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  • Web Directory - see menus above - bands, companies, organisations, etc.
  • IBEW Blog - latest articles - Chocolate Military Bands, Women in brass, Aboriginal bands, Coniston band, Coleford band, Cynicus, a pauper school band, and more...
  • Brass Band Bibliography - the comprehensive list of books and articles - 11,150 entries
  • Vintage Brass Band Pictures - over 22,700 images to browse
  • Historical Research - many articles, scanned documents, and other information - latest articles: Women's Work Exhibition Band, Maddern Family Band, Broadwood Pianos Band, Cannery Ladies, Hassocks, Charles Heyn, Byesville bands, Brass Bands Ephemera, Joseph Manton Smith, Thomas Raistrick, Tyler Family bands, and more.
  • Vintage Recordings - listings of 78rpm, vinyl and CD recordings
  • Image Gallery - over 4,000 brassy pictures
  • Vintage Bandstands - images from around the world
  • Humour - collected band and musical humour
  • Vintage Player Pictures

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Brass Band Results
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