William E1950Christmas
0021TremontEvans, Howard, (Usa)1951March
0022Deep PassageSöderström, Emil1951Selection
0023Jamaica CitadelHolz, Richard, (Sr)1951March
0024AlstoneDitmer, Stanley1951Meditation
0025Pioneers, TheLeidzén, Erik1954March
0026Northern New EnglandMcloughlin, G1954March
0027-1MartinLeidzén, Erik1954Hymn/Song Setting
0027-2Precious NameLeidzén, Erik1954Hymn/Song Setting
0028Sweetest NameEvans, Howard, (Usa)1954Cornet Trio
0029Army of the King, TheDitmer, Stanley1955March
0030Silent Night (Pp)Leidzén, Erik1955Christmas
0031Camp AlleghenyPost, Vernon1955March
0032Songs of DevotionHolz, Richard, (Sr)1955Selection
0033Joy of SalvationGoffin, Dean1957Selection
0034Joyful SongChase, N1957March
0035St HelierCatelinet, Philip B1957March
0036At the Master's FeetLeidzén, Erik1957Selection
0037Walking With GodKitching, Wilfred1958Selection
0038RedemptionSöderström, Emil1958Selection
0039I Love to Tell the StoryKippax, M1958Euphonium Solo
0040DeterminationSaunders arr. Leidzén, Erik1958March
0041Star-Spangled Banner, TheLeidzén, Erik1959Fanfare
0042Silver HillHolz, Richard, (Sr)1959Cornet Trio
0043Art Thou WearyPost, Vernon1959Meditation
0044ManhattanLeidzén, Erik1959March
0045New York Central CitadelSöderström, Emil1959March
0046Nearer to the CrossDitmer, Stanley1959Meditation
0047HallelujahLeidzén, Erik1959Cornet Solo
0048Gospel Singer, TheLeidzén, Erik1959Selection
0049Land of PromiseMillward, Clifford1960March
0050Camp SwonekySöderström, Emil1960March
0051Brave and TrueSipley, Kenneth arr. Leidzén, Erik1960Cornet Duet
0052This is My StoryLeidzén, Erik1960Selection
0053Joyful DutyLeidzén, Erik1961March
0054Cleft of the Rock, TheLeidzén, Erik1961Selection
0055What a FriendLeidzén, Erik1961Hymn/Song Setting
0056-1Beautiful ChristLeidzén, Erik1961Cornet Solo
0056-2Speak My LordLeidzén, Erik1961Trombone Solo
0057I'll Stand for ChristScott, Lloyd1963March
0058Heralds of VictoryHolz, Richard, (Sr)1963Cornet Ensemble
0059Gift of God's Love, TheLeidzén, Erik1963Selection
0060Great Physician, TheGustafson, Harold1963Meditation
0061Veterans's March, TheAppleby, Harry arr. Leidzén, Erik1964March
0062Long BeachSöderström, Emil1964March
0063Whiter Than SnowLeidzén, Erik1964Meditation
0064My Humble CryRichardson, R1964Meditation
0065Jesus I ComeDitmer, Stanley1966Meditation
0066How Sweet the NameReid1966Selection
0067ResolutionCatelinet, Philip B1966March
0068That Means MeBroughton, William (Jr)1966March
0069Hallelujah Way, TheGustafson, Harold1966March
0070Seeker's Prayer, ANeedham, Phil1966Selection
0071Blood-Washed Army, TheDitmer, Stanley1966March
0072Joyful VoicesReslow, Lloyd1966Meditation
0073Constant CompanionReslow, Lloyd1967March
0074Songs of Spiritual BeautyGustafson, Harold1967Selection
0075Neath the CrossStrehle1967Meditation
0076Christmas Trilogy, a (Sl)Lyons1967Christmas
0077Troy TempleDimond, Victor1969March
0078Heavenly SunshineLeidzén, Erik1969Selection
0079-1Old Rugged Cross, TheBennard, George arr. Leidzén, Erik1969Trombone Solo
0079-2Oh Teach Me to Love TheeBooth, Evangeline arr. Leidzén, Erik1969Cornet Solo
0080Eternal Father Strong to SaveSöderström, Emil1969Meditation
0081Rejoice Ye Pure In HeartPost, Vernon1973Hymn/Song Setting
0082My PetitionSteadman-Allen, Ray1973Hymn/Song Setting
0083American RhapsodySöderström, Emil1973Rhapsody
0084ThanksgivingLeidzén, Erik1973Selection
0085At Peace With My GodDitmer, Stanley1976Cornet Solo
0086Master SpeakLeidzén, Erik1976Meditation
0087In the GardenBroughton, Bruce1976Hymn/Song Setting
0088Adeste FidelisLeidzén, Erik1976Paraphrase
0089Heritage of FreedomCurnow, James1976Selection
0090My Father's WorldBulla, Stephen1976Hymn/Song Setting
0091In Pastures GreenBall, Eric1976Hymn/Song Setting
0092King's Domain, TheScott, Lloyd1977Selection
0093HillcrestBroughton, Bruce1977March
0094Now I Belong to JesusBroughton, Bruce1977Trombone Solo
0095How Great Thou ArtCurnow, James1977Hymn/Song Setting
0096TrustingMack, Thomas1977Hymn/Song Setting
0097Brighter Way, ABallantine, Leonard1978March
0098Near to the Heart of GodBulla, Stephen1978Hymn/Song Setting
0099Here at the CrossCurnow, James1978Meditation
0100Danish Festival MarchLeidzén, Erik1978March
0101Anniversary MarchDitmer, Stanley1979March
0102Hope EternalRedhead, Robert1979Selection
0103Sleep Holy BabeHolz, Richard, (Sr) arr. Camsey, Terry1979Hymn/Song Setting
0104Christ is AllHimes, William1979Selection
0105Come Thou Almighty KingCurnow, James1980Prelude
0106Songs of a PeopleCamsey, Terry1980Suite
0107Air From the Suite In DBach, Johann S arr. Leidzén, Erik1980Transcription
0108Reason, TheRance, Ernest arr. Bulla, Stephen1980Cornet Solo
0109SurrenderAbbott, Eric O arr. Ditmer, Philip1980Cornet Solo
0110Schenectadian, TheDitmer, Stanley1981March
0111Soldier's Proclamation, ABulla, Stephen1981Selection
0112He Wipes the TearLeidzén, Erik1981Meditation
0113Redeemer's PraiseMack, Thomas1981Hymn/Song Setting
0114Blessing, TheScheibner, Thomas1981Hymn/Song Setting
0115Joyous CelebrationBulla, Stephen1982March
0116Savior Like a ShepherdBulla, Stephen1982Hymn/Song Setting
0117Filled by the SpiritCurnow, James1982Selection
0118Rescue the PerishingChaulk, David1982March
0119Do Your BestLeidzén, Erik1983March
0120KremserDitmer, Philip1983Hymn/Song Setting
0121Fill My Cup LordPost, Vernon1983Cornet Solo
0122-1Holy Spirit Come Oh ComeBroughton, William (Jr)1983Chorus Setting
0122-2Lord Make Calvary Real to MeBroughton, William (Jr)1983Chorus Setting
0123Wave That FlagBulla, Stephen1983March
0124Celebration of HopeMack, Thomas1984March
0125On the Lord's SideBulla, Stephen1984Festival Arrangement
0126He Touched MeHimes, William1984Hymn/Song Setting
0127Take Up Thy CrossBroughton, William (Jr)1984Trombone Solo
0128Times SquareCamsey, Terry1984March
0129StatesideGraham, Peter1985March
0130Prelude On St. FrancisBurgmayer, Harold1985Prelude
0131What a FriendFreeh, Mark1985Cornet Solo
0132Christmas Pastorale, a (Pa)Abbott, Eric O1985Christmas
0133Land of FreedomBulla, Stephen1985March
0134SouthmountRedhead, Robert1987March
0135Wonderful StoryJones, Noel1987Selection
0136Follow OnCurnow, James1987Selection
0137CovenantMack, Thomas1987Euphonium Solo
0138Path of Prayer, TheSteadman-Allen, Ray1987Selection
0139God of WondersHimes, William1989March
0140Australian SuiteJones, Noel1989Selection
0141In Perfect PeaceBroughton, William (Jr)1989Chorus Setting
0142Wonder of His Crace, TheDavies, Howard arr. Bosanko, Ivor1989Cornet Solo
0143Blessed AssuranceLeidzén, Erik1990Selection
0144CovenantGordon, William1990March
0145ConquerorsCurnow, James1990Hymn/Song Setting
0146Jesus Paid It AllBowen, Brian1990Hymn/Song Setting
0147He is LordMack, Thomas1990Hymn/Song Setting
0148SimplicityBowen, Brian1991Nocturne
0149RedwoodBallantine, Leonard1991March
0150Threefold Glory, ThePearce, Ralph E1991Selection
0151Joy DivineCamsey, Terry1991Hymn/Song Setting
0152Morning Has BrokenBulla, Stephen1991Cornet Solo
0153Fanf. Prelude On "Lancashire"Curnow, James1994Fanfare
0154They Shall Be MineCatherwood, David1994Cornet Solo
0155Camp ConnriGraham, Peter1994March
0156Climb Ev'ry MountainRodgers, R arr. Mack, Thomas1994Hymn/Song Setting
0157At the Cross of CalvaryJones, Noel1994Medley
0158Valiant EndeavorBulla, Stephen1995Prelude
0159As the DeerPress, Graeme1995Chorus Setting
0160I Walked Today Where JesusGraham, Peter1995Trombone Solo
0161Come HomeCurnow, James1995Hymn/Song Setting
0162God and CountryHimes, William1995March
0163Firm Foundation, ABurgmayer, Harold1995March
0164Bread of HeavenRowsell, David1995Prelude
0165More About JesusMack, Thomas1995Selection
0166At Thy FeetJones, Noel1995Cornet Solo
0167Season's GreetingsAnderson, James B1996March
0168Still, Still, StillCurnow, James1996Variations
0169Infant HolyRedhead, Robert1996Euphonium Solo
0170Christmas Reverie, a (Sl)Downie, Kenneth1996Christmas
0171First Noel, TheBearcroft, Norman1996Christmas
0172Friends for EverRedhead, Robert1997March
0173When I RememberCatherwood, David1997Cornet Solo
0174Lord of All HopefulnessDownie, Kenneth1997Hymn/Song Setting
0175This So SweetBurgmayer, Harold1997Hymn/Song Setting
