The New Zealand Brass Band Championships 
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The New Zealand Brass Band Championships

These championships were founded in 1880, twenty years before the British National Championships were launched.

Year Location Champion Band Conductor Test Piece
2010 Woolston Brass  
2009Napier, New ZealandWoolston Brass Paganini Variations + Dreams Graham Hickman
2008ChristchurchBrisbane Excelsior Ballet for Band, Horovitz + Harmony Music Howard Taylor
2007Takapuna, AucklandBrisbane Excelsior (Australia) Concerto No.1 for Brass Band by Derek Bourgois + Music of the Spheres Howard Taylor
2006DunedinWoolston Brass Between the Moon and Mexico (Sparke) + Extreme Makeover Dave Gallaher
2005WellingtonGothenburg BandBengt EklundSt Magnus (K Downie) + Les Preludes (Liszt)
2004ChristchurchDalewool Auckland BrassNigel WeeksTristan Encounters + Enigma Variations
2003RotoruaDalewool Auckland BrassNigel WeeksHigh Peak - Eric Ball
2002InvercargillWoolston BrassDavid GallagherHarrison's Dream - P Graham
2001WanganuiWoolston BrassDavid GallagherVariations on an Enigma - P Sparke
2000ChristchurchWoolston BrassDavid GallaherSaxon - John Psathas
1999AucklandWaitakere City BrassHoward TaylorMontage - Peter Graham
1998DunedinDalewool Aukland BrassN WeeksLowry Sketchbook
1997New PlymouthTrust Bank Woolston Brass Isaiah 40
1996ChristchurchFoster's Aukland BrassN Weeks 
1986 Continental Airlines AuklandE MasonSpectrum - G Vinter
1979HamiltonSkellerup WoolstonM. Waters 
1978DunedinSkellerup WoolstonM. Waters 
1977WellingtonTurrells OnehungaE. Mason 
1976ChristchurchSkellerup WoolstonM. Waters 
1975AucklandSkellerup WoolstonM. Waters 
1974DunedinSkellerup WoolstonM. Waters 
1973WellingtonInvercargill GarrisonR.G. Sutton 
1972ChristchurchSkellerup WoolstonM. Waters 
1971WanganuiSkellerup WoolstonM. Waters 
1970Dunedin(tie) Roslyn Mills Kaikorai
St. Kilda Municipal
J. Edgecombe
K. Aiken-Jones
1969Rotorua(tie) Roslyn Mills Kaikorai
Onslow Brass
J. Edgecombe
N.G. Goffin
1968ChristchurchSt. Kilda MunicipalL.A. Francis 
1967WellingtonSkellerup WoolstonB. Barrett 
1966DunedinSt. Kilda MunicipalK.G. Smith jr. 
1965AucklandRoslyn Mills KaikoraiN.A. Thorn 
1964ChristchurchRoslyn Mills KaikoraiN.A. Thorn 
1963DunedinSt. Kilda MunicipalE. Clayton 
1961AucklandWaitemata SilverL. Thorne 
1960ChristchurchAuckland Met. Fire BrigadeL. Thorne 
1959WellingtonQueen Alexandra's OwnH. Mileman 
1958DunedinSt. Kilda MunicipalE. Clayton 
1957NapierAuckland Met. Fire BrigadeW.L. Francis 
1956InvercargillWoolston BrassD. Christensen 
1955Auckland.St Kilda MunicipalK.G. Smith jr. 
1954ChristchurchKaikorai BrassN.A. Thorn 
1953WanganuiKaikorai BrassN.A. Thorn 
1952DunedinKaikorai BrassN.A. Thorn 
1951WellingtonHawera MunicipalL.R. Fox 
1950ChristchurchWoolston BrassR.J. Estall 
1949AucklandSt. Kilda MunicipalK.G.L. Smith 
1948Dunedin(tie) Wellington Watersiders
St. Kilda Municipal
R. Fenton
K.G.L. Smith
