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This page is part of an archive of historical details from existing or defunct brass band websites. This is being maintained to provide a record of this information in the event of a band folding, its website disappearing or other loss of the historical record. Where possible, and appropriate, the information cached will be updated from time to time - and any corrections or updates are welcome.

Lostock Hall Memorial Brass Band

It was over 60 years ago that the Lostock Hall Memorial Band was formed, although things were a little different back in those days. In 1948, the drive and dedication of local businessman Bert Dearden brought about the forming of the "Four Lane Ends Band". Since then, the band has developed into a respected local band whose image has been synonymous with the development of young players.

The Band was started in 1948, with Harold Beck as the first Musical Director, or "wagger" as they are affectionately known. The band changed to its present name as a result of financial help from the War Memorial Fund of the village.

The band has used various rehearsal facilities over the years, but two sites have been most prominent. Firstly, the Lostock Hall Methodist School (Now Lostock Hall Youth Club), which were used for many years in the early stages until 1979, when the band were evicted by Lancashire County Council in favour of the Youth Club.

Later that year, we moved to the present facilities known as "The Old Tea Rooms" adjacent to the Victoria Hotel. In the early days, we shared these premises with the Lostock Hall Flying Club, which resulted in rehearsals having to be halted for a short while in order for the clocks to be "struck" for the pigeon races. Now the band have sole use of the rooms, as the premises are leased from the brewery.

The Band first contested at the Preston and District NWABBA contest in 1967, held at the Co-operative Hall, Longridge. The test piece was "Garland of Classics". The first contest success came two years later, again at Longridge, when the Band won first prize with Eric Ball's "Indian Summer".

During the 1970s and 1980s, the band developed a strong link with the Lostock Hall High School, and during this period a large number of top class young players were encouraged and developed. This co-operation with the local school paid dividends for the band and contest results showed a dramatic improvement, and success became the norm. This improvement reached a peak in 1984 with our qualification for the National Finals, at the Royal Albert Hall in London! This success was maintained for a number of years with a considerable input from Frank Hughes, whose experience proved to be invaluable to the band.

In 1987, the band qualified for the Pontin's Finals. In 1988, we toured Germany, performing three concerts along the Rhine. Then, in 1995, we won through again to the National Finals, at the Wembley Conference Centre in London. In spite of an excellent performance, the band was placed in last position. Those present considered this the greatest miscarriage of justice the band have experienced in its contesting history - it sent shock waves through the local press (Lancashire Evening Post).

The band has been fortunate enough to have played at the 1952, 1972 and 1992 Preston Guild Celebrations, an event that only occurs every 20 years. Our previous "wagger", Mr Ron Heyes, had his doubts about being able to do a further Guild in 2012, because, in his own words, he'll "be an old ...... by then!" However, this is now only a year away...

In the main, the band has survived without any sponsorship, but has had tremendous support from many parts of the village, for which we are extremely grateful. The band is very PROUD to represent Lostock Hall and bear the town's name. We have, however, been fortunate enough to receive substantial donations from the Harris Trust Fund.

In 1998, the band celebrated their Golden Jubilee, and celebrated by putting on a concert at the St Gerards Parochial Centre.

2008 was a highly successful year for the band. As well as celebrating their Diamond Jubilee with a fine concert at local Conservative Club (located across the road from the venue of the Golden Jubilee celebrations), the band enjoyed a major success at the National Finals in Harrogate. The band were crowned National Champions in the 4th Section!

The band joined the 21st century revolution with their first website in 2003. As the webmaster left, the website was re-jigged and spruced up in 2006. As the band reaches their 8th year of being online, the website has become as you see now, and also is now linked up with the modern social media phenomenon; The band has a presence on both Twitter and Facebook.

Musical Directors

1948-1950 Harold Beck
1950-1952 Reginald Gledhill
1952-1956 Harold Broomhead
1956-1962 William Price
1962-1989 Ronald Heyes
1989-1990 Frank Hughes
1990-1991 Graham Smith
1991-1991 Nick Day
1991-1992 Geoff Seed
1992-1994 Graham Kitchen
1994-1995 Tim Pritchard
1996-1997 Ronald Heyes
1997-1998 Graham Martin
1998-2004 Ronald Heyes
2004- Ken Rollins

  • 1948 - The Band is formed, as the Four Lane Ends band, under the baton of Harold Beck.
  • 1952 - Invited to take part in the Preston Guild.
  • 1967 - First contest, Preston and District, NWABBA.
  • 1969 - First contest success - First Prize, Preston and District, NWABBA, Co-operative Hall, Longridge.
  • 1980 - Most successful local band at Junior Quartet contests.
  • 1984 - Represented the North West area, Fourth Section, at the National Finals, Royal Albert Hall, London.
  • 1987 - Won through to the Finals of the Annual Pontin's contest.
  • 1988 - Tour of Germany, playing at several venues along the Rhine.
  • 1995 - Second success at the North West Area Finals, leading to a repeat appearance at the National Finals, held at the Wembley Conference Centre.
  • 1998 - The band celebrates its Golden Jubilee year.