0176Fanfare JubilosoCurnow, James1997Fanfare
0177Angels On HighBulla, Stephen1997Trombone Solo
0178Shepherd's SurpriseDownie, Kenneth1997Festival Arrangement
0179I Wonder As I WanderBowes, Ray1997Hymn/Song Setting
0180On Christmas Day (Mc)Bulla, Stephen1997Christmas
0181Universal PraiseSilfverberg, Erik1998March
0182My Jesus, I Love TheeCatherwood, David1998Polka
0183Abide With MeBurgmayer, Harold1998Hymn/Song Setting
0184To God Be the GloryMack, Thomas1998Festival Arrangement
0185Christmas Rejoicing (Mc)Gordon, William1998Christmas
0186Huran CarolNorbury, Kevin1998Cornet Solo
0187Go Tell It (Sp)Ballantine, Leonard1998Christmas
0188Trepak From the NutcrackerTchaikovsky, Piotr Ilyitch arr. Wilkinson, Keith M1998Classical
0189DiademataBowen, Brian1999Hymn/Song Setting
0190O for a Thousand TonguesGordon, William1999Festival Arrangement
0191Spirit of the PioneersSilfverberg, Erik1999Selection
0192CourageousNorbury, Kevin1999March
0193Noel NouveletNorbury, Kevin1999Prelude
0194Come and Worship!Steadman-Allen, Ray1999Selection
0195They All Were Looking for a KingCatherwood, David1999Flugel Solo
0196Troika From Lt.KijeProkofiev arr. Blyth, Andrew1999Suite
0197Joy DanceAyma, David2000Hymn/Song Setting
0198AltisimoBurgmayer, Harold2000Hymn/Song Setting
0199Do Lord - OhBulla, Stephen2000Hymn/Song Setting
0200Give Him the Glory!Gordon, William2000Hymn/Song Setting
0201Christmas DayNorbury, Kevin2000Christmas
0202Christmas Bells are RingingBulla, Stephen2000Christmas
0203Good King WenceslasCourt, Douglas2000Christmas
0204Amen, Amen!Bowen, Brian2001Spiritual
0205Soon and Very SoonCrouch, Andrae arr. Robinson, Ian2001Hymn/Song Setting
0206Lamb of GodParis, Twila arr. Camsey, Terry2001Hymn/Song Setting
0207Bringing In the SheavesHimes, William2001Hymn/Song Setting
0208Joy to the WorldAyma, David2001Christmas
0209Rise Up, ShepherdGordon, William2001Christmas
0210Sleep, Little JesusGates, Dorothy2001Christmas
0211Greenwood BerriesBowen, Brian2001Hymn/Song Setting
0212America the Beautiful (Materna)Ward, Samuel Augustus arr. Gates, Dorothy2001Festival Arrangement
0213Battle Cry of FreedomDitmer, Stanley2001Selection
0214PatrioticaBullen, Stephen2001March
0215In Heavenly PeaceCamsey, Terry2002Hymn/Song Setting
0216March From the NutcrackerTchaikovsky, Piotr Ilyitch arr. Wilkinson, Keith2002Classical
0217Gesu BambinoYon, Pietro A arr. Mack, Thomas2002Christmas
0218Shepherds' Story, the (Tp)Babb, Michael2002Christmas
0219Northern BrassBulla, Stephen2003March
0220Let the Beauty of JesusBroughton, William (Jr)2003Trombone Solo
0221BreatheGates, Dorothy2003Meditation
0222Island DreamsThomas, Martyn Scott2003March
0223Gabriel's MessageBowen, Brian2003Hymn/Song Setting
0224Fantasy On French CarolsBurgmayer, Harold2003Christmas
0225What Child is This? (Cs)Court, Douglas2003Christmas
0226Lord, Reign In MeGates, Dorothy2004Hymn/Song Setting
0227Room at the Cross for YouPearce, Ralph E2004Hymn/Song Setting
0228Whiter Than the SnowDavis, Trevor2004Cornet Solo
0229Above AllMackereth, Andrew2004Hymn/Song Setting
0230Feliz NavidadGates, Dorothy2004Hymn/Song Setting
0231Away In a MangerBroughton, William (Jr)2004Christmas
0232Coventry CarolBroughton, William (Jr)2004Christmas
0233Ding Dong, Merrily On High (Es)Court, Douglas2004Christmas
0234Christmas Intrada, a (Ia)Rowsell, David2004Christmas
0235Shout Out!Mack, Thomas2005March
0236And They Were HeroesCheyne, James2005Festival Arrangement
0237Nothing But Thy BloodPeterson, Donna arr. Burgmayer, Harold2005Horn Solo
0238CommitmentScott, Lloyd arr. Bulla, Stephen2005Euphonium Solo
0239Festive Season, TheCurnow, Paul R2005March
0240Born for YouBrooks, Noel2005Christmas
0241To Bethlehem (Ts)Babb, Michael2005Christmas
0242Shepherd's Pipe CarolRutter, John arr. Gates, Dorothy2005Christmas
0243I'm In His HandsDitmer, Stanley arr. Gates, Dorothy2006Meditation
0244FaithfulnessRunyan, William R arr. Himes, William2006Cornet Duet
0245FountainheadBurgmayer, Harold2006Hymn/Song Setting
0246Ithacan, TheMack, Thomas2006March
0247Sounds Like Christmas (Mc)Bearcroft, Norman2006Christmas
0248HallelujahHandel, Georg Frédéric arr. Gates, Dorothy2006Transcription
0249O Little Town (Cs)Pearce, Ralph E2006Christmas
0250Season's Gift (Sl)Jones, Dean2006Christmas
0251Star Lake 70Bulla, Stephen2007March
0252Our God ReignsSmith, Leonard E. (Jr) arr. Gates, Dorothy2007Hymn/Song Setting
0253Tenderly CallingBearcroft, Norman2007Cornet Solo
0254Deep HarmonyStavik, Morgan Juel2007Hymn/Song Setting
0255Forever You Will BeWhitehouse, Gavin2007Hymn/Song Setting
0256Fahtsia On the Sussex CaroleBearcroft, Norman2007Christmas
0257NowellMackereth, Andrew2007Christmas
0258Sweet Chiming Christmas BellsBulla, Stephen2007Euphonium Solo
0259Nativity SwingMackereth, Andrew2007Christmas
0260Red BankBulla, Stephen2008March
0261By His HandMack, Thomas2008Hymn/Song Setting
0262At the Name of JesusBrierly, John M arr. Gates, Dorothy2008Hymn/Song Setting
0263Mighty is Our GodGreco, Eugen arr. Simmson-Smith, Nick2008Hymn/Song Setting
0264New-Born Hope (Mc)Stavik, Morgan Juel2008Christmas
0265I Wonder As I Wander (Fs)Burgmayer, Harold2008Christmas
0266Somewhere In My MemoryWilliams, John arr. Mack, Thomas2008Christmas
0267Ye Merry GentlemenMack, Thomas arr. Gates, Dorothy2008Christmas
0268Open Our EyesWhitehouse, Gavin2009March
0269Cantad a JehovàGates, Dorothy2009Suite
0270Christmas PreludeTrigg, Roger2009Christmas
0271Variations On a Medieval CarolRowsell, David2009Christmas
0272In Dulci JubiloSimmons-Smith, Nick2009Christmas
0273Christmas Time is HereGuaraldi, Vince arr. Bulla, Stephen2009Christmas
0274Linus and LucyGuaraldi, Vince arr. Bulla, Stephen2009Christmas
0275Ocean County CitadelMack, Thomas2010March
0276You are My Hiding PlaceLedner, Michael arr. Mack, Thomas2010Transcription
0277Through It AllBlyth, Andrew2010Flugel Solo
0278Oak CreekMackereth, Andrew2010March
0279Joy to the WorldHimes, William2010Christmas
0280Christmas Overture, AWhitehouse, Gavin2010Christmas
0281Christmas Pastorale, a Mack, Thomas2010Christmas
0282MiracleMack, Thomas2010Christmas
0283Victory Barrington, Andrew2011March
0284Fathers's LoveTrigg, Roger2011Hymn/Song Setting
0285Jesus Loves MeStavik, Morgan Juel2011Cornet Solo
0286This I KnowHimes, William2011Chorus Setting
0287All That I AmHimes, William arr. Mack, Thomas2011Euphonium Duet
0288Messiah's BirthMack, Thomas2011Christmas
0289Gloria In Excelsis Deo (Cm)Gates, Dorothy2011Soprano Solo
0290To Show God's LoveMack, Thomas2011Christmas
0291Niño Lindo (Beautiful Child)Bulla, Stephen2011Christmas
0292Wonder Working PowerBearcroft, Norman2012March
0293AnointingGates, Dorothy2012Hymn/Song Setting
0294In This Sacred HourLarsson, Kevin2012Hymn/Song Setting
0295Good Old ArmySimmons-Smith, Nick2012March Medley
0296Christmas Celebration (Mc)Bulla, Stephen2012Christmas
0297Away In a MangerMurray, James R arr. Bearcroft, Norman2012Christmas
0298Silent NightGruber, Franz arr. Gates, Dorothy2012Christmas
0299Intrada On Regents SquareDownie, Kenneth2012Intrada
0300God Bless AmericaBerlin arr. Himes, William2013Hymn/Song Setting
0301Old Orchard BeachRowsell, David2013March
0302Day by DayAhnfelt, Oscar, arr. Opina, Kathryn2013Hymn/Song Setting
0303Perfect PeaceLeidzén, Erik arr. Morgan, Juel Stavik2013Meditation
0304A Day to StandSmith, Jeremy2013March
0305Oh, How JoyfullyRowsell, David2013Fanfare
0306Spanish DanceTchaikovsky, Piotr Ilyitch arr. Bulla, Stephen2013Dance
0307Stella Nova (Sl)Silfverberg, Erik2013Christmas
0308Joy of Christmas, the (Mc)Cheyne, James2013Christmas
0309Easter Festival PreludeDownie, Kenneth2014Festival Prelude
0310Alleluias Raise!Burgmayer, Harold2014Hymn/Song Setting
0311See, What a MorningGetty, Keith & Townsend, Stuart arr. Gates, Dorothy2014Festival Arrangement
0312Loud Shroud (The Easter Hymn)Davidica, Lyra, (1708) arr. Welch, Glenn2014Festival Arrangement
0313Jingle Bells (Cs)Holz, Richard E, (Sr) 2014Christmas
0314Little Christmas Suite Schmidt, Ruben2014Christmas
0315Wexford CarolGates, Dorothy2014Christmas
0316Mary Did You Know?Greene, Buddy arr. Catherwood, David2014Christmas