1947WanganuiWanganui GarrisonR. Francis 
1946ChristchurchWellington WatersidersR. Fenton 
1945No contest   
1944No contest   
1943No contest   
1942No contest   
1941No contest   
1940WellingtonSt. Kilda MunicipalW.L. Francis 
1939ChristchurchWoolston BrassR.J. Estall 
1938Palmerston NorthPort Nicholson SilverJ.J. Drew 
1937NelsonWanganui GarrisonR. Francis 
1936New PlymouthCairns Citizens (Australia)J. Crompton 
1935TimaruSt. Kilda MunicipalJ. Dixon 
1934WellingtonPalmerston North GarrisonC. Pike 
1933DunedinWoolston BrassR.J. Estall 
1932WellingtonPort Nicholson SilverJ.J. Drew 
1931No contest - Napier Earthquake   
1930DunedinWoolston BrassR.J. Estall 
1929WanganuiSt. Kilda MunicipalJ. Dixon 
1928ChristchurchQueen Alexandra's OwnG. Buckley 
1927WellingtonQueen Alexandra's OwnG. Buckley 
1926DunedinWanganui GarrisonJ. Watson 
1925AucklandMalvern TramwaysH. Shugg 
1924ChristchurchWoolston BrassR.J. Estall 
1923DunedinRedfern (Sydney)W. Partington 
1922WellingtonWellington WatersidersJ.J. Drew 
1921NelsonWoolston BrassR.J. Estall 
1920Dunedin(tie) Wanganui Garrison
Kaikorai Brass
W. Partington
H Davie
1919No contest   
1918No contest   
1917No contest   
1916No contest   
1915ChristchurchWoolston BrassR.J. Estall 
1914AucklandSouth Canterbury Regt (Timaru)A. Schnack 
1913InvercargillSouth Canterbury Regt (Timaru)A. Schnack 
1912ChristchurchWanganui GarrisonA. Wade 
1911Palmerston NorthWellington GarrisonT. Herd 
1910DunedinKaikorai BrassG.B Laidlaw 
1909InvercargillWoolston BrassW.V. Siddall 
1908New Plymouth1st Bn. Auckland Regt.P.H. Mohr 
1907ChristchurchWanganui GarrisonJ. Crichton 
1906RaweraWanganui GarrisonJ. Crichton 
1905AucklandWanganui GarrisonJ. Crichton 
1904TimaruWanganui GarrisonJ. Crichton 
1903MastertonWellington GarrisonT. Herd 
1902New PlymouthWanganui GarrisonJ. Crichton 
1901WanganuiWanganui GarrisonJ. Crichton 
1900ChristchurchWellington GarrisonT. Herd 
1899Palmerston NorthWellington GarrisonT. Herd 
1898DunedinWellington GarrisonT. Herd 
1897OamaruWellington GarrisonT. Herd 
1896DunedinOamaru GarrisonW.S. King 
1895TimaruWellington GarrisonT. Herd 
1894InvercargillKaikorai BrassE. Stratton 
1893ChristchurchInvercargill GarrisonW.V. Siddall 
1892Wellington(tie) Christchurch Garrison
Oamaru Garrison
R.T. Searell
George Jones
1891DunedinOamaru GarrisonGeorge Jones 
1890DunedinOamaru Naval ArtilleryA. Frew 
1889 ChristchurchOamaru GarrisonGeorge Jones  
1888No contest   
1887No contest   
1886Oamaru Ivercargill GarrisonWV Siddall  
1885WellingtonOamaru GarrisonGeorge Jones  
1884OamaruOamaru GarrisonGeorge Jones  
1883InvercargillOamaru GarrisonGeorge Jones  
1882 ChristchurchTimaru ArtilleryR Perry  
1881OamaruIvercargill GarrisonWE Heywood  
1880 ChristchurchIvercargill GarrisonWE Heywood  

Further details of the New Zealand Championships are available in two publications issued by the New Zealand Brass Band Association. "Challenging Brass" covers the years 1880-1979, and "Endeavour" the years 1980-1995.