Developments in Contesting 
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Developments in Contesting

1845Band screened from the judge, draw for position of play, drums not allowed, maximum of 12 players, own choice of piece.

Brighouse Band's signature form
Crystal Palace contest, 1860
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1855Test piece plus own choice.
1856Test piece only.
1868Names of bandsmen submitted one month before the contest.
1886Initial grading system.
1889No pre-performance of test piece, conductors not allowed to play.
1893Maximum of 24 players, approved adjudicators only, players to be registered with only one band.
1895Two sections
1900Three sections
1902Five sections, Championship section bands in uniform, players must be members of a band for three months minimum.
1923Championship section bands play seated.
1924All bands play seated.
1946Regional qualifying contests, National Register of Brass Bandsmen.
1973Percussion in Championship section
1976Percussion in all sections.