American Instrumental Ensemble Series: Grade 1 (1987 - 2014 )

198711Whiter Than SnowBroughton, William (Jr) 1987Instrumental Solo
198712Jesus Shall ReignCurnow, James1987Hymn/Song Setting
198713Wondrous CrossHimes, William1987Hymn/Song Setting
198714Steal AwayBulla, Stephen1987Hymn/Song Setting
198811Guide Me O Thou Great JehovaBulla, Stephen1988Hymn/Song Setting
198812I Have Decided to Follow JesusCurnow, James1988Instrumental Solo
198813Have Thine Own Way, LordBroughton, William (Jr)1988Hymn/Song Setting
198814O, How I Love JesusCurnow, Paul R1988Chorus Setting
198911Farest Lord JesusCurnow, James1989Hymn/Song Setting
198912Jesus Loves the Little ChildrenBulla, Stephen1989Chorus Setting
198913Jesus Loves MeCurnow, Paul R1989Chorus Setting
198914Just a Closer WalkBroughton, William (Jr)1989Instrumental Solo
199011Faith of Our FathersBulla, Stephen1990Hymn/Song Setting
199012Were You There?Curnow, Paul R1990Spiritual
199013Take Time to Be HolyBroughton, William (Jr)1990Instrumental Solo
199014And Can It BeCurnow, James1990Hymn/Song Setting
199111O God, Our Help In Ages PastBulla, Stephen1991Hymn/Song Setting
199112Search Me O GodCurnow, James1991Instrumental Solo
199113Are Ye Able?Himes, William1991March
199114O Master Let Me Walk With TheeCurnow, Paul R1991Hymn/Song Setting
199211Fanfare Prelude-Praise My SoulCurnow, James1992Fanfare
199212Sweet Hour of PrayerBroughton, William (Jr)1992Hymn/Song Setting
199213Morning Has BrokenCurnow, Paul R1992Instrumental Solo
199214Are You Washed?Himes, William1992Hymn/Song Setting
199311Fanfare Prelude On St. DenioCurnow, James1993Fanfare
199312How Sweet the NameCurnow, Paul R1993Hymn/Song Setting
199313Spirit of GodBroughton, William (Jr)1993Instrumental Solo
199314We Gather TogetherBulla, Stephen1993Hymn/Song Setting
199411Fanfare Prelude On "Old Hundredth"Curnow, James1994Fanfare
199412Sun of My SoulRedhead, Robert1994Hymn/Song Setting
199413I Am Trusting Thee, Lord JesusCurnow, Paul R1994Instrumental Solo
199414Rejoice, the Lord is KingBulla, Stephen1994Hymn/Song Setting
199511From Greenland's Icy MountainsCurnow, James1995Fanfare
199512Open Our Eyes, LordCurnow, Paul R1995Chorus Setting
199513What a FriendHimes, William1995Instrumental Solo
199514O Come All Ye FaithfulBulla, Stephen1995Christmas
199611Fanfare Prelude-Higheer GroundCurnow, James1996Fanfare
199612Blest Be Tie That BindsSteadman-Allen, Ray1996Hymn/Song Setting
199613Near the CrossCurnow, Paul R1996Instrumental Solo
199614Royal BannerAnderson, James B1996March
199711Fanfare Prelude On St. TheodulphBulla, Stephen1997Fanfare
199712Day Thou Gavest, TheSteadman-Allen, Ray1997Hymn/Song Setting
199713Seek Ye FirstCourt, Douglas1997Instrumental Solo
199714God Be With YouAnderson, James B1997Hymn/Song Setting
199811Fanfare Prelud On StephanosCurnow, James1998Fanfare
199812God is So GoodSteadman-Allen, Ray1998Chorus Setting
199813Precious Lord, Take My HandDorsey, Thomas A arr. Court, Douglas1998Instrumental Solo
199814Depth of MercyJones, Noel1998Hymn/Song Setting
199911Fanfare Prelude On BullingerCurnow, James1999Fanfare
199912Lord is King, TheJones, Noel1999Hymn/Song Setting
199913Yesterday, Today, ForeverCourt, Douglas1999Instrumental Solo
199914Roll, Jordan, RollCurnow, James1999Spiritual
200011Fanfare Prelude On MonklandBulla, Stephen2000Fanfare
200012O Sacred Head, Now WoundedJones, Noel2000Hymn/Song Setting
200013Do, Lord, Remember MeCurnow, James2000Spiritual
200014Praise HimAnderson, James B2000Spiritual
200111Eternal Father, Strong to SaveCurnow, James2001Fanfare
200112I Know a FountJones, Noel2001Chorus Setting
200113I Would Be Like JesusSteadman-Allen, Ray2001Instrumental Solo
200114American the BeautifulCourt, Douglas2001Hymn/Song Setting
200211Hallelujah! What a SaviorCourt, Douglas2002Fanfare
200212Fill Me With Life AnewCurnow, James2002Hymn/Song Setting
200213While We are Waiting, ComeJones, Noel2002Instrumental Solo
200214Fill Me NowSteadman-Allen, Ray2002Hymn/Song Setting
200311Fanfare Prelude On Regent SquareCurnow, James2003Fanfare
200312Holy is the LordSnelson, Robert2003Hymn/Song Setting
200313Jesus is the Sweetest Name I KnowRedhead, Robert2003Instrumental Solo
200314BucklandJones, Noel2003Hymn/Song Setting
200411Fanfare Prelude On St. PeterCourt Douglas2004Fanfare
200412When I Survey the Wondrous CrossRedhead, Robert2004Hymn/Song Setting
200413Jesus Lover of My SoulCurnow, James2004Instrumental Solo
200414I'm Pressing OnGates, Dorothy2004Hymn/Song Setting
200511Fanfare Prelude On "Like a River Glorious"Curnow, James2005Fanfare
200512Abide With MeRedhead, Robert2005Hymn/Song Setting
200513He is LordSteadman-Allen, Ray2005Instrumental Solo
200514Love, LoveCampbell, Timothy2005Chorus Setting
200611Festival Prelude-All Things BeautifulCurnow, Paul R2006Festival Arrangement
200612Whisper a PrayerSteadman-Allen, Ray2006Hymn/Song Setting
200613They'll Know We are ChristiansSnelson, Robert2006Instrumental Solo
200614Silently NowRedhead, Robert2006Hymn/Song Setting
200711Prelude On St. AgnesCurnow, James2007Prelude
200712AdorationSteadman-Allen, Ray2007Hymn/Song Setting
200713O How He Loves You and MeAnderson, James B2007Instrumental Solo
200714Break Thou the Bred of LifeRedhead, Robert2007Meditation
200811O Perfect LoveBulla, Stephen2008Prelude
200812People Need the LordCampbell, Timothy2008Hymn/Song Setting
200813Lord, Lay Some Soul Upon My HeartCourt, Douglas2008Instrumental Solo
200814Guide Me, O Thou Great JehovaCurnow, James2008March
200911All Hail to Thee (Fanfare Prelude)Curnow, James2009Fanfare
200912There is Power In the BloodAnderson, James B2009March
200913One DaySnelson, Robert2009Instrumental Solo
200914Jesus Loves Even Me (I Am So Glad)Okpebholo, Shawn E2009Hymn/Song Setting
201011Nothing But the BloodSnelson, Robert2010Fanfare
201012Sweet by and BayCurnow, Paul R2010Hymn/Song Setting
201013InfinityCurnow, James2010Instrumental Solo
201014Variations On SalzburgMiller, Andrew S2010Variations
201111Come, Christians, Join to SingBarrington, Andrew2011Prelude
201112Grace Jones, Noel2011March
201113SaintsCurnow, James2011Horn Solo
201114Coventry CarolCurnow, Paul R2011Christmas
201211Fanfare and CelebrationCurnow, James2012Fanfare
201212Rise Up!Snelson, Robert2012March
201213ConsecrationSteadman-Allen, Ray2012Instrumental Solo
201214Holy God, We Praise Thy NameBulla, Stephen2012Fanfare
201311DayspringCurnow, James2013Hymn/Song Setting
201312Come Into His PresenceRedhead, Robert2013Hymn/Song Setting
201313My All is On the AltarSnelson, Robert2013Horn Solo
201314Oh, How JoyfullyCornow, James2013Hymn/Song Setting
201411O Christians, HasteSnelson, Robert2014Fanfare
201412O Come, Little ChildrenHimes, William2014Christmas
201413Divine Love (Becher)Curnow, James2014Cornet Solo
201414Where He Leads MeBulla, Stephen2014Hymn/Song Setting

American Instrumental Ensemble Series: Grade 2 (1987 - 2014 )

198721Promised LandCurnow, James1987Hymn/Song Setting
198722Away In a MangerCurnow, Paul R1987Christmas
198723Bread of LifeHimes, William1987Hymn/Song Setting
198724Dare to Be a DanielBulla, Stephen1987Horn Solo
198821Lead On, O King EternalBulla, Stephen1988Hymn/Song Setting
198822Now the Day is OverCurnow, James1988Hymn/Song Setting
198823Amazing GraceBroughton, William (Jr)1988Euphonium Solo
198824Ev'ry Time I Feel the SpiritCurnow, Paul R1988Spiritual
198921What a FriendBroughton, William (Jr)1989Hymn/Song Setting
198922Rescue the PerishingBulla, Stephen1989Hymn/Song Setting
198923Angels Watching Over MeCurnow, Paul R1989Hymn/Song Setting
198924AlleluiaCurnow, James1989Hymn/Song Setting
199021In Christ There is No East Or WestCurnow, James1990Hymn/Song Setting
199022Holy, Holy, Holy (Nicaea)Bulla, Stephen1990Hymn/Song Setting
199023Jacob's LadderSteadman-Allen, Ray1990Cornet Solo
199024All Hail the Power of JesusHimes, William1990Hymn/Song Setting
199121Good King WenceslasCurnow, James1991Christmas
199122Open My EyesBroughton, William (Jr)1991Horn Solo
199123Variations On "Azmon"Bulla, Stephen1991Variations
199124I Will SingCurnow, Paul R1991Chorus Setting
199221March of ThanksgivingBulla, Stephen1992March
199222RejoiceCurnow, Paul R1992Hymn/Song Setting
199223It is WellCurnow, James1992Trombone Solo
199224Crown Him With Many CrownsHimes, William1992Hymn/Song Setting
199321How Firm a FoundationCurnow, James1993Hymn/Song Setting
199322Church's Foundation, TheSteadman-Allen, Ray1993Hymn/Song Setting
199323Be Thou My VisionHimes, William1993Horn Solo
199324Jesus Bids Us ShineBroughton, William (Jr)1993Chorus Setting
199421All Creatures of Our God and KingBulla, Stephen1994Hymn/Song Setting
199422Take My Life, and Let It BeCurnow, James1994Hymn/Song Setting
199423As the DeerHimes, William1994Cornet Solo
199424Who is On the Lord's Side?Jones, Noel1994Hymn/Song Setting
199521O Worship the KingCurnow, James1995Prelude
199522We are One In the Bond of LoveJones, Noel1995Hymn/Song Setting
199523Now I Belong to JesusBulla, Stephen1995Horn Solo
199524Christ the Lord is Risen TodayRedhead, Robert1995Hymn/Song Setting
199621Stand Up and Bless the LordJones, Noel1996Hymn/Song Setting
199622Draw Me NearerRedhead, Robert1996Chorus Setting
199623Trust and ObeyCurnow, James1996Horn Solo
199624When the Spirit Says SingBulla, Stephen1996Hymn/Song Setting
199721Simple GiftsCurnow, James1997Hymn/Song Setting
199722Thy Word is a LampSmith, Michael, W arr. Curnow, Paul R1997Hymn/Song Setting
199723In the GardenBulla, Stephen1997Euphonium Solo
199724Spanish HymnJones, Noel1997Hymn/Song Setting
199821All Praise to TheeRedhead, Robert1998Hymn/Song Setting
199822As With GladnessAnderson, James B1998Hymn/Song Setting
199823His Eye is On the SparrowCurnow, James1998Horn Solo
199824Since I Laid My Burden DownBulla, Stephen1998Hymn/Song Setting
199921In Thee, O Lord, Do I Put My TrustSteadman-Allen, Ray1999Hymn/Song Setting
199922Joy of Christmas, TheBulla, Stephen1999Christmas
199923Nobody KnowsAnderson, James B1999Cornet Solo
199924Jesus Saviour, Pilot MeRedhead, Robert1999Hymn/Song Setting
200021Rejoice In the Lord AlwaysSteadman-Allen, Ray2000Hymn/Song Setting
200022O Come. O Come, EmmanuelRedhead, Robert2000Hymn/Song Setting
200023Change My Heart, O GodCourt, Douglas2000Horn Solo
200024Thine is the GloryCheyne, James2000Hymn/Song Setting
200121God's GraceCurnow, Paul R2001Hymn/Song Setting
200122Because Hi LivesRedhead, Robert2001Hymn/Song Setting
200123Quiet PlaceSnelson, Robert2001Trombone Solo
200124What Child is This?Curnow, James2001Christmas
200221Light Has Come, TheRedhead, Robert2002Hymn/Song Setting
200222Wade In the WaterBulla, Stephen2002Spiritual
200223Holy, Holy, Holy is the LordCurnow, James2002Horn Solo
200224Spirit SongSnelson, Robert2002Hymn/Song Setting
200321Holy LordSteadman-Allen, Ray2003Hymn/Song Setting
200322There's Just Something About That NameGaither, William arr. Miller, Andrew S2003Hymn/Song Setting
200323God, Our Father, We Adore TheeCourt, Douglas2003Cornet Solo
200324God Rest Ye Merry GentlemenBulla, Stephen2003Christmas
200421King of KingsCampbell, Timothy2004Hymn/Song Setting
200422Hymn to JoySteadman-Allen, Ray2004Hymn/Song Setting
200423Since Jesus Came Into My HeartSnelson, Robert2004Horn Solo
200424Variations On "Holy Manna"Okpebholo, Shawn E2004Variations
200521Go Where I Sendd TheeGott, Barrie2005Spiritual
200522Create In Me a Clean HeartMiller, Andrew S2005Hymn/Song Setting
200523There is a Name I Love to HearBulla, Stephen2005Transcription
200524Jesus is My LordGates, Dorothy2005Hymn/Song Setting
200621Lord Be GlorifiedOkpebholo, Shawn E2006Hymn/Song Setting
200622My Faith Has Found a Resting PlaceGott, Barrie2006Hymn/Song Setting
200623Father, I Adore YouCurnow, James2006Horn Solo
200624Grace Greater Then Our SinCurnow, James2006Hymn/Song Setting
200721God of Abraham Praise, TheOkpebholo, Shawn E2007Hymn/Song Setting
200722Let Just Praise the LordMiller, Andrew S2007Hymn/Song Setting
200723Cross, TheCourt, Douglas2007Cornet Solo
200724I Surrender AllSnelson, Robert2007Hymn/Song Setting
200821Lord, I'm Coming HomeBarrington, Andrew2008Hymn/Song Setting
200822No One Ever Cared for Me Like JesusMiller, Andrew S2008Hymn/Song Setting
200823Jesus, I Come to TheeRedhead, Robert2008Euphonium Solo
200824Into My HeartAnderson, James B2008Chorus Setting
200923The Lily of the ValleyBarrington, Andrew2009Hymn/Song Setting
200922Here I Am to WorshipHughes, Tim arr. Watson, Stuart2009Hymn/Song Setting
200923He Hideth My SoulCurnow, James2009Cornet Solo
200924Lead Me to CalvaryCampbell, Timothy2009Hymn/Song Setting
201021All Things Bright and BeautifulSteadman-Allen, Ray2010March
201022Rock - a My SoulBulla, Stephen2010Rock
201023Follow OnBarrington, Andrew2010Horn Solo
201024Huron CarolAnderson, James B2010Christmas
201121Praise Him, All Ye Little ChidrenRedhead, Robert2011Chorus Setting
201122Pour It DownBulla, Stephen2011Hymn/Song Setting
201123Loving Kindness, TheMitchel, Hugh arr. Snelson, Robert2011Euphonium Solo
201124Lord's My Shepherd, TheOkpebholo, Shawn E2011Hymn/Song Setting
201221Ha-La-La-La-LaGraham, David arr. Himes, William2012Hymn/Song Setting
201222I Heard the Bells On Christmas DayCurnow, Paul R2012Christmas
201223On Solid RockBarrington, Andrew2012Instrumental Solo
201224Give Me JesusGates, Dorothy2012Spiritual
201321Revive Us AgaineHimes, William2013Hymn/Song Setting
201322Total PraiseSmallwood, Richard arr. Simmons-Smith, Nick2013Hymn/Song Setting
201323My Lord! What a MorningBulla, Stephen2013Trombone Solo
201324This Joyful EastertideCurnow, James2013Hymn/Song Setting
201421Saints of God, Rise Up!Barrington, Andrew2014Hymn/Song Setting
201422My Country 'Tis of TheeCurnow, James2014Hymn/Song Setting
201423With a Grateful HeartSmith, Henry arr. Bulla, Stephen2014Horn Solo
201424Peace Like a RiverHimes, William2014March

