Archived Histories of Brass Bands 
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This page is part of an archive of historical details from existing or defunct brass band websites. This is being maintained to provide a record of this information in the event of a band folding, its website disappearing or other loss of the historical record. Where possible, and appropriate, the information cached will be updated from time to time - and any corrections or updates are welcome.

Netherthong Brass Band

It would appear that the Brass Band could have been formed in 1866 and stopped in 1887.

June 1872 - At the annual Sunday School feast the scholars formed in procession and led by the Netherthong Brass Band proceeded to the residence of Mr.Josiah Mellor.
June 1873 - At the Annual Festival of teachers and scholars the procession was headed by the Netherthong Brass Band in 'their splendid uniforms'. In  November of the same year the paper reported –  'On the last Sunday in October the remains of Mr.John Mallinson, musician and a member of the Band, were interred in All Saints burial ground. Members of the Meltham Mills, Honley and Netherthong Brass bands met at the house of the deceased, the Clothiers Arms Inn, and preceded the coffin playing the 'Death March.' Over the grave they performed that solemn piece of music, 'Luther's Hymn' in the presence of a large number of spectators who had assembled to witness the funeral ceremony.

There were three references in 1874. The first was in May when they assisted at the Hall Sunday School, Austinley, annual school feast. The following month they made their regular appearance  at the annual festival for the All Saint's Sunday school when they headed the procession through the village. The last report in August was about a cricket match played at Town End between the members of the Netherthong and Town End Brass Bands.  Town End scored 29 runs but lost to Netherthong who amassed 56 runs. It had been intended to have a gala following the match but the weather turned bad and it had to be postponed.
June 1875.  - “ At the annual festival of the teachers and scholars attending the Parish Church school, a procession of about 160 formed a procession and headed by the Netherthong Brass Band made its way to Thongsbridge.
Saturday February 26 1876. - The annual tea party connected to the Brass Band was held in the house of Mrs. Mallinson, the Clothier's Arms Inn, when nearly 90 people sat down to eat. The evening was spent singing and dancing.
July 1876. - A rather unusual and intriguing reference in that members of the Band played their annual cricket match with the Deanhouse Cricket Club on the ground of the latter. It would appear from the report in the paper that 18 of the musicians batted and scored 58 runs. 11 members of the club reached 46 for 7 wickets before time was called resulting in a draw. A gala and sports were held in the evening and lots of young people assembled to dance to the diverting strains of the Band. Several old English sports were introduced during the evening.
October 1876 - A funeral was held at All Saints for Mr. Martin Hoyle, 42 years, who had been connected with the Netherthong Brass Band as a cornet player since its formation about 10 years previously. The members of the Band met at the practice room and, assisted by a few members of the Meltham Mills brass band, accompanied the corpse to its burial ground. 100s of spectators congregated to witness the funeral ceremony.

 At the Whitsuntide celebrations in 1877 for the Wesleyan Sunday School, the procession preceded to the Deanhouse Workhouse headed by the Netherthong Brass Band. The annual school feast for the   Parish Church Sunday School  was held in June 1878 and the procession, which was formed and paraded round the district, was headed by the Netherthong Brass Band.

There were two references in 1879 with the first being on Whit Monday when the band formed part of the procession for the teachers and scholars of the Wesleyan Sunday school. In the evening when everybody adjourned to a field for games, they played music at intervals. Later in the same month the Parish Church Sunday schools held their annual festival which, as usual, involved a procession round the village led by the Brass band. During the activities the band played several selections of music.

December 1886. ” At the Christmas Day treat at Deanhouse Workhouse at 7a.m. the Netherthong Brass Band and the Netherthong Philharmonic Band played in front of the house and in the hospital.”
June 1887.  On Whit Monday the scholars and teachers made a procession along with scholars of the Free Church and headed by the Netherthong Brass Band marched to the Deanhouse Workhouse.  
June 1887.  Netherthong village joined in the Jubilee Procession in Holmfirth and the Netherthong Brass Band was involved .  
September 1887.  George Henry Wood died. He was a well known musician and had been leader of the Netherthong Brass Band. He was buried in All Saints' Church. This is  the latest and  last reference I have found.