Archived Histories of Brass Bands 
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This page is part of an archive of historical details from existing or defunct brass band websites. This is being maintained to provide a record of this information in the event of a band folding, its website disappearing or other loss of the historical record. Where possible, and appropriate, the information cached will be updated from time to time - and any corrections or updates are welcome.

Marsh Gibbon Silver Band

Marsh Gibbon Silver Band was originally founded in the 1700s and has always had strong links with The Greyhound Club, also known as The Friendly Society, and it was after this that the band was originally named. The Greyhound Club was first formed on May 29th 1788 by a group of bell ringers after ringing in Oak Apple Day. It has in the past been referred to as both the Greyhound Club Band and the Friendly Society Band.

The first documented mention of the silver band came in 1820, in a diary by a Mr Heritage, the landlord of the Greyhound Pub at the time. He makes reference to a parade of the club through the village being accompanied by the band.

The band then disappeared from records, the next mention being in 1906 when Will Herring and Marley Walker are documented as having reformed the band. Following some success in competitions between the wars and in the early post war period the band was named " The Marsh Gibbon Silver Prize band" and except for two brief periods during the wars, the band has been in existence since, although they have now dropped the "Prize" from their name.

Marsh Gibbon Silver Band was invited by the Bicester Twinning commitee to join in with the twinning celebrations with the town of Neunkirchen-Seelscheid and the band have visited there on a number of occasions to take part in twinning celebrations, the last visit taking place in 1989.

The band now draws musicians in from a wider area than the village and enjoys a healthy engagements list throughout the year.