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This page is part of an archive of historical details from existing or defunct brass band websites. This is being maintained to provide a record of this information in the event of a band folding, its website disappearing or other loss of the historical record. Where possible, and appropriate, the information cached will be updated from time to time - and any corrections or updates are welcome.

Tewkesbury Town Brass Band

Town records show the existence of a Town Band in 1838 when on June 28th of that year it led a procession through the town of Tewkesbury to celebrate the coronation of Queen Victoria. The same records show that in 1860 there was a Tewkesbury Rifle Corps Band whose uniform of salmon-coloured trousers, scarlet-faced tunics and plumes graced the town [and people complain about today's uniform!! It does sound quite colourful though!].

1874 saw the appearance of the Tewkesbury Philharmonic Band, followed in 1877 by Tewkesbury Philharmonic Society, whose first concert was given under the baton of Mr George Watson (later the Watson Hall in Tewkesbury was named after him). Ten years later the town band appeared again giving a concert at the Philharmonic Hall (now the Watson Hall).

In May 1900 the Tewkesbury Bugle Band headed a parade to celebrate the relief of Mafeking (Boer War) and the sovereign's birthday. The remainder of the decade proved to be a busy one, the band playing for the proclamation of King Edward VIII in 1901 at the coronation festivities, heading a torchlight procession through the town.

1900-1941 saw the town band at it's peak, proving to be very popular in and around Tewkesbury, averaging eight public appearances a year.

In 1904 the band gave a concert to raise funds for a new bandstand to be erected in Victoria Gardens. In order to ensure a quality bandstand their target was to raise £50 - that would buy us about four music stands today!!

The Great War of 1914-1918 saw very little of the Town Band but records show that at the end of the war in November 1918 there was an amalgamation of the Town Band and the Territorial Band under the baton of Mr A C Collins. Practises took place at the "White Bear" public house in Tewkesbury. [Keith would have been in heaven and practised very hard!!!!]. 1920 saw the Town Band playing at the unveiling of the abbey war memorial and in 1922 at the Tewkesbury war memorial at the Cross.

Between 1922 and 1934 the Town Band retained it's popularity in the area giving some 55 public appearances.

May 5th 1937 saw the Town Band heading a parade to celebrate the coronation of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth and playing for public dancing in the streets. This was the last public appearance of the band however as by September the band had ceased to be. The lack of funds and an increasing popularity of the radio are given as prime reasons.

A short reformation was staged in 1947 but then no further activity until 1974 when the current Town Band was formed, since when it has progressed to its present state. It is very much a family band with no less than twelve of its members being related.

Past Tewkesbury Based Bands
  • 1860 - Tewkesbury Rifle Band
  • 1900 - The Tewkesbury Volunteer Company Bugle Band
  • 1903 - The Britannia Drum and Fife Band
  • 1918 - Tewkesbury Brotherhood Band
  • 1939 - Tewkesbury British Legion Band
  • 1974 - Tewkesbury Town Brass Band
  • 1976 - Tewkesbury Town Band
  • Salvation Army Band
  • Tewkesbury Corporation Band
  • Tewkesbury Borough Band
  • Tewkesbury Philharmonic Society
  • Tewkesbury Company of Territorials Band
  • Tewkesbury Drum and Fife Band
  • Tewkesbury "Excelsior" Band (Drum and Fife)
  • "Blind Jacks" Drum and Fife Band
  • Tewkesbury Orchestra