American Instrumental Ensemble Series: Grade 3 (1987 - 2014 )

198731Deep RiverCurnow, James1987Cornet Solo
198732Power In the BloodBroughton, William (Jr)1987Hymn/Song Setting
198733LeaningHimes, William1987Hymn/Song Setting
198734Every HourBulla, Stephen1987Chorus Setting
198831Savior Like a Shepherd Lead UsBroughton, William (Jr)1988Hymn/Song Setting
198832Silent NightCurnow, James1988Christmas
198833Sound the Battle CryBulla, Stephen1988Horn Solo
198834Sing! Sing! Sing!Himes, William1988Chorus Setting
198931May Jesus Christ Be PraisedCurnow, James1989Hymn/Song Setting
198932Onward Christian SoldiersSteadman-Allen, Ray1989Hymn/Song Setting
198933Joyful Sound, TheBulla, Stephen1989Cornet Solo
198934Breathe On Me, Breath of GodHimes, William1989Hymn/Song Setting
199031Stand Up and Shout ItBroughton, William (Jr)1990Hymn/Song Setting
199032Angels We Have Heard On HighCurnow, Paul R1990Hymn/Song Setting
199033Lord I Want to Be a ChristianCurnow, James1990Horn Solo
199034Way Beyond the BlueBulla, Stephen1990Chorus Setting
199131There is a FountainBroughton, William (Jr)1991Hymn/Song Setting
199132Balm In GiledHimes, William1991Cornet Solo
199133Blessed AssuranceBulla, Stephen1991Hymn/Song Setting
199134Prelude On "Come Thou Fount"Curnow, James1991Prelude
199231Trusting As the Moments FlySteadman-Allen, Ray1992Hymn/Song Setting
199232Jesus the Very Thought of TheeJones, Noel1992Hymn/Song Setting
199233Kum Ba YahRedhead, Robert1992Horn Solo
199234Italian Hymn VariationsBulla, Stephen1992Variations
199331Prelude-Rejoice, Ye Pure In HeartJones, Noel1993Prelude
199332Love Divine, All Loves ExcellingCurnow, Paul R1993Hymn/Song Setting
199333Father We Love YouBulla, Stephen1993Euphonium Solo
199334Whosoever HearethRedhead, Robert1993Hymn/Song Setting
199431MajestyCurnow, Paul R1994Hymn/Song Setting
199432Great is Thy FaithfulnessCurnow, James1994Hymn/Song Setting
199433Safe In the Arms of JesusBulla, Stephen1994Horn Solo
199434Joy to the WorldSteadman-Allen, Ray1994Christmas
199531Thanksgiving PreludeBulla, Stephen1995Prelude
199532March On the Austrian HymnCurnow, James1995March
199533Bells of Heaven, TheSteadman-Allen, Ray1995Hymn/Song Setting
199534What a Mighty God We ServeCurnow, Paul R1995Hymn/Song Setting
199631Prelude On "Finlandia"Cheyne, James1996Prelude
199632Thanksgiving MarchBulla, Stephen1996March
199633I Love to Tell the StoryHimes, William1996Hymn/Song Setting
199634Come Holy SpiritGaither, William arr. Court, Douglas1996Hymn/Song Setting
199731Vesper HymnCourt Douglas1997Hymn/Song Setting
199732O Love That Will Not Let Me GoCurnow, James1997Hymn/Song Setting
199733Let Us Break Bread TogetherRedhead, Robert1997Horn Solo
199734My Jesue I Love TheeBulla, Stephen1997Hymn/Song Setting
199831Welcome HomeAnderson, James B1998Hymn/Song Setting
199832MosesCheyne, James1998Spiritual
199833Peter, Go Ring Them BellsBulla, Stephen1998Cornet Solo
199834At the CrossCourt, Douglas1998Hymn/Song Setting
199931In My Heart There Rings a MelodyAnderson, James B1999Hymn/Song Setting
199932Soon and Very SoonBulla, Stephen1999Hymn/Song Setting
199933AmenBulla, Stephen1999Spiritual
199934Beneath the Cross of JesusCurnow, James1999Hymn/Song Setting
200031Praise to the Lord the AlmightyBulla, Stephen2000Hymn/Song Setting
200032BenedictionSnelson, Robert2000Hymn/Song Setting
200033Michael, Row the Boat AshoreAnderson, James B2000Spiritual
200034On Jordan's Stormy BanksCurnow, James2000Spiritual
200131Fanfare Prelude On St. AnnCheyne, James2001Fanfare
200132Easter Prelude-Where You There?Bulla, Stephen2001Prelude
200133God CaresCurnow, James2001Horn Solo
200134Glory!Anderson, James B2001Hymn/Song Setting
200231What Wondrous Love is ThisMiller, Andrew S2002Hymn/Song Setting
200232Let There Be GloryCourt, Douglas2002Hymn/Song Setting
200233Yes, He Did!Himes, William2002Spiritual
200234I Love Thy Kingdom, LordAnderson, James B2002Hymn/Song Setting
200331We are Marching In the Light of GodCheyne, James2003Hymn/Song Setting
200332Glory Thy NameBulla, Stephen2003Hymn/Song Setting
200333Jesus Christ is Risen TodayAnderson, James B2003Horn Solo
200334I Love You, LordOkpebholo, Shawn E2003Chorus Setting
200431Fanfare Prelude-To God Be the GloryMiller, Andrew S2004Fanfare
200432Standing On the PromisesBulla, Stephen2004Hymn/Song Setting
200433Stand Up for JesusWebb, Joy arr. Cheyne, James2004Trombone Solo
200434Lord, I Lift Your Name On HighCurnow, Paul R2004Hymn/Song Setting
200531Shout to the LordZschech, Darlene arr. Bulla, Stephen2005Hymn/Song Setting
200532I Will Enter His GatesSnelson, Robert2005Hymn/Song Setting
200533Make Me a ServantCourt, Douglas2005Horn Solo
200534Happiness is the LordAnderson, James B2005Hymn/Song Setting
200631Blood of the Lamb, TheAnderson, James B2006Hymn/Song Setting
200632Praise the Name of JesusCampbell, Timothy2006Hymn/Song Setting
200633In the Cross of Christ I GloryCurnow, James2006Euphonium Solo
200634Give ThanksCourt, Douglas2006Chorus Setting
200731I Must Tell JesusBulla, Stephen2007Hymn/Song Setting
200732In His PresenceTunney, Dick & Melodie arr. Simmons-Smith, Nick2007Hymn/Song Setting
200733Nothing But the BloodCurnow, James2007Horn Solo
200734What the Lord Has Done for MeBarrington, Andrew2007Hymn/Song Setting
200831Standin' In the Need of PrayerOkpebholo, Shawn E2008Spiritual
200832Find Us FaithfulMohr, John arr. Gates, Dorothy2008Hymn/Song Setting
200833Walls of JerichoBulla, Stephen2008Trombone Solo
200834He Keeps Me SingingSnelson, Robert2008March
200931I Stand AmazedBulla, Stephen2009Hymn/Song Setting
200932In Christ AloneRedhead, Robert2009Hymn/Song Setting
200933O Happy Day!Gaither, William2009Horn Solo
200934Lord, I Come to YouJones Dean2009Hymn/Song Setting
201031Fantasia On TruroRedhead, Robert2010Fantasy
201032Jesus Paid It AllGates, Dorothy2010Hymn/Song Setting
201033Down by the RiversideSimmons-Smith, Nick2010Euphonium Solo
201034Message, TheCurnow, James2010Hymn/Song Setting
201131O Beautiful for Spacious SkiesHimes, William2011Hymn/Song Setting
201132There is a RedeemerGordon, William2011Hymn/Song Setting
201133Hallelujah VariationsGates, Dorothy2011Horn Solo
201134Sketches On a French CarolCurnow, James2011Christmas
201231Battle Hymn (Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory)Bulla, Stephen2012Hymn/Song Setting
201232You are My All In AllJernigan, Dennis arr. Watson, Stuart2012Hymn/Song Setting
201233Gracious Redeemer (Gordon)Curnow, James2012Instrumental Solo
201234Ezekiel Saw the WheelBallantine, Leonard2012Spiritual
201331Shall We GatherBarrington, Andrew2013Hymn/Song Setting
201332He Giveth More GraceMitchell, Hubert arr. Himes, William2013Hymn/Song Setting
201333RedeemedKellner, Steven2013Horn Solo
201334Mighty to SaveMorgan, Reuben And Fielding, Ben arr. Bulla, Stephen2013Hymn/Song Setting
201431At CalvaryCurnow, James2014Festival Arrangement
201432Hosanna (Praise is Rising)Baloche, P /, Brown, B arr. Bulla, Stephen2014Festival Arrangement
201433King of Love, the (St.Columba)Curnow, James2014Euphonium Solo
201434Hark! the Herald Angels SingSimmons-Smith, Nick2014Christmas

American Instrumental Ensemble Series: Grade 6 (1987 - 2014 )

