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How To Organize A Brass Band

Some excerpts from A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO THE ARRANGEMENT OF BAND MUSIC by George F. Patton, published in 1875

  • When we see a town with flourishing enterprises, such as newspapers, schools, libraries, picture galleries, literary and scientific societies, concert halls, theatres, Brass Bands, etc., we need not be told that it is the dwelling place of intelligent and cultivated people....
  • Having selected the men for your band, pick out the most intelligent and ambitious of the lot for the Cornet players.
  • The next most important place to be filled is that of the Tuba player. ....besides having plenty of good, common sense, his supply of patience should be practically inexhaustible....for a Tuba player, who has not the qualities of patience and good humor is likely to get disgusted, and if a man of profane habits is apt to swear in a disagreeable way at the stupid blunders made by his companions....and this makes them very angry in turn, and the disgust and swearing may become mutual....
  • For the side instruments and Drums it does not make much difference.
  • The author has a bit of advice to offer. Do not let anybody persuade you to bother with Piccolos, Clarinets, and Slide Trombones.