Banding in the Tewkesbury Area - 1838 - 1911
  • 28th June 1838 - Town Band led procession to celebrate the Coronation of Queen Victoria.
  • 9th June 1849 - Town Band played at the Tewkesbury Mechanics Institute picnic party at Bushley Shrubberies.
  • 1855 - Town records show that Tewkesbury Town Band existed.
  • 14th July 1860 - The Tewkesbury Rifle Corps Band. "The Corps, headed by their pretty little band (of which the Town aught to be, and we believe is, very proud) marched up to the Mythe Villa." Uniform was salmon tunic and trousers, scarlet facings and black braid and scarlet shako and plume.
  • 5th July 1862 - The Tewkesbury Oddfellows fete. Procession accompanied by the two Tewkesbury Rifle Bands.
  • 1st January 1863 - Tewkesbury Town Band played seasonable tunes at Upton-On-Severn.
  • 1st August 1863 - Tewkesbury Volunteers hold annual shoot. Marched to the butts headed by the band.
  • 4th August 1866 - The Independent Englishmen's Society annual gathering headed by Bushley Brass Band.
  • 28th November 1874 - Concert given by the Tewkesbury Philharmonic band. Programme: Symphony - Adagio and Allegro (Hayden), Symphony - Andante No.2 (Hayden), Overture - Italiana de Algeria (Rossini), Symphony - Andante and Allegro No.4 (Hayden), Symphony - Andante and Allegro (Mozart), National Anthem.
  • 17th March 1877 - Tewkesbury Philharmonic band gave concert in Tewkesbury Music Hall.
  • 21st March 1877 - Tewkesbury Philharmonic Society band give their first concert. Conductor - Mr George Watson (Watson Hall).
  • 9th June 1877 - Tewkesbury "Excelsior" Drum and Fife band are a nuisance laying in the streets after 9:30 at night.
  • 7th July 1877 - Tewkesbury Philharmonic Society band concert at the Bushley Shrubberies.
  • 15th December 1877 - The Philharmonic band gave a concert in the Music Hall. The town Drum and Fife band are again becoming a public nuisance, playing and marching in the streets at night.
  • 12th February 1887 - The town band under Mr Yarnell played at the Philharmonic Hall (Watson Hall) for the Amateur Dramatic Society. Salvation Army started in Tewkesbury.
  • 25th July 1896 - Twyning and Upton-On-Severn had brass bands.
  • 7th December 1899 - The Town Band played at Musical Entertainment evening at the town club.
  • 26th May 1900 - A parade to celebrate the relief of Mafeking (Boar War) and the Sovereign's 81st birthday was headed by the Tewkesbury Bugle Band.
  • Late Autumn 1902 - Town Band re-established under Mr F.J. Dawes. The Town Band led the parade at 7 o'clock in the morning to celebrate the Coronation of King Edward VII. At 2:30pm the Town Band headed the children's parade and in the evening headed the torchlight procession through the town. An article about Tewkesbury Corporation Band.
  • 15th August 1903 - First public appearance at Working Men's Regatta.
  • 27th June 1903 -
  • Tewkesbury Volunteer Bugle band marched to the Railway Station.
  • Christmas Eve and Christmas Day 1903 - (8am) Corporation Band assembled at the home of Councillor King to play a selection of music and again in the afternoon at the isolation hospital and work house. Boxing Day Christmas selections played at the Mayor's residence at Mitton and at the Mythe. Boxing Day and Christmas Day The Volunteer Drum and Fife Band played in the streets under Mr Swinton Taylor.
  • 2nd January 1904 - A movement on foot to raise necessary funds to provide a band stand in Victoria Gardens for the Corporation Band. A good serviceable stand in character with the gardens could be erected for about £40 or £50.
  • 19th January 1904 - A ball held to raise cash for band stand. Guests were: Mayor of Tewkesbury, Rt Hon Earl of Coventry and Countess, Rt Hon Sir J.E. Dorington. Bart. Mp and Lady Dorington, Rt Rev Bishop and Mrs Perowne.
  • 21st June Band 1904 - gave Promenade Concert on The Bell Hotel bowling Green 7:30pm
  • 21st July 1904 - Corporation band played at "The Orchard" in the evening.
  • 28th July 1904 - Corporation Band played at Chaceley Garden Fete
  • 13th August 1904 - Corporation Band played at Working Men's Club 14th Annual Regatta and Sports.
  • 1st September 1904 - Corporation band played at Twyning and District Fruit and Flower Show in Twyning Park.
  • 26th November 1904 - Civic Church parade at congregational church. Parade headed by Corporation Band. Band also played at Church service.
  • Christmas Period 1904 - Corporation band played on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and following day. Collected £27 for Bandsmen's benefits.
  • 31st January 1905 - The Corporation band played at a ball in aid of the band instrument fund.
  • 26th August 1905 - The Corporation band played at Working Men's club sports and regatta.
  • 7th July 1906 - Presentation of long service medals to volunteers of the Tewkesbury Company. The parade marched to North House headed by Tewkesbury Corporation Band.
  • 16th August 1906 - Ashchurch Horticultural Society Show at which the Tewkesbury Corporation Band played throughout the afternoon and for dancing in the evening.