198741TrustCurnow, Paul R1987Hymn/Song Setting
198742Marching to ZionCurnow, James1987March
198743Count Your BlessingsHimes, William1987Horn Solo
198744I've Got the JoyBulla, Stephen1987Hymn/Song Setting
198841I've Got Peace Like a RiverCurnow, James1988Hymn/Song Setting
198842Joyful, Joyful, We AdoreCurnow, Paul R1988Hymn/Song Setting
198843Mighty Power, TheHimes, William1988Cornet Solo
198844Songs of PraisesBulla, Stephen1988Selection
198941Go, Tell It On the MoutainsGott, Barrie1989Spiritual
198942Spiritual MedleyHimes, William1989Medley
198943Glory to His NameCurnow, James1989Horn Solo
198944My Faith Looks Up to TheeBulla, Stephen1989Hymn/Song Setting
199041More About JesusSteadman-Allen, Ray1990Hymn/Song Setting
199042Scripture Sing-AlongHimes, William1990Selection
199043Love Lifted MeBulla, Stephen1990Cornet Solo
199044This Little Light of MineGott, Barrie1990Chorus Setting
199141Hosanna (Sing-Along)Himes, William1991Selection
199142Faith is the VictoryBulla, Stephen1991Horn Solo
199143Come, Thou Long Expected JesusSteadman-Allen, Ray1991Hymn/Song Setting
199144Just As I AmCurnow, James1991Chorus Setting
199241Swing Low, Sweet ChariotGott, Barrie1992Spiritual
199242This is My Father's WorldCurnow, James1992Hymn/Song Setting
199243Showers of BlessingBulla, Stephen1992Transcription
199244Songs of Worship (Sing-Along)Himes, William1992Selection
199341Prelude On DixBulla, Stephen1993Prelude
199342Praise Him!Gott, Barrie1993Hymn/Song Setting
199343Turn Your Eyes Upon JesusCurnow, James1993Horn Solo
199344Gospel Song Sing-Along, AHimes, William1993Selection
199441Prelude On "Ein Feste Burg"Redhead, Robert1994Prelude
199442How Majestic is Your Name!Himes, William1994Hymn/Song Setting
199443He's Got the Whole WorldCurnow, James1994Hymn/Song Setting
199444Sing-Along PsalmsBulla, Stephen1994Selection
199541God of Our FathersHimes, William1995Fanfare
199542Softly and TenderlyRedhead, Robert1995Hymn/Song Setting
199543Wonderful Words of LifeCurnow, James1995Horn Solo
199544An Awesome Chorus Sing-AlongBulla, Stephen1995Chorus Setting
199641Shine, Jesus, ShineCurnow, Paul R1996Chorus Setting
199642Holy GroundCurnow, James1996Hymn/Song Setting
199643Wayfaring StrangerBulla, Stephen1996Horn Solo
199644Morning Medley (Sing-Along)Himes, William1996Medley
199741Fanfare Prelude On "For All the Saints"Williams, Ralph Vaughn arr. Cheyne, James1997Fanfare
199742This is the DayHimes, William1997Chorus Setting
199743Wondrous GraceCurnow, James1997Cornet Solo
199744Spiritual Medley 2 (Sing-Along)Bulla, Stephen1997Medley
199841I'm Living On the MountainHimes, William1998Hymn/Song Setting
199842Spirit of the Living GodCurnow, James1998Hymn/Song Setting
199843He LivesCheyne, James1998Horn Solo
199844Wonderful Name Sing-AlongBulla, Stephen1998Selection
199941Victory In JesusCourt, Douglas1999Hymn/Song Setting
199942Song of Praise, ACheyne, James1999Hymn/Song Setting
199943Heaven Come DownCurnow, James1999Euphonium Solo
199944Christmas Sing-AlongHimes, William1999Christmas
200041Bringing In the SheavesBulla, Stephen2000Hymn/Song Setting
200042DiademCourt, Douglas2000Hymn/Song Setting
200043I've Got a RobeCurnow, James2000Spiritual
200044Caribbean Sing-AlongHimes, William2000Selection
200141Crusaders' HymnBulla, Stephen2001Hymn/Song Setting
200142Through It AllCourt, Douglas2001Hymn/Song Setting
200143Isn't He Wonderful?Court, Douglas2001Trombone Solo
200144Spiritual Medley 3 (Sing-Along)Himes, William2001Medley
200241Great Day!Cheyne, James2002Hymn/Song Setting
200242Greater is He That is In MeCurnow, Paul R2002Hymn/Song Setting
200243I Want to Be ReadyCourt, Douglas2002Spiritual
200244Solid Rock Sing-AlongBulla, Stephen2002Selection
200341Great is the LordSmith, Michael, W2003Hymn/Song Setting
200342He is ExaltedCurnow, Paul R2003Hymn/Song Setting
200343God So Loved the WorldCurnow, James2003Cornet Solo
200344When I Think About Jesus (Sing-Along)Himes, William2003Selection
200441Lift High the CrossCurnow, James2004Hymn/Song Setting
200442Carol of the BellsAnderson, James B2004Christmas
200443Wonderful Grace of JesusHimes, William2004Horn Solo
200444Songs of Salvation (Sing-Along)Bulla, Stephen2004Selection
200541I'll Fly AwayCheyne, James2005Hymn/Song Setting
200542Step by StepCurnow, Paul R2005Hymn/Song Setting
200543God Will Take Care of YouCurnow, James2005Cornet Solo
200544Singing "Glory" (Sing-Along)Himes, William2005Selection
200641I Exalt TheeSanchez, Peter, Jr arr. Curnow, Paul R2006Chorus Setting
200642Take the Name of Jesus With YouGates, Dorothy2006Hymn/Song Setting
200643Forward to the Fight!Miller, Andrew S2006Horn Solo
200644Rejoice! (Sing-Along)Himes, William2006Selection
200741Festive Preludium On Falcon StreetGates, Dorothy2007Prelude
200742Awesom God Mullins, Rich arr. Campell, Timothy2007Hymn/Song Setting
200743Old Rugged Cross, TheBulla, Stephen2007Trombone Solo
200744Mighty GodHimes, William2007Selection
200841Over All the EarthBrown, Brenton arr. Simmons-Smith, Nick2008Hymn/Song Setting
200842We Want to See Jesus Lifted HighHorley, Doug arr. Curnow, James2008Hymn/Song Setting
200843Only Trust HimCurnow, James2008Cornet Solo
200844Take Time to Be HolyHimes, William2008Selection
200941O Boundless SalvationHimes, William2009Hymn/Song Setting
200942Days of ElijahMark, Robin arr. Simmons-Smith, Nick2009Hymn/Song Setting
200943When the Roll is Called Up YonderBulla, Stephen2009Instrumental Solo
200943Praise!Simmons-Smith, Nick2009Selection
201041How Great is Our GodJones Dean2010Hymn/Song Setting
201042Jesus, Name Above All NamesHearn, Naida arr. Bulla, Stephen2010Hymn/Song Setting
201043Little David, Play!Himes, William2010Horn Solo
201044Sunday School MedleySimmons-Smith, Nick2010Medley
201141You're Worthy of My PraiseRuis, David arr. Jones, Dean2011Rock
201142We Fall DownTomlin, Chris arr. Watson, Stuart2011Hymn/Song Setting
201143That Old Time ReligionSimmons-Smith, Nick2011Euphonium Solo
201144Easter MedleyBulla, Stephen2011Medley
201241My Redeemer LivesMorgan, Reuben arr. Jones, Dean2012Hymn/Song Setting
201242Londonderry Air (If On My Soul a Trace of Sin Remaineth)Himes, William2012Hymn/Song Setting
201243The Goepel Train (Get On Board Little Children)Bulla, Stephen2012Spiritual
201244Thanksgiving Medley (Optional Sing-Along)Simmons-Smith, Nick2012Medley
201341Blessed Be Your NameRedman, Beth And Matt arr. Jones, Dean2013Hymn/Song Setting
201342Wonderful ChildBulla, Stephen2013Spiritual
201343Christ of Calvary, TheLaurie, Annie arr. Curnow, James2013Cornet Solo
201344Armed Forces TributBulla, Stephen2013Suite
201441Everlasting GodBrown B / Riley K arr. Jones, Dean2014Hymn/Song Setting
201442How Deep the Father's Love for UsTownend, Stuart arr. Kellner, Steve2014Hymn/Song Setting
201443New Name In Glory, AHimes, William2014Horn Solo
201444Christmas DancesBulla, Stephen2014Christmas

Canadian Series (1955 - 1963)

0001I'll Stand for ChristColes, Bramwell1955March
0002Walking With JesusCalvert, Morley F1955Meditation
0003Canadian Standard, TheParr, Ernest, H1955March
0004Following JesusRawlins, Kenneth1955Selection
0005AdvanceWells, John1955March
0006Songs About the SaviourColes, Bramwell1955Selection
0007Junior Soldier, TheCalvert, Morley F1955March
0008Good Shepherd, TheKnight, Leonard1955Selection
0009My DelivererBrown, Arnold1955March
0010Canadian SongsMerritt, Henry arr. Percy, F1955Selection
0011IntegrityAudoire, Norman J1955March
0012Glad WitnessColes, Bramwell1955Selection
0013Migthy to SaveMerritt, Percy F1955March
0014Seeking Saviour, TheWells, John1955Selection
0015Jackson's PointColes, Bramwell1955March
0016Songs of the WarAudoire, Norman J1955Selection
0017TestimonyDalziel, Albert E1958March
0018I Will Guide TheeColes, Bramwell1958Meditation
0019Crown of VictoryRawlins, Kenneth1958March
0020My Pilot's FaceCalvert, Morley F1958Selection
0021Halifax Citadel Young PeopleElloway, Kenneth, A1958March
0022Glory Song, TheColes, Bramwell1958Meditation
0023LibertyMerritt, Percy F1958March
0024BullingerRawlins, Kenneth1958Meditation
0025Alexandria CitadelCatelinet, Philip B1958March
0026Word of Life, TheDalziel, Albert E1958Selection
0027Camp SelkirkParr, Ernest, H1958March
0028World So Deceiving, TheBall, Eric arr. Elloway, Kenneth A1958Hymn/Song Setting
0029HallelujahColes, Bramwell1958March
0030NiceaAudoire, Norman J1958Hymn/Song Setting
0031Warriors TrueMerritt, Percy F1958March
0032HarlanElloway, Kenneth, A1958Hymn/Song Setting
0033Scotian GlenElloway, Kenneth, A1963March
0034Songs of the GeneralBoon, Brindley1963Selection
0035Faithful and TrueColes, Bramwell1963March
0036Jesus Himself Drew NearMarshall, George arr. Elloway, Kenneth A1963Hymn/Song Setting
0037Golden HoursMerritt, James1963March
0038Our Conquering BandRawlins, Kenneth1963Air Varie
0039PioneersDalziel, Albert E1963March
0040StracathroRawlins, Kenneth1963Meditation
0041Coming Army, TheSöderström, Emil1963March
0042NocturneMendelssohn, Felix B arr. Davies, J1963Transcription
0043FreedomMerritt, Percy F1963March
0044Prodigal, TheCrocker, J1963Selection
0045InvitationAbbott, Eric O1963March
0046Praise My SoulGoss, John arr. Elloway, Kenneth A1963Transcription
0047TrinidadBoon, Brindley1963March
0048Sunshine SongsColes, Bramwell1963Selection

Norwegian Junior Series (1973-1986)

0001Of God Descended, TheHerikstad, Eiliv1973Hymn/Song Setting
0002Joyous Message, TheSilfverberg, Erik1973March
0003This Little Light of MineWebb, Joy arr. Silfverberg, Erik1973Hymn/Song Setting
0004It's TrueWebb, Joy arr. Silfverberg, Erik1973Hymn/Song Setting
0005Musi-Camp '74Silfverberg, Erik1974March
0006Gospel Train, TheSilfverberg, Erik1974Spiritual
0007Når Du Går På GataHerikstad, Eiliv1974Chorus Setting
0008En Klok Og Forstandig MannHerikstad, Eiliv1974Hymn/Song Setting
0009Million Songs, AWebb, Joy arr. Silfverberg, Erik1975Hymn/Song Setting
0010Sounds of PraiseSilfverberg, Erik1975March
0011Then the Pearly Gate Shall OpenOlsen, A D arr. Herikstad, Eiliv1975Hymn/Song Setting
0012With Steady PaceHerikstad, Eiliv1975March
0013Starum 75Herikstad, Eiliv1976March
0014HeavenSilfverberg, Erik1976Hymn/Song Setting
0015EnthusiamSilfverberg, Erik1976March
0016Fruit of the Spirit, TheLarsson, John arr. Herikstad, Eiliv1976Hymn/Song Setting
0017Sa-North-77Silfverberg, Erik1977March
0018Joy of SalvationSilfverberg, Erik1977Selection
0019-AEverything You SeeLinck, Peter arr. Silfverberg, Erik1977Hymn/Song Setting
0019-BWorld is Not My Home, TheHerikstad, Eiliv1977Spiritual
0020To Be Like JesusLarsson, John arr. Herikstad, Eiliv1977Hymn/Song Setting
0021God's Love and GraceSilfverberg, Erik1978March
0022It's Me O LordMarti, Paul1978Hymn/Song Setting
0023Happy JuniorsEvja, Morgan1978Selection
0024DiscipleshipLundholm, L1978March
0025Alle Burde Kjenne TillSilfverberg, Erik1979Hymn/Song Setting
0026Er Du Rett Av Hjertet GladLundholm, L1979Cornet Solo
0027-AChild's Faith, ASilfverberg, Erik1979Hymn/Song Setting
0027-BTake Me As I AmLundholm, L1979Hymn/Song Setting
0028Joy of SalvationMarti, Paul1979March
0029Crown of VictorySilfverberg, Erik1980March
0030Jesus the Childrens FriendHanson, Audun1980Selection
0031Great Day!Marti, Paul1980Selection
0032Gospel SoundHansen, Karl1980March
0033Count Your BlessingsHerikstad, Eiliv1981March
0034In the LightConon, Leslie1981Selection
0035There are So Many ThingsMarti, Paul1981Hymn/Song Setting
0036Song of PraiseSilfverberg, Erik1981March
0037Cascade 82Smith, S1982March
0038-AJesus Gave Me LifeLinck, Peter arr. Silfverberg, Erik1982Hymn/Song Setting
0038-BWith ConfidenceMarti, Paul1982Cornet Solo
0039This is Why I Love JesusWidmer, Werner1982Hymn/Song Setting
0040-AAdeste FidelesSilfverberg, Erik1982Hymn/Song Setting
0040-BCrusaders' HymnMarti, Paul1982Hymn/Song Setting
0041ConnectionSilfverberg, Erik1983March
0042Salvation by Grce AloneHerikstad, Eiliv1983Hymn/Song Setting
0043Lord On Our SideSilfverberg, Erik1983Hymn/Song Setting
0044-AWonders Begin When the LordLarsson, John arr. Hagen1983Hymn/Song Setting
0044-BWhisper a Prayer In ThemMarti, Paul1983Hymn/Song Setting
0045Stand Up and Shout Silfverberg, Erik1984March
0046Bringing In the SheavesLjundholm, L1984March
0047All That You Need is ALarsson, John arr. Silfverberg, Erik1984Hymn/Song Setting
0048God's Love is WonderfulMarti, Paul1984Cornet Trio
0049We Shall WinSilfverberg, Erik1985March
0050Always CheerfulBrakstad, John1985Hymn/Song Setting
0051Go Tell It On the MountainHerikstad, Eiliv1985Christmas
0052AmenSilfverberg, Erik1985Hymn/Song Setting
0053Norholm CampBøjstrup, Alf, 1986March
0054Gospel Train, TheSilfverberg, Erik1986Suite
0055Perfect PeaceSilfverberg, Erik1986Hymn/Song Setting

