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Moo Moo TIT is proud to present the defining work by the recognized "Father of the Ars Bovine", the classic opera boeuf, Hugh Bentmoor's apocryphal "MooMoo". From the opening solo cow bell to the triumphant bullhorn choir finale, Bentmoor's tragic tale cuts to the bone in this relentless, angst-ridden exposè of love gone sour. Bentmoor's unique sound draws from sources as diverse as composer Henry Cowell to the 60's rock group, Cream. Compositional techniques include whole-tone/half pint scales combined with quartal structures, and Bentmoor's famous 12-tone prime rib rows. Banned for many years because of its explicit castration scene, "MooMoo" features among other innovations, screeching ponticello violins which sound Bentmoor's now famous "testichords", and it is also the first Ars Bovine opera to eschew symmetry in favor of all acts in the form of various cuts of meat.

Conducted by Pierre LaVache, and featuring (in order of appearance):

Mignon Filet, whose singing has been described as, "a rare medium well done", plays the unfaithful "MooMoo".

Leonard Holstein, just back from his role as "Fleischmann" in Bartok's "The Miraculous Margarine", stars as the ill-fated lover "Chuck".

special guest appearance by Marlon Brand-Iron as "Acidophilus".

with Edward Guernsey as "Black Angus, Michael Milken as "Ribeye", Ward Cleaver as "Monterrey Jack", and Kathleen Kattle as "Countess Cheezwitz".

ACT I: A pasture somewhere between Hamburg and Frankfurt. The promiscuous MooMoo, suffering from another flare-up of hoof and mouth disease, has gone to see the infamous Dr. Scholl, who, like everyone else, is secretly in love with her. Also present is MooMoo's current lover, the Oxford student Chuck (whose leitmotif, an ostinato bass pattern or "ground chuck", is heard in the background). Suddenly, two dark figures burst upon the scene: the villainous Black Angus and his smarmy henchman, Ribeye. A fight ensues and during the mêlée, MooMoo is wounded. Dying, she confesses to Chuck that though loved by many, she has always hated men. Chuck forgives her and thanks her for giving his life meaning and purpose, whereupon MooMoo sings the aria, "Don't Menschen It."

ACT II: Chuck sails across the River Skim where he meets the evil wizard Acidophilus, "Lord of the Udderworld". In return for MooMoo's life, he must sire three calves with the unspeakably ugly "Elsie". Chuck hesitates, Acidophulus mocks him calling him a coward and questions whether Chuck has the stomach for such a task. Chuck replies that he has in fact four stomachs for the task. Two years later, his job completed, Chuck returns to the real world with his beloved MooMoo whereupon the O.K. Chorale Singers sing, "Love, Sweet Love, Thou Dost Behoove Us".

ACT III: Paris, a secret gaming house where MooMoo is employed dispensing cow chips at the roulette table. She is also one of the Marquis Castrati's prostitutes who wants to sell her to an Egyptian cattleman. Together with the Countess Cheezwitz she flees to Cuernavaca where she plans a new life. On Christmas night she goes off with two johns, unaware that they are in fact, Monterrey Jack and his malevolent son, Colby. A scream is heard and Jack appears with a bloody butcher knife. The curtain descends as Jack sings, "So Nice to Meat You".

Praise for "MooMoo":

. . . " a bum steer". -- Opera Daily

. . . . "complete and udder bullshit." -- Opera Winfree

. . . " he [Bentmoor] should be renamed "Father of the Ars Asinine". -- Opera Kadabera