  • 10th July 1906 - Tewkesbury Abbey Annual Rummage Sale held at Bell Hotel Bowling Green. Open air concert given by Tewkesbury Corporation Band at 7:30pm.
  • 21st July 1906 - Conservative and Unionist Water trip and picnic. Tewkesbury Corporation Band played at the picnic held at Bushley Shrubberies.
  • 11th August 1906 - Corporation Band played on both days of Tewkesbury Regatta.
  • 30th August 1906 - Twyning and District Show. Corporation Band played during the afternoon.
  • 24th November 1906 - The Town Mayor and Corporation attended the church parade at the Wesleyan Chapel. Headed by the Corporation Band.
  • Christmas period 1906 - A white Christmas with 3" snow falling on Christmas Eve. The Corporation Band played at the cross on Christmas Eve, Christmas morning and Boxing Day morning.
  • 6th April 1907 - Town Band gave a concert in Victoria Gardens.
  • Whitsuntide Saturday 1907 - Street parade of floats etc. headed by the Corporation Band who also played for dancing in the evening.
  • Whitsuntide Sunday 1907 - Tewkesbury Town Mayor and Corporation attended divine service in the Abbey. The parade marched from Town Hall to the Abbey headed by the Corporation Band.
  • 25th July 1907 - Tewkesbury Orchestral Band played at the garden fete at Chaceley.
  • 1st August 1907 - The Tewkesbury Borough Military Band played during the afternoon at the Mythe garden fete and also for dancing in the evening.
  • 15th August 1907 - Tewkesbury Corporation band played during the afternoon at Ashchurch Horticultural Show and also for dancing in the evening.
  • 31st August 1907 - Tewkesbury Corporation Band played at Twyning Fruit and Flower show and for dancing in the evening.
  • Christmas period 1907 - The band played carols and Christmas music at the cross, heavy rain stopped the playing. On Christmas Day the Town Band and Salvation Army Band played carols in various parts of the town.
  • 5th December 1908 - The Corporation Church Parade. The Town Band marched the Councillors, who wore their robes, to and from the Abbey.
  • Christmas period 1908 - The Town band enlivened the streets with carol music. The day after Boxing Day the band played selections in the streets.
  • 17th July 1909 - The Tewkesbury Friendly Society's Church Parade procession headed by Tewkesbury Borough Band from Town Hall to Abbey.
  • 21st August 1909 - At Ashchurch flower show Tewkesbury Territorial band under Mr A. Collins played during the afternoon and for dancing in the evening.
  • 30th January 1909 - The Tewkesbury Borough Band and Friends under Mr H. King entertained inmates of the workhouse.
  • 7th August1909 - Tewkesbury Borough Military Band under the leadership of Mr J. Styles, played at the working men's club regatta.
  • 20th November 1909 - The Mayor and Corporation at Divine service held at Abbey. The Tewkesbury Borough Band headed the procession to and from the Abbey.
  • 27th November 1909 - Corporation Church Parade. Borough band headed parade from Town Hall to Abbey.
  • 15th January 1910 - Dance held by the Tewkesbury Philharmonic Society band.
  • Easter (April 2nd) 1910 - Tewkesbury Town Band played in Victoria Gardens in the evening of Easter Monday.
  • 9th April 1910 - The opening of the George Watson Hall and a concert was given by Tewkesbury Philharmonic Society band.
  • 25th June 1910 - A promenade concert given in the Victoria Pleasure Gardens by the Tewkesbury Territorial band. Conductor: Mr A. Collins
  • 23rd July 1910 - Promenade concert given by Tewkesbury Borough Band. Conducted by Mr E Styles. Proceeds = £2-5s-6d (£2.27 1/2p)
  • 30th July 1910 - A promenade concert given in Victoria Gardens by the Tewkesbury Company of Territorial's Band under it's conductor Mr A. Collins.
  • 6th August 1910 - Tewkesbury Territorial Band played at Tewkesbury working men's club regatta and sports. Conductor Mr A. Collins.
  • 26th November 1910 - Civic Church Parade headed by the Tewkesbury Borough Band.
  • Christmas period 1910 - On Christmas Eve the Borough Band played in various parts of the Town. On Christmas morning played in the streets. On Boxing Day the Borough and Territorial Bands played at the workhouse for the inmates. Corporation band was 26 strong.
  • 27th May Empire Day 1911 - Promenade Concert given by the Tewkesbury Borough Band in Victoria Pleasure Gardens.
  • 24th June 1911 - Coronation of King George V and Queen Mary. The Tewkesbury Borough Band headed the parade and gave an evening concert in Victoria Gardens. Conductor Mr Styles.
  • 8th July 1911 - Tewkesbury Borough Band played at the workhouse under bandmaster Styles.
  • 12th August 1911 - Tewkesbury borough band played at the Tewkesbury Regatta, Sports and Flower Show. Conductor Mr E. Styles
  • 26th August 1911 - Tewkesbury Territorials Band played at Overbury Flower Show.
  • 25th November 1911 - Civic Church Parade headed by the Tewkesbury Corporation band.
  • Christmas period 1911 - Tewkesbury Corporation band played carols in the streets and at the workhouse. Blind Jack's Drum and Fife band also played.