Norwegian Senior Series (?-1980)

0101Den Norske FrelsessoldatSöderström, Emil?Festival March
0102Unges VitnesbyrdBalsens, Olav?Cornet Duet
0103Det Herlige LandHerikstad, Eiliv?Selection
0104Geilo CampBrakstad, John?March
0105Jeg Vil KjempeSilfverberg, Erik?March
0106Over JordanHerikstad, Eiliv?March
0107Den Frelses Skares SangSilfverberg, Erik?Selection
0108Kom HjemHerikstad, Eiliv?Selection
0109Norsk FestmarsjHerikstad, Eiliv?March
0110-1Den Store, Hvite FlokkHerikstad, Eiliv?Hymn/Song Setting
0110-2I Ensomme StundeHerikstad, Eiliv?Hymn/Song Setting
0111Nåde Som BetalerHerikstad, Eiliv?Cornet Solo
0112De Gyldne TrinnHerikstad, Eiliv?March
0113Jag Har Vandret Med JesusBall, Eric?Meditation
0114En Stridsmann Ut I HaerenSilfverberg, Erik?Cornet Trio
0115En Rose Er UtsprungetHerikstad, Eiliv?Christmas
0116Å Jul Med Din GledeMarti, Paul1980Air Varie

Scanbrass Series (2004 - 2014)

2004-01King of GlorySkogg, Björn & Jens2004March
2004-02Jesus, Det Skönaste / Jesus, Most Beautiful NameBeijer, Anders2004Cornet Solo
2004-03Bliv Kvar Hos Mig / Abide With MeStavik, Morgan Juel2004Hymn/Song Setting
2004-04Lys I Mørkest Nat / Light In Darkest NightEklund, Elsa arr. Silfverberg, Erik2004Hymn/Song Setting
2004-05Jesus Er Stor / Jesus is GreatBørud, Arnold arr. Silfverberg, Erik2004Chorus Setting
2005-01Jubilee MarchGlänneskog, David2005March
2005-02Husker Du? / Do You Remember?Herikstad, Eiliv2005Medley
2005-03Jesus Min Frälsare / There is a RedeemerGreen, Melody arr. Åløv, Andreas2005Hymn/Song Setting
2005-04Han Som Kommer / He Who ComesBeijer, Anders2005Medley
2006-01Bred Dina Vida Vingar / the Holy WingsSilfverberg, Niels2006Hymn/Song Setting
2006-02Då Ser Jag Dina Händer / Then I See Your HandsHannevik, John Philip2006Flugel Solo
2006-03Jag Vill Ge Deg, O Herre Min Lovsång / I Will Give You, O Lord, All M PraiseHultgren, Christer arr. Stavik, Morgan Juel2006Hymn/Song Setting
2006-04Nåd, Bara Nåd / Grace, Grace AloneLinck, Peter arr. Johnsson, Johan2006Hymn/Song Setting
2007-01Du Omsluter Mig På Alla Sidor / You Encircle MeRaask, Hans-Lennart arr. Silfverberg, Erik2007Chorus Setting
2007-02Kan Kristus Regne Med Deg? / Can Christ Count On You?Arnesen, Oddvar arr. Holmlund, Andreas2007Hymn/Song Setting
2007-03RescueStavik, Morgan Juel2007March
2007-04Tryggare Kann Ingen Vara / Children of the Heavenly FatherSilfverberg, Niels2007Hymn/Song Setting
2008-01Här Under Korst / Beneath the Cross Silfverberg, Niels2008Meditation
2008-02Celebr 8Silfverberg, Erik2008March
2008-03Onward!Sullivan, Arthur arr. Holmlund, Andreas2008Hymn/Song Setting
2008-04Se, Vi Går Upp Til Jerusalem / Behold, We Go Up to JerusalemGlänneskog, David2008Prelude
2008-05Templet 119 / Temple 119Sletholm, Yngve2008March
2009-01Det Glade BudskabSilfverberg, Erik2009Euphonium Solo
2009-02FestivitasGlänneskog, David2009Prelude
2009-03Här Och Nu / Here and NoeJohansson, Sven-Erik arr. Holmlund, Andreas2009Hymn/Song Setting
2009-04Som När Et Barn Kommer Hem / Like a Child Coming HomeStrandsjö, Göte2009Cornet Solo
2010-01O, Hur Saligt Att Få Vandra / O , How Blest to Be a PilgrimNordin, Hans2010Hymn/Song Setting
2010-02Han Frelste En SynderBrakstad, John2010Hymn/Song Setting
2010-03Surrender Fully to JesusHolmlund, Andreas2010Trombone Solo
2010-04O Say, Will You Go?Holmlund, Andreas2010Festival Arrangement
2010-05En Stjerne Skinner I Natt / a Star is Shining TonightSilfverberg, Niels2010Christmas
2011-01They Come From the East and WestSilfverberg, Erik2011Hymn/Song Setting
2011-02God With UsÅløv, Andreas2011Hymn/Song Setting
2011-03Sunden Har KommitÅløv, Andreas2011Hymn/Song Setting
2011-04Variations On a Theme by Bramwell ColesStavik, Morgan Juel2011Variations
2012-01Hver Dag Er En Sjelden Gave / Each Day is a Gift Bandsberg, Oscar arr. Silfverberg, Erik2012Poem
2012-02Hvilket Salig Hvilested / the Resting PlaceBjartveit, Per arr. Stavik, Morgan Juel2012Hymn/Song Setting
2012-03Måne Og Sol / the Moon and the SunHovland, Egil arr. Åløv, Andreas2012Hymn/Song Setting
2012-04Se Fremad! / Look ForwardSilfverberg, Erik2012March
2012-05Vår Starkhet / Our StrengthÅløv, Andreas2012Hymn/Song Setting
2013-01Hvile Hos Deg / Lord, Let Me Rest In Your CareFjellvang, Thor arr. Hannevik, John Philip2013Euphonium Solo
2013-02Navnet Jesus / Never Fades the Name of JesusSilfverberg, Erik2013Hymn/Song Setting
2013-03Swing the Pearly GateHolmlund, Andreas2013Hymn/Song Setting
2013-04Världen För Gud / the World for GodBeijer, Anders2013Hymn/Song Setting
2014-01125 - Fa / 125 - SaHerikstad, Eiliv2014March
2014-02OthersStavik, Morgan Juel2014Meditation
2014-03El Camino SagradaÅlöv, Andreas2014Hymn/Song Setting
2014-04Bara I Dig / In You AloneHolmlund, Andreas2014Hymn/Song Setting
2014-05Tre Sommarpsalmer / Three Summer HymnsHolmlund, Andreas2014Selection

Swedish Festival Series (1961 - 1987)

0001Kröningsmarsch Ur "Profeten" Meyerbeer G arr. Frödén, Rune1961Festival March
0002Din Spira, Jesus, Sträckes UtPetersson, Sture1961Suite
0003O, Jag Vet Ett LandLeidzén, Erik1961Meditation
0004De Oföfärade (Cornet/Trombone Duet)Kjellgren, Gustav1961Cornet Duet
0005Messengers, TheNordin, Hans1986Cornet Quartet
0006Stridsman Är JagAnder, Ove1986Variations
0007Frälsnings BudskapNordin, Hans1987Tone Poem
0008PasacagliaÖstby, Klaus1987Festival Arrangement

Svensk Festmusik (1906 - 1984)

