Archived Histories of Brass Bands 
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This page is part of an archive of historical details from existing or defunct brass band websites. This is being maintained to provide a record of this information in the event of a band folding, its website disappearing or other loss of the historical record. Where possible, and appropriate, the information cached will be updated from time to time - and any corrections or updates are welcome.

City of Rochester Brass

The Band was known as the Strood Gospel Mission Silver Band until 1996 and functioned as the band attached to the Strood Gospel Mission Church in Brompton Lane, Strood. The Band was started in the late 1800's as a string band but changed to a brass band in 1898.

During the pre-war years the Band took part in contests at the Crystal Palace in London and had a small measure of success at these events. After the war the Band continued to play in the Mission Hall but ceased contesting. The numbers steadily fell until in the late eighties there were only 12 or 13 members.

The Band ceased to be associated with Strood Gospel Mission in 1996 at the same time changing its name to The Master`s Brass and moving to the new venue of St Nicholas`s Church Hall in Strood.

The Band celebrated its centenary in 1998 with a membership of 25.

In 2001 the Band again changed its name to City of Rochester Brass and in 2004 became a registered charity.

The Band has no affiliation with any organisation and seeks only to promote brass music making for enjoyment. The Band does, however, undertake engagements and concerts in support of churches, community groups etc. Over the past few years the number of adult players gradually declined and the band was unable to recruit new players.

It was decided therefore that the teaching of our music to young people would be a further enhancement of our role in the community. The Band is also conscious that to ensure the brass Band heritage continues, another new generation must take an interest in this music or it will die. The teaching of young people to play a brass instrument became a priority.