The Belgian Brass Band Championships 
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The Belgian Brass Band Championships

Year Champion Band Conductor Test Piece Own Choice
2006Brassband WillebroekFrans VioletTristan Encounters - M EllerbyEnglish Heritage - G Lloyd
2005Brassband WillebroekFrans VioletThe Devil and the Deep Blue Sea Derek BourgeoisJourney to the Centre of the Earth - Peter Graham
2004Brassband WillebroekFrans VioletContest Music - Wilfred HeatonMusic of the Spheres Philip Sparke
2003Brassband WillebroekFrans VioletUn Vie de Matelot - Robert FarnonMontage - Peter Graham
2002Brassband WillebroekFrans VioletA Kensington Concerto - Eric BallYear of the Dragon - Philip Sparke
2001Brassband WillebroekFrans VioletAlbion - Jan Van de RoostA Dove Descending - Philip Wilby
2000Brassband Midden-BrabantB WiameVolcano - R SimpsonTristan Encounters - M Ellerby
1999Brassband WillebroekFrans VioletMontage - Peter GrahamBetween the Moon & Mexico - P Sparke
1998Brassband Midden-BrabantB WiameCloudcatcher Fells - J McCabeOn Alderley Edge - P Graham
1997Brassband Midden-BrabantB Wiame  
1996Brassband Midden-BrabantB Wiame  
1995Brassband Midden-BrabantB Wiame  
1994Brassband WillebroekF Violet  
1993Brassband WillebroekF VioletContest Music -W Heaton 
1991Brassband Willebroek Prisms - P Graham 
1990Brassband Willebroek Ballet for Band - J Horovitz 
1989Brassband Willebroek An Epic Symphony - P Fletcher 
1988Kortrijk Brass Band Rhapsody for BrassBand - P Cabus 
1987Brassband Willebroek Three Figures - H Howells 
1986Brassband Willebroek Salute to youth - G Vinter 
1985Brassband WillebroekF VioletIncantations - W Kersters 
1984Brassband Terpsichore Symphony of Marches - G Vinter 
1983Brassband Midden-Brabant Drieluik voor Brassband - V Legley 
1982Brassband Midden-Brabant A Downland Suite - J Ireland 
1981Brassband Terpsichore A Moorside Suite - G Vinter 
1980Brassband Midden-Brabant  Volharden - V. Legley 
1979Brassband Midden-Brabant Vrolijk in Brass - M Ploot 
1978Kortrijk Brass Band The Prizewinners - P Sparke