0001-1Min Frelser KärÖstby, Klaus1906Hymn/Song Setting
0001-2Frukta IckeÖstby, Klaus1906Hymn/Song Setting
0002KongressminnenÖstby, Klaus1906Hymn/Song Setting
0003-1CardiffÖstby, Klaus1906Hymn/Song Setting
0003-2Herre, Min GudÖstby, Klaus1906Hymn/Song Setting
0004Evangeli SkeppÖstby, Klaus1906Hymn/Song Setting
0005-1SaginaÖstby, Klaus1906Hymn/Song Setting
0005-2Stridsman Är JagÖstby, Klaus1906Hymn/Song Setting
0006KabelvågÖstby, Klaus1906March
0007-1Livets KällaÖstby, Klaus1906Hymn/Song Setting
0007-2Långt Skild Från LandÖstby, Klaus1906Hymn/Song Setting
0008FestmarschLundahl, Otto1906Festival March
0009-1MorgonstärnanÖstby, Klaus1906Hymn/Song Setting
0009-2Han Torkar Från Kind Var TårÖstby, Klaus1906Hymn/Song Setting
0010-1JönköpingsmarschAndersson, Albert1906March
0010-2Skulle Än Solen Sig Dölja?1906Hymn/Song Setting
0011-1Hjärtan Är Det Världen Kräver?1906Hymn/Song Setting
0011-2Sorgsna Själ?1906Hymn/Song Setting
0012Klinge Vår Sång?1906March
0013Ropa Av Fröjd!?1906Hymn/Song Setting
0014-1Faras Bröllopsmarsch?1906March
0014-2Din Klara Sol?1906Hymn/Song Setting
0014-3Härligt Strålar Faderns Fyrbåk?1906Hymn/Song Setting
0015-1Immanuels Land?1906Hymn/Song Setting
0015-2O, Hur Skönt I Livets Vår?1906Hymn/Song Setting
0016-1Jesus, Jesus Han Allena?1906Hymn/Song Setting
0016-2Som En Flod I Dalen?1906Hymn/Song Setting
0017BarndomsminnenÖstby, Klaus1906Selection
0018På Vägen HemÖstby, Klaus1906Selection
0019DanmarkÖstby, Klaus1906Selection
0020-1Lita Blott På GudÖstby, Klaus1906Hymn/Song Setting
0020-2På Andra SidanÖstby, Klaus1906Hymn/Song Setting
0021Jul I Sverige (Sl)Östby, Klaus1906Christmas
0022-1Bland FrämlingarÖstby, Klaus1906Hymn/Song Setting
0022-2BandmasterÖstby, Klaus1906March
0023-1O, Vad Sällskap Skönt!Östby, Klaus1906Hymn/Song Setting
0023-2Möt Mig I Det Sköna LandÖstby, Klaus1906Hymn/Song Setting
0024SverigeÖstby, Klaus1906Selection
0025Framåt, Kamrater!Östby, Klaus1906March
0026-1WeberÖstby, Klaus1906March
0026-2Du Korsets Kämpahär?1906Hymn/Song Setting
0027-2Oss Välsigna Och Bevara?1906Hymn/Song Setting
0028-1Över OceanenSamuelsson, Otto1906March
0028-2Klippa, Du Som Brast För Mig?1906Hymn/Song Setting
0029Ära Vare Jesus?1906Hymn/Song Setting
0030JubelklangÖstby, Klaus1906Selection
0031Loven HerrenÖstby, Klaus1906Selection
0032FinlandÖstby, Klaus1906Selection
0033När Vi Samlas I HimlenÖstby, Klaus1906Hymn/Song Setting
0034Beethoven-MelodierÖstby, Klaus1906Selection
0035KristianiaÖstby, Klaus1906March
0036Min HerdeÖstby, Klaus1906Selection
0037MotalaSamuelsson, Otto1906March
0038Kom HemÖstby, Klaus1906Selection
0039FestmarschAndersson, Albert1906Festival March
0040NorgeÖstby, Klaus1906Selection
0041Gå PåÖstby, Klaus1906March
0042Ahnfeldtminnen No 1Östby, Klaus1906Selection
0043-1Sverige För GudÖstby, Klaus1906Selection
0043-2Välsigna, Gud, Vår HärÖstby, Klaus1906Hymn/Song Setting
0043-3Din Jag ÄrÖstby, Klaus1906Hymn/Song Setting
0044HemlandstonerÖstby, Klaus1906Selection
0045-1Stockholm 1Leidzén, Erik1906March
0045-2Hell, Prisen Jesu Kristi NamnAndersson, Albert1906Hymn/Song Setting
0046Schubert-MelodierÖstby, Klaus1906Selection
0047-1ParademarschÖstby, Klaus1906March
0047-2FörsamlingssångerÖstby, Klaus1906Hymn/Song Setting
0048-1Sions DotterHandel, Georg F arr. Östby, Klaus1906Classical
0048-2Barnens FanvaktHansen, Karl1906March
0049-1Maj-MarschTiberg, Wiktor1906March
0049-2FörsamlingssångerLundahl, Otto1906Hymn/Song Setting
0050PassionssångerÖstby, Klaus1906Selection
0051TysklandÖstby, Klaus1906March
0052HallelujasångerÖstby, Klaus1906Selection
0053-1BelgienÖstby, Klaus1906March
0053-2Pris Vare GudÖstby, Klaus1906Hymn/Song Setting
0054-1CrucifixÖstby, Klaus1906Hymn/Song Setting
0054-2Framåt, Så Ljuder Vårt Fältrop!Östby, Klaus1906Hymn/Song Setting
0054-3O, Jesus Krist, Jag Flyr Till DigÖstby, Klaus1906Hymn/Song Setting
0055-1FrankrikeÖstby, Klaus1906March
0055-2Jag En Pilgrim ÄrÖstby, Klaus1906Hymn/Song Setting
0055-3Tag Mitt LivÖstby, Klaus1906Hymn/Song Setting
0056Ahnfeldtminnen No 2Östby, Klaus1906Selection
0057-1Davids 24:E PsalmWennerberg, Gunnar1906Festival Arrangement
0057-2Min Tro Ser Upp Till DigWennerberg, Gunnar1906Hymn/Song Setting
0057-3O Herre, Himmelsk Nåd Mig Giv!Östby, Klaus1906Hymn/Song Setting
0058-1Halleluja-MarschÖstby, Klaus1906March
0058-2Marsch Av MozartMozart, Wolfgang, A arr. Östby, Klaus1906March
0058-3Loven Vår Herre!Östby, Klaus1906Hymn/Song Setting
0059Svenska MelodierÖstby, Klaus1906Selection
0060Upp Till Strid!Östby, Klaus1906March
0061-1Marsch Av HaydnHaydn, Joseph arr. Östby, Klaus1906March
0061-2Kom, Gud, Med Anden DinÖstby, Klaus1906Hymn/Song Setting
0061-3Mästare, Stormarna Rasa!Östby, Klaus1906Hymn/Song Setting
0062SkördesångerÖstby, Klaus1906Selection
0063Hur Salig Är Den Lilla FlockGoldsmith, Otto1906March
0064Vår Tappra, Trofasta ArméMarshall, George1906March
0065-1Malmö 1Östby, Klaus1906March
0065-2För Världen VidaÖstby, Klaus1906Hymn/Song Setting
0066Mendelssohn-SångerMendelssohn, Felix B arr. Östby, Klaus1906Selection
0067-1Framåt!Östby, Klaus1906March
0067-2Till Fridens HemÖstby, Klaus1906Hymn/Song Setting
0068Ahnfeldtminnen No 3Östby, Klaus1906Selection
0069-1LuleåÖstby, Klaus1906March
0069-2En TillflyktsortÖstby, Klaus1906Hymn/Song Setting
0070Ahnfeldtminnen No 4Östby, Klaus1906Selection
0071-1LargoHandel, Georg F arr. Östby, Klaus1906Classical
0071-2David 92:A PsalmWennerberg, Gunnar1906Festival Arrangement
0072-1Säterjäntens SöndagBull, Ole1906Hymn/Song Setting
0072-2FörsamlingssångerLundahl, Otto1906Hymn/Song Setting
0073FörsamlingssångerLundahl, Otto1906Hymn/Song Setting
0074FörsamlingssångerLundahl, Otto1906Hymn/Song Setting
0075FörsamlingssångerLundahl, Otto1906Hymn/Song Setting
0076FörsamlingssångerLundahl, Otto1906Hymn/Song Setting
0077FörsamlingssångerLundahl, Otto1906Hymn/Song Setting
0078FörsamlingssångerLundahl, Otto1906Hymn/Song Setting
0079FörsamlingssångerLundahl, Otto1906Hymn/Song Setting
0080FörsamlingssångerLundahl, Otto1906Hymn/Song Setting
0081FörsamlingssångerLundahl, Otto1906Hymn/Song Setting
0082FörsamlingssångerLundahl, Otto1906Hymn/Song Setting
0083FörsamlingssångerLundahl, Otto1906Hymn/Song Setting
0084FörsamlingssångerLundahl, Otto1906Hymn/Song Setting
0085Sånger Om Tro Och Seger?1906Selection
0086I Jesu Sällskap?1906Selection
0087-1Hälsning Från SandvikenÖstby, Klaus1906March
0087-2O, Tänk, När Bojan Ligger KrossadÖstby, Klaus1906Hymn/Song Setting
0088Församlingssånger?1906Hymn/Song Setting
0089-2Om En Frälsare Kärlek Jag Hört1906Hymn/Song Setting
0090Ahnfeldtminnen No 5Östby, Klaus1906Selection
0091-2Än Finns Det Rum!?1906Hymn/Song Setting
0092-1Andante LarghettoHandel, Georg F arr. Östby, Klaus1906Classical
0092-2BönHandel, Georg F arr. Östby, Klaus1906Classical
0092-3Det Är Ett Fast Ord?1906Hymn/Song Setting
0093-1Den Gyllne Strand?1906March
0093-2Får Vi Mötas??1906Hymn/Song Setting
0094Under FananMarshall, George1906March
0095Herren Är Trofast?1906March
0096-1Röd, Gul Och BlåMarshall, George1906March
0096-2Vi Tala Om Sällhetens Land?1906Hymn/Song Setting
0097-2Fullkomlig Frid?1906Hymn/Song Setting
0099Danska Kongressmarscher?1906March
0100FörsamlingssångerÖstby, Klaus1906Hymn/Song Setting
0101-1Kadett-MarschÖstby, Klaus1906March
0101-2O, Jag Ser Min Faders Hand?1906Hymn/Song Setting
0102Till Vapen!Marshall, George1906March
0103-1SorgmarschÖstby, Klaus1906March
0103-2Då Solen Sjönk I VästerledÖstby, Klaus1906Hymn/Song Setting
0104-1Julsång Av AdamÖstby, Klaus1906Hymn/Song Setting
0104-2FörsamlingssångerÖstby, Klaus1906Hymn/Song Setting
0105-1HedemoraÖstby, Klaus1906March
0105-2Jag Behöver Dig O JesusÖstby, Klaus1906Hymn/Song Setting
0106Slater-Sånger No 1Östby, Klaus1906Selection
0107-1Livräddningsscouternas MarschÖstby, Klaus1906March
0107-2Öppna Hjärtats DörrÖstby, Klaus1906Hymn/Song Setting
0108Slater-Sånger No 2Östby, Klaus1906Selection
0109KommendantenÖstby, Klaus?March
0110Världen RuntBroughton, William F (Sr)?March
0111-1I Gulnad Skog??Hymn/Song Setting
0111-2Hur Dyster Över Ödslig Hed??Hymn/Song Setting
0111-3Fly Till Jesus??Hymn/Song Setting
0112New York 2Bergman arr. Leidzén, Erik?March
0113-1En Glad Sång??Hymn/Song Setting
0113-2I Dag Finns Nåd??Hymn/Song Setting
0115Ludvikascouternas Marsch??March
0117Rondo PomposoÖstby, Klaus1920Festival Arrangement
0118Ahnfeldtminnen No 6Östby, Klaus1920Selection
0119OförfäradColes, Bramwell1920March
0120Västindiska MelodierÖstby, Klaus1920Selection
0121SolskenssångerMalm, Axel1920March
0122Chopin-MelodierChopin, Frédéric arr. Östby, Klaus1920Selection
0123FörsamlingssångerÖstby, Klaus1920Hymn/Song Setting
0124Mot Härtlighetens LandÖstby, Klaus1920March
0125Var Glad!Hansson, J H1921March
0126Sånger Om HimlenHawkes, Frederick G1921Selection
0127FörsamlingssångerÖstby, Klaus1931Hymn/Song Setting
0128Karlstad-MarschLeidzén, Erik1921March
0129Skynda Till JesusJohansson, Fritz193March
0130Lundahl-Melodier No 1Östby, Klaus1922Selection
0131Rönninge-MarschWallteng, Gustaf1922March
0132Lundahl-Melodier No 2Östby, Klaus1922Selection
0133Livräddningsgardernas MarschLeidzén, Erik1923March
0134Sånger Om KällanÖstby, Klaus1923Selection
0135Stockholm 3Jonasson1923March
0136Med Snabba StegGörling, Nathan1923March
0137På MarschÖstby, Klaus1934March
0138FörsamlingssångerÖstby, Klaus1934Hymn/Song Setting
0140Avon, The?1934March
0141FörsamlingssångerÖstby, Klaus1935Hymn/Song Setting
0142FörsamlingssångerÖstby, Klaus1935Hymn/Song Setting
0143FörsamlingssångerÖstby, Klaus1935Hymn/Song Setting
0144FörsamlingssångerÖstby, Klaus1935Hymn/Song Setting
0145FörsamlingssångerÖstby, Klaus1936Hymn/Song Setting
0146FörsamlingssångerÖstby, Klaus1936Hymn/Song Setting
0147FörsamlingssångerÖstby, Klaus1936Hymn/Song Setting
0148FörsamlingssångerÖstby, Klaus1936Hymn/Song Setting
0149FörsamlingssångerÖstby, Klaus1936Hymn/Song Setting
0150FörsamlingssångerÖstby, Klaus1936Hymn/Song Setting
0151FörsamlingssångerÖstby, Klaus1936Hymn/Song Setting
0152FörsamlingssångerÖstby, Klaus1936Hymn/Song Setting
0153Under Arméns BanérÖstby, Klaus1936March
0154Minnen Från Gamla DagarÖstby, Klaus1936Selection
0155JubileumsmarschBergman arr. Leidzén, Erik1936March
0156Svenska MelodierÖstby, Klaus1936Selection
0157FörsamlingssångerÖstby, Klaus1936Hymn/Song Setting
0158FörsamlingssångerÖstby, Klaus1936Hymn/Song Setting
0159FörsamlingssångerÖstby, Klaus1936Hymn/Song Setting
0160FörsamlingssångerÖstby, Klaus1936Hymn/Song Setting
0161FörsamlingssångerÖstby, Klaus1936Hymn/Song Setting
0162FörsamlingssångerÖstby, Klaus1936Hymn/Song Setting
0163FörsamlingssångerÖstby, Klaus1936Hymn/Song Setting
0164FörsamlingssångerÖstby, Klaus1936Hymn/Song Setting
0165FörsamlingssångerÖstby, Klaus1936Hymn/Song Setting
0166FörsamlingssångerÖstby, Klaus1936Hymn/Song Setting
0167FörsamlingssångerÖstby, Klaus1936Hymn/Song Setting
0168FörsamlingssångerÖstby, Klaus1936Hymn/Song Setting
0169FörsamlingssångerÖstby, Klaus1936Hymn/Song Setting
0170FörsamlingssångerÖstby, Klaus1936Hymn/Song Setting
0171FörsamlingssångerÖstby, Klaus1936Hymn/Song Setting
0172FörsamlingssångerÖstby, Klaus1936Hymn/Song Setting
0173FörsamlingssångerÖstby, Klaus1936Hymn/Song Setting
0174FörsamlingssångerÖstby, Klaus1936Hymn/Song Setting
0175FörsamlingssångerÖstby, Klaus1936Hymn/Song Setting
0176FörsamlingssångerÖstby, Klaus1936Hymn/Song Setting
0177FörsamlingssångerÖstby, Klaus1936Hymn/Song Setting
0178FörsamlingssångerÖstby, Klaus1936Hymn/Song Setting
0179FörsamlingssångerÖstby, Klaus1936Hymn/Song Setting
0180FörsamlingssångerÖstby, Klaus1936Hymn/Song Setting
0181FörsamlingssångerÖstby, Klaus1936Hymn/Song Setting
0182FörsamlingssångerÖstby, Klaus1936Hymn/Song Setting
0183FörsamlingssångerÖstby, Klaus1936Hymn/Song Setting
0184FörsamlingssångerÖstby, Klaus1936Hymn/Song Setting
0185Marsch a La RondinettaÖstby, Klaus1936March
0186Ahnfeltsånger No 1Östby, Klaus1936Selection
0187KabelvågÖstby, Klaus1936March
0188Ahnfeltsånger No 2Östby, Klaus1936Selection
0189Natten FlyttLeidzén, Erik1945March
0190Ahnfeltsånger No 3Östby, Klaus1945Selection
0191Vår ÅterlösareLeidzén, Erik1945Selection
0192Leve FrälsningsarménFristrup, Kristian M1945March
0193I Juletid (Sl)Leidzén, Erik1945Christmas
0194FörsamlingssångerWallteng, Gustaf1945Hymn/Song Setting
0195Ahnfeltsånger No 4Östby, Klaus1945Selection
0196Brooklyn 1Bearchell, William E1945March
0197FörsamlingssångerFristrup, Kristian M1946Hymn/Song Setting
0198FörsamlingssångerFristrup, Kristian M1946Hymn/Song Setting
0199FörsamlingssångerFristrup, Kristian M1946Hymn/Song Setting
0200FörsamlingssångerFristrup, Kristian M1946Hymn/Song Setting
0201General Evangeline BoothFristrup, Kristian M1946March
0202Kampanjkörer A&BFristrup, Kristian M1946Selection
0203Kampanjkörer C&DFristrup, Kristian M1946Selection
0204VärvningFristrup, Kristian M1946March
0205Kommendör Charles RichWallteng, Gustaf1947March
0206-1Den Stängda HjärtedörrenFristrup, Kristian M1947Meditation
0206-2Om Jag Ägde Allt Men Icke JesusFristrup, Kristian M1947Meditation
0207InbjudningssångerHedin, Reuben1947Selection
0208Lundahls TriumfFristrup, Kristian M1947March
0209Gävle 1Larsson, R P1947March
0210Toft-MelodierLeidzén, Erik1947Selection
0211I TusenvisFristrup, Kristian M1948Variations
0212Var Trogen!Hansson, J H1948March
0213Överste Olof NilssonFristrup, Kristian M1948March
0214-1En FrälsningsappellBlomberg, Gunnar1948Meditation
0214-2Frédéric ChopinÖsty, Klaus1948Classical
0215Sånger Om LammetBlomberg, Gunnar1948Selection
0216Min Röda TröjaLarsson, David1948March
0217Gustav Ii AdolfFristrup, Kristian M1949Selection
0218Göteborg IiKjellgren, Gunnar1949March
0219-1Mendelssohn AdagioMendelssohn, Felix B arr. Wallteng, Gustaf1949Classical
0219-2Helig, Helig, HeligDykes, John B1949Hymn/Song Setting
0220SarpsborgSkyvulstad, Leif1949March
0221Fronten Kallar!Sandberg, Amanda1949March
0222Röj Väg För KristusFristrup, Kristian M1949Selection
0223Härliga TiderFristrup, Kristian M1950Selection
0224Aalborg JubileumFristrup, Kristian M1950March
0225Ära Ske Gud / SödertäljeThunberg, Bertil arr. Andersson, Bertil1950March
0226Frykman-Toner No 1Fristrup, Kristian M1950Selection
0227Frykman-Toner No 2Fristrup, Kristian M1950Selection
0228Kallelse Och LydnadFristrup, Kristian M1950Selection
0229VirserumHedin, Elias1950March
0230Glädjebudbärarens Sånger No 1Fristrup, Kristian M1950Selection
0231Glädjebudbärarens Sånger No 2Fristrup, Kristian M1951Selection
0232Den UngesoldatenJohanson, Bertil1951March
0233Frälsningens VägFristrup, Kristian M1951Selection
0234Hawaii-Melodier No 1Fristrup, Kristian M1951Selection
0235Hawaii-Melodier No 2Fristrup, Kristian M1951Selection
0236FälttågssångerFristrup, Kristian M1951Selection
0237Vårt FältropFristrup, Kristian M1951March
0238Ryska Melodier No 1Östby, Klaus1951Selection
0239Rysk Psalm - Israels GråtÖstby, Klaus1952Hymn/Song Setting
0240Ryska Melodier No 2Östby, Klaus1952Selection
0241Pingstfröjd (Polyhymn)Fristrup, Kristian M1952Hymn/Song Setting
0242Segraren, Part 1Fristrup, Kristian M1952Suite
0243Segraren, ContinuationFristrup, Kristian M1952Suite
0244Lärjungaskap (Polyhymn)Fristrup, Kristian M1952Hymn/Song Setting
0245SalvationistmarschSousa, John Philip arr. Steadman-Allen, Ray1952March
0246FinlandsmelodierFristrup, Kristian M1952Hymn/Song Setting
0247Skurar Av VälsignelseBerg, David1953Meditation
0248Håll Ut ! (Polyhymn)Fristrup, Kristian M1953Hymn/Song Setting
0249-1Jubileumsmarsch, JönköpingMagnusson, Tobias1953March
0249-2Som Daggen KommerFoster, Stephen1953Hymn/Song Setting
0250Följen StjärnanFristrup, Kristian M1953March
0251Min Frälsningsklippa (Polyhymn)Fristrup, Kristian M1953Hymn/Song Setting
0252Gå Fram!Storm, Helge1953Cornet Solo
0253Fosterländska MelodierFristrup, Kristian M1953Selection
0254Sverige För Gud, Part 1Fristrup, Kristian M1954March
0255Sverige För Gud, ContinuationFristrup, Kristian M1954March
0256ScoutminnenFristrup, Kristian M1954Selection
0257På Livshavet - Östbymelodier 1Östby, Klaus1954Hymn/Song Setting
0258Påsktankar - Östbymelodier 2Östby, Klaus1954Hymn/Song Setting
0259Julklockor - ÖstbymelodierÖstby, Klaus1954Christmas
0260-1FlyttfåglarÖstby, Klaus1954Hymn/Song Setting
0260-2ScoutsångÖstby, Klaus1954Hymn/Song Setting
0261Helig EntusiasmKjellgren, Gustav1955March
0262Sions Härtliga StadFristrup, Kristian M1955Hymn/Song Setting
0263HjärtefrågorFristrup, Kristian M1955Hymn/Song Setting
0264Jesus Underbara NärhetFristrup, Kristian M1955Hymn/Song Setting
0265BelmontLeidzén, Erik1955Paraphrase
0266SkottlandLeidzén, Erik1955Selection
0267Templets SorgmarschBerg, David1955March
0268En Underbar KällaBlomberg, Gunnar1955Selection
0269Mot MåletBerg, David1956Selection
0270Wickberg - SångerBlomberg, Gunnar1956Selection
0271Åkallan Och BönBerg, David1956Meditation
0272En Söndagskväll På FaBlomberg, Gunnar1956Selection
0273Vårt Stora BudskapBlomberg, Gunnar1956Selection
0274En Alltid Trofast VänBerg, David1956Meditation
0275JerusalemAnefelt, Paul, V1956Selection
0276I EldlinjenColes, Bramwell1986March
0277HemlandssångerLeidzén, Erik1957Selection
0278Där Blomman Ej VissnarLeidzén, Erik1957Meditation
0279Tankar Inför Den KorsfästeBlomberg, Gunnar1957Selection
0280Är Du Glad, Av Hjärtat NöjdAndersson, Folke1957Euphonium Solo
0281Som En MorgonrodnadFristrup, Kristian M1957March
0282Wallteng - MelodierAnefelt, Paul, V1957Selection
0283Strömmen Från GolgataBerg, David1957Selection
0284Hjärtats GlädjeColes, Bramwell1957March
0285Framåt Till StridBlomberg, Gunnar1958Selection
0286Armé - AndaKjellgren, Gustav1958March
0287Kom, O Helge AndeBerg, David1958Meditation
0288Segrande KämparFrödin, Erik K A1958March
0301VanguardSilfverberg, Erik1960March
0302UrtidsklippanPetersson, Sture1960Meditation
0303Gudomlig KärlekHedin, Elias1960Selection
0304-1Den Store LäkarenFrödén, Rune1960Hymn/Song Setting
0304-2O, Jag Vet Ej En Vän Lik JesusFrödén, Rune1960Hymn/Song Setting
0305Fröjdas Vart SinneFrödén, Rune1960Selection
0306Kommen, I HerdarFrödén, Rune1960Selection
0307Verkligen FriLeidzén, Erik1960March
0308På Vandring HemFrödén, Rune1961Selection
0309Guds KrigareKjellgren, Gustav1961March
0310Evigt LivPetersson, Sture1961Hymn/Song Setting
0311Dansk FestmarchLeidzén, Erik1961March
0312Fagert Är LandetFrödén, Rune1962Selection
0313-1Till Frälsningens Saliga BrunnarPetersson, Sture1962Hymn/Song Setting
0313-2Jag Har Kommit Till Herrens VälsignesedalSilfverberg, Erik1962Hymn/Song Setting
0314Strid För SanningenAndersson, Folke1962March
0315SalvationistenSilfverberg, Erik1982March
0316Rapsodi På Sånger Av Klaus ÖstbyBall, Eric1982Rhapsody
0317I Jesu NamnBlomberg, Gunnar arr. Frödén, Rune1982Hymn/Song Setting
0318Ljuset Från HimlenBooth-Hellberg, Lucy M arr. Frödén, Rune1982Hymn/Song Setting
0319Fridens GåvaHimes, William1984Selection
0320Rapsodi På Svenska FolksångerNordin, Hans1984Rhapsody
0321Klippa Du Som BrastTyndal, Svea arr. Rive, Thomas1984Hymn/Song Setting
0322Potpurri På AdventssångerAnefelt, Paul, V arr. Frödén, Rune1984Selection

Dutch Series (1965 - 1967)

0001GetuigenisliederenBall, Eric1965Selection
0002God is GetrouwBowes, Ray1965Selection
0003De Macht Van GodsCondon, Leslie1966Selection
0004Als De Ranken Aan De WijnstockLigtenberg, Wim Van1967Hymn/Song Setting
0005Komt Allen Gij DorstigenLigtenberg, Wim Van1967Hymn